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The Most Effective Strength & Conditioning Exercises to Complement Your Martial Arts Training

by Rohit Verma

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Martial arts is undoubtedly one of the world’s most thrilling arts. Available in hundreds of forms, many of them, such as Karate and Taekwondo, are closely connected to self-defense.

Additionally, they are also practiced as competitive sports, learned for pleasure and/or used as a way to maintain a top level of physical fitness. 

That said, it takes years of dedicated time and efforts into the practice to truly excel and to reap all the benefits that it has to offer.

In order to succeed in your martial arts training, you are required to be in your best physical self which means that you’d need to exercise regularly.

The following strengthening and conditioning exercises of the muscles, when combined with your training, will help you to become a stronger martial artist and reduce risk of training related injuries.

The great news is that they don’t require any equipment and, aside from brisk walking, can be done in the comfort of your home.




Video credit: Bowflex YouTube account 


Squats are leg exercises that especially target the thighs. In this exercise, one would act as if he or she is sitting on a chair without the chair actually present. This move requires the strength of thighs and hip area. Initially, it can be practiced for a few seconds – for a couple of rounds a time.

As time progress, you can increase to a minimum of 5 rounds – holding the same position for a duration of 1-3 minutes.


Abdominal Crunches


Abdominal crunches are as potent as core muscle exercises but they also enable you to sculpt the abs. You’d be interested to know that the only way you can get a 6-pack ab or an 8-pack ab is through these exercises. To do so, however, you not only need to regularly incorporate them into your workout but also be mindful of your diet




Stretching outdoors


Stretching movements may look easy, yet they are very beneficial to your body’s blood circulation.

Though most people are aware that stretching needs to be done prior to each training session, it should also be done post training too! This ‘cool down’ period is potent in normalizing blood pressure after a strenuous physical workout. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of post-training injuries




Video credit: Tom Merrick YouTube account 


The bridge is one of the best exercises if you are looking to strengthen your core muscles. Additionally, it also targets the back and it makes a good stretching exercise too.

If you’re looking to increase flexibility in your back area, the bridge is ideal. In this move, both hands rest on the ground and the body is lifted on the feet while resting shoulders with the head also on the ground.

Alternatively, you can do a more challenging option where you lift your head away from the ground.




a man doing push ups


One of the most popular exercises out there, the push-up is an exercise that brings your entire weight directly on your fingers and toes. It is a wonderful exercise to strengthen your limbs as well as the muscles in your hands & legs. 


Brisk Walking


Brisk walking is basically a fast paced form of walking done at a constant speed. Some research found that this exercise has a considerable impact on the size of the hippocampus.

If you’re unfamiliar with what the hippocampus is, it is part of the brain that mainly keeps our memory strong. It has been found out that the hippocampus can get reduced in size if when one goes overboard with their training. Brisk walking, however, is considered the only complete exercise for the entire body that does not have any negative impact. 


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