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On & Beyond Martial Arts

Discipline your mind and body, amp up your skills with tips & tricks from martial arts practitioners worldwide, and read inspiring stories that will nurture your inner strength and unlock your true potential.

The Life Changing Effects of Kung Fu Training [Interview]

The team at BookMartialArts had quite an insightful chat with David Zhou from Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy about their popular yearlong Kung Fu training program located at the footstep of Tianmeng mountain, China. And in this post, we’re sharing those insights with you!

Empowerment Through Martial Arts: Interview with Bogdan Rosu, Founder of 'Empowerment Wing Chun'

Have you always wondered what you can do to step closer to the best version of you and create a better life? During our recent chat with Bogdan Rosu, the founder of personal development through martial arts club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’, he suggested that taking up one or more martial arts can be one of the most effective ways one can take up to improve our body, mind, and soul. 

Martial Arts Food for Thoughts: Understanding the Present Moment

A former UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter, Nick Osipczak competed multiple times for the world’s most renowned fighting organization. Not only that, he was the first fighter to represent Tai Chi Ch’uan in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since then, he has committed his time in effort in achieving mastery in this ancient Chinese martial arts discipline. 

Exploring the World of MMA with an MMA World Champion [Interview]

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the world’s fastest growing martial arts discipline, has enjoyed a surge in popularity and interest in the last few decades. To quench this insatiable thirst for all things MMA, the BookMartialArts.com team recently chatted with Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke, an MMA World Champion and an instructor at Evolve MMA, Asia’s #1 MMA gym. 

The Awesome 'Guy' Behind 'Muay Thai Guy'

The team at BookMartialArts.com had the awesome chance to chat with Sean Fagan, the blogger behind the ‘Muay Thai Guy’. Since Sean is a Muay Thai practitioner with 7 years of fighting career under his belt, we had a lot of fun ‘picking his brain’ on his Muay Thai knowledge and experience.

A Story of a Karate Nerd: Jesse Enkamp Sheds Light on His Karate Path [Interview]

The team at BookMartialArts.com recently caught up with Jesse Enkamp, the author of one of the most comprehensive martial arts blogs available on the web, KarateByJesse.com. Aside from blogging, Jesse is also a passionate martial artist, an international Karate champion, and an Amazon best-selling author.

The Graceful Wisdom of Wing Chun: An Interview with Sifu Clark Tang

The BookMartialArts.com team recently had the opportunity to chat with Sifu Clark Tang, the founder of Wing Chun Temple, a certified Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor who studied under Grandmaster Wong Long. 

Prior to discovering Wing Chun Kung Fu, Sifu Clark Tang practiced Kickboxing, Lama Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi. Once he was able to find his way to Wing Chun Kung Fu however, it ultimately ‘won’ his heart and soul. As he further deepened his practice, his main goal became crystal clear: to spread the awareness of Wing Chun Kung Fu to as many people as possible. 

Here’s a glimpse to the wisdom and philosophy he had shared with us on the art Wing Chun as well as life in general. Enjoy!

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