If you are a fitness enthusiast, it is fairly easy to adapt to the demands of Muay Thai. Sometimes, you might have moments of doubt, especially during times of exhaustion thanks to the rigorous training, but pushing through these trials will help you to develop into a stronger person.

If you happen to be interested in taking up Muay Thai, there’s certainly no better place to do so than Thailand itself! Not sure where to start with your search for a suitable training camp? No need to worry, here at BookMartialArts.com we’ve compiled our top 5 Muay Thai Centers in Thailand to begin your awesome journey.


Santai Gym – Chiang Mai


The less exaggerated version of Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a perfect place to start your fitness escapade. Santai Gym was opened in 2002 by trainers named Kru Do, Daodern, and Kru Pon, who are all former Pinsinchai gym fighters. It has a strong team of experienced trainers that teach all levels of students, from beginners to professional fighters. Santai accepts students of all levels and works them to get them to the next level.


Moonsoon Gym and Fight Club – Koh Tao



With a great location on Koh Tao, one of Trip Advisor’s top island destination getaways for 2013, this fight camp offers a marked contrast to others in Asia. Offering a full western style gym Muay Thai, MMA and traditional boxing training, along with daily Gladiator high-intensity fitness workouts, tasty nutritious meals served up by their onsite Hell’th Kitchen restaurant and a great communal atmosphere at the dorm rooms, Monsoon Gym and Fight Club will help you achieve your workout goals – whatever they may be.


Superpro Samui – Koh Samui



Superpro Samui  is tucked away down a quiet street, amongst tall coconut palm trees and lush jungle foliage, making it a perfect training environment for Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness, away from traffic noise and tourists. You will undoubtedly find the required peace you need for your training regime here.


Gym Bangarang – Chiang Mai


Also located n Chiang Mai, Gym Bangarang offers their guests a unique holiday experience. They are the only purpose built facility in town that offers Fitness and Weightloss Bootcamps, Muay Thai training and MMA. This training center focuses more on personalized and training for small groups .


Combat 360X – Khao Lak

Just over an hour north of the international resort destination of Phuket, Combat 360X is located in the beautiful sea side town of Khao Lak. The camp offers a large variety of training including Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Fitness/Cross Training, and Yoga as well as having an onsite supplement and equipment shop to get you all geared up for your training!


Now that you’ve got great choices to pick from, why not give it a try firsthand? We look forward to seeing you in Thailand!