Although it is a fighting style, Kung Fu promotes virtue and peace, not aggression or violence. This has been the common value upheld by martial artists from generation to generation.

Kung Fu is first and foremost a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks, blocks, and both open and closed hand strikes to defend against aggressors. The art uses both hard (meeting force with force) and soft (using an opponent's strength against them) techniques.


Kung Fu - A Chinese Martial Art

Learn Kung Fu with an uninterrupted focus on developing habits. Image: Tianmeng Shaolin Kung Fu Academy


The story behind Kung Fu

Kung Fu has long retained philosophical and spiritual importance within the Chinese culture. The Chinese martial arts grew alongside the ideas of Confucianism and Taoism during the Zhou Dynasty (1045 B.C. - 256 B.C.) and beyond.


Kung Fu - A Chinese Martial Art

The origin of Kung Fu can be traced back to ancient China. Image: Taizu Mountain Shaolin Kung Fu Academy


The Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, the universal opposites, ended up being tied in a large way to the hard and soft techniques that make up Kung Fu. The arts also happened to be a part of the concepts of Confucianism, as they were closely related to the ideal approach to life people should practice.


Kung Fu - A Chinese Martial Art

Yin and Yang means opposite or contrary forces are complementary elements that form a dynamic system. Image: Shengjing Shan Kungfu Academy


Kung Fu in the modern times

Some westerners think that all Chinese people are Kung Fu masters. Though this is not true, this traditional heritage has its unique existence in modern times and left much influence on the locals’ lifestyle. Not only is it regarded as a traditional sport nowadays, Kung Fu is also gaining more popularity that it even stands as a representative for Chinese culture. Its value in bodybuilding and fitness is also highly appreciated.. 


Kung Fu - A Chinese Martial Art

The greatest fight in mastering Kung Fu is to master yourself. Image: Rising Dragon Martial Arts School


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