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Martial Arts: Here's How It Will Help You with Your Motor Skill Development

by Marc Dressen

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Martial arts are unique because they're both considered a sport and a discipline. For children and adults alike, martial arts can be a unique way to build muscle, reduce tension, and let off steam. However, they also have another unique benefit too: they can help with the development of essential motor skills.

If you're not sure about what I meant by "essential motor skills", I'm basically referring to the way your body learns to interact with the world around it. If you struggle to build your essential motor skills, you'll find that you have trouble with everything from balance, to coordination and depth perception – all the things that regular training in martial arts can help to develop.


But how exactly does it help the development of motor skills?


Martial arts training session

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One of the main reasons why I offer martial arts training as part of my ‘​Marc Dressen online fitness training sessions’ is that they can help to improve balance, focus, and coordination. Each of these skills works together to make people more efficient in the gym, more effective at sports, and more able to manage the physical challenges of everyday life. With that, here are the ways that martial arts practice can boost the development of motor skills:  


Martial Arts, Balance, and Coordination

boxer coordination


No matter what kind of physical goal you might have for yourself, whether it's just to become better at sports, or even lose weight, you'll find that you need both balance and coordination to achieve incredible things. A lack of these two skills not only makes it harder for you to perfect certain skills in the fitness world, but it can also make life more ‘dangerous’ too.

After all, if you don't have coordination and balance, then you're more likely to trip over when running after a ball on a football field or drop a weight when you're lifting at the gym.

Balance and coordination are two essential practices that are taught during any martial arts practice sessions. After all, part of the discipline that comes with learning martial arts involves knowing how to use your body effectively in the space you have.

The practice of martial arts teaches students to become more aware of their body, and how they move when they're punching, kicking, jumping, and changing direction. The more you understand about your body in relation to the world around you, the more coordinated and balanced you'll become.


The Power of Focus


martial arts increases focus


While balance and coordination can help you to achieve the results you've been searching for without putting your health or safety at risk, increased focus certainly can help you use the skills that you learn through your martial arts practice to achieve your goals faster.

When it comes to accomplishing great things in the fitness world, you need determination, understanding, guidance, and focus to achieve. If you don't have focus, then it becomes much harder for you to filter out your surroundings and address the task at hand.

Martial arts training can make it easier for children and adults alike to concentrate their attention on one key element in a room - such as their opponent, or their teacher. Additionally, it can also help to improve focus through simple solutions like breathing techniques and meditation.

While the martial arts are demanding disciplines, it's safe to say that their impact on your motor skills and your development as an athlete can't be overlooked.


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