4 Weeks U-CAN Martial Arts Travel & Training Tour USA


Martial Arts Travel and Training in USA

Master Martial Artist and Life-Coach Rick Tew, founder of NinjaGym® and the Author of Winjitsu is taking a small group of adventure travelers interested in learning the martial arts on a Southwest United States Van Tour. The route is through California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, to see the Best of the Southwest. We will explore the heights of Yosemite National Park, the deepness of the Grand Canyon and the serenity of a sunset along the coast of California. Adventure with a group of like-minded individuals, having a great experience in some of the planets most unique locations. Rick Tew is your guide and offers morning martial arts and Ninjitsu training that brings balance to your mind (with the mental martial art of Winjitsu), strength to the body (by teaching the martial arts and bodyweight fitness) and fulfillment to the spirit (through outdoor adventure - travel and training). The purpose is to educate and train motivated individuals via the martial arts and adventure travel. Rick will provide life coaching and hours of great conversations along the trip. He is also a certified Strategic Intervention coach under Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes. Please note that this is a long camping trip, with many hours of travel and an appreciation for the outdoors, personal growth and an interest in the martial arts is a must. Beginners are welcome.


  • Life coaching
  • Outdoor routines and activities
  • Ninjutsu Martial Arts training sessions
  • Trainings on Mondays through Fridays
  • Winjitsu sessions and personal growth
  • Hiking, camping, climbing, and other exploration activities
  • Fitness and bodyweight training
  • 29 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

Group sizes

The maximum participants in the group is 10.

  • 20 days with instruction
  • English
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NinjaGym has developed a chance for you to get the ultimate adventure vacation with people just like you. The outdoor route offers much more than bouncing from hotel to hotel, saves you a lot of money too. Camping gives you the sense of nature and in the Southwestern climate, you will see a lot more in the process.

At some destinations, in particular the city locations like Las Vegas, we may opt to stay in a hotel. Hotel fees are not included in the package though. This will be your own choice.

In keeping with NinjaGyms desire to seek out and overcome obstacles, students get together for outdoor adventure. Travel and adventure is a great addition to your martial arts training. It is best if you have and maintain a healthy outdoor adventure attitude along with a respect for nature and the living world that surrounds you.

Martial arts adventure program

This program enables you to explore some of the worlds most unique places in South America. With the travel and training multi-martial arts and fitness program or personal coaching course, master instructor Rick Tew helps you to get the ultimate adventure vacation with people just like you. The outdoor route offers much more than bouncing from hotel to hotel, saves you a lot of money too. Camping gives you the sense of nature and in the Southwestern climate, you will see a lot more in the process.

Open schedule

This period is left open for sudden developments and activities. It will usually be one of the following:

Challenge specific training

Challenge specific training will be unique exercises that require students to participate in training drills outside of the regular martial arts class. This could be compared to the painting of the fence as seen in Karate Kid. Students will be asked to perform work that an Instructor feels will build character.

Clean up and organize

This time will be used to focus on getting and keeping things in a proper order. This could be property clean up, personal clean up, or simply organizing gear for an upcoming outdoor adventure.

Personal time

This time will be your own to use as you so desire. Students can read a book, start training in a new area, focus on home study courses, or spend more time on the mat.

Focused training session

Many students will be attending with a specific goal in mind and or to attain certification in a specific skill. This could be to become a martial arts instructor, lose weight, get in better shape, improve the memory, adventure, balance out the spirit, etc. NinjaGym has classes designed to focus on these goals, and these classes are usually held on specific days at specific times outside the regular training schedule. Follow is a small list of some of the focused training classes offered.

PSC - Personal security course (self-defense and bodyguarding)

King of the mat (MMA and full contact fight training - from stand up to ground grappling)

EASI - A memory program (improve your retention with our proven system mental recording)

How to teach the martial science (for students looking for a future as an instructor)

Winjitsu the mental martial art (personal management and self-image building course)

Traditional weapons (nunchaku, sai, blade throwing, and other less modern weapons training)

Tactical training and movement (stealth, urban operations, firearms training, paintball, etc.)

Jungle survival (how to live off the land and survive in the jungles)

Rock climbing (everything from basic climbing knots to setting up a top rope and leading a climb)

Holistic awareness (living naturally, meditation, and how to release tension)

Muay Thai kickboxing (learn real Muay Thai training)

Kettle bell training (learn the new science of body - strength and power conditioning)

Social warrior (learn to communicate and build rapport - extension to Winjitsu

The College of Martial Science

NinjaGym helps students to reach their goal through NinjaGyms live-in program that teaches the five levels system in the martial arts, called the College of Martial Science. NinjaGym believes in the mind-body-spirit approach for overall success. One of the ways that it provides this focus and growth is through a system called Winjitsu, the mental martial art.

Meanwhile, for body, NinjaGym teaches modern Ninjitsu and all areas of the martial arts with a variety of mattial arts philosophy. Finally, for the spirit, NinjaGym also encourages students to get together for adventures which include games, trips, and new experiences that combine both the world and humanity.

Level 1: Horse stance, forward roll, flat fall forward, fist strikes, front kicks, duck, rtms book, natural reactions, stick / tonfa, cat stance, reverse roll, flat back, flat fall back, palm hell strike, low sweep kick, jump, stretching, combat reality, and knife.

Level 2: Defensive stance, side roll, flat fall side, knife hand strike, back kicks, pivot, shuffle, shift, step, mind martial science - ACE, triangulation, chain / rope, power stance, diving roll, rolling fall, jab / cross/ hook / etc., round kicks, cartwheel, mind martial science - MAK, inside / outside defense, and staff.

Level 3: Fighting stance, dropping roll, air fall, finger strikes, side kicks, kip, mind martial science - MBS, jam, block and run, sword/ half staff, low defensive stance, superman roll, offensive falls, bent wrist, crescent kicks, hand springs, mind martial science - NRG, phases of combat, and environmental weapons.

Level 4: Open / bow stance, table roll, defensive falls, forearm strike, knee, stealthing, mind martial science - CMT, grappling, sai, blade stance, rolling with objects, falling with objects, elbow, reverse heel kick, climbing, elemental meditation, sparring, and nunchaku.

Level 5: Reactive stance, rolling attack, stunt falls, ridge hand, dropping heel kick, strikes and kicks form, diet and exercise, magnificent 7s, blinding powder, combat stance, rolls form, falls form, knuckle fist, advenced kicks, 1 - 40 form, tic toc, personal security course, and firearms.

Audio stretch

Have you ever wanted to be able to do the splits? This class is all about stretching. But we dont just stretch the body, we also stretch the mind. During your stretching sessions we play audio programs that are designed to improve your mental skills. This could be Mozart or a motivational tape program from a popular speaker.


Rock climbing offers you a challenge and opportunities for working as a team. This challenge is what is believed to be the healthiest form of competition for you are competing within yourself, not other people. One of the great things about rock climbing is it truly allows for living in the moment, to live in the now. When you are on the side of a rock face, your focus in on exactly what is happening right then and there. It is truly and enlightening experience. Rock climbing is also a great excuse to get outside and travel with a group of like-minded people who are looking for some adventure.

Hiking and camping

No outdoor adventure program is complete without a moderate amount of hiking and camping. Although camping will be included on a number of our other activities, the traditional hike-camp-hike-camp strategy will be implemented. NinjaGym will designate locations of interest and hike to them. There will be easy hikes and difficult hikes.

Group activities

There may also be a number of other activities such as, basketball, grappleball, volleyball, swimming, mountainbiking, rafting, kayaking, picnics, and parties. All activities provide a little adventure and no two programs are the same. NinjaGym uses adventure as way to describe the current lifestyle. The word is spoken to represent the idea of growth, challenge, confidence, discovery, exploration, travel, youthfulnes, goals, living naturaly, and being happy. You may begin to understand that adventure is not just a word, but something far more spiritual.

In no other portion of North America is there the stupendous variety in culture, geological history, natural environment and adventure. From the high mountains - to the low desert, this tour provides vacation opportunities which are unmatched.

The program will take travelers on a route through California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, to see all the Southwest has to offer. Youll explore everything from the unparalleled depths of the Grand Canyon - to the serenity of a sunset on the California Coast. Adventure with Tews Tours, having the time of your life in some of the worlds most unique places.

Here are some of the locations we will visit:

Grand Canyon

Lake Havasu

Death Valley

Lake Powell

Las Vegas

Yosemite National Park

San Fransisco

Pacific Coast Highway 1

Big Sur

Los Angeles

Venice Beach

Malibu Creek

Zuma Beach

Universal Studios Los Angeles (optional)

Disney Land (optional)

Joshua Tree

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon

Participants buy and prepare their own meals. At the city locations like Las Vegas, we may opt to eat out in a restaurant. Restaurant costs are not included in the package fee. This will be your own choice.



Group activities

Hiking, climbing


Life coach sessions

Mountain biking

Picnics and parties




  • Camping expenses
  • Camping gear
  • Climbing gear
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Martial science training
  • T-shirt
  • Tour guide
  • Travel expenses
  • Transport in our Adventure Van
  • Hotel fees
  • Martial arts uniform, training gear and weapons
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses
  • The right gear for travel, adventure and climbing (such as approach shoes, a harness, and sleeping bag).
  • Travel and Health insurance

The meeting point is Los Angeles, California. Depending on where you come from, you can either fly or drive (car, bus, train). International participants will want to fly in and out from LAX Los Angeles airport.

For information about the booking conditions, please send NinjaGym an inquiry.


  • Review by Craig Peterson from Iowa, USA

    "I have gained more strength, stamina, and creativity physically, mentally, and spiritually. My ability to communicate clearly and with confidence without being overbearing has also advanced my professional life. "

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Kris Butler from Canada

    "Mentally, I learned that there are many different ways of thinking and a strong result of those thoughts are your action and success. Much of what you get out life and what life is going to offer you is dependent on how you think. "

    "Physically, I have learned more than I can put into this response. I suppose to sum it up. I can do things with my body that I never new I could do. I have surprised and surpassed my own expectations many times over. The best part is that the learning never stops and there is always a new level reach and to kick your butt and make you want more. "

    "Spiritually, I have had the chance to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I have been and continue to be a part of a team of people that are dedicated to human development and to getting more out of their lives and themselves. "

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Billy Sanders from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

    "I have found I can push myself much harder and farther than I previously thought and my resolve has increased as well."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Bas Bauman from Holland, Netherlands

    "Rick seems to do things that most people would never even consider doing and seems to make them work."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Cedric Cobban from Canada

    "Rick Tew's method of teaching is awesome, very clear, and simple. The way his classes are organized are also fun since they are not repetitive. He is also an overall fun guy and does pretty much everything with the students."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Marco van Der Weijden from the Netherlands

    "Expect to be taught a highly effective form of martial arts. Next, is that you can expect to have a lot of fun doing the outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor camping. The unique thing about NinjaGym is that it is open to new ideas and techniques and therefore ever growing; it encompasses a wide range of activities from ground fighting to rock climbing. You can also expect to feel the sense of group spirit when you go through all the experience together."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Otwin Cyrus from the Netherlands

    "It is diverse, but simple, fun, challenging, indoors, and outdoors. It is more than just punching and kicking. You get to travel and see amazing places. You get to develop skills that might never be noticed. You learn to be a team player but have enough space to express your own creativity."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Carlos Puente from Mexico

    "Other martial arts schools only teach a fighting system like a competition and non-realistic self-defense techniques; here, you learn real combat training applied, such as full contact sparring and situations for real self-defense, not to mention weaponry, outdoor training, rock climbing, and more."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Jamien Ousei from California, USA

    "He is very intelligent, very funny, very cool, and very disciplined. This rare combination of attributes makes Rick a dynamo of a person and teacher."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Cedric Cobban from USA

    "It is kind of like mixed martial arts only more, since you do not focus only on one-on-one ring fighting. You will have multiple attackers, weapons, and be involved in the outdoors (dirt, concrete, improvised weapons, etc)."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Seth Thorpe from England

    "Rick is the most dynamic teacher and person that I have had the pleasure to train with and learn from. It has been years and I am still amazed by how his lessons still enrich my life."

    NinjaGym website, edited

  • Review by Nate Paul Palm Harbor from England

    "Rick is totally dedicated to his students. He is all about giving them all the opportunities he can so they can live the lifestyle that he has. What you want, when you want, where you want, why you want, and with whom you want."

    NinjaGym website, edited

Las Vegas, United States

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