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Why Capoeira is One of The Sexiest Martial Arts

by Klara Kristi

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If you are into martial arts, you must have heard of Capoeira. But even if you haven’t, that’s alright too. Keep on reading, and in less than five minutes, you’ll discover everything you need to know about this fascinating Brazilian treasure – including how it may just help you transform into the sexiest martial artist alive!

Just so you know, Capoeira is so sexy, that the Brazilian government forbade its practice until the 1930’s! Okay, perhaps that wasn’t the real reason, but we’re almost certain that it’s one of the reasons why Mestre Bimba was so determined to fight for it and bring Capoeira back to society. So, while the world is grateful to Mestre Bimba and his noble efforts, the team at BookMartialArts have compiled six ultimate reasons on why Capoeira is one of the most phenomenal martial arts disciplines around:


1. It’s mysterious


Mystery is almost always associated with being sexy, right? As a bit of a background, Capoeira started off as a secret ritual performed by African slaves in Brazil. It began between 1500 and 1530 and continued through 1888. The name itself comes from a Tupi Indian reference ‘Ka puera’ which refers to an activity of clearing trees in the forest with the original purpose of planting, but the slaves discovered them useful for hiding out to practice Capoeira.


2. It’s educational


Coming from a long history and culture, Capoeira consists of many aspects. It is not merely about fighting and defending yourself. It’s pure art. Yes, I am talking about dancing, singing, music, getting your body and movement into the rhythm. The story behind it is pretty awesome too. Capoeira was actually cleverly designed by the slaves to mimic a dance, so their masters wouldn’t be able to tell they were learning and practicing skills to defend themselves.


3. It’s healthy


Not only does Capoeira consists of killer moves, you are guaranteed to have a killer body from it! Have you ever seen any overweight capoeiristas? Yes, exactly, this is not sumo wrestling, therefore you don’t necessarily have to be the biggest in size to win this “game”. Capoeira trains your stamina, and cardio, and as everyone already knows cardio burns fat. This will give you the strength of those eye- pleasant muscles you’ve always dreamed of, and the flexibility is on par with graceful yoga practitioners. So speaking in terms of overall fitness, when you start to pick up Capoeira and train seriously, you can become the picture of health and fitness!


4. It’s fun!


Those who practice Capoeira have a tendency to go all in, they live and breathe Capoeira. Inevitably, when you start to practice Capoeira, you will gain new, like-minded friends! Meeting new people, (possibly) learn a new exotic language and culture, what’s not fun about that?


5. It’s unique


If nothing else, Capoeira gives you the sense of confidence in knowing that you are unique because you can do things people couldn’t ever imagine doing. And this confidence is the ultimate foundation of being sexy. Most importantly…


6. Most importantly, It’s possible!


Sure, Capoeira may look hard on the surface, but you know what they say, ‘Everything is hard before they’re easy’. The practice of Capoeira is technical and is adjusted to each individual’s personality and the way your body is built. So once you’ve mastered the basic movements, you’d be surprised on how much your body can actually improve. After all, anything worthwhile is never easy right?

So, those are just some of the many sexy reasons on why you should get your hands (and feet) on Capoeira this instant. If you want to get to be in the best shape of your life while gaining an arsenal awesome self-defense moves, then Capoeira may just be what you’ve been searching for! Book a Capoeira training camp now today and find out for yourself!


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