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Smart Kids Move to Fight The ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ Promoting PHIT America as Their Official Charity

by PHIT America

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BookMartialArts.com recently partnered up with PHIT America, a non-profit education & advocacy organization that encourages kids to ‘fight’ the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ which has increasingly plagued the youth in the US. Read on to find out more about their worthy cause and efforts!

In an effort to promote the national importance of getting Americans more active and physically fit, martial arts facility owners and instructors have an opportunity to work together to use local martial arts events, competitions, and tournaments as vehicles to promote the need for healthy bodies and minds.  Martial arts facilities and clubs across the U.S. can now host events, competitions and tournaments, and PHIT America has been designated as the official charity of choice for the local, area, regional, statewide, and national Smart Kids Move school events.  These school events will be called PHIT Kids Charity Events.  PHIT Kids are healthier and physically active and, as a result, achieve higher academic results in the classroom.

martial arts kids

Image credit: Delta Martial Arts


The funds raised by any charitable events held by these schools will then be used by PHIT America (a national non-profit campaign) to help America overcome its ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ -- now affecting more than 80 million Americans -- by getting Americans fit and healthy.  The funds will be used to support PHIT America GO! Grants which are given to elementary schools across the U.S. to help boost their P.E. programs.

 “The martial arts community in the U.S. understands and supports the mission of PHIT America which is focused on dramatically improving the health of all Americans, especially children, by implementing physical activity programs for total health,” says Dr. Rashid Buttar, an up and coming leader in the U.S. martial arts community and the founder for Smart Kids Move.  “We have witnessed improvement in academic performance in students after becoming active in martial arts.  We are now advancing these observations by incorporating drills to enhance brain function and cognitive ability.”

PHIT America is focused on educating Americans about the ramifications of the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ with relevant consumer content on its website.  PHIT America started addressing the national ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ by distributing more than 150 GO! Grants to elementary schools in 22 states to help them stimulate their current P.E. programs in August of 2015.  And, PHIT America is working with the Sports & Fitness Industry Association on getting the U.S. Congress to pass the PHIT (Personal Health Investment Today) Act, which would allow Americans to use their health savings accounts to pay for physical activity expenses (such as martial arts lessons, clinics, tournament entry fees, and martial arts-specific equipment purchases).  In a nutshell, the PHIT Act will then help keep health care expenses in check because the general public will be given a financial incentive to remain physically active.


woman in a treadmill
Image credit: PHIT America


“We at PHIT America are excited about the concept of working with the martial arts community to help raise funds to support our mission of getting more Americans active, fit, and healthy,” says PHIT America Founder Jim Baugh.  “Physical inactivity is a national issue which is best solved with local efforts to help raise the national awareness of the matter and provide tangible solutions.”

Along with co-founder, 7th degree Black Belt Senior Master Antonio Rodriguez, Dr. Buttar, a 2nd degree Black Belt himself, is very enthused about the association of Smart Kids Move (referred to as “the next evolutionary leap in learning”) with PHIT America.  “We have been very fortunate to have the guidance of the legendary 8th degree Black Belt and martial arts innovator, Chief Master William Clark who is way ahead of his time,” said Dr. Buttar.  Other strong supporters and endorsers include 8th degrees Chief Master Vonschmeling and Chief Master Ozuna, along with the participation of some other extremely talented and accomplished martial artists. 

For example, Grand Master Billy Blanks, the actor, former Olympian, World Champion and Karate Hall of Famer, who developed the international Tae Bo craze, 7th degree Senior Master Michelle Landgren Lee, the founder of the STEM program, 6th degree Master Daniel Gimenez, a 4-time World Champion and developer of technologically advanced methods to accelerate martial arts training and 5th degree actor and World Champion Mike Chat who is the developer of XMA, are all involved and contributing to Smart Kids Move.  


Phit America
Image credit: America


“This program is dedicated to improving fitness in children while also stimulating brain development and improving cognitive ability,” says Dr. Buttar. 

“We believe the Smart Kids Move program will transcend martial arts and become widely used in many other sports,” adds World Champion Master Carolina Warnes, another key contributor to the Smart Kids Move program.

To help support these local martial arts events and tournaments, which may provide opportunities for charitable contributions, PHIT America has negotiated a national agreement with Staples to print customized promotional posters and flyers which can be displayed at the various martial arts clubs to publicize the upcoming events/tournaments and to promote the work of PHIT America.  


Thank you for checking out this post! If you agree with PHIT America’s mission to battle against ‘Inactivity Pandemic’, why not take the first step and get more active physically through one of our training? Check out BookMartialArts.com to browse through a vast selection of martial arts training located all across the globe!

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