Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym

Muay Thai Battle Conquer camp is a traditional family-run Muay Thai, detox, weight loss, and yoga training camp set in beautiful rural , Phetchabun, Thailand.

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Pau has been trained by his uncle and fighting since the age of four. By the age of 14, he had more than 100 fights under his belt and was recruited to fight out of the Wy Cun Gym in Bangkok, where he trained and fought alongside Saensak Muangsurin, the great boxer who became the WBC welterweight. Pau built a record of 58 wins and 10 losses during his time in Bangkok. Pau continued to develop a wealth of Muay Thai knowledge to this day, which he teaches in a traditional and very intuitive style. Whether just beginning or a seasoned fighter, you’ll be sure to learn a great deal from him.


Ball is 23 years old and graduated from Phetchabun Sports University. He started Muay Thai at the age of 9, and so far has had 65 fights. Ball/s funny, happy vibe is going to make you smile during training. He makes each session fun, from pad work to sparring. Whilst you’re getting all sweaty with a smile on your face, you will also be learning new techniques and combinations. Training with Ball just makes you want to train more!


Having trained in Muay Thai from the age of 12, Bee’s speed is super fast in the ring and on the pads, he’ll have you following suit in no time at all and with 30 fights under his belt already he certainly knows his stuff. Bee will train you hard but you’ll leave feeling accomplished.


Being a multiple champion at Lumpini and Rajadam stadium in Bangkok, Bey is famous throughout Thailand. He started training from the age of 10 and at only 21 years old he has had over 121 fights. He is fast, skilled and quit witted in the ring and will coach you to do the same, he will have you powered up and fight ready in no time but trying to punch Bey will be one of the hardest challenges you face at Battle Conquer.


Em is 21 years old, he started training in Muay Thai at the early age of 7. He has fought in over 60 fights. Em’s footwork is going to amaze you. He is all about the technique, and encourages you to learn the basics thoroughly before moving on to the more complex moves. If he sees you using wrong technique, he’ll slow you down and show you the right way until you get it. Training with Em will make you feel like you’re a pro!


Beer is 32 years old. He started training in Muay Thai at the age of 10 and has had 60 fights. Beer specialises in teaching Western Boxing too, he is incredibly enthusiastic, a talented fighter and skilled coach, his awesome sense of humour takes the edge off his brutal training.

Lewis Aperahama

Lewis hails from a small country in the South Pacific called New Zealand, the most important aspect for Lewis is being a part of people’s journey to self improvement and he comes with a wealth of knowledge to support that. A professional athlete for eight years he is multi-versed in boxing, rugby, Muay Thai and extreme multi sports. He’s since been personal training & coaching Western boxing & Muay Thai for the passed six years. Favourite Quote: “Service to others is the rent you pay for your time here on earth” Mohammed Ali. Fun Fact: Is an experienced shark wrestler.

Benita Auterinen

Benita came to yoga after suffering a severe Muay Thai injury, naturally her love of intensive sports led her to the study of Ashtanga Yoga and eventually teaching. Benita is also a highly qualified nutritionist and ayurveda specialist. As the practices outlined have given Benita so much enjoyment, strength, clarity, and joy she’s committed to sharing them with others. Favourite Quote: “Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you're willing to practice, you can do.” Bob Ross Interesting Fact: Benita has visited 41 countries!

Natasha Clague

Natasha, animal lover and people person, she fell in love with yoga 6 years ago and it continues to change her life for the better. Natasha studied in Mysore India. Teaching now for three years Natasha says “I really love teaching beginners classes as I love helping people build up their confidence and realise their potential.” Favourite Quote: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.” Maya Angelou. Fun Fact: She broke her nose running into a glass door!

Reviews (137)

Amy Taylor

from Australia, November 2018

"Life changing- a total reset in rural Thailand "

From the moment I arrived at this place I felt at home, it had a friendly and inclusive vibe, the training was hard but very enjoyable. Everyday felt challenging, this place is literally in the middle of no where, surrounded by nothing but scenic beauty. Here you will meet lots of like minded people, everybody is on a journey of self improvement and the relationships you build here will be ones you will keep for life. It was a total mental reset for me, I felt a million miles away from all the day to day distractions of home, and I finally had time to just concentrate on me and live for myself everyday, eat, sleep, train repeat. The trainers are friendly and make every session fun, the hikes are scenic, & beautiful, the camp caters for all fitness levels. Just turn up and have a crack. There’s no judgement here! The activities are fun! Monkey feeding is unreal, the temples are beautiful, every week there’s something new to see or do. If you need to take time out to concentrate on just you, & your health, this is a fantastic place to do it, you won’t regret it

Ben Garrett

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Highly Recomend "

Really impressed with everything . The trainers are great. Ex champions and plenty of them in every session to make sure each person gets one and one attention.

The food was lovely, fresh and large portions.

The rooms were nice and clean and spacious. Showers were good.

Yoga with Dee was excellent, and really helped alongside the other training we did with flexibility.

The tours were very special. It’s a beautiful place in Thailand. A highlight was spending a day with and English speaking monk which was a once in a life time opportunity.

I can’t recommend the place highly enough. Met some great people here and would love to come back next year.

Katla Stefánsdóttir

from Iceland, October 2018

"What a place! "

The location and all the different stuff one can do, seeing a part of Thailand I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t come here and getting to know this community. Everyone at camp, both staff and guests. Everyone in Smo Thot town, especially the girls at the massage place and the lady at the swimming pool but all the people there were so nice and welcoming. Sitting outside my room, looking over the rice fields, kids hunting for frogs and crabs, the butterflies flying during the day and the fireflies after dark. It was an amazing experience!

Leo Pyzynski

from United States, September 2018

"28 day program was the best thing I've ever done for myself "

Battle Conquer arranged everything. Special mention to Lewis who really took care of us. Immediate camaraderie with the trainers and other guests from around the world who ranged from 19 to 65. Trainers encouraged you to work harder to your ability. Weight training. First time doing yoga - loved it ! Clean, quiet, comfortable room/bed. Solar hot water conservation. Great healthy meals from Monika every day. Scenic hikes and temples. 300 steps up the mountain (297). Wonderful conversations with the monk. Time to yourself. Night market, restaurants and cafes. Lost weight, gained muscle, picked up some new healthy habits. Returning for a 2 week tune up in February 2019 !

Andy Robertson

from Australia, September 2018

"Decompress "

The location in the rural area of Thailand

Land of smiles

Out of the rat race

People so friendly both camp employees and paying guests

No pressure

Food is nutritious and plentiful

Camp is very well run with plenty of things to do daily

Mehdi Ahmed

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"If you are looking for a life reset, look no further !"

I have spent 4 weeks in the Battle Conquer camp. I came here because I wanted a fresh start in life. I wanted to experience something different and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was looking for a place where I can train and improve my physical condition in a fun way, eat healthy and balanced, improve my sleeping patterns and get rid of the “brain fog” that I was experiencing back home. I can say with confidence that I have seen a great improvement in all of these areas.

I started my journey with the “5 days raw fest”. You are not obliged to do it but I highly recommend it if you want to lose weight fast and “shake” your organism.

I have lost 3 to 4 kilos just during those first 5 days. It was worth it and your body will thank you later.

The Muay Thai training sessions are intense but fun. The coaches are highly competent and are amazing fighters that will teach the proper Muay Thai techniques.

If you feel like taking a break for Muay Thai, you can still do Cross Fit. You can have a run/jogging outside of the camp as a warm up. The scenery is amazing and that’s a nice bonus. Then, you can have the classic tire-based exercises and circuits to help you gain strength and physical endurance. You can also use some weight lifting to gain some muscle.

When you are not training, there are several activities that you can chose like Hiking, Swimming, visiting temples, meditating etc.

My final verdict is I highly recommend the Battle Conquer Gym/Camp.

Simhya Assraf

from Thailand, August 2018

My experience so far at Battle Conquer Gym has been challenging but rewarding :) The management and trainers are really good people and great at what they do. The program offers a wide variety of daily activities and the location is beautiful. All in all I would reccomend this to anyone who wants to get away to somewhere quiet to work on their fitness and better themselves.

Joshua Jacob

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Excellent experience"

Everything, the training the location the activities the food and the people. Nothing was forced on you, Overall good vibes. Great way to experience the real thailand.

Viktor Juskin

from Estonia, July 2018

"Great experience"

I've stayed there for a month and time was flying very fast. It's a great place to reset your mind and body. Had a unique experience of muay thai from professionals. Community is very friendly and supportive. Thanks to Monika and Noi for food, which was always delicious. Hope to come back soon.

Greg Townsend

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Amazing Experience "Rural Yoga ! Muay Thai Retreat" "

Where to start because i loved the whole experience ! OK everything was just as described but it exceeded all my expectations, Things that stood at most for me was the rural countryside location loved the hiking, The family environment both the Thai family and the other guests , The little things you ask for something and it would be no trouble at all, Everyday there would be something new i had never seen before , No other tourists that was awesome , the fact it has not got any tourists apart from the people that come to the retreat made it a real Thai experience . Food was great all the different activities were amazing very professional , Yoga and meditation in some beautiful locations, the day trips , The whole experience will stay with me forever :-) Changed my view on life feeling so positive and happy thanks BC

Leila Abu-gheida

from United States, May 2018

"The little camp that changed my life."

This is the perfect place to go if you want to escape the concrente jungles that are modern day cities. Every person I have met in the Battle Conquer family has not only touched my heart but also taught me great life lessons, as well as some AWESOME boxing and Mauy Thai lessons :). Monkia’s food will make you want to pack her up and take her home with you. Every single person here has a truly pure heart, something that is difficult to find in cities. The humility, the culture, and the people have made me fall in love with not only Battle Conquer Gym but also Thailand💕 I’m definitely coming back here!!

Charlie Jameson

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"1 month Muay Thai + Yoga"

Had an amazing time, pushed myself as hard as possible and was supported massively by all the trainers, Noi, Monica and the whole Battle Conquer family.

Owen and Lewis were brilliant at mixing things up and divising new and interesting/sadistic ways to test us/me, (pushing and supporting in equal measure) with stair sessions and cross fit - all massively boosting my conditioning and stamina.

Noi goes out of her way to make sure you're well looked after and is relenltess in her organisation, sorting training sessions, meals, day trips, daily transport, massages, yoga, mediation, bus tickets, etc, etc and dealing with everyones constantly changing plans, but always making sure everyone has what they need.

Monica is a masterchef in the kitchen, again having to deal with everyones constant requests but always delivering amazingly tasty food with smile on her face, I will miss her and her cooking!

Pau, what a legend, there is nothing that man can't do, trainer, motivater, cornerman, builder, welder, driver, plumber, the guys an inspiration!

And last big shout to the lads, Bay, Off, Emm, Lam, Bank and Lak, always pushing you but always smiling, making a great atmosphere and training you look forward to.

An amazing place if you want to come and put your head down, push yourself and really focus on something, getting away from stresses of life back home. There is a great team there who will fully support you all the way and I look forward to coming back again.

Steven Knight

from Switzerland, February 2018

"Great Bootcamp!"

The training team was very helpful and positive. The workouts were tough at first, but as my conditioning improved, I was able to complete them. Very pleased with my overall progress. I lost almost 15 lbs in a month and drastically improved my strength and energy.

Jamie Townend

from United States, November 2018

"War & Peace & A Left to the Body"

There are very few opportunities to process existence in such an honest and unfiltered way, and at Battle Conquer your drive decides what you take away with you. I arrived with weight on my shoulders, on the back end of a very bulls$%t heavy year; the simplicity and beauty of the surroundings meant that it had to be faced as supposed to being sidelined in the comfort of fine dining and overpriced cocktails until your tripping up over your own escapism. The training was a perfect release and the lifestyle was a perfect processing tool. The experience (for me) was everything from intensely enjoyable to agonizingly difficult; from serene to disconsolate -as a lived life should be. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to develop mentally or physically, especially those willing to go a little tooth and claw with life.

Jonathan Wyse

from Ireland, November 2018

"Excellent Experience"

I spent a month here with the goal of losing weight and learning a bit of Muay Thai to boot.

There are two sessions each day. For each session, you have the option of Muay Thai or alternative (CrossFit, hike, etc.). So you can tailor your time here based on your own preferences.

The Muay Thai training and instruction is top notch, lots of individual attention from instructors who are all experts. They deal with a wide range of abilities from complete beginner to seasoned fighters, and all fitness levels. They're encouraging without being pushy.

There's plenty of downtime between training with options like yoga and excursions to visit temples. The camp is a nice size and it never felt crowded.

The accommodation was perfect, exactly as described on their website and I was very happy with everything. Ask to stay at the camp or the guest house if you can. The food was good and overall I was very happy with the results.

Michaela Filova

from Spain, November 2018

"i miss u so much ! "

It was my first time coming to the camp and i could not express myself better than saying it was just great ! Atmosphere, people, food , trainers , the whole organization , schedule , even tho i was traveling alone i never felt alone ! U r never bored always something to choose from to do , if u want to , completely up to u , it is a great choice to come to train , detox , relax , explore new places and the fooooood , oh gosh ! Don t think about it , just go and join great team at the camp !

Oz Nwachukwu

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"A True Muay Thai Experience In Thailand "

Attend with an open mind, embrace it, and you will have a life changing experience that you will treasure forever. This is how I would describe Battle Conquer in one sentence. The training is tough. The trainers are experienced and will get the best out of you if you let them, so embrace that too! Nevertheless, Battle Conquer is also so much more than just training. Make sure you experience the beautiful Phetchabun surroundings, spend time with the amazing Thai people, and don't miss out an evening meditating with the monk.

Mitchell Rose

from United States, October 2018

the training and trainers were very loyal and motivational

Hendrik Vandermaesen

from Belgium, October 2018

"An unforgettable experience!"

- My highlight of the stay was winning my first ever muay Thai fight against someone from Thailand. I was guided through it all by trainer Lewis who did a great job accessing my overall fitness and skillset before letting me enter into a fight with a Thai. During the fight he was in my corner giving me tips that resulted ultimately in me winning the bout (Technical KO). Only good memories :)

- Food was De-lish!

- People were awesome!

- Training was good, hard, fun, etc!

Ross Mccarthy

from Indonesia, October 2018

"Great experience"

Training and people were amazing. Great place to unwind and train.

Tuna Kabaalioglu

from United States, October 2018


Good Vibes all thw way Through!

John Charles Loos

from Australia, October 2018

"An authentic experience"

This camp is the real deal. It's intense and fun and still suitable for anybody, any age and condition. You get out of it what you put in but you'll feel welcomed like family and inspired to do your best.

Wilfred Lim

from Singapore, October 2018

"Great Retreat for Everyone"

Great experience that caters to all ages and levels. Very fun tight knit family culture.


from Switzerland, September 2018

"Small, modest and just lovely"

The landscapes, the training sessions and the people around there.

Ashley Twinney

from United Kingdom, September 2018

The Muay Thai training, hikes and everything else included was excellent. I learned more than I could have anticipated. One on ones with the trainer Lewis also helped greatly. He’s very knowledgable and a great trainer. The whole experience was brilliant.

Janet Kamin

from Portugal, September 2018

"More than I even expected"

Everything. The exercise program is varied and very intelligently organized. The people, family owners, coaches, managers - all so friendly, kind, helpful and full of fun. The food was great, and it was always fun being in Noi's Cafe. I expected to lose weight, get fit, and have fun. I did not expect this to be such a welcoming and wonderful community as it was. I have already made plans to come back.

Adam Taylor

from Australia, September 2018

"Beautiful location, people and all-round experience"

The last month has been such an amazing experience, made special mostly by the people (those running the show, the instructors and then the like-minded people of all different ages, backgrounds, fitness levels and locations) who contribute to the family vibe on camp - when I took a weekend break away it felt like I was returning home.

Secondly, the location, beautiful scenery and some of the most friendly locals I’ve met on my travels, unspoilt by any other tourists provide the perfect setting for training and focusing on oneself. Something that’s easy to do with plenty of downtime and when your eating well (the delicious variable food cooked by the super-talented Monica) and training hard.

Of course you can head into town for a massage or swim, or take up one of the excursion options in the afternoon, and there’s always a more chilled option ok offer instead of the Muay Thai training sessions.

Many people come here, fall in love with it and extend. Myself included. I’ll also almost certainly be back for more, which speaks volumes considering I was a complete beginner on starting.

Emma Haycock

from New Zealand, September 2018

"The best decision I ever made! "

I loved the remote location of the camp: set in rural surrounds, amongst beautiful lush green rice paddies, mountains and tropical flora, you couldn’t ask for a more authentic, rural Thailand experience. I loved that it was off the beaten track, no tourists, just friendly locals and fellow camp mates. The small nearby town is easily reachable by tuk tuk where you can get all your necessary supplies, visit the local night market (DELICIOUS) or indulge in a much needed massage. The accommodation onsite was perfectly comfortable and clean. The Muay Thai classes are AWESOME (intense but rewarding)& you get heaps of one on one time with the trainers who are absolute gurus and always make class such a hoot while also working you really hard. They are also very patient which was key for me being a beginner! I opted to book in some 1 on 1 training sessions to help with my technique which I’d definitely recommend. I also loved the hikes, excursions & temple visits, as these give me an insight into the real Thailand and its rich cultural traditions. It depends what you’re after but this was an integral part of the experience for me. Food at the camp was EPIC! And last but not least, the people: being both the beautiful Thai family that run the camp (from the kitchen & cleaning staff to the trainers, and of course lovely Pau & daughter Noi), as well as the fellow campers I met from all over the world. It was the people that really made my experience an unforgettable & life changing one.

Nicholas See

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Fantastic camp which gave me everything I was looking for!"

My aim for the camp was to try to get fit by trying something new - and this place absolutely hit the spot!

The Muay Thai trainers and the training were both first class - catering for all fitness and skill levels, and making training a real joy. In this regard I want to give a special shout out to Emm and Lewis who were both excellent (and patient!) trainers!

I also liked the flexibility in the schedule. It’s up to you whether you join the two daily training sessions which allows you to push yourself as hard as you want, however it also factors in lots of time for rest and opportunities to see the beautiful local area.

Food was awesome as well - I ate everything everyday but they will also cater for vegetarians, vegans or those who want a raw diet.

Louise Adam

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"This place is unreal - I’d highly recommend it !"

If you’re looking for a completely unique challenge - this is for you! The camp is located in rural Phetchabun and is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by rice paddies and mountains.

The camp itself is run by the sweetest family, and you feel at home there instantly. The trainers are all incredibly knowledgeable and make each session different and challenging; whilst still keeping it fun!

The days are broken up with walks through the jungle, visiting temples that no other tourists have set foot in, and evenings playing cards and chatting in the camp. The nearby town has everything you need - local Thai markets, a few western cafes and even a Tesco.

The food is unbelievable, and chef Monika is incredibly talented - I stayed for 2 weeks and never had the same meal twice!

I have made friends for life at this camp, and will definitely be coming back next year. All of those that enter the camp are likeminded individuals, all looking to reset and get fit/lose some weight. There is no judgement at the camp, and the trainers tailor the schedule to you so that you can meet your own goals during your stay.

I’d highly recommend this place if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, live amongst the locals and take a break from the stress of the modern world.

Lee Hutchinson

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"What a place"

Everything about this place from the training, food, excursions where brilliant, so much to see and do, an amazing experience all round that I can’t recommend enough

James Bentley

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Wonderful place I didn’t want to leave "

I absolutely loved this place all the trainers were phenomenal and I especially enjoyed training one to one boxing with Lewis, he really helped me improved my technique. For Muay Thai I trained with all the trainers, make no mistake they will push you but always make it fun. I loved sparring with Bee he is one tough little man!! I honestly have made some friends for life here and I feel inspired to compete again after two years out. If you’re looking for weight loss and detox, you’ll find this here, if you’re looking to step up your fight game you’ll find that here too. I cannot wait to come back!

John Charles Loos

from Spain, September 2018

"Life changing!"

Not only did I lose more weight than I imagined possible in just three weeks but I gained in mental fortitude after pushing beyond my limits. Having said that, the best thing about this camp are the people. They take care of you like family. Oh, and the food is exceptional!!


from Kuwait, August 2018

"Ultimate Fight Camp"

I especially like the location (Secluded true Thailand countryside) and the work out structure (fitness focused) of the camp. It was exactly what i was looking for...

The food was perfect

Sabine Noel

from France, August 2018

"An amazing experience! Will come back again."

The location of the camp

The trainers

The time you get to spend in one to one fights which allow you to learn a lot

The food

The ambiance

All the people you can meet from all around the world

Laurent Hujeux

from Hong Kong, August 2018

Good training for Muy Thaï, people are very nice. Good stay for being in a better shape

Stephen Hession

from Australia, August 2018

"Great affordable camp"

Everything was awesome!

Lost a lot of weight eating healthy food and the training. Went on a lot of bike rides in my spare time!

It was great value for money in a traditional Thai setting!

This is what it’s all about real Thailand!

Chloe Shurville

from Vietnam, August 2018

The whole atmosphere was amazing

Tope Akindude

from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

"My time at Battle Conquer "

I really enjoyed Battle Conquer.

It was absolutely a great time away. My fitness level increased and the experience helped me push myself. I will definitely be coming back.

The staff were so lovely and accommodating. I also met a few great people that I’d love to stay in contact with.

Chetan Sahni

from Canada, August 2018

"An amazing experience "

The entire schedule itinerary of the wellness package was great. The schedule allows you to pick and choose the activities according to your skill level. The coaching support you get from all of the staff at the camp are top notch. The food is healthy and delicious. The hikes and local temple tours (including meditating and chatting with the English speaking Monk) are a phenomenal experience. The accommodation is top notch with great wifi and air conditioning. The massage in town and the tour of night market are highly recommended.

Andy Payne

from Cyprus, August 2018

"A life changing experience "

I chose this gym due to it’s remote looking location and because I figured that a boxing camp would offer the intensity of training that would put me on a good path when I returned home

Everything I have experienced here has been beyond my expectation

The food WOW!!, it is exceptional, Noi’s famous cafe, meals are clean and fresh

The trainers are professional, kind and considerate, making allowances for everybody regardless of their starting point or capability. A word you will hear often is ‘intense’ I think you would be disappointed if this was not the case? and you work to your own level, the training is varied, you can choose between western or Muay Thai boxing, cross fit and country hikes or of-course mix and match you suit you own abilities and desires. There are also daily yoga classes which are well thought out

The gym is very well equipped with all manor of weights and benches, Smith machine, punch bags and boxing rings, it’s the real deal!!

Accommodation is clean very comfortable with private bathrooms, the location, perfect with a town close by where you can pick anything you might need

Stop thinking and book yourself in, if your looking to make a significant change to your life you will not be disappointed

Ruth Stevens

from Myanmar [Burma], August 2018

The location was idyllic. It would be easy to get lost in time there and a perfect place to retreat to from a busy life. The food was amazing. The staff were hard working and lovely.

Alan Mulroy

from New Zealand, August 2018

"Really enjoyed my stay at this rural Muay Thai camp"

I really enjoyed the training the food the acommadition and the overall socialbility of the camp,I will definitely be back for an even longer stay next time

Anne Bang Sommer

from Denmark, August 2018

"Amazing camp with wonderful people, food and possibilities "

I chose to this camp in particular based on the possibility of combining hard training, yoga and body treatments and the excellent reviews. Yet, I didn't expected that I 14 days later would have the exact same feeling of overall joy and love for this place. It's truly an amazing place for people who want get into shape, need a break from studies, work or life in general, want to eat wonderful food made by beautiful Monica, fantastic massages downtown or see beautiful sights in the area. In this family driven camp, with Lewis and Noi coordinating, the family and all working here wil go out of their way to make your stay pleasent. Also, I went to the camp alone as most do. People who join are openminded and and I met some of the most wonderful people there. The schedule was great. It was possible to work out in the early morning, go for a massage in town, see the sights and join muay thai/boxing or cross fit in the afternoon. I will be back, it has been the most wonderful experience. Thank you all!

Alina Zabinski

from China, August 2018

"warm and welcoming atmosphere.."

The food was healthy and excellent and the staff is so nice and helpful. They really help you in the gym and help you stay motivated. All the guests were really fun and friendly too..everyone will be missed! All the instructors are great, but bc I was there on the well being package, i was more concerned about fitness rather than technique..and especially liked Pau bc he gets you moving and punching and kicking without worrying too much about specifics. The great thing about this place is that they cater to your goals. The Thai massages in town are great too and come with the well being package. I really hope to come back at some point!

Anna Heale

from Singapore, August 2018

"Amazing two weeks in rural Thailand "

I arrived at Battle Conquer Gym and from the moment I arrived I was welcomed into their family. I decided to try it out as wanted to get away from the daily grind as well as getting fit and losing some weight. It was the perfect place to go, as you are surrounded by likeminded people who are all incredibly encouraging and support you in all your endeavours. As well as great boxing sessions that really push you, there are numerous options for other excursions, from jungle walks to yoga sessions to meditating with monks. I loved the whole experience and came away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend if you want a break from your everyday grind in a friendly environment that caters for all levels of fitness. A great experience that I will definelty be trying to come back to.

Fleur Van Breda

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Amazing place and people, impossible to leave!"

I stayed here for 2 months and loved this place. The vibe during the Muay Thai training makes it so much fun to work out and learn🙃. Every class you get one on one time with the trainers so you improve really fast. Next to the muay thai, there are hikes and crossfit (love pushing the truck with the team😃). The people at the camp are wonderful and so kind, always willing to help out if you need anything. And the food at the cafe gives you a great taste of the Thai cuisine, I’m already craving for it!! I’m really happy to say, see you soon again😊!

Lucy Newcombe

from Australia, July 2018

"Life changing Muay Thai retreat, recommended to all! "

The camp is amazing, people from all walks of life and cultures, with different shapes, sizes and fitness levels coming together in one place; where each individual need & personal goal is catered for.

The training pushes you to work at your optimum level, regardless what that level is, and if you give it 100% with each new day that comes you feel stronger, faster and healthier.

Both the raw food diet and the normal food is immensely tasty, with the right combo of fats, protein and carbs.

Monika (the chef) is a legend and is very happy to cater for individual dietary requirements too from vegetarian to allergy suffered.

The trainers push you hard, but are all very friendly, happy to help, and great fun to be around.

The accommodation is good, with daily cleaners, fresh towels, clean linen and air-con. If you expect the Hilton then Thailand & this retreat is probably not the place for you, but if you are happy to get stuck in to the Thai way of life with the occasional friendly gecko in your bathroom then don’t hesitate to book.

The location is a once in a lifetime place; rural to the core...surrounded by beautiful rice fields and nature; with a small town a tuk tuk away where you can get amazing massages, and food etc at the street market.

Nadege Hopman

from France, July 2018

"Two thumbs up :-)"

Amazing experience! This camp has all you need to train, relax and eat healthy (thank you Monika!!). Excellent trainers (thank you Beer for those private lessons!) who adapt to every one’s level and needs. Thank you Noi for the admin and day to day logistics :-)

Linda Ov

from China, July 2018

"Quality Muay Thai Training and Facility "

The warm and friendly atmosphere of the staff from the owners to the chef to the lady who cleaned my clothes every other day. Quality business and staff, highly recommend for those considering a training camp, detox, motivation, something new and challenging to enjoy. Will certainly be back in the future, I enjoyed it so much!

Lauren Savelsbergh

from Netherlands, July 2018

"Absolutely loved every moment of my time here! "

I was supposed to stay for a month and then travel around Thailand. But I can't seem to leave this place! I already extended my time here with 2 weeks but I'll probably be here till the very last day that my plane leaves :)

Jasper Maxwell

from Indonesia, July 2018

"Battle conquer July 2018"

My time here has truly been amazing! The quality and authticity of the instructor has in itself been the best martial arts experience I have had to date! The community is like a nice big family and Monica’s cooking is AMAZING!

Peter Grealis

from Australia, July 2018

"expectations exceeded!!!"

This place is definitely worth checking out. Didnt know to expect coming here as i had never done anything like this nor any fighting training so the one on one experience in training was so helpful and the support and patience was second to none

Bec Nelson

from Australia, July 2018

"So much more than I expected "

This camp is perfect for anyone wanting to get off the grid and work on themselves, emotionally & physically. The training is hard, but so worth it’. The trainers encourage you to do your very best. The boxing is fun and the excursions are a glimpse into authentic Thailand. The food is excellent. The massage is such a treat! I made Life time friends.

Maya Krogstad

from Norway, July 2018

"What an incredible experience!"

I really liked how it is all build up.

The place is great and people are so friendly, open and helpful. People here wants you to have a great experience. The food is LOVELY.

The schedule is perfect, you join what you want and take everything in your own pace. If you want to do something throughout the whole day then you do, and if not you chill. Either at your room or at the Café with orhers. The workouts are challenging in a good and positive way. The trainers are really good and build up good sessions. The Hikes in between are great! It is so much to experience here! Stairs workout, massage, visiting munk, market, and so much more.

Agnieszka Olendrzynska

from Malaysia, July 2018

"Best way to spend 10 days!"

- Great team atmosphere that fosters learning.

- Amazing community of trainers and fellow travelers that will make you feel at home. It feels like you’re here with old friends.

- Trainers give lots of one-on-one attention to help improve technique.

- Plenty of daily/weekly activities that let you see more of the area. There is a lot of beautiful nature around the camp.

- The food is incredible!

Thomas Butterfield

from Hong Kong, July 2018

"Awesome few weeks"

Pretty much everything! The warm welcome and friendly atmosphere as soon as I arrived. The challenging workouts and amazing variety of things to do. From Muay Thai; boxing, to CrossFit, hikes, swim, runs in the mountains and let’s not forget the stairway to heaven. Food was great and really healthy, and tailored to exactly what you want, you just gotta ask! Not much I didn’t like about the wonderful place, serene location creating a peaceful (atleast while not training...) and gratifying experience. Many people currently here are already planning their returns, as am I.

Warren Biller

from Canada, July 2018

"My Muay Thai Battle Camp Experience"

I had clear goals going in--- Lose Weight; Increase Flexibility; become More Positive overall. I was able to Mix and Match... to accomplish my goals.

Battle Camp requires self-discipline and Focus--- which I, and most people there... had. I liked the variety of activities--- MUAY THAI; HIKES; CROSSFIT EXERCISE; YOGA; TRIPs to various Temples and Sites; and the THAI MASSAGE. The food was very good... Monika prepared according to my needs.(no meat, almost no carbs)

The PEOPLE make the difference--- there is a strong feeling of Family, and Belonging... it is small enough, and intimate enough... to be PERSONAL.

Rebecca Deasy

from Australia, July 2018

"Read this before you book or read reviews under 5 stars.."

This is my second time at BCG, and I chose not to write a review the first time as I had only gone for one week. This time I stayed for a month and what a good choice that was! I not only gained more in terms of training in Muay Thai but I have gained a Thai family. First & foremost, you'll only get out what you put in - from all aspects such as the training to the people. If you come from the Western world, I hope you come open-minded. Facilities & accomodation are high-quality, very comfortable and exceeds the price offered when coupled with the fact that food & training are included. Then there are some reviews on this website that say that this is NOT a yoga retreat, which I agree with, BUT imo, yoga is supposed to SUPPLEMENT the main attraction, which is Muay Thai and Western Boxing. Those who went thinking it was a yoga retreat made this mistake out of their own fault (just the name "BATTLE CONQUER GYM" should tell you otherwise?!) Day to day activities were plenty and alternate everyday, based on the concensus of the group. I'd become great friends with Armmy, Monika & Noi who were so kind as to show me the town's treasures, soon preferring to join them for daily adventures! Pau probably left the biggest impact, adopting himself to be my Thai dad which I will treasure forever. Lam, Bay, Off, Emm, Bee, Bon (and Luk) will forever be my Thai brothers, albeit the constant kicking... Owen is awesome and someone give Lewis a

Evan Bolderfield

from Thailand, July 2018

"10 Star Rating for Great Retreat"

There are so many things amazing about this place, the meditation, yoga, and training sessions all brilliant. I was booked into the hotel which was lovely, very clean. Camp was just perfect, beautiful rural village. The location couldn’t have been better, right near the hills for hiking and swimming. Phetchabun town is only minutes away by car/moped if you want great coffee shops and to see the markets. RAW FOOD IS AMAZING so many types of salads, vegetables, fruits, I never felt hungry. THE CAFE delicious meals, good variety of vegetarian, meat, fish. HIKES AMAZING crazy beautiful places, jungle hike was my favourite. MEDITATION lovely, we went to a lake, to different temples plus meditation lessons at the camp. The highlight was meeting the monk and hiking up Coral Mountain, omg the views are BREATHTAKING. YOGA! The yoga classes were the bomb, I'm a teacher too and could tell Lin had put a lot of thought into her classes to keep them suitable after the training. The last thing you need after Muay Thai is a power yoga. TRAINING SESSIONS Huge energy levels from all trainers especially Pau he’s such a dude, Muay Thai and CrossFit was well planned and a great work out. I also did some private sessions with Lam, I’d highly recommend it. TOURS are very WELL ORGANISED as is the TRAINING SCHEDULE, everything runs like clockwork. Laundry service was good! Staff and Noi look after you like you're family, exactly how it's described on the website and more.

Adam Leeds

from Australia, July 2018

"Life changing"

The people, program, trainers, location and flexibility in training to suit everyone.

Nancy Meouchy

from United Arab Emirates, July 2018

"The best experience"

Everything was more then amazing , what a lovely experience .. will defenetly come again

Suzanne Doran

from Myanmar [Burma], July 2018

"Excellent experience"

Really enjoyed my time here, did the 7 days and in such a short time I feel I improved my fitness a lot. The Muay Thai trainers were excellent. The food was great - the portions were huge! Didn’t do the raw food diet as felt I needed calories to keep up with the workouts! I enjoyed the yoga and mediation and the location was superb. I stayed on site, which I recommend as it means everything is right on your doorstep and you are not dependent of lifts etc to get to sessions! The massages were outstanding, I paid an extra 50bath each time to have the oil massage which was amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get fit, learn / improve their Muay Thai or lose weight.

g caba

from United States, June 2018

"muay thai gym retreat"

the people were amazing, if you are looking for a place that will help you figure things out, and give you the time and space and right energy to do it, then this is it. disconnected and rural, you get something different from city hustle and bustle.

Jonathan Jacques

from New Zealand, June 2018

"Battle Conquer beats the best"

The management, the trainer's, and the type of people you train beside are really what sets this camp apart from others. It some how makes everyday of hardwork feel like a vacation and you never want to leave. I had such a great experience and am already planning my next trip back.

Amin Tal

from Jordan, June 2018

"Lovely People but Gap between website and reality "

Training is very good

Staff are very friendly and helpful .. good people: training, management, etc,

People from all over the world gathering together

Room service

Trips around are joyful ..

Massage is nice

Richard Martin

from Japan, June 2018

"Amazing Way To Truly See Thailand"

This was such a unique and genuine experience. I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity to be apart of this. When I travel, I like to see a culture off of the beaten tourist path with a fun theme to go along with it. This was it. I was able to spend time with a Thai family in the countryside of Thailand learning a martial art, called Muay Thai (among other physical activities & excursions) - how amazing is that. All of the trainers and trainees were fun and great to be around. In only a short time, I feel I've grown stronger and have a new found appreciation for the art & culture as well as made some new friends from all around the world. I highly recommend this experience to everyone - you will be challenged mentally, physically and come out a new person. I hope I will have the time and opportunity to visit again.

Crystal Broussard

from United States, June 2018


Pau was very sweet and nice. And super funny ...I like the workouts they really make you sweat out that nasty junk..The ride to Phetchanbun is long but the bus or taxi is clean and safe whichever u pick.I rented a scooter for 200 bot a day and had my freedom to go and come when I please..And I liked the camps cook so much I took her to phuket with me ...The people there or so so nice it really makes u think when will u come back ..The camp improves daily something is always being added ,so its growing..Website is not misleading you get peaceful country side with super nice people all around in town and camp. The hikes in places that u want see at home..omg live the dogs at the lake ,they watch over you while u hike. I'd love that ..Also the new friendship

Karen Basigold

from Thailand, June 2018

"Great combination of activities "

The variety of activities is what truly made this the perfect camp loved the yoga both teachers were great perfect combination to help recover from the Muay Thai sessions , I so miss the hikes and swimming in the lakes another way to help recover from a grueling cross-fit session , very well thought out schedule, the trainers kept it fun while keeping you motivated , i was surprised how easy it was to get to the retreat from Bangkok , i took the bus then a tuk tuk it cost 389 Baht including the tuk tuk extremely cheap :-) The food was perfect you just have to talk to Monika and she would keep me well fed whether its vegetarian , Raw food, or healthy Thai food all the food was very tasty, The visit to the monk was a highlight meditating in a most surreal and beautiful location , i had a wicked time i wish i had booked a longer trip , Thanks to all the family at Battle Conquer see you next year :-)

Aislinn Tudhope

from Norway, June 2018

"Not a yoga retreat"

The food and people are beautiful. The Muay Thai and CrossFit training is great and you will definitely improve on fitness and strength if you attend sessions. The trainers are good fun and really help to make you giggle and enjoy the experience. The food is also wonderful and Monika is lovely, do expect a lot of chicken, eggs and rice.

Emma Watkins

from Thailand, June 2018

"perfect country location :-) "

Great Thai food with lots of variety, many different activities , loved the hikes and swimming in beautiful locations , Crossfit was hard but worth it , running up 300 stairs what a challenge loved it , Muay Thai was awesome the family vibe was amazing , accommodation basic but so peaceful i slept so well :-) everything was very clean my room spotless , the meditation was great , loved climbing the mountains and the jungle walk , I could go on forever how good this place is but i wont bore you :-) lastly the organizing of all of the activities and daily tours was very professional :-)

Cristina Gauci

from Australia, June 2018

"I want to go back 🙊"

There are so many things:

-Intense training adapted to any fitness level

- Yoga was great for relaxing the mind and flexibility...i definitely have seen lots of improvement with that!

- Crossfit, i never thought i would manage to roll a tyre bigger than me and push a van with the rest of the team!

- Muay Thai - i have gotten myself some leg muscle, core muscle and stamina! Positive vibes during the sessions with the top 10 Thai music 😁

- Hikes - Absolutely beautiful locations where we could swim after in the lake!

- The food 😍 Authentic Thai food daily!

Angela Thomson

from United Arab Emirates, June 2018

"Rural Muay Thai bootcamp"

I liked the rural setting and all the training. The food was good and all the staff were friendly

Susanne James

from New Zealand, June 2018

Muay thai

Wendy Caron Gaisford

from Laos, June 2018

"This place is a Thai boxing camp. Not a yoga retreat "

There was a lady who came in three days a week to teach yoga who was lovely

Bradley Hurst

from Australia, June 2018

"An Excellent Experience!"

- beautiful location

- relaxed environment

- accommodating, friendly and happy staff

- a variety of training suited to all fitness levels.

- trainers are more than happy to work around the groups energy levels and any pre existing injuries for the hikes and CrossFit sessions

- flexibil program!

India Houghton

from Jersey, June 2018

"Excellent!! "


Shaun Melwani

from Hong Kong, June 2018

"Amazing trip, worthwhile. "

The training in particular was really good. Lewis the boxing coach particularly stood out for me as his calm personality and knowledge shone through in what a quality trainer should be like. I highly recommend doing PT sessions with him even though it costs a bit extra you will definitely get you're money's worth.

Jayne Faulkes

from United Kingdom, June 2018

"Excellent location/training/people but not quite a retreat.."

Down a farm road to a small village, most Thai you met were family of Pau & Noi.Surrounded by farmland & mountains a perfect & calm location to start your training/relaxation/holiday.Most Thai didn’t speak much English which added to the learning & experience. Muay Thai, hiking, CrossFit, personal training,swimming, yoga, meditation, diet programs, trips out to massage/ town, temples, amazing custom meals cooked in front of you. Always someone there to help you. Meeting Buddhist Monks was a breathtaking experience and coming to Battle Conquer Gym really has been a life changing event for me, I would recommend it to anyone living in the Western world. It’s growing & improving everyday & it was sad to leave as it had started to feel like home. The 22 days went so fast, I would love to return next year ❤️

Kedult Hannes

from Thailand, May 2018

"Everything was PERFECT !!"

Where to start ! this beautiful genuine rural Thai retreat was above my expectations , food was amazing, schedule was great , felt like part of the family , if you want a meat head gym where everyone is trying to look fancy this camp is not what your looking for , great for beginners and professionals , to sum this little retreat up would be to say that this is a place to find yourself truly recover from life stresses start a new chapter , hit the reset button this place takes care of body and mind , thank you Battle Conquer I have already made plans to return :-)

Patrice Adetoro

from United States, May 2018

Everyone was really nice. I loved meeting people from around the world. The food was really good. I really enjoyed Mury Thai. I definitely plan to come back for a longer stay next time.

Darren Schol

from Thailand, May 2018

""Fantastic Schedule Perfect Location" "

What impressed me most of all was the organization and scheduling of all the daily activities and excursions Battle Conquer made sure that every guest was catered for whether it was the correct diet or the timing of the classes we were always fully informed , the location was amazing i stayed at the hotel which again was great they made sure there was transport provided never missed out on any activities i also enjoyed being able to walk to the shops and markets , The food was amazing Monika the head chef made delicious health Thai food i did the raw diet for a couple of days lost 3 kg in weight in just 2 days , Loved the family vibe and the authenticity Loved the rural country side location , I could carry on and on about how good this little retreat is , " too the people who have booked to go stay with Battle Conquer i am so jealous you are going to have a fantastic time" :-)

Rikke Warrer

from Denmark, May 2018

"lots of fun, an experience and hard work, but I like it."

I like the muay thai, fun to try for the first time, I like the hard work and the temple visits. I like the yoga and massage.

Timur Nolan Tura

from Hong Kong, May 2018

"Good camp, could use some improvements"

awesome trainers, very cool vibe

nice facility and owners

good food, lovely people

beautiful location

massages , meditation, yoga were awesome

Anegalin Quinkine

from United Arab Emirates, May 2018

"Muay Thai In Rural Country Side"

I liked everything, from the moment i arrived everybody so welcoming , a very well organized camp , I mostly enjoyed being away from all the tourists , i was surprised how much there was to do go and see (definitely rent a moped ) I had a great time exploring the hills and lakes waterfalls , the trips organized by the camp were fantastic really good fun , In the mornings they would take you on a hike which ended with a swim in a beautiful lake (i thought it was great you had an option to do so many different activities ) in the evening session you could choose from crossfit or Muay Thai / boxing or you could do your own thing and go for a hike or mountain bike what ever your heart desires the variety was a welcomed surprise , The food is amazing i eat a lot of food, the portion sizes were as little or big as you would like so i was very happy with the big portions extremely tasty , all the trainers kept you motivated pushed you but kept it fun, i tried the yoga and meditation that was awesome ,i wish i could have stayed for a few months i plan on coming back for 2 months, the other guests were beaming with health and happiness such a positive vibe, i left calmer and feeling very happy , i would highly recommend spending time there my advice would be to try and stay as long as possible :-)

Mitali Rajadithya

from India, May 2018

"An enriching experience"

I and my husband loved the fact that we weren't treated as guests but as a part of one big global family. We felt the love and warmth of Noi and family the moment we reached the camp.Everyone at the camp goes an extra mile to make sure you are comfortable.

I was instantly awed by Pau and the team of instructors for their sheer energy and passion with which they train you for Muay Thai. With Pau, Noi and Loui's encouragement I could really push mybody through the training and I am so glad I did it.

The raw food diet and delicious Thai food prepared in Noi's cafe by bubbly cook Monica definitely kept us energetic and going all day.

The hikes, stairs and temple visits with Louis were fun. We Enjoyed the serenity of the gorgeous Buddhist Monestary.

We had rented a bike for a day and had a great time to explore the places around the camp.

I and my husband have reaped all the benefits of the camp that were offered the massages, yoga class everything put together absolutely recharged our body mind and soul. And to top it all we met so many new incredible people with such beautiful souls, our set of new best friends in our journey of fitness and health.

We were stoked to leave the place on our last day. We will come back soon.

Much love to each and everyone. Thank you for initiating us in the world of Muay Thai.Thank you for giving us such a complete experience. We will cherish it.

Love and best wishes,

Mitali and Rajadithya

Jessica Rooten

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Brought Back To Life "

I was a lost soul no direction given up on life , Battle Conquer gave me a second chance , I was greeted by a warm and loving family everyone here were so welcoming all here from different parts of the world brought together by this magical retreat , the activities were well organized you could choose what you would like to do i went hiking, swimming in beautiful lakes , meditating in caves with monks , the Muay Thai was awesome i miss the Thai instructors making everyday fun while learning , I did some boxing with the western coaches , yoga was fantastic as i was a beginner and i never once felt intimidated , living with this beautiful Thai family was unique and i have traveled all over the world seen many amazing things this experience has been by far the best so far in my life , OH and the food WOW i started off with the raw diet i lost 6kg in just 6 days , all of the food was so delicious ,fresh , healthy no processed food here , they cater for all diets Monika one of the chefs will make what ever your heart desires , if your even thinking of booking to come here do not hesitate you will most certainly love it, it changed my life from being fat and depressed to happy and content the best detox ever for mind and body i miss you all Battle Conquer Team i will never forget what you have done for me ! big love Jess :-)

Lucie Janíčková

from Sweden, May 2018

"The happiest days in my life!!"

Omg, I can’t even describe how much I enjoyed the whole stay in Battle Conquer Gym.

I was worried the first day, but after I arrived I met amazing people and all my worries went away. The second day I felt like I am home.

Everyone here was so nice to me.

The food from Monica was incredible. I really miss it.

Muayi Thai Box was little bit hard for me byt I tried to put all my energy in to each move and after training the feeling was great!

We did also lot of hikes, went to the lake and visited Friday Market.

I must extend it because I like it there so much that 7 days were really short and if I had more time I stay longer!

One thing I know for sure is that I will definitely come back!!


from Lebanon, May 2018

"A once in a lifetime piece of heaven"

Not quite sure where to begin here, but i'll give it a try -

I booked this as i needed some perceptive, time away, and to practice Mauy Thai. The camp was in the middle of the breathtaking nature far away from the hustle of big cities, with just the right balance of an intense workout, hikes, interesting talks with monks, excellent food, fun, beautiful minds and people, relaxing massages and yoga sessions, and of course, having a taste of the beautiful Thai culture and people under the most beautiful clouds.

Noi, Owen, Lewes and Monica all made sure everything is taken care of with a big smile on their faces the entire time, from early workout sessions to visits to the monks to a relaxing day by the lake - it felt like home with them.

The sessions were just the right mix of cross-fit, hikes, and mauy thai. The trainers are all well experienced (yet so humble) and pushed me to my limits while making the sessions fun - PAU is one of a kind person, saying bye to him was the toughest.

The cherry on top of all of that was the beautiful people i met there in such a short period of time, every person is there for a reason, and we all somehow ended up under one roof sharing a beautiful experience, plenty of sweat, a lot of laughs, and open heart conversations with zero judgments.

I will be back, very very soon. Thank you beautiful people, you flipped my year around in only one week <3

Victor Bianchi

from France, April 2018

"Voyage Parfait au coeur de la Thaïlande du Nord"

Cet endroit est comme un petit coin de paradis. Une fois arrivé, on est intégré au sein d'une grande famille, où la gentillesse et le bonheur sont les maîtres mots garants de ces lieux. Les propriétaires, ainsi que les entraîneurs et la cuisinière du camp sont des personnes très attachantes, ils sont pour moi inoubliables et conserveront une place à jamais dans mon coeur :)

Mike Gent

from Thailand, April 2018

Where do I start with the good things about battle conquer? To start noi and her family where fantastic, going out of their way to help anyway they could. The instructors are a great bunch of guys who push you hard but you can also have a joke with. Next the food. Monika is a great chef who never fails to have some delicious food cooking in the kitchen and the variety is impressive. The gyms surrounding area is extremely beautiful, with lakes mountains and temples.

I’ll be back

Estyn Charles

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Great experience"

Loved the family run atmosphere of the camp, you are made to feel very welcome.

Eric Durso

from Thailand, April 2018

"Great Stay Great Training Great People"

The Training is intensens and the instructors push you to your personal limits. You can choose between differnet activities and in my package Yoga and Massages were included wich I really liked.

The food here was delicius and Nutrisious. I m allready thinking about coming again next winter for a longer time, but still my seven days package helped me to loose 3 kg.

John Jacobs

from Thailand, April 2018

"Perfect for beginners"

I was a total newbie never done Muay Thai or any of the activities before , but this beautiful Thai family were fantastic with me and the other guests mostly beginners just helped each other a long , it truly was an experience i will never forget.

Everything was perfect food was great people were awesome , i was so sad to leave i went there with lots of problems in my life but came away feeling like i now know what to do and how to tackle my issues , thank you battle conquer

Yan Jun Tan

from Singapore, April 2018

"Wonderful Boot Camp"

The location is away from city which was excellent for me! Trainers are all very motivating and fun. Was well taken care for by Noi throughout the stay. Food was good and healthy. 10 days were definitely not enough. Will be back for more!!!!!

David Loeffler

from Thailand, April 2018

"Remote, chill atmosphere, off the grid, yet all you need"

Wholistic approach to one’s well-being spanning physicality, spirituality, nutrition and a healthy group setting. All levels are welcome, the barrier to entrance is manageable for everybody. But don’t get me wrong, the coaching staff can even push marathoners and athletes beyond their comfort zone, I may just remind you of the stairs to heaven haha. Nice mixing-in of CrossFit sessions in the mornings, you’ll come out a renewed you assuming you put in the time and work.

Sinead Murphy

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Got what I needed - and more!"

The remote location was just the cure from the craziness of my norm city life. Trainers were fab I n pushing you to improve every day - while keeping it playful and fun. Balanced very nicely with meditaion & massages. Amazing food & super supportive BC team. Noi is an absolute super woman!! Learned lots about Muay Thai & myself!! Miss it already.

Tauhe Kaweroa

from New Zealand, March 2018

"Great place to go for rehab "

I am young man with drug and alcohol problems i needed somewhere to go to put me back on the right path , everything about Battle Conquer Gym was just great the rural location, the Thai family so calming and kind , Noi was fantastic always busy making sure everyone was happy , loved all the training very high quality instructors , The thing that really impressed me was with the healthy eating all the activities and positive people around the last thing i was thinking of was wanting to have a drink compared to the prices of a rehab center this was an absolute bargain , can not thank Battle Conquer enough

Kelsey Troat

from United Arab Emirates, March 2018

"Perfect Perfect Authentic Everything !!!"

I loved everything:-) delicious food , fantastic instructors, Perfect place if your wanting to work on your mental health and of course get super fit , lose weight . I mostly enjoyed the meditation got to see some amazing un touched places. The other guests were all great everyone there for different goals see you soon Battle Conquer gym

Max Burzler

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Reflection Time and Reality "

Fun and interactive with mindful strangers

Tom Kris

from Republic of Lithuania, March 2018

It is very good for getting fit.

Lizzy Wickham

from Thailand, March 2018

""Very Very authentic Thai Experience""

What an amazing place ! living and training with such a traditional Thai family , as soon as i arrived i was greeted with smiles and friendly help the positive energy was intense , the other guests were keen to settle me in everyone excited to meet me , this was certainly not what i have experienced before going to gyms /camps, everyone so relaxed and happy , I went to do some Muay Thai but i decided i would do some yoga and a meditation session , the instructors were very helpful kept the classes fun and motivating . The visit to see the Monks for meditating was a culture shock , i honestly felt like i was in a movie sat in this remote picturesque location with mountains and caves with such beauty it was so well kept , then to find out that one monk was taking care of all of this area it was one of many highlights ,very hard to put into words you will have to go and see for yourself :-)

Food ! was the biggest highlight i ate a RAW DIET that was on offer and i felt amazing and lost weight very easily, everyone at battle conquer loves the food Monika and Noi are just amazing they will tailor your food just to how you want it Thanks girls xx

Day Trips were so well organized to be fair the whole time i was there i never had to really think , such a great way to switch off , train, eat, sleep and even when i over slept i would get a knock on the door with breakfast and a smile beautiful location beautiful people everything was truly amazing , Big love to battle conquer x

Charlotte Alvarez

from Thailand, March 2018

"Amazing for dedicated people"

The camp was very clean and professional. The Muay Thai classes were challenging and the trainers did an excellent job teaching technique even with language barriers. The food was amazing and the excursions were really fun!

David Mirshahi

from Netherlands, March 2018

"Incredibly fun"

I wish I could have stayed longer. Everything was incredibly well organized and the people were amazing. From the staff side but also the visitors side.

Nikohl Miller

from Philippines, March 2018

"Muay Thai in Thailand"

At Battle Conquer, I found many new friends in both the other students and in the trainers/chef/teachers. Everyone here is so welcoming which I found really relieving as I was nervous about going to a Muay Thai camp in Thailand by myself. The days were full with trainings and activities. The trainings are consistent and reliable for a good workout with a lot of fun and learning new techniques. I really enjoyed working with all the trainers, as each has a different style. The food was delicious and prepared by a wonderful cheerful chef. I enjoyed my stay here and felt like the more I gave and was willing to communicate with Noi and her family, the more I received out of this experience. I'm looking forward to going back at the end of the year!

Aurora Anderson

from Thailand, March 2018

"A beautiful traditional Thai experience."

All of the trainers are great and always smiling.

The food is exceptional with a variety of options, all you have to do is talk to Monika or Noi and they make the food happen. The vegan food was delicious!

The variety of training available from cross fit circuits to one on one time with experienced fighters and coaches is the best experience, you can not get training like this at other training camps. I have been to many training camps and you are lucky to have one on one time on the pads due to the amount of people. The camp had such an amazing family vibe, I will definitely be back again!!!

Sabrina Charlton

from Thailand, March 2018

"AMAZING experience, DELICIOUS food, so HAPPY!"

Such an amazing experience. Complete Muay Thai beginner but all the trainers were brilliant. Loads of one on one time, I felt well looked after. Lewis even did a special crossfit session just for me. A personal highlight was the stairway to Buddha 300 plus steps awesome views at the top and you can even meditate in a beautifully decorated cave with a monk, how bonkers is that!? LOVED IT. The gym equipment was great, real old school feel to the place with huge tyres and monkey bars, I felt like Rocky. The Family and staff are so welcoming I felt like one of the family, nothing is ever too much trouble. The sightseeing trips were extraordinary and well organised. What they advertise is exactly what you get, a truly authentic Thai experience away from tourists. I stayed in the family Kwang Sai Hotel not far from the camp and loved being close to the shops. The food at Noi's cafe is just the best, I’m vegan and was well catered for. I was on the RAW DIET for 5 days, very simple yet tasty food, and lost 5KG in just the first week. I have reserved a spot for November later this year and am taking my partner with me that is how much I loved this place thank you Noi and Family xxx

Tommy Antfolk

from Thailand, February 2018

"Amazing people good training!! "

Wonderful people happy and really helpful in all ways I had a really good time and learn a lot 😄👍


from Oman, February 2018

"A great 3 months Muay Thai at Battle Conquer"

I had initially booked a 2 month Muay Thai training, but later stayed an extra month because i loved it so much here and could finally see the scale dropping after struggling with my weight for years. The instructors are very patient when teaching you the techniques. The classes are normally small, no more than 15 per class so there is plenty of one on one coaching with the instructors.

In the afternoons they usually take you on excursions or to town or for a massage. If you wanted to continue a light exercise you can walk around the farms and sugar cane fields, the sunrise and sunsets are amazing here!

Noi was very accomodating and goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable, she is always at camp and easy to find if there are any issues you would like to discuss with her.

The food here is mostly Thai food, but Noi would be happy to whip up anything you are craving off the menu. The veggies organic and freshly picked from the locals farms. Noi is always improving on recipes, especially the raw food diet which is to die for!!!

I loved every second of being here I'm leaving here feeling stronger healthier and a few kilos lighter!

William Baron

from Australia, February 2018

"A very good expirience"

It was a great expirience training for 4 weeks and experiencing rural Thailand. I met loads of great people, locals, travellers and coaches and was sad to leave.


from Thailand, February 2018

"My true Thai experience "

Very friendly inviting family , great to be away from the tourists , My first time in rural country and WOW what a real adventure we had some superb days out, The organization was amazing i stayed in the family hotel about 4k away from the camp, but they were always there to pick me up drop me off like clockwork i ran to the camp the days i was there through beautiful country fields full of life it was amazing,

Big shout out to the FOOD super yummy and plenty of variety I tried some of there RAW FOOD, VEGGI meals and they were fantastic , portion sizes you could have them as big or little as you like :-) and you want something extra they would cook it up no problems 10 out of 10 for the food thanks Noi.

The training was very well organized getting plenty of one on one instruction Pau was fantastic, everyone there were mainly beginners a few were experienced , all the instructors kept the sessions fun and informative LOVED the western boxing thanks Lewis you are an awesome boxing coach, I was super happy when i saw they had some weights and plenty of space to flip tyres and make up my own crossfit workout using the monkey bars Rope climbing had everything i needed , Lewis put some great HIT sessions together for me :-)

I am coming back guys next time for 2 months I am already missing the food and that family atmosphere , Thank you Noi your amazing

Miroda Otto

from New Zealand, February 2018

"Great off the beaten track Mauythai retreat"

The food, the location of the gym away from the city, Noi was a super woman with all her organizing

Cate Rickards

from United Kingdom, February 2018

Really well structured training and activity times. Well looked after by Noi. A good combination of boxing, yoga, meditation and Thai massage. Instructors are kind and funny. Good to feel part of the training camp.

Emine Kalali

from Germany, January 2018


Everything was just perfect. I felt like adopted in this great family. The trips were non touristic and amazing everyone was nice and the training was competent and brings you to new levels!

Ben Barrett

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Great time at battle conquer :)"

I came to change my mind and body. As I was living a hectic life in London. Owen and Noi took care of me straight away. I felt at home. There are no egos and everyone is there to help eachother. The food is great and the team do a great job of keeping the place clean and tidy. We went on plenty of day trips to mountains, jungles, coffee shops etc etc. The whole experience was great and I'd like to thank everybody there as I've left a new man. Highly recommended :)

Joukje Versluijs

from Netherlands, December 2017

"Great experience"

I loved the area, the gym and the lovely family. The food was great and the rooms, foodarea and the gym were very clean. We were able to see a lot of the beautiful countryside, thanks to Noi and the family.

Sharon Van Luik

from Cambodia, December 2017

"Lovely place! "

When I got there I've been traveling for some months and forgot about healthy eating and fitness for a while. My goal for this week was to get back into a healthy lifestyle and it worked. I trained twice a day and sometimes did yoga in between. In these few days I managed to learn the basics of boxing, which was great cause I haven't done any boxing before. Noi and her family are the most amazing people and made me feel right at home! Their training was great and the cooking was amazing and very healthy. Next to that Owen en Noi took me on several day trips, which made me understand Thai culture a little better. On top of all that the other pleople there were energetic and open minded people, which made training even more fun! I will definitely pick up boxing when I get home and hope to come back to the gym next year and stay longer!

Peter Fitzpatrick

from United Kingdom, December 2017

"7 day Battle Conquer Gym session"

What a great location for an excellent Muay Thai session (or boxing as I did). Not only was the farm peaceful but the food was delicious and the family amazing! Will definitely be coming again!

Sandra Feichtlbauer

from India, December 2017

"Take me back!"

+ silent and very relaxing hideaway in rural Thailand

+ lovely family owned camp

+ awesome trainers who are really passionate about their work

+ the delicious food

+ the excursions

+ Noi was very helpful in any regards

+ so many lovely and calm dogs to cuddle

+ small camp with a great community

Really wanna go back asap! :)


from Singapore, December 2017

"Post 7 day Muay Thai"

I was very well taken care of as I adjusted to the countryside surroundings after coming from the hustle and bustle of city lifestyle . It was very relaxing and peaceful and a good getaway. I liked the Thai hospitality and sincerity for going all out of the way to make sure I could adapt to not the training but also the advice from Owen to listen to how your body constantly.


from United Kingdom, November 2017


I felt very safe at the camp. Everyone was friendly and supportive. The location is perfect if you want to escape from the city life. There is a wide variety of things to do - boxing/exercising, yoga, mountain climbing etc

Perfect for solo travelers!

Su Min Tan

from Singapore, October 2017

"Good training and emotional healing"

The simple country life, family life and how everyone cares for everyone. Everyone is happy and always smiling. The unlimited fresh air and green lushly rice fields, glimpse of mountain peeking out of the cotton candy-like clouds during my morning runs, nutritious and delicious meals prepared by Noi, the many excursion out of the retreat centre, the care and concern from Owen and Noi and their family and neighbours. The cheat-day out for Traditional Thai Mookata dinner. So yummy and so good. The home grown fruits and foods the neighbours shared with me. Everything is great at the retreat. Just open your mouth to ask for what you would like and all will be settled. The gym did a very good job to cater to people with different levels of Muay Thai trainings. There's a lot of dogs. My favourite is Max, Noi's dog. I overcame my fear of dog.:) my first memorable solo trip. So glad i did this. Will definitely be back!

Ella Louise Lee Hoareau

from Japan, September 2017

"1 week Muay Thai/Boxing camp"

Everything! I arrived at Battle Conquer wanting to focus on Western Boxing (as I had done a tiny bit in the past) & Owen was able to tailor my week to fit this goal. Group sizes were small - never more than 3 fighters people to two instructors.

I arrived slightly nervous, as a lone 20yo female traveller, however Owen and Noi soon made me feel so welcome and at home! The gym is small and family run - started by Noi's father - and the constant presence of family makes the whole experience not only unintimidating (unlike other commercial Muay Thai camps), but so warm and lovely.

Training took place in the early mornings and evenings (this was also flexible - and was made more/less frequent depending on how sore I was!), and during the day Noi and Owen kindly took me to see/experience various things around Petchabun - as a Thai district that isn't frequented by Western travellers, this was a really cool 'off the beaten track' way to sightsee. We also did non-sightseeing activities (such as meditating with a Buddhist monk in a tiny temple) and eating at a proper Thai barbecue that meant that I was able to experience the 'actually Thai' side of Thailand and this made my trip truly special.

The camp is surrounded by gorgeous family owned farmland, and the accommodation is clean and well maintained and Noi's cooking is incredible! I cannot recommend Battle Conquer Gym enough.

Axelle Covemacker

from France, February 2018


The room are awesome , the cooking is really tasty. I have spend 2 months and want to stay more. The trainers are so good. Thanks lam , M , hoff , bang , i was so happy to train with you. I lost 10kg and feel so strong. Noy manage this place with a kindness and a great smile. I will definitly come back.


from New Zealand, December 2017

"Amazing! "

One week of hard training was worth every single sweating second. Very very sad to leave this place and would have loved to stay longer. Especially fell in love with the incredible lovely family staff, the location in the fields, trips with other boxing mates and the great variable food Noi made! I didn't have any expectations and got the most out of it! I became fitter and stronger plus more energy than ever!

Testimonials (4)

Matthew Gray

Battle Conquer Gym Facebook page

This is the gym to be at - amazing location. Amazing trainers - can't get any better to be honest - you will reach your true potential here garuenteed

Shannon Janice Kelly

Battle Conquer Gym Facebook page

Amazing place to experience real Thailand and real Muay Thai, feel instantly accepted into the family run gym, never have to worry about food as it is all cooked for me on sight with good quality accommodation. Beautiful surroundings

Ben Shchigel

Battle Conquer Gym Facebook page

Great gym that caters to all levels of muay thai, also great strength and conditioning! Love it here and highly recommend

Sarah Jane Hackett

Battle Conquer Gym Facebook page

Amazing location and incredible trainers. Definitely the place to go. Noi's cooking is the best. Loved it there.

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