Patong Stadium Gym

Phuket, Thailand

Patong Stadium Gym specializes on giving any enthusiast the freedom to choose their training times with their own personal Muay Thai trainer.

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  • K_bab

    Patong Boxing Gym Review - MuayThailand website

    Came back from Thai a few weeks ago, I was there for a month; most of the time with my family. I trained for 3 weeks at Chang as we stayed in Kata and also because it is a very family friendly gym. Anyway, after my family went back home I decided to stay for one more week and train at PBG. Here is a short review.Location: this is a new location right in between Patong and Karon beach (about 3 km to each), the camp is on the top of the hill with a nice sea view and a nice cool breeze during training sessions.Accommodation: Camp has fantastic bungalow style accommodation just above the camp with some really nice views; all the amenities you need (I think no Wi-Fi yet but coming shortly). It costs 6000 per week including training, right across the street even a nicer hotel Secret Cliff Resort with fantastic rooms, infinity swimming pool and all that jazz that costs 1,500 during high season, should be about 1000 in low season. You also can stay in Karon closer to the coffee shops, restaurants and all. You can find a very decent room there at about 500-700.Facilities: Two rings, about 6 bags, shadow boxing area, a few weights(they have plans to expand.)Training: PBG very strongly advertises itself as the only exclusively personal training camp in Phuket, well I have some mixed feelings about that. All the personal training you get is your 5 rounds of pad work which you will get anywhere. Now to be fair what I think they really mean is that the gym's hours are 8:00-10:00 and 16:00-18:00 to be extended to 3-hour windows. You can come anytime during these hours and start training and you will get your trainer to work with you. You also can simply tell your trainer what exactly you want to work on. My take on all this is that if you are experienced in MT it works out quite good for you actually. I know my own routine on the bag and conditioning and know what exactly I need to improve and can ask the trainer to work on it. They are also very good at spotting your problems and giving you advice. That said, I could see this non-uniformed training could be a little overwhelming for beginners. Also this type of training does not push you harder than you would want to. For example, it was only me and another girl (who was fighting for PBG) who actually ran before the training session, the rest kind of came and went as they pleased. As for running, beware! It is so damn tough, and the camp is on the top of the hill and you are guaranteed some serious hill work, even a 4K run can be quite a bit of work, no matter which direction you go (still going towards Patong is slightly easier).Staff: Very friendly and helpful. Every single session is supervised by the manager, so there is no fucking around amongst the trainers. Any problems you tell the managers and they will fix it. About ten trainers are around the camp, all are active fighters and fight regularly; 3-4 quite decent size Thai trainers and can give you some serious clinch run around, all the guys are very funny and easy going. Beware! Even though the management does not approve it some trainers will annoyingly beg for tips. I was going to tip mine but after he came over to me like 3 times asking for it I just didn't ... I hate this type of behavior!PBG has excellent promoter connections and can get you a fight very easily.Students and Atmosphere: It was too damn overcrowded. I cannot stand it when they have 4 people in one ring during pad work, you keep running into people, cannot concentrate and actually risk getting injured. There is a good number of very good fighters at PBG, some stay for a very long time and have many fights. You are always guaranteed to get some decent sparring and clinch partners (but again only if you want to)also the closer to Pattong or Kata you get the more you will have "a couple of days drop by tourists" at the gym which sort of distracts trainers a lot I believe.That's about it. Overall a pretty good, solid gym but overcrowded and a bit too loose about the training routine.

  • the Admin

    Patong Boxing Gym Review - Fight Passport website

    I came to this gym with the intention of staying for about a month but a month has now turned into two and it looks like Im going to be staying for another. Of course, with this being my last month in Phuket, Ill be training and reviewing at some of the camps Ive missed - Sinbi, Rawai, J Prappa etc. So if you were considering training at one of the camps Ive neglected, dont worry - youll get your review. The main reason why I dont go live at one of the other camps - aside from the fact that Im getting great training at the Patong gym - is the fact that the other camps are situated in isolated locations which gives the gym owners and nearby businesses a monopoly since they can jack up the rents as much as they want and still get foreigners that dont know any better to pay. For example, if you check out the Sinbi website, youll see that theyre renting out their private room for 22,000 baht a month.To put that into perspective, Im currently paying 8000 baht per month where Im staying now and I have air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet, king size bed, large washroom with hot water and to top it all off - I get my room cleaned for me on a daily basis. At Sinbi - and most likely a lot of other camps - 8000 baht will get you a shared room without air conditioning and a bunk bed to sleep on. Now, if youre only in Thailand for a short period of time - or if you have a loaded bank account and money isnt really an issue for you - then overpaying for your room to stay on-site at a good gym might be worth it for you as long as the training is good. However, for me, seeing as how Ive been here for about 9 months already, I have need to save money wherever I can. So staying right where I am in my nice, affordable room seems like the best thing to do at the moment. Not to mention the fact that the owner of the guesthouse Im at is extremely nice and just the other night, she cooked me a huge dinner for free : ).So as for the training at Patong Boxing Gym, there a few things that makes it a little different from other gyms. The sessions arent run at set times and in a group format. Rather, you can show up whenever you want between operating hours and from the moment you enter the gym until the moment you leave, youll be under the supervision of one of the trainers. In other words, the whole thing is personal training - which is something that a lot of other camps in Phuket charge extra for. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the minimum amount of pad-time I get per session is 5 rounds - usually 3 rounds of Muay Thai and 2 rounds of boxing - although how you chose to split up your rounds is entirely up to you. People dont come to Thailand to kick the heavy bag for 8 rounds alongside a bunch of foreigners while waiting for a trainer to call you into the ring for a couple rounds of pad-work.If anything, the bulk of your time should be spent one on one with a trainer. If you want to kick the heavy bag on your own, you can save your money, stay home and just train in your basement. As for sparring and clinching, youll get plenty of that too as long as you make it known that youre interested in doing it. The training sessions are based around exactly what you want to do and you can break things down however you like. Normally I get my 5 rounds of pad-work in but earlier this week I mentioned that I wanted to focus on sparring more so thats exactly what Ive been doing. A couple of the Thai trainers are fighting next week so Ive been sparring with them to help get them ready.The location of the camp is awesome as well. It used to be located in a congested area near the beach surrounded by a bunch of suit shops and happy ending massage parlours - which meant you got harassed and basically molested every time you walked to and from the gym. Looking to expand, the owner bought some land and moved the camp up into the hills. Its perfect actually. Its a nice quiet area with clean air, a beautiful view, a cool breeze and a nice running path. Its a distraction free environment but if you also have the convenience that accompanies living and training in Patong - which is the most developed beach in Phuket.Prices and Accommodation A single training session at Patong Boxing Gym will cost you 400 baht - which is more than what the camps in Pattaya charge but its right on par with the cost of the gyms here in Phuket. A month of training (twice a day) will run you 8000 baht and if you wanted to live on-site at the gym as well, a month of training AND accommodation costs 18,000 baht - which is approximately $17.50 USD per day. The rooms arent what youd expect from a Muay Thai camp either. They basically resemble standard hotel rooms. They have a fridge, wireless internet access, cable TV, private washroom with hot water, two beds and most importantly - air conditioning!My Overall Impression Im sure its pretty clear that I recommend this gym. The facility is brand new and well equipped. The training is great (oftentimes more trainers than students) and you have the freedom to structure your workouts as you would like. The prices are fair and the on-site accommodation is great. And of course, the location gives you the best of both worlds. Youre in a nice quiet area for your training but youre never inconvenienced since down the hill (just a short motorbike ride away), you have access to everything you could possibly need such as convenience stores, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, nightlife - basically anything and everything. The entire staff is really nice as well. I train late in the day and Im usually one of the last students to leave since after my session, Ill usually stick around for a bit to kick the bag or lift weights. This is around the time when all the trainers sit down to eat and they always insist that I join them even though I dont pay for the food.More often than not, one of the trainers gives me a lift down the hill and even if I try to pay him for the ride, hell just smile and say no problem, then drive off. Actually, now that I mention it, the trainer that usually drives me back to my room has had a lot of major fights. Hes fought on TV from lumpinee stadium on several occasions I believe and he once won a million baht for his efforts. Theres a picture of him holding the big stack of 1000 baht bills up at the gym. I guess thats why he doesnt bother taking my money - he probably has more than I do anyway! All in all, I cant say enough positive things about the gym and my experience here. The only negative thing I have to say is that theyre not always on top of their emails so if you have any specific questions - and if youre unable to get a quick response from them - just hit the contact button and send your questions to me. Ive spent enough time here that Ill more than likely be able to answer them for you.

  • a Fitness Entrepreneur Singapore

    Gym reviews - Muay Thai in Phuket website

    Here are 6 reasons why you should go to Patong Boxing Gym:1.This is the arguably the best-equipped gym in the whole of Phuket! Includes first class weight lifting equipment.2. Boxing shop selling wide range of TWINS boxing equipment.3.One-on-one training throughout your entire training session. This is especially good for beginners. In other gyms, you are left alone to skip, shadow box and hit the bags (if you are lucky to find one not in use!) before hitting the pads with a trainer.4.You can train at any time of the day between 8am to 8pm! Most gyms only operate at certain times.5.You will get to know the gym owner Bow!6.Conveniently located at the main tourist district of Patong

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