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Top 10 Fascinating Martial Arts Guinness World Records You Should Know About

by Lystia Putranto

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As you may have gathered, we’re a tad obsessed with everything martial arts related. Hence it’s no surprise that we regularly spend hours on the web searching for martial arts news and information that not only deepens our martial arts knowledge but also entertains us. 

Suffice to say that we struck the ‘gold mine’ in the entertainment factor when we stumbled upon a Guinness World Record in martial arts. It left us hungry for more so we continued on the hunt.

Since we believe sharing is caring, on this post, we’re dishing out our list of 10 of the most fascinating Guinness World Records broken by awesome martial artists from all over the globe. Some are serious and some are wacky, but all in all, they’ve left us in awe as to what remarkable feats human beings can achieve when we really put our mind (and strength) to it. We hope you enjoy these martial arts world records as much as we do!


Most Walnuts Smashed with a Nunchaku


Image source: GuinnessWorldRecords.com


Who would’ve thought that the nunchaku can be so practical? Also known as ‘nunchucks’, the nunchaku is a traditional Japanese martial arts weapon that was first used by Okinawan farmers as a harvesting tool. It is widely used in karate as a training weapon and in its original form, it usually consists of two sticks connected by a short rope or chain. Today, it can also be made from wood, metal, plastic or even fiberglass.

Nunchaku gained popularity in modern times thanks to the famed actor and martial artist legend, Bruce Lee, who used it in many of his well-known movies such as ‘Fist of Fury’ and ‘Enter the Dragon’.

In September of last year, Mujtaba Hassan Mughal, a martial arts student from Pakistan successfully crushed a total of 97 walnuts in just 1 minute. Thanks to his nunchucks expertise and quick hands, he surpassed the previous record which was 62 walnuts destroyed in 60 seconds held by Samuel Sprague from the US.


Video source: Guinness World Records Official YouTube channel


Largest Display of Wing Chun



Image source: GuinnessWorldRecords.com


For those of you who are not too familiar with Wing Chun, it is an ancient martial arts discipline that focuses on using striking and grappling for close range combat. Though it is not accurately known as to when this self-defense system was first created, it was thought to be developed during the resistance towards the Qing dynasty in the 1600s.

What makes Wing Chun unique in comparison to most other martial arts is its emphasis on softness. Its moves are quite beautiful to observe as it is fundamental that each Wing Chun move is executed in a relaxed and balanced manner.



Back in January 2015, to celebrate the opening of Wing Chun courses at the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation as well as an attempt to promote the martial arts to the rest of the world, the record for the largest display of Wing Chun was achieved. Done outdoors in Chengdu, China, it involved a whopping 10,021 participants who all dressed in head to toe uniform of black and white. Collectively, they created a breathtaking sight to be seen!


Video source: Guinness World Records Official YouTube channel


Highest (Assisted) Martial Arts Kick


When we first stumbled upon this record that was set in 2009,  we were surprised to find out that according to the Guinness World Records’ judges, this particular record was never attempted before.

With the watchful eyes of the judges at their official show’s set at Pine Woods UK, Brett Sawley of the British Chi Taekwondo team was given 3 attempts to ‘break’ the record. With the assistance of two of his martial arts buddies, he was able to reach his highest kick at 4.25 meters or 13 ft 11 inches!


Video source: Guinness World Records Official YouTube channel


Highest (Unassisted) Kick


Just in case you’re thinking “Well, the height of that kick is impressive, but he had help!”, we thought it would be wise to also include the highest non-assisted kick records on this list.

Interestingly enough, the highest unassisted kick was actually done through the use of a style in the World Eskimo Indian Olympics – instead of a martial arts kick. The record which was previously held by martial artists was broken by Jesse Frankson an Alaska Native from Point Hope, US. Jesse was able to break the record by achieving a kick of 9 feet 8 inches (2.99 meters), a record that remains undefeated since 2002.

For the female category, this record is just as interesting because it was broken by a female Karateka who was only 15 at the time (in 2012)!

Lisa Coolen from the Netherlands successfully kicked the old record of 1.98 meters held by English martial artist & actress Zara Phyntian and Bhawna Purohit from India. Lisa managed to kick 2.35 meters (7 ft. 8 inches) with a ‘Mai Tobi Geri’ (a Karate jumping front kick move). This impressive Guinness World Record attempt was done as a part of a Kick for Hope event. 


Video source: Kick For Hope YouTube channel


Most Powerful Kick


The record for the most powerful kick happens to be held by a martial arts superstar. Sebastiaan ‘Bas’ Rutten, was a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion. Also hailing from the Netherlands, he is a retired mixed martial arts (MMA) practitioner, Karate and Taekwondo Blackbelt who is still celebrated in the martial arts world.

MMA has gained much interest in popularity in recent decades, making it one of the most popular and fastest growing martial arts disciplines in the world.

The most powerful kick was achieved through an MMA move where Bas unleashed a roundhouse kick with his shin on a test dummy, pushing its chest in just below 3 inches. If it were an actual human being, his kick would have seriously cracked some ribs. Apparently, the damage incurred would be similar to one that would be found in a life-threatening car crash!

Image source: FightStarMMA.com


Most One Finger Push-Ups in 30 Seconds


Let’s face it, for most of us, push-ups are hard enough as it is when done the conventional way let alone with just a single finger! This is what makes this particular record so jaw-dropping.

In just 30 seconds, Xie Guizong, a Kung Fu master from China, was able to not only do a few of these one finger push-ups but a staggering total of 41! What makes it even more fascinating is that he appears to do it so effortlessly. As you can see in the clip below, Xie completed his (successful) record-breaking attempt with a smile on his face, as if he has just taken a long brisk walk at the park.

To emphasize just how difficult the single push-up record is to break: one must do it with one finger of a single arm only and must be done with no pauses nor breaks.

During each push-up, one must keep their back at a 90-degree angle in order for it to be counted. It may just be the most challenging type of push up in the Guinness World Records category as the ‘regular’ push-ups record currently stands well in the thousands!


Video source: Guinness World Records Official YouTube channel


Most Stunts by a Living Actor


Image source: GuinnessWorldRecords.com


Jackie Chan is hands down one of the most recognizable and popular martial artists and actor of all times. What you may not know about him is that he is also the holder of not one but two Guinness World Records!

In 2012, the Guinness World Records committee presented him with the official certificate for ‘Most Credits in One Movie” (15) and ‘Most Stunts by a Living Actor’ during one of the actor’s movie opening in Shanghai. Though both records are certainly impressive, we were undoubtedly more impressed with his stunt related record.

We are big fans of Jackie Chan movies and were delighted to learn that he received such well-deserved recognition. Over his 50 year long career, Jackie has starred in over 100 movies – both Chinese and international movies.

Some of his most famed are ‘Police Story’ (1985), ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ and ‘Rush Hour’ & its sequels (1998-2007). It certainly comes with a hefty price – over the span of his career, Jackie had broken quite of few bones in his body and there were even several incidents that nearly cost Jackie his life.

You’d also be interested to know that due to the severity of his stunts, no insurance company has agreed to underwrite his productions where he performs all of his own stunts. Known as a light-hearted and generous man, during the production of Police Story, Jackie created “The Jackie Chan Stuntmen Association” after his stuntmen were injured during filming.

Through this association, Jackie is able to ensure that he personally trains his stuntmen (to minimize the risk of injuries) and if they do get injured, medical bills are expensed to his own pocket! What a great guy indeed. 


Video source: Guinness World Records Official YouTube channel


Largest Martial Arts Class


As we mentioned earlier, there’s just something about a large, collective group coming together to perform martial arts moves that never fails to captivate our attention. For this record, a staggering 2481 Jiu-Jitsu students from all over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) succeeded in breaking a Guinness World Records by participating in the world’s largest martial arts class, which lasted for a full 40 minutes, in Abu Dhabi.

This special event, which took the committee over 2 months to prepare, was conducted in commemoration of the UAE’s 44th National Day as well as its National Sports Day and was organized by UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation (UAEJJF) along with a few of their partners.


Most Bottle Caps Removed with the Head


Image source: GuinnessWorldRecords.com


In early April this year, Muhammad Rashid, a black belt martial artist, successfully broke his own record of most bottle caps removed with the head. In this attempt made during a Guinness World Record Italian show in Milan, he ‘shattered’ his own record of 40 bottles which he has previously achieved in his home country of Pakistan.

With the assistance of two of his martial arts buddies, he was able to remove 61 bottle caps within 60 seconds! In this ‘stunt’ Muhammad placed each bottle against the table and removed its cap by hitting the bottle’s cap with his head.

Muhammad is a multi Guinness World Record holder as he also currently holds the most walnut cracked against head in one minute (150) and most coconuts smashed with a baseball bat on a person’s head in one minute (83). 


Video source: Guinness World Records Official YouTube channel


Oldest Man to Compete in a Pro MMA Fight


Image source: Tapology.com


Think you need to be youthful in order to break a Guinness World Record in martial arts? Think again!

At 70 years old, Dr. John Williams of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada proved many people wrong when he got in the ring at the Elite 1 MMA’s ‘Wild Card’ event held in his hometown. Dr. Williams not only was able to compete against 49-year-old Larry Brubaker, but he also won the fight! Thanks to that particular fight, along with Brubaker, Dr. Williams also set the record for the oldest combined age for any two fighters in the history of MMA (119).

Dr. William’s victory over his opponent was certainly not merely a fluke as he has trained in martial arts practically throughout his life. In 1947, he started training in martial arts journey with boxing training when he was just 7 years old. By the time he was 16, he was already well into his practice in Olympic-style weightlifting, Kodokan, and Tani-Ha Jiu-Jitsu. He believes that his passion for martial arts is what drives him to continue practicing martial arts for all these years. Needless to say, he definitely showed us that age is really just a number! 


Interested in breaking any of the martial arts Guinness World Record we listed above? Whichever record you decide to give a go, we highly advise not to do it at home nor alone! Why not prepare for it with the careful supervision of martial arts professionals at a martial arts training camp instead? 

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