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How to Do the The Almighty ‘Hammer Fist’ Move

by Amadeuz

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Have you heard of the almighty Hammer Fist? It is an incredibly powerful move, inspired from Krav Maga but practiced throughout all MMA. You too can master it either to impress, or even to use it for self-defense. 

In today’s guide, I will show you how to correctly perform an almighty Hammer Fist move, from Krav Maga techniques.

Before we go on, note that the hammer fist is not a punch, but a strike delivered vertically. A punch is a spear, a direct strike to the opponent, while the hammer fist is an effective whip, using minimal full-body effort for maximum impact and damage.

Personally, I think it’s a lot more effective than a punch, as there’s more padding in the bottom of your fist and your knuckles aren't in danger of being damaged upon impact. Remember, a boxing glove is not meant to protect your opponent but your fist.

In a real life situation, the hammer fist has a natural cushion. You can practice this for self-defense reasons, even when you’re not equipped with a glove.

Why It Works:

From a standing position, a proper hammer fist is probably the highest damage versus practice time techniques one can learn. From a Mount position in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), one can generate a crazy amount of force with this technique, by using knees-hips-torso-shoulder-elbow.

How To do the Hammer Fist:

It’s a Whip!

Power generation is a whipping motion from the entire body, not a chopping motion from just the elbow and shoulder.

Use all available joints when available, from toe to wrist, to bring an accelerating ripple of force to the final strike.

Step 1:

hammer fist step 1 bookmartialarts.com

Step 2:

hammer fist step 2 book martial arts tripaneer

Step 3:

hammer fist step 3 book martial arts tripaneer

If you enjoyed today’s guide for learning the Hammer Fist move, feel free to also check out the previous guide on how to do a Krav Maga front kick. Keep practicing and you will become better and better!

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