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Online Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Are you ready to forge a new, powerful future? Now is the time for you to step up and be accountable. Nothing will change until you do. Let Shaolin Kung Fu help you grow into your power to stand tall, gain confidence and conquer! This self-paced program is designed for you to train from home without needing any special equipment. Regardless of your current fitness level, this program will help you forge a strong future. Learn real Kung Fu, Southern Shaolin, undiluted and undiminished.

Meet the instructors

Kanika & Christian
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  • Self-paced online Kung Fu training
  • Train with Master Iain Armstrong, the first disciple of Master Tan Soh Tin and two times World Kung Fu Champion
  • 2 Masterclasses on Fighting with Kung Fu and Stance and Stability
  • 3 20-minute live video tuition package included
  • Live session's timezone: Pai, Thailand (GMT+7)
  • Live sessions will be held via Zoom, or other apps as agreed between the student and the instructor (Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc.)
  • Monthly meetings with Master Iain
  • Grading and certification so that you can progress onto the next level
  • Discover the skills and drills of an ancient Kung Fu tradition
  • Lifetime access
  • Self-paced program. The program can be completed in 3 months and you will have a lifetime access to the platform

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced


91 days with instruction
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Tools required

Laptop or smartphone.


The organization that accredits the certification is Nam Yang Pugilistic Association.

How the training works

You register your account on the Kung Fu Retreat Global Family training platform. You will have a few courses to follow with this package including three 20 minute live tuition & feedback sessions from Senior Nam Yang Instructors.

Each course has dedicated lessons which are released daily from the day you register on the program. When going through a course, you may go through a few sections in a lesson such as videos to watch and train with, theory to read or an easy quiz to complete the day. For most courses, every 24 hours the next day/lesson will unlock.

You can work on one course unit at a time or you can do multiple course units at once. If you are doing multiple course units at a time, this will increase the time it takes per day. It takes about 3 months to get through the main course. You will have lifetime access to the courses you have purchased. On completion of some courses, you will be able to take and pass a ‘grading’ (a martial arts test) which can enable you to move on and purchase the next level.

Timing of sessions / daily schedule (GMT+7)

The private tuition timing will be organized between the students and instructors/tutors. The students will use Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat's direct online training booking page to book their time slot with an instructor. They use Calendly inserted directly to the site to book private tuition slots with instructors so once the student has booked their time slot, they will also receive an email confirmation. After that, the instructor will manually reach out to continue all communication and confirm final details about doing the lesson with the student.

Training information

This course gives you access to the Nam Yang Global Family platform. This is a complete membership package. You are not simply training with an instructor - you are becoming part of an online Kung Fu family with whom you can communicate and train. Their family has a history right back to the Shaolin founder Bodhidharma about 1,500 years ago. Their arts have stood the test of time. This includes online training by elite masters, a Kung Fu social media network where you can share your progress and train alongside your Kung Fu brothers and sisters, discussion boards, philosophy, and a variety of other resources.

This is the first package of many to come. If you decide to continue, you can book more courses and keep them for life too! Right to the higher levels of training and to instructorship. As well as online training, they also have the world’s first Kung Fu retreat training centers where you can come to train with them either part-time or full time for as long as you want.

Don’t just be a student! Be a valued member of a global Kung Fu family.

What will you learn?

  • Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu Course

Tiger Crane Combination is classic Southern Fukienese Kung Fu which emphasizes intricate hand techniques thrown from a solid, stable stance. It is close to the original Shaolin White Crane, emphasizing the use of touch sensitivity and the use of ‘springy’ power generated from the tendons rather than muscle - The hallmark of genuine Shaolin Kung Fu! In this course you will learn:

  • Stance, posture, body structure, body mechanics.
  • Sum Chien (3 battles) the most famous and most fundamental of the martial arts routines which is practiced in both Kung Fu and Karate.
  • Essential attacks and defences.
  • Basics of internal power.
  • How to apply the Kung Fu techniques in a violent confrontation.
  • Developing your techniques with pads and punchbags.
  • Kung Fu philosophy.
  • Kung Fu ethics and morality.

Includes 40 video tutorials of an easily digestible length. Mostly 3-7 minutes but up to 14 minutes. Also includes supporting documents, videos and slideshows.

  • Masterclass 1: Stance and Stability

This masterclass delves into the application of Taoist philosophy to Kung Fu. How to overcome force with emptiness, the power of flexibility, the bamboo principle: ‘strength is like a reed which bends in the wind’, influencing mindset through the physical body: Body structure, body mechanics, stability, grounding and ‘rooting’.

Includes 15 video tutorials.

  • Masterclass 2: Fighting with the Tiger-Crane Art

How to successfully apply your Kung Fu in a fight! Your game plan and tactics on the physical, mental and emotional battlegrounds. Many of the lessons are based on Sun Tzu’s famous strategy text ‘The Art Of War’ and, just like that text, can be applied to modern business, political and social situations just as well as they were to ancient battles.

Includes 15 video tutorials.

  • Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung Course - Part 1

Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung is a very simple yet highly effective system of Chi Kung which develops strength and elasticity in your fascia (sinew, tendon), opens and nourishes your joints and facilitates an increased flow of Chi (energy) through your meridians.

It is often practised alongside Kung Fu so as to enable your body to cope with the demands of regular training.

Includes 7 video tutorials.

  • When Losing is Not an Option Course

It’s extremely important to know how to use your martial arts in a realistic context. This training is very practical and can be suited to the Individual. It emphasizes avoidance as opposed to confrontation (as it’s much safer) and techniques which do not inflict serious injury (killing or maiming an attacker is likely to get you into very serious trouble). The defense techniques taught are based on Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, a great deal of experience and with methods that are simple yet effective.

Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat's advice: avoid violence. Full stop! Reality: everyone should be prepared just in case, through no fault of your own, you have to face violence. Practical self-defense involves forward planning, awareness, positive body language, quick thinking, diplomacy, and confidence! Physical confrontation is the last resort.

This is a series of 21 basic lessons on how to apply your kung fu skills in just such a situation, from restrained through to decisive tactics.





This training is conducted online. Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat is based in Pai, Thailand (GMT+7) and lessons are released on a daily basis from the date you signed up. You can watch the videos, study the lessons and practice at your own pace.

Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat has the world's first Kung Fu retreat in the remote mountains of north-western Thailand where they train daily. They film and live stream from there. If ever you have the chance, you will be very welcome to come to meet them there and train with them for real.

The Kung Fu Retreat has been built over the last 13 years with a lot of time, effort, and money. Don’t worry that you once join this online course and then they will just give up and disappear. Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat is there for the long term.

Things to do (optional)

You will have the ability to purchase additional one-to-one video lessons with an experienced Instructor of your choice. You will also be able to purchase other courses when available.

What's included

  • Lifetime access to the Online Kung Fu Retreat platform for the purchased course and Kung Fu social media platform
  • Daily quizzes and lessons
  • Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu
  • Masterclass on Stance and Stability
  • Master Class on Fighting with Kung Fu
  • Bodhidharma’s Vein Tendon Chi Kung Course
  • When Losing is not an Option
  • 3 20-minute one-on-one lessons by video link with an experienced instructor
  • Live monthly meetings with Master Iain
  • Kung Fu lessons for winning in life
  • Grading and certification
  • Ability to purchase more one-on-one lessons with an experienced Instructor

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
91 days / 90 nights
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This Kung Fu course is self-paced so you can start anytime you want. Once you book, you will have lifetime access to the program. Please select your starting date below. 

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