Northern Shaolin Temple Kungfu Academy

Northern Shaolin Temple Kung Fu International Academy offers authentic traditional shaolin kung fu and taichi training.

Instructors 6

Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin

Venerable Shaolin Abbot Shi Yong Xin is the Abbot of the Songshan Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. Supporting the promotion of Shaolin Martial Arts, the Abbot gave his support and blessing for the founding Master Shi Yan Hao to set up the Northern Shaolin Martial Arts School in 2012. Xin Shi Yong Xin was born in 1965 and joined the Shaolin Temple in 1981. He took office as the Shaolin Temple Abbot in 1999 after a long study as a monk at the Shaolin Temple and other monasteries.

Master Du "Shi Xingpeng"

Master Du has held an undiminished enthusiasm Kung Fu from an early age. He was initially taught by his grandfather, who was a shaolin warrior monk and a Bagua master. He is a 32nd Generation Monk and he began studying at the temple when he was 9 years old. Master Du has reached his 8th Duan in Chinese Martial Arts and is considered a National Master sportsman. He immersed himself in the training and become proficient in many areas. He is accomplished in shaolin boxing, Bagua, Xing Yi, Qigong, a variety of traditional forms, animal forms and drunken forms.

Master Xu "Shi Yanhao"

Masters Xu also came from a strong background in martial arts, and his grandfather started his training from a very young age. At the age of seven, he started training in traditional martial arts in earnest as well as tai chi and boxing. Master Xu has reached his 6th Duan in Chinese Martial Arts and is considered a National Master sportsman. By age twelve, he was studying full time in the Shaolin temple. Here he gained proficiency in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu fighting skills, Sanda, Shaolin boxing, and fighting skills, Qigong, Wudang Kung Fu ,Qinna, Bagua, and traditional forms.

Master Zhou Shi Yanhu

Master Zhou is the 34th generation of Shaolin warrior monk. He loved Wushu from childhood and began the training since he was 8 years old. He has enthusiasm for training and works hard on it. He starts with Tong Zigong / Incredible Kids Kung Fu which needs to be trained in a very young age to keep the body flexible enough. He is very skillful at traditional shaolin fist, boxing and Pictographic boxing like eagle, dragon, tiger, mantis, etc. He has been teaching foreigners Wushu for many years. There is discipline in his class which can encourage the students to improve faster.

Master Qin Shi Yanhuai

Master Qin is a 34th generation Shaolin monk. He started training in martial arts since he was 9. During the martial art training hard, he never talk too much, and focus only on training that he was compared to a robot that only knows to turn and training. He is known for his training and performance in China.He is also known for his wushu tour performances in Turkey, Antalya, Russia, Moscow, and Singapore. He has extensive experience in teaching foreign students.

Master Rui Shi Yanrui

Masters Rui is born in a noble family well-known as martial artists, and is a 34th monk of Shaolin. He began to practice taijiquan and neijaiquan as a child, and went to the Shaolin Monastery for further study at 13, which is the beginning of his career of learning martial arts. He was very assiduous and diligent during his training and you could hardly see a trace of weariness shown in his face. When he teaches his students, the training he gives is as rigorous as his former training. He is also known to be a good master that pays enough attention to his students.

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