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affordable training camps
Top Affordable Martial Arts Training Camps Located All Over the Globe [Updated]

Looking to begin your very own martial arts journey? Or are you seeking a way to improve your martial arts skills and techniques?

by Lystia Putranto
muay thai
Muay Thai Training in Thailand: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Go

Today, Muay Thai is one of the most talked-about topics within Martial Arts communities. If you have had time to check out our previous articles about  Muay Thai, you probably would already understand why we are so eager to master this ‘Art of Eight Limbs’.

by Klara Kristi
online martial arts training
Top Online Martial Arts Training Courses You Should Be Signing Up For

There’s a wealth of benefits that comes with the practice of martial arts. And now, thanks to technology, joining a martial arts training is easier and more convenient than ever!

by Lystia Putranto
Online martial arts training
Online Martial Arts Training Courses: What You Need to Know

Have you been seriously considering taking up a martial arts practice? Or have you been wanting to elevate your existing skills & knowledge to a whole new level? Well, did you know that you don’t even have to step out of your home to do so? 

by Lystia Putranto
What you need to know about Krav Maga
So You Want to Train in Krav Maga? What You Need to Know

Krav Maga is arguably one of the world’s deadliest martial arts disciplines. Dubbed as ‘The Art of Staying Alive’, this official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is a lethal method of survival. 

by Lystia Putranto

On & Beyond Martial Arts

Discipline your mind and body, amp up your skills with tips & tricks from martial arts practitioners worldwide, and read inspiring stories that will nurture your inner strength and unlock your true potential.

Top Affordable Martial Arts Training Camps Located All Over the Globe [Updated]

Looking to begin your very own martial arts journey? Or are you seeking a way to improve your martial arts skills and techniques?

Martial Arts Training: 7 Awesome Benefits You Will Gain From It

Whether we’re talking about traditional disciplines Karate, Jiujutsu or Judo or a more modern combat sport such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), boxing or Krav Maga, martial arts provide the perfect platform for becoming a healthier and fitter individual. 

All You Need to Know About Qigong

Loosely translated as "vital energy cultivation" or "mastery of your energy", Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves controlled breathing, meditation, and movement exercises. 

Traveling Safely: Your Guide to Martial Arts Training Camps in the COVID-19 Era

There’s no denying that 2020 has been a rocky road, and the need to disconnect and focus on our wellbeing is now greater than ever.

5 Ways Martial Arts Can Boost Confidence

Defending yourself and pushing your body to its extreme limits have always been the core-essence of martial arts practice.

Boost Your Confidence with Muay Thai

There are numerous “recipes for success.” If you ask different people you’ll get plenty of different answers. However, there will always be one special ingredient in every single one of those recipes. 

The Life Changing Effects of Kung Fu Training [Interview]

The team at BookMartialArts had quite an insightful chat with David Zhou from Tianmeng Kung Fu Academy about their popular yearlong Kung Fu training program located at the footstep of Tianmeng mountain, China. And in this post, we’re sharing those insights with you!

5 Steps to Prepare for a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand

Training in a Muay Thai camp programme in Thailand will be one of the most exciting and rewarding things you ever do. You will push your body to its limits, whilst meeting a host of interesting people, and receiving first-class coaching in Thailand’s ancient national sport. 

Muay Thai Training in Thailand: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Go

Today, Muay Thai is one of the most talked-about topics within Martial Arts communities. If you have had time to check out our previous articles about  Muay Thai, you probably would already understand why we are so eager to master this ‘Art of Eight Limbs’.

Top Online Martial Arts Training Courses You Should Be Signing Up For

There’s a wealth of benefits that comes with the practice of martial arts. And now, thanks to technology, joining a martial arts training is easier and more convenient than ever!

Online Martial Arts Training Courses: What You Need to Know

Have you been seriously considering taking up a martial arts practice? Or have you been wanting to elevate your existing skills & knowledge to a whole new level? Well, did you know that you don’t even have to step out of your home to do so? 

Krav Maga: The Art of Staying Alive

If you are a big fan of anything action related, you must already be familiar with Krav Maga. Even if you haven’t exactly heard of it, chances are, you’ve probably seen it in action. 

So You Want to Train in Krav Maga? What You Need to Know

Krav Maga is arguably one of the world’s deadliest martial arts disciplines. Dubbed as ‘The Art of Staying Alive’, this official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is a lethal method of survival. 

The Most Effective Strength & Conditioning Exercises to Complement Your Martial Arts Training

Martial arts is undoubtedly one of the world’s most thrilling arts. Available in hundreds of forms, many of them, such as Karate and Taekwondo, are closely connected to self-defense.

5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Martial Arts Practice

On the surface, yoga and martial arts appears to be complete opposites. You’d be surprised that once you have a closer look, martial arts and yoga actually have more in common than most of us realize! 

3 Boxing Workouts You Can Do Without Any Equipment

Boxing is a fitness activity that requires high-intensity athletic prowess. It has become a fitness phenomenon nowadays, and it does not necessarily require you to work out in the ring.

4 Actionable Tips to Becoming a Better Martial Artist

Did you set a new year resolution this year? If so, do they happen to be martial arts related? Do you think you will actually achieve them?

Top 5 Martial Arts Destinations to Beat the Winter Blues

If you happen to be currently residing in a country of four seasons, it’s time to brace yourself cause the cold, dreary days of winter is just around the corner!

Top 10 Martial Arts Disciplines for Self-Defense and Survival

There are countless reasons why one may decide to train in martial arts. That said, one of the top and most common reasons is so that they can learn moves that can protect them from harm – or even potentially save their life one day.

The Beautiful Integration of Martial Arts and Yoga

The art of yoga draws power from its roots which lie in the ancient Indian (Sanskrit) history. Martial arts, although varying in disciplines, all draw their effectiveness from similar principles as that of yoga. Here, I will be sharing insights on why and how yoga and martial arts are kinfolks.

Five Things I’d Tell My White Belt Self

Maybe you started martial arts because you want to get in better physical shape. Maybe you want to compete in tournaments. Maybe you want to learn to defend yourself. Maybe you just wanted a new challenge. Whatever your reasons are, you will hopefully benefit from the life-changing aspects of martial arts.

Top 5 Martial Arts Disciplines for Fitness & Weight Loss

If one has yet to try martial arts, it is impossible to understand just how dangerous it would be during a confrontation or physical attack. Training in martial arts is an excellent way to become fitter and shed weight - but it could even potentially save lives. 

How to Choose The Right Boxing Camp

Boxing has been one of the world’s most popular form of sports and martial arts for decades. Hence, it’s no surprise that there’s an abundance of gyms that offer boxing training in every major city around the globe. With so many options to consider, it can be a daunting challenge to whittle down a short list of choices on your own. But fret not – we are here to help!

Muay Thai: "The Art of Eight Limbs"

From Europe to America to Asia, an increasing number of gyms and dojos around the globe have opened up their doors offering to teach Thailand's beloved national combat sport, Muay Thai. 

Combining Moves from 3 Different Martial Arts for the Best Self-Defense Strategy

While the legalities of self-defense may vary considerably between different countries, the notion of protecting yourself and your home is a universal one. 

A Boxing Enthusiast’s Guide to Understanding Boxing Titles

Strawweight, welterweight, heavyweight champion ... it seems like there are lots of boxing titles out there. Did you ever wonder where these came from? The titles are derived from the different weight classes and sanctioning bodies within the sport. Here is what it all means. 

Understanding The Scientific Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Directly translated into English, Wing Chun (or Wing Tsun) means “an ode to spring”. However, despite its pleasing title and deflective approach to force, Wing Tsun is a direct, destructive and fearsome martial art when dealing with an attacker. 

Using Wing Chun Kung Fu As a Defense Against People Who Are Bigger Than You

Cornered at close quarters?

Learning the art of Wing Chun can effectively train you to thwart opponents much stronger than yourself. 

8 Types of People You’ll Likely to Encounter at a Martial Arts Training Camp

If you are planning to join a martial arts training soon, I suggest you to observe those you meet in the camp. You will notice a few people with specific traits which will help you in understanding their preferences and their personalities.

Tai Chi: 5 Things You May Not Know About This Gentle Yet Powerful Discipline

Tai Chi is seeing increasing amounts of media attention. Not only for the all-round health benefits it can provide but more specifically for the art’s ability to improve balance and facilitate good cognitive functioning well into old age. As a result, many gyms and health clubs across the globe are now offering Tai Chi classes. 

Top 10 Deadliest Martial Arts Disciplines

Since the history of evolution, human beings have been developing sets of survival skills and tools to defend themselves. These skills and tools range from sticks and stones first created by Neanderthals to today’s powerful & deadly martial arts disciplines.

6 Fascinating Facts About Kalaripayattu, World’s Oldest Martial Arts Discipline

It’s no secret that the martial arts have been around for some time. Of course, there are a few “modern” martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Krav Maga, but the practice of recording a structured style, and passing the techniques down from masters to novices across generations, goes back centuries – and longer. 

How to Get Started with Krav Maga

When it comes to self-defense, not every martial arts training is created equal. Learn why Krav Maga is the right choice for you and get some tips on how to get started.  

The 5 Most Common Finger Injuries In Martial Arts

Did you know that your fingers are one of the most vulnerable parts of your body during most martial arts practice? Considering that so many types of training require you to do all kinds of moves and hits with your hands, it should be no surprise. 

Countries that Have the Best Martial Arts Education

If you’re looking for great martial arts education, you may think that you do not need to travel at all. Afterall, almost every country has its credible martial arts associations, which promote different disciplines and are well connected various organizations & associations from other countries. 

A Travel Guide For Martial Arts Lovers: Top Destinations

Martial arts have influenced popular culture and spread to gyms, schools and sports centres throughout the world. So much so that most of us will have probably tried at least one of these martial arts at some stage of our lives. 

All You Need to Know About Tai Chi

Loosely translated as “Supreme Ultimate Boxing”, from its gentle movements, most people would assume that Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan is anything but lethal. This popular Chinese internal martial arts discipline emphasizes deep breathing and relaxation with slow, repetitive movements as opposed to muscle contractions found in ‘hard’ martial arts disciplines such as Kung Fu, Karate, and Taekwondo.

Should I Let My Kids Practice MMA?

If your answer to that is in the affirmative, then you are about to stir the hornet’s nest.

Which Boxing Stance is Right for Me?

Boxing is a sport that has been popular throughout the ages; it’s also excellent exercise. Despite a common misperception, boxing is not the rough and ready pursuit it might appear to be. In fact, it is a highly skilled and disciplined sport that needs training and dedication. Popular with women these days as well as men, it may have fallen out of fashion somewhat in the late 20th century, but nowadays is very much in vogue. 

What You Need to Know about Ninjas & Their Training

So, you are looking for your first training experience with the ninja arts - hopefully overseas. But do you know what exactly to look for?

The Definitive Guide: How to Choose an MMA Camp that Best Suits Your Needs

If you’ve been seriously considering signing up for a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training camp, chances are, you’ve been browsing the web for useful information that will help you in selecting options that would best meet your needs and preferences. 

Do Martial Arts Work in Street Fights? 5 Common Myths Examined

One of the most common questions about martial arts training is whether the techniques work in real situations such as street fights. The answer isn't simple, and it depends on several factors.

Typical injuries in martial arts

A sports injury in the narrow sense signifies the injury typical of a particular sports activity or a certain sport, determined by the way of occurrence and frequency. 

The Main Japanese Fighting Styles Explained

Japan is regarded by many to be the place where martial arts originated, even though China and other Asian countries definitely had their own variants of fighting arts.

All You Need to Know about Jump Kicks

Jump kicks are surely one of the most popular martial arts techniques. Various martial arts experts agree that their practice is one of the most beautiful, but also, in the terms of fine motor skills, the most demanding part of martial arts training. Numerous martial arts masters perform various jump (flying) kicks of which many are truly breathtaking and they attract spectators' attention thanks to their beauty and skill.

How to Do the The Almighty ‘Hammer Fist’ Move

Have you heard of the almighty Hammer Fist? It is an incredibly powerful move, inspired from Krav Maga but practiced throughout all MMA. You too can master it either to impress, or even to use it for self-defense. 

How to Do a Krav Maga Front Kick

Yes, I said it. Front Kick to the groin. In today’s post, we will teach you the best way to do a frontal kick in Krav Maga style. 

Martial Arts Belts 101: Colored Belt Ranking System & What They Mean

Many people are familiar with the term “black belt” and associate it with having a very high ranking in the practice of martial arts. However, there is much more to the system of the martial arts belts, including the order of their rankings and what each color belt means. 

5 Reasons Why Karate is a Fun Way to Inspire Lifelong Learning

According to a poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, around 70 percent of kids in the United States stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because they claimed “it’s just not fun anymore.” Another recent study by George Washington University points out that 90 percent of kids said they played sports because they *were* fun. 

Empowerment Through Martial Arts: Interview with Bogdan Rosu, Founder of 'Empowerment Wing Chun'

Have you always wondered what you can do to step closer to the best version of you and create a better life? During our recent chat with Bogdan Rosu, the founder of personal development through martial arts club ‘Empowerment Wing Chun’, he suggested that taking up one or more martial arts can be one of the most effective ways one can take up to improve our body, mind, and soul. 

Most Effective MMA Workouts to Get Ready For a Competition

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, which is instigating a passion among 18-34-year-old fans. The adrenaline-fuelled UFC is the most prominent professional MMA tournament in the United States that is taking the sport to the next level. 

How Martial Arts Can Help You Lose Weight and Kick Ass at the Same Time

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, more than 2 in 3 adults are overweight or have obesity. But, not only is obesity common, it is a serious health problem as well, since it is the root cause of many illnesses, from chronic inflammation to cancer!

Martial Arts and Injuries: 5 Tips to Get Back on Your Feet Quickly

Taking up martial arts is one of the most rewarding long-term decisions you can make. You will gain confidence and self-esteem, learn what it means to persevere under immense pressure, rise from adversity, learn how to fight, and become an overall better human being. Plus, you’ll make plenty of new friends in the process!

Top Martial Arts Disciplines for Children and Teens

If what you’re looking for is to cultivate discipline, build strength, and empower your child with an arsenal of effective self-defense moves, then you ought to enroll them in a martial arts class. 

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Boxing Workouts You Need to Know

A lot of people avoid taking up boxing workouts because they merely associate it with being punched over and over again. The truth is that by just paying a little attention and training with a trained partner can enable you to reap the abundant health benefits of this workout without sustaining or enduring any injury. 

5 Practical Tips That Will Help You Slay Your Goals in 2018

Hoping to finally get that black belt this year? Looking to become fitter & healthier? Or have you simply vowed to make 2018 your best and most accomplished year yet? If you’ve got your eyes set on some goals, chances are that this isn’t the first time you’ve done so. That said, like many others, you may also have fallen short in achieving some of your resolutions in the past, leaving you feeling a bit jaded and skeptical about your ability to follow through.

Martial Arts: Here's How It Will Help You with Your Motor Skill Development

Martial arts are unique because they're both considered a sport and a discipline. For children and adults alike, martial arts can be a unique way to build muscle, reduce tension, and let off steam. However, they also have another unique benefit too: they can help with the development of essential motor skills.

The Increasing Popularity of Martial Arts Travel

Martial arts is highly beneficial not only in conditioning the body, mind, and soul, but it is also very useful in self-defense.

Beginner Boxing: 5 Effective Ways to Build Stamina

Boxing is a very popular sport and workout. Not only is it a great way to deal with pent-up anger and emotions, it is also an excellent way to exercise. Whether you want to fight like Rocky and wish to take part in boxing competitions, or you simply want to stay fit, you need to build your stamina and strength in order to succeed at boxing. 

How Judo Training Can Improve & Maintain Your Mental Health

Judo has been around since 1882 and the benefits of this art shine brightly. Throughout time, judokas (those who practice judo) have been known for having incredible athletic attributes, like strength, balance, and flexibility.

Top 5 Muay Thai Training Training Centers in Thailand

If you happen to have checked out our previous post on Muay Thai, you probably know that this Thai martial arts style is often referred to as ” The Art of Eight Limbs”.

Judo: 10 Best Throws Even Beginners Can Master

Looking to dominate your opponents with superb techniques like Tadahiro Nomura did in Atlanta? If you’re a Judo beginner and looking for the best throws to learn, keep on reading! 

Martial Arts Food for Thoughts: Understanding the Present Moment

A former UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter, Nick Osipczak competed multiple times for the world’s most renowned fighting organization. Not only that, he was the first fighter to represent Tai Chi Ch’uan in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Since then, he has committed his time in effort in achieving mastery in this ancient Chinese martial arts discipline. 

10 Most Sought After Kung Fu Training Destinations in China

Kung Fu comes in a variety of disciplines to explore – it also happens to be one of the most popular styles. Moreover, it has been an essential part of China’ s 5000-year-old culture. It has been long celebrated its land of origin far before the world’s most renowned martial artist, Bruce Lee, left us captivated by the awesomeness that is Kung Fu.

How to be a Martial Arts Leader Without a Black Belt

Did you know you become a leader the first time you wrap a white belt around your waist? Black belts are usually seen as the leaders in their respective martial arts schools or dojos. However, it’s important to note that other students, regardless of age or rank, can begin working on their influential leadership skills long before they reach advanced levels. 

The Social & Psychological Effects of Martial Arts - Hard Data or Scam?

When you practice martial arts, you are opening yourself up to a multitude of benefits from improving your overall physical health, to gaining better life skills, and even to self-defense. Plenty of studies and personal accounts attest to these benefits. However, the question then arises: are there negative social-psychological effects of martial arts?

Top 10 MMA Strikers of the World

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a big mix of the best combat sports like boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling etc. and gives us the most entertaining blend of fighting sports - ever. Considered to be world’s second most dangerous sports right next to boxing, MMA brings millions of audience across the globe together to bite their nails while their favorite fighters go rounds upon rounds on each other to prove one thing, who can best mix up their grappling and striking skills.

Cardio Intervals to Help You Be in the Best Shape of Your Life This Summer

Now that spring has finally sprung, the warm summer months are right around the corner. It’s time to enjoy the outdoors and engage in your favorite warm weather activities. It’s also the time to ramp up your fitness routine, especially if you have additional weight you want to lose.

The Nunchaku – The Fascinating History Behind The Weapon

When explaining the origin of the Nunchaku, a well-known Japanese martial arts weapon, we need to follow different historical paths and a thorough research of ancient Japanese tales. With their help, we can follow the facts that will reveal the real story behind its creation.

Game of Thrones Inspired Home Workout Plan for Martial Arts Practitioners

While it’s true that we’re living in a digital age, finding motivation from fictional and real life characters we see on-screen isn’t a quite as new of a trend as you may think!

A Look into the MMA Mindset

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combat sport where fighters combine a mixture of fighting techniques – one of them being Muay Thai (Thai Boxing). It is a way of living and a demanding discipline that involves both physical and mental endurance. Anyone in good physical shape can start training in MMA – given that they are taught in a safe environment by certified professionals.

A Fighters Friend: Traditional Thai Medicinal Herbs for Martial Artists

Want to perform better in martial arts? Well, there’s an effective way to do so – and no, I’m not talking about busting your ass for hours on end studying new techniques. I’m talking about how you can help to push your performance to a higher level by using herbal supplements.

The Best Sports to Complement Your Martial Arts Training

A dedicated martial artist spends hours upon hours training, sweating, striking, sparring, throwing, and rolling. They look forward to time on the mat and reaps the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of his or her chosen sport. But every once in a while a change in routine can be just what a martial artist needs. 

How to Increase your Punching Power: Throw a Perfect Jab Cross

Having fast, powerful and accurate punches give any combat athlete a significant advantage over their opponents. Although there are weapons that may trump punches (e.g. Muay Thai knee technique), having fast, clean and powerful punches is one of the best foundational tools to have in your arsenal. 

Booking a Martial Arts Training has Never Been Easier

It has always been a hassle to find the perfect holiday that allows you to improve your martial arts skills. Most of them are difficult to find. But not to worry, with the launch of BookMartialArts.com you can find any martial arts training easily on one website. 

BookMartialArts.com’s 10 Most Popular Articles in 2016

“The only time you should ever look back is to see how far you’ve come”

Though we have hit the ground running and are having a fantastic start to 2017, the team at BookMartialArts.com can’t help but look back and revel in our accomplishments last year. Amongst these achievements is our blog. Throughout the year, we were able to continuously share martial arts content which has helped us to significantly grow our community. 

Discover Who You Are: Lessons for Martial Artists from Disney’s 'Moana'

If you have yet to watch it, you might be tempted to dismiss Moana as just another fluffy “Disney Princess” movie. I loved it though – and found it to thoughtfully explore some themes familiar to many of us who train in martial arts:

- Who am I?

- Is there more to life than what I see around me?

- Am I being selfish to focus so much on my own personal development?

Top 10 Motivational Quotes for Martial Artists

The New Year has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, stepping forward to the coming year. It’s the perfect time to reflect on the changes we want to make and resolve to follow through on those changes. 

BookMartialArts.com's Top 30 Favorite Martial Arts Blogs

There’s no refuting that the world wide web is an expansive space, one brimming with websites and blogs covering topics on just about anything we can think of – martial arts included. With such a vast selection of martial arts blogs to choose from, it can be quite difficult to narrow down the ones we should be checking out on a regular basis. 

Kung Fu: How to Prevent Illness and Injuries After Training

Kung Fu practitioners may train every day to become better martial artists, however, if they do not pay careful attention to what they do during and after each training session, they may find themselves injured instead of improving their skills. 

5 Reasons Why Yoga is the Perfect Complement to Your Martial Arts Training

I recently taught a yoga class to a group of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters at the local gym. This group of 4 men and 2 women had just finished a class prior to mine and were interested in a relaxing yoga class to unwind.

Using Martial Arts to Combat Asthma

Asthma, an illness that affects the airways of the lungs, is one of the world’s most common chronic diseases. By 2014, it was reported that around 300 million people globally suffered from asthma, mostly in North America and Europe.

How to Fight Without Fear

Are you scared of sparring?                                                                                                                                                                                

You’re not alone…

As someone who holds a black belt in Karate, here’s a very common question that I get asked by other Karatekas:

“Jesse-san, how can I overcome my fear of fighting?”

Here, I will share my simple yet effective approach to sparring in Karate which can easily be applied to other martial arts disciplines too!

How to Deal with Life’s Uncertainties Like a Black Belt

Having a black belt doesn’t mean your life will be free of doubt or uncertainty any more than a college degree or new job would. There are a few things I’ve learned along my Taekwondo journey that have helped me face ambiguous and unstable situations with confidence and self-reliance. Anyone, whether you’re a martial artist or not, can use these learnings to stand tall in the face of uncertainty.

5 Effective Martial Arts Diets

According to an article shared by blackbeltmag.com, nutrition can help martial artists to improve their body chemistry for balance as well as to gain explosive power, better mobility, greater speed and strength, increased energy for intense workouts and higher endurance for sport and self-defense situations.

7 Martial Arts Twitter Accounts You Should Already Be Following

We've received a lot of great feedback on our previous posts on martial arts social media accounts to follow so we thought it was time for another share. This time around, whistlekick is tackling the vast world of Twitter to give you a list of seven accounts worth following!

How Martial Arts Can Reduce Work-Related Stress

Work-related stress has unfortunately become a norm for many people no matter where they are in the world. Limited resources, long hours, demanding deadlines, job insecurity, and interpersonal conflict can greatly affect one’s emotional and physical health.

Unlocking Your True Potential with a UFC Veteran, Nick Osipczak [Interview]

Beginning his martial arts journey with the study of Hung Kuen Shaolin Kung Fu, Nick Osipczak became a national champion in the open-weight division after only two years of study. Not long after, he started his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. Within just 4 short years, he not only became a professional MMA fighter, he competed five times for the largest & most prestigious fighting organization in the world - the UFC (the Ultimate Fighting Championship). Nick then went on to make the bold switch to Tai Chi Ch'uan and five years after, in June 2015, he became the first person to represent Tai Chi Ch'uan in the sport of MMA, winning within the first round!

Keeping a Eye on Taekwondo in the Olympics

The 2016 Olympics have begun in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and martial artists all over the globe will be tuning in to watch the highly anticipated events. Taekwondo, one of the world’s most popular martial arts, debuted as an official medal sport back in the 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Prior to that, Taekwondo was a demonstration sport in the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, and later at the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. 

3 Valuable Life Lessons from Martial Arts that Your Parents Never Teach

As a kid growing up in the 1970s, I had the great pleasure of actually seeing a Bruce Lee movie in the theatre. I was so obsessed with the martial arts icon that I begged my father to take me to see his movies not once but usually 5 or 6 times, never once getting bored. Remember this was before we had Netflix, DVD players, or even the good old VHS players! Even to this day, 47 years later, I find myself sitting on the couch catching bits and parts of Enter the Dragon on late night TV.

Discipline of the Body and Mind: Using Martial Arts Forms as Moving Meditation

Several martial arts use forms, or sequences of blocks, kicks, and strikes, as a means of practicing offensive and defensive techniques. Strong stances, powerful blocks, and forceful strikes balance out the calm, calculating flow of most forms.

Exploring the World of MMA with an MMA World Champion [Interview]

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the world’s fastest growing martial arts discipline, has enjoyed a surge in popularity and interest in the last few decades. To quench this insatiable thirst for all things MMA, the BookMartialArts.com team recently chatted with Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke, an MMA World Champion and an instructor at Evolve MMA, Asia’s #1 MMA gym. 

To Treat or Not to Treat? How to Best Deal With Martial Arts Injuries

An injury can be a major setback for a martial artist, not only physically but also psychologically. Pain may put a temporary hold on practice, which can lead to isolation, depression, and discouragement. On the other hand, it can be tempting to avoid seeking treatment due to the fear that you’ll be told to stop training, which could lead to further injury. I’ve learned some valuable lessons about how to respond to a frustrating injury and hope the tips I’ve picked up along the way can encourage those martial artists who are contemplating whether or not to seek treatment for pain.*

The Powerful Effects of Internal Martial Arts You May Not Know About

As a practicing internal martial artist for more than 10 years now, on this post, I would like to share my experiences, ideas, and well-known scientific resources concerning the effects of internal martial arts.

Martial Arts in China: An Insightful Chat with Sascha Matuszak

When we first came across ‘The Last Masters’, a blog focused on sharing information and insights about martial arts in China – from Taiji,  Kung Fu to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), we were instantly hooked. As we dig deeper, we found out that the man behind the blog, Sascha Matuszak, has been travelling around China to meet as many Kung Fu masters and practitioners as he can as a part of his documentary film, ‘The New Masters’.

Top 10 Fascinating Martial Arts Guinness World Records You Should Know About

As you may have gathered, we’re a tad obsessed with everything martial arts related. Hence it’s no surprise that we regularly spend hours on the web searching for martial arts news and information that not only deepens our martial arts knowledge but also entertains us. 

Girl Power: How Female Martial Artists Can Celebrate Their Strengths

Martial arts can benefit women and girls in many ways: it provides a boost in confidence, improves physical fitness, and of course teaches self-defense skills. Even a strong, confident female fighter can sometimes feel like a fish out of water, though. Very often a woman may find she’s the only one in the dojo surrounded by bigger, stronger men. A young girl may be surrounded by a gaggle of rambunctious boys.

Guided By Passion, On Screen & Off : The Inspirational Yayan ‘Mad Dog’ Ruhian [Interview]

If you consider yourself a martial arts film fan, you probably remembered when the world was taken by storm by the International collaboration film ’The Raid’ and, later on, its sequels which introduced us to the traditional Indonesian martial arts style Pencak Silat.

Smart Kids Move to Fight The ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ Promoting PHIT America as Their Official Charity

BookMartialArts.com recently partnered up with PHIT America, a non-profit education & advocacy organization that encourages kids to ‘fight’ the ‘Inactivity Pandemic’ which has increasingly plagued the youth in the US. Read on to find out more about their worthy cause and efforts!

Curiosity: Hygiene in the Thai camps

We all go to Thailand to improve our Muay Thai skills or to fight and certainly, we don’t pretend the floor mats to be so clean that we could eat on them. However, you ought to know that people have shared with us many cases of various infections and fungus that they had gotten from training at a Thai camp.

How to Choose The Perfect Boxing Gloves

MMAGearAddict – a website specialized in providing you with expert reviews on your Mixed Martial Arts gears - shares a useful guide on how to choose the perfect boxing gloves to elevate your MMA training experience.

The Awesome 'Guy' Behind 'Muay Thai Guy'

The team at BookMartialArts.com had the awesome chance to chat with Sean Fagan, the blogger behind the ‘Muay Thai Guy’. Since Sean is a Muay Thai practitioner with 7 years of fighting career under his belt, we had a lot of fun ‘picking his brain’ on his Muay Thai knowledge and experience.

What To Do When Your Martial Arts Practice Feels Stagnant

Have you ever felt like something was off in your martial arts practice? You find that it’s becoming harder to drag yourself to class, and when you do make it there, you’re stealing glances at the clock the entire time. Or perhaps you do enjoy going to class and working out, but it feels like you’re going through the same old motions over and over again. Maybe you don’t feel challenged enough, or you’ve hit a plateau and feel frustrated that you can’t get past it.

The question is  ”Are you burned out, or are you just bored?

A Story of a Karate Nerd: Jesse Enkamp Sheds Light on His Karate Path [Interview]

The team at BookMartialArts.com recently caught up with Jesse Enkamp, the author of one of the most comprehensive martial arts blogs available on the web, KarateByJesse.com. Aside from blogging, Jesse is also a passionate martial artist, an international Karate champion, and an Amazon best-selling author.

Media & Blog Partners

At BookMartialArts.com, we firmly believe that the only way to achieve excellence is through cooperation and that the path to greatness is along with others. That’s why we are honored to say that we share the path with these fantastic martial arts partners who constantly motivate us to be better everyday. We’re grateful to walk this road together!


Rew Mitchell of Awakening Fighters: Inspiring and Connecting Women Fighters [Interview]

Whilst doing the daily rounds searching for martial arts gems, the BookMartialArts.com team stumbled across Awakening Fighters. On entering the site you are instantly greeted by a bold statement - “The ultimate resource for the female fight community”, so we had to check it out and see if it lived up to its claim.  As you might have guessed, because we’re writing this article – it did, what an interesting website, we were sucked in for some time!


Top 5 Nutrition Secrets for MMA Fighters

MMA fighters love to tweak their diets, especially in the time around competition when all efforts go to maintaining the body mass and meeting energy demands. These goals often override the ones that are more important for our health in a long run: reducing muscular inflammation and enhancing immune function. 


Kung Fu in MMA

The first UFCs in the 1990s were eye-opening to a lot of martial artists. Suddenly it became apparent that a lot of the 'deadly' martial arts techniques that had been trained for years didn't actually work when a 260-pound wrestler was charging at you. 

How Does Self Defense Apply to Road Rage? [A Case Study]

In the self defense world we always stress the importance of awareness and good decision making. With a little preventative maintenance, any individual can reduce their public risk of assault and harassment. Quick fixes like avoiding dangerous locations, cell phone distractions, and public intoxication are great first steps. However, no person is completely safe from danger, no matter how well prepared they are. One perfect example is road rage.

Martial Arts Blog Community Links

At BookMartialArts, we believe that spending time at a training camp will help you unlock your true potential and to further develop you as a martial artist. Though the best way to learn is to go through the experiences themselves, we also believe in the power of learning from others. With that, we have compiled a list of useful resources consisting of some of our most favorite Martial Arts blogs and websites. May they help you to gain more insights and a deeper understanding of Martial Arts.

5 Ways Martial Arts Enhances Our Well-being

Trying to motivate ourselves to exercise especially on a cold winter day or after an exhausting day of work could be quite an effort. That said, if we were to skip out on working out altogether, the lack of exercise will not only deteriorate our physical fitness and health, it can also affect our mental health. According to a popular Latin proverb, “Mens sana in corpore sano” which translates to “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, keeping our body healthy by exercising can be a good way to keep our mind happy.

The Graceful Wisdom of Wing Chun: An Interview with Sifu Clark Tang

The BookMartialArts.com team recently had the opportunity to chat with Sifu Clark Tang, the founder of Wing Chun Temple, a certified Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor who studied under Grandmaster Wong Long. 

Prior to discovering Wing Chun Kung Fu, Sifu Clark Tang practiced Kickboxing, Lama Kenpo Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Tai Chi. Once he was able to find his way to Wing Chun Kung Fu however, it ultimately ‘won’ his heart and soul. As he further deepened his practice, his main goal became crystal clear: to spread the awareness of Wing Chun Kung Fu to as many people as possible. 

Here’s a glimpse to the wisdom and philosophy he had shared with us on the art Wing Chun as well as life in general. Enjoy!

10 Basic Ninja Myths You’ve Completely Misunderstood

Nowadays, everybody is familiar with or at least have heard of the term "Ninja". Thanks to popular Hollywood movies such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle until Ninja Assasin, the concept of "Ninja" is no longer foreign to most people. However, its place in popular culture has resulted in many misconceptions about the true nature of Ninjutsu. Speaking of which, here are the ten most common myths about ninjas.


Why Capoeira is One of The Sexiest Martial Arts

If you are into martial arts, you must have heard of Capoeira. But even if you haven’t, that’s alright too. Keep on reading, and in less than five minutes, you’ll discover everything you need to know about this fascinating Brazilian treasure – including how it may just help you transform into the sexiest martial artist alive!

KungFu Podcasts: Becoming a Better Man & Fighter Through Kung Fu Training [Interview]

Earlier this month, BookMartialArts.com had a great conversation with the man behind KungFu Podcasts, Tim Smith. KungFu Podcasts has primarily served as an inspiration for continuation of his own personal studies and development, and a branch of his initial goal when he started Kung Fu training - to become a better man.

The Inspirational Life of Bruce Lee

In the world of martial arts, very few icons rival the popularity of Bruce Lee. Even after over 40 years since his passing, millions of people around the globe, both those practicing martial arts and those who don’t, still very much view Bruce Lee as their idol and role model. Though most people are familiar with the part of his life where he became a famous actor, what many may not know is that he had faced tremendous challenges throughout his life before gaining fame.

Kung Fu, A Chinese Martial Arts Discipline

In order to survive in an exceptionally hostile environment, the primitive Chinese ancestors developed as a primary means of defense and attack that included leaping, tumbling, and kicking. Although they knew how to fight with rudimentary weapons made from stones and wood, fighting with bare hands and fists became essential skills for survival. 

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