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Top 5 Martial Arts Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

by Klara Kristi

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If you happen to be currently residing in a country of four seasons, it’s time to brace yourself cause the cold, dreary days of winter is here to stay (for at least a couple of more months). 

As the days become colder, it becomes harder to resist the temptation to slouch in the couch all day with boxes of take-aways piled up around you. But instead of doing so, why not fight the urge this time around and use this opportunity to fly off to a sunny destination and stay physically active?

Embrace your passion for martial arts and train like a champ while everyone else hibernates all season long. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled five perfect destinations to help you beat your winter blues and step up your combat skills!


1. Indonesia


Tired of putting on layers and layers of clothes before going out of the house every morning? Imagine waking up to the warm sunshine lightly kiss your face, and the smell of jasmine tea accompanied by the serene sounds of birds chirping

Intrigued? Then you need to make your way to the world’s largest nation of archipelagos, Indonesia! Though it’s renowned for year-round warm tropical weather, diverse cultures and its scrumptious cuisines (you simply need to try out one of its most popular dishes, “Nasi Goreng”) what you may not already know is that Indonesia has its own lethal martial arts practices that date back for centuries such as “Pencak Silat”(pictured above).


2. The Philippines


Image credit: Graphics8.Nytimes.com


The Philippines is amongst the favorites of South East Asian destinations and it’s not hard to understand why especially if you consider yourself a beach bum. This beautiful country has plenty of great beaches for you to check out!

It is also renowned as the Zip-Liners’ capital of Asia with an island to suit every taste, from the marooned slick of sand in the middle of the ocean to sprawling mega-islands like Luzon and Mindanao. While you’re there, be sure to learn the ancient and highly valuable martial arts of the Philippines of which are Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali. Not only are they some of the most lethal martial arts in the world, but these battle skills have also been developed and refined over the centuries from Magellan to World War II!


3. Vietnam


a vovinam practitioner


Dubbed by The Lonely Planet, one of the world’s most popular travel guide, as “astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling”, Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with an incredible heritage. While you’re sampling on the world-famous (and seriously addictive) Vietnamese coffee, and exploring the countless scenic views that this nation is known for, do set aside some time to check out the local Martial Arts “Vovinam which seeks to train your body as well as the mind.


4. Thailand


Image credit: Muay-Thai-Guy.com


Welcome to the most exuberant nation of South East Asia. There’s a myriad of attractions in Thailand – from ruined cities to rave parties, well-renowned for hospitable locals. was one of the first corners of South East Asia who really open up to outsiders, helped by King Rama IV from the 19th Century and his love of all things Western. Thailand is western-friendly, you can almost view it as your own personal exotic hometown!

While you’re there, why not visit some of the local Muay Thai Gym and experience training in the Art of Eight Limbs from some of the nation’s strongest underground warriors?  Don’t forget to indulge yourself with a Thai Massage accompanied by ice-cold beer! If you need some tips to prepare for your Thailand martial arts trip, do check out our 5 Things You Should Know Before Going On a Muay Thai Training in Thailand post.


5. South, Central Americas, and The Caribbean


Image credit: DietsinReview


Fancy going somewhere warm and exotic but prefer to opt out of the long haul flight across the globe? Then South, Central, and The Caribbean are your best options!

With pleasant weather, warm hospitality and plenty of great food, this region is a fantastic destination to escape the winter season. What’s more is that there are many martial arts styles that are unique to the region to immerse yourself into such as the notorious “Vale Tudo”, the lethal “Brazilian Jiu Jitsu” (BJJ) and the ever so popular “Capoeira”. Since the new year is just around the corner,  why not start early and get that sexy toned muscles you’ve always dreamed of? We guarantee that it’ll be an experience that you won’t regret!


Start packing up your bag, book your martial arts training and be on your way of becoming the best version of yourself. We’ll see you there!

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