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Using Wing Chun Kung Fu As a Defense Against People Who Are Bigger Than You

by Sifu David

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Cornered at close quarters?

Learning the art of Wing Chun can effectively train you to thwart opponents much stronger than yourself. 

What exactly is Wing Chun?


Wing Chun is a close-quarter martial art style developed for the average person to effectively defend themselves in crowded places.

Wing Chun Kung Fu, a concept-based Chinese martial arts discipline is being hailed worldwide as the true science of self-defense. According to legend, Wing Chun training was designed by a woman. “Wing Chun” was the actual name of a Shaolin nun who created this martial art form for women, older and physically weaker people to effectively defend themselves against larger, stronger and more powerful opponents.


Different from combat forms that train to use force against force, Wing Chun is not focused on out-muscling your opponent but on protecting yourself by redirecting or diffusing the opponent’s energy. Wing Chun is based on the main principle of following your opponent. Instead of attacking, Wing Chun practitioners closely mirror the moves of the aggressor, effectively diffusing their energy.


Wing Chun practitioners in action

Image credit: Yegfitness.ca


And what is it that makes Wing Chun an indispensable art to learn for the ‘average’ person?


  • A practical form of martial art that originated only 300 years ago, Wing Chun was developed in a crowded city environment and perfectly suits the needs of modern city dwellers. A close-quarter fighting system, it eliminates unnecessary moves making it an effective combat system even for cramped spaces. The economy of movement is stressed upon to generate maximum force at close quarters for unnerving the opponent.
  • Wing Chun training also does not require the use of any aids. It is an empty-hands self-defense system meaning you can defend yourself without a weapon which is most important as one is rarely equipped with a dagger or gun when suddenly cornered by a gang on a quiet road.
  • Apart from being practical and adaptable, Wing Chun is especially effective in combat against stronger opponents because it is a combat system based on tactile reflexes. Wing Chun enables you to anticipate attacks and block them instinctively.
  • Instead of physical strength or speed, Wing Chun focuses more on body structure, alacrity and practice. Men and women of all ages and physical ability can learn it quickly. Instead of great external body strength, Wing Chun requires practice, consistency and mental focus. It is this focus on internal strength as opposed to physical strength that makes Wing Chun an effective system of self-defense against larger and stronger opponents.


wing chun training

Image credit: Udemy.com


While learning Wing Chun, you will not spend much time fighting dummies, rather, you will focus on developing mental and physical precision and clarity. Apart from training in defending yourself in any situation, Wing Chun also improves confidence, focus, posture and discipline, essential traits for any person to succeed in today’s demanding school, work, and business environments.

Learn Wing Chun to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Start your training today to be able to defend yourself effectively and to reap the many benefits of Wing Chun can bring to your life!


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