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Northern shaolin temple kungfu academy

  • Handan city

Northern shaolin temple kungfu academy

  • Handan city


    • 365 days with instruction
    • English


    • Review by Guido Paech from Germany

      "I decided to apply for a three weeks training at Northern Shaolin Kungfu School in December. Without any experience in martial arts, l arrived with little expectations regarding the progress."

      "Master Xu, Master Guo and Mrs. Wu Xia did change my mind during my stay.The first week was very hard for me, but a first class training provided by my masters brought me up to that magic point of no return when you start wanting more. During training both masters always kept an eye on my individual status and were able to adjust session goals accordingly."

      "Due to this individual and intensive training, I was able to manage four different Kung Fu forms up to twenty steps and several basics,e.g. Sanda steps.This is much more than I would ever expect. I also raised my fitness level and body strength as the result of an ongoing power training."

      "Further more, l felt always welcome and treated like an old friend, of course, it is never easy to adapt a different lifestyle but Master Xu, Master Guo and Mrs. Wu Xia made me feel like home."

      "I want to say, thank you: for everything, and I hope that many students will share the same experiences at the Northern Shaolin Kungfu Academy."

      Northern Shaolin Temple Kungfu Academy Website, edited

    • Review by Claire

      "Justified was my initial apprehension I first trained with Xu Sifu (Master Shi Yan hao) during the summer of 2015. When I started I had next to no martial arts experience, and though I had been active most of my life, I was also no athlete. I was quite nervous about the physical demands of the kung fu training and wondered if I was getting in over my head jumping in and learning for the first time this complex art in China."

      "Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Academy is the real deal; it is an enchanting place that will both inspire, challenge and ultimately transform you in every way. The Masters, Shaolin Warrior Monks, are extremely talented and experienced and they never cease to amaze while they go out of their way to teach diligently. The management and support staff keeps the academy afloat in terms of logistics, student affairs and general matters at all times. Located in the heart of green farmlands within the rustic landscapes of Taizu Mountain, the academy offers all the amenities one might need. The training is difficult but is designed for all types of students, from professional martial artists to general athletes, from the highly spiritual or just curious adventurers who want to experience something new."

      Northern Shaolin Temple Kungfu Academy Website, edited

    • Review by Jeff

      "This journey was an amazing experience that I would gladly repeat. Xu Shifu is an amazing teacher and friend, and I am proud to have been taught by him. We not only work on techniques, strength, and flexibility but he also teaches our body and mind to become one. Weaponry is another section he teaches, and during my short stay I was able to learn a few cool staff techniques. I wanted to work on my strength and flexibility and I was able to improve a lot more than I expected. Everyday is a lot of hard work and sometimes I wouldn’t see the results right away but only a few days later so I had to learn to be patient with my body and let it take in all the new things at its own speed. I really loved conditioning classes and hardening the body."



      "On arrival I was out of shape and showing it when climbing the nearby mountain. On my first accent I was slow, gasping for air, needed several breaks and covered in sweat. 3 weeks in, I climbed the mountain again, this time I went straight up. I didn't need to stop, I was barely winded when I reached the top and my water bottles were untouched. "


      "The training is tough, especially if like me you are out of shape. But the reward is so much more because I now feel confident in this body’s capabilities. Over the first few days stiff and tired are about all you notice, but everyone here is so helpful and nice that you know you can pull through. And when you do, the improvement is obvious, you still feel tired after training but you recover faster, you still are slow in the run but you can keep running for longer and longer. So I say again it is the most exhausting and difficult physical activity I have done in a long time. And given a choice I would still be there doing it. "

      Northern Shaolin Temple Kungfu Academy Website, edited

    • Review by Dsv Parkinson from England

      "It was my first time abroad, and I wanted to start my adventures from one place, just to get used to the Asian culture, and learn Kung Fu!! I trained Shaolin kungfu and Sanda with Master Xu for over six months and in this time I feel I learnt and progressed so much. This was due to Master Xu's knowledge, patience as skill at teaching.During my time training I had expected my flexibility, speed, coordination and strength to improve, however I was really surprised at how much more resilient and mentally strong I was on completion of my time training. I also lived and participated in some of the Chinese habits and celebrations which they all celebrate with the students. This all, combined with the change of seasons, I can say that I enjoyed a complete Chinese experience which I will never forget.To anyone who wants to challenge themselves in a new environment, or to learn something many people can only dream about I would highly recommend training with master Xu."

      Northern Shaolin Temple Kungfu Academy website, edited

    • Review by Yiyo Ascen from Mexico

      "Xu shifu was nothing less than a great teacher and a friend of mine. His training is intense and extensive, but at the same time he is both kind and strict, expecting no less than the absolute best of his students.I studied under him in 2011, and at first I was afraid that he would be too demanding; but I soon discovered that he tries real hard to understand his students' limits so he can help us overcome them and defeat all fear.Nowadays I really miss the time I spent under his tutellage, I feel that I learnt many important life lessons under his wing and he has kept in touch with me ever since. Overall, he is a strong practitioner and a relentless teacher with an unique spirit for learning and sharing knowledge"

      Northern Shaolin Temple Kungfu Academy website, edited

    Handan City, China

    Northern Shaolin Temple Kung Fu International Academy offers authentic traditional shaolin kung fu and taichi training.

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