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Curiosity: Hygiene in the Thai camps

by Roberto Gallo Cassarino

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We all go to Thailand to improve our Muay Thai skills or to fight and certainly, we don’t pretend the floor mats to be so clean that we could eat on them. However, you ought to know that people have shared with us many cases of various infections and fungus that they had gotten from training at a Thai camp.

Maybe 30 years ago, when everyone was so dazzled by Muay Thai that we could not have noticed the total absence of hygiene in the Thai camps; surely today we all are more careful, and we must be to avoid ruining our holiday and our health because of a bad infection or a fungus!


Muay Thai practitioners in the ring
Image credit: Muay Farang


Today we live in a totally different Thailand, and Thai people are the first to demand the maximum hygiene in the modern gyms of the country. Still the main objective is “real” Muay Thai and certainly this is found in Thailand. Many commercial camps spread to other combat sports, and those who pointed on doing business have pointed on lose weight programs. Certainly this blurs the concept of “pure” Muay Thai and this is why real Muay Thai lovers try to attend traditional camps, closing their eyes and noses and try to ignore the low level of hygiene.


Muay Thai training camp

Luckily, new Muay Thai camps dedicated to fighters but also to those who want to learn from zero or improve their skills, were born in the last 3 years, but only “real” Muay Thai. The goal is to respect of the tradition as sports concepts, while for the rest, the offered service is high level with the research of total comfort with an impeccable hygiene.

In conclusion, everyone desires to practice Muay Thai with at least one goal: learning, improving, or preparing for a fight and sometimes we compromise the achievement of our goal because of a different problem that can occur when we are in Thai camp (or anywhere else) that doesn’t cure the hygiene in a systematic way.


Muay Thai training in session


Our healthy, mental, social and spiritual needs make us see everything clearly, including the camp's cleanliness and this is fundamental to gain good results in any field.

However, the hygiene care, before, while and after training, will always be very important for your health, performance and general welfare.

Click here to watch how the fighters clean a Muay Thai Gym.

The intense Muay Thai training under the Thai burning sun, make us sweat a lot and we keep having physical contact. From our side, is very important not repeatedly use wet or dirty clothes and always keep your equipment clean and dry. You should avoid sharing gloves with other people, while the camp should always keep the Pads, rings, bags and especially the various floor mats and tatamis (that are a paradise for the growth of fungal and bacterias), always well cleaned.


*All images are sourced from Muay Farang. 

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