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Muay Thai Missions offers Muay Thai, kickboxing, personal training, and other amazing activities in Thailand.

Training Camps (1)

5 Days Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Available in November, December & January
    from US$1,065
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    Instructors (1)

    Daniel "Khru Doc" Docto

    Khru Doc started to teach and practice Muay Thai at the age of 30. He has owned kickboxing and Muay Thai clubs in the United States and Thailand. In 2000, he was a senior instructor under Khru Vut Kamnark, who started the United Muay Thai Association in the United States. In 2010, Khru Doc was certified as a Khru in Thailand by the Muay Thai College and Khru Association.

    Testimonials (5)

    a traveler Malaysia

    TripAdvisor website

    We were in Thailand for the first time for a corporate team-building trip and we figured what better way to build team spirit than to beat each other up (not really). Khru Doc and Zina were incredibly patient and well-organized. There were many different fitness levels in our group of 12, but they were able to cater something for all of us. There was a good mix of culture, fun, and fitness. And my only regret was not being able to do more sessions with them. If any companies are looking to do more team-building activities in Krabi, then I wholeheartedly recommend Khru Doc and Zina.

    Paola S.

    TripAdvisor website

    We booked these months out thinking what an experience it would be to learn Thai boxing while in Thailand. My boyfriend and I had a blast! The gym was authentic, our instructor Khru Doc was so informative, friendly, and funny! We learned the deep roots of Thai boxing along with how to throw multiple punches, elbows, and important footwork. I enjoyed shadow boxing with my boyfriend in an entertaining and educational event with the expertise and guidance of Khru Doc. Thank you so much for the amazing experience! I recommend everyone to take part during your stay in Krabi.

    Melanie O. Malaysia

    TripAdvisor website

    Khru Doc and his wife's cheerful personality made the introduction to Muay Thai so much fun! I was initially a little intimidated to do it as my fitness level is not the most commendable at the moment, but they made it so fun that you do not realize you are doing an actual sport. The stadium by itself was humble looking, nothing shiny, but it had so much feel to it. It felt seasoned and that made the experience a lot more genuine. I wish we had had more time to learn more! They made a great introduction to the sport that many would have felt too far fetched to do. Khru and his wife speak perfect English so do not worry about the language barrier.

    Shane S. Scotland

    TripAdvisor website

    My wife and I met the gentleman Khru Doc and his lovely wife Zina for a fantastic introduction to Muay Thai! They were very friendly and engaging and imparted their extensive Muay Thai wisdom onto us with ease. We learned how to throw some powerful knees, which was something I personally wanted to learn. The training was at a good pace for beginners and we learned a lot about the history and traditions of Muay Thai. In summary, a fantastic lesson delivered by the most wonderful people you could wish to meet. I could not recommend this enough if I tried. Give it a go, you will not regret it! We cannot wait to return and train with them again. Massive thanks to Doc and Zina, you made our trip complete. See you soon.

    Jason Arnold Australia

    TripAdvisor website

    I spent a couple of hours with Doc and was shown a few basics of Muay Thai as well as some background about Muay Thai culture in Thailand. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it as something a bit different to do other than the standard tourist stuff. Thanks, Doc, I hope to see you again soon.

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