Muay Thai Battle Conquer camp is a traditional family-run Muay Thai, detox, weight loss, and yoga training camp set in beautiful rural , Phetchabun, Thailand.

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from Netherlands, September 2021

"Great experience, great result!!!"

The minute I set foot on the grounds of Battle Conquer Gym, Noi and her family took care of me right away. Noi’s English is formidable, so it’s very easy to communicate. They will go out of their way to help you realize your goal!

I’ve stayed for 2 months and I couldn’t wish for a better result. I’ve lost over 15kg and I am a LOT fitter. After the first week I could already feel my body becoming tighter. I’d recommend this to literally everyone who is looking to take a break, de-stress and re-energize. Take a three week holiday: two weeks to work out and one week to go to one of the beautiful beaches. I guarantee you will come back happy and fully refreshed!

I never had any experience in martial arts and I wasn’t fit at all. That doesn’t matter. Their training will be designed to your level and requirements (which could also be becoming a professional fighter!).

In the area you can find local shops, and a large Tesco 10 minutes away where you can buy literally anything you need. So no need to bring unnecessary stuff on your trip. Do make sure you bring what is advised, like sportswear, etc.

The rooms are cleaned every day. Your bed will be made, with freshly washed towels folded on top.

You’ll be served home cooked Thai food for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it’s absolutely DELICIOUS. They cook the food themselves and if you have a specific diet or allergies, just mention it!

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Joe Fawcett

from Great Britain, February 2019

"A must see place for anyone life changing "

Loved everything all the excursions made it that much better to

Marialaura Lui

from Singapore, November 2018

"Wonderful Reset for Body, Heart, and Mind"

I arrived here with no fitness level and no experience in boxing or Muay Thai. After two months, I have learnt more than I could ever have expected. The group sessions are catered to different skill levels and apply to beginners, but do expect a serious workout every time! The trainers have a wicked sense of humour that help ease the suffering of burning muscles :) You also have the options of yoga and hikes to balance out a heavy day of training, as well as the pool in town.

I would absolutely recommend taking one-on-one sessions. I worked with Coach Lewis who not only teaches you how to box, but also takes the time to study your style of movement and adapt boxing methods that best suit you personally. He sits down with you and breaks down why you do what you do in the ring. I can honestly say that my newfound love and respect for the art is largely due to his coaching.

If it hasn't come across in this review, the most memorable aspect of this camp is definitely the people (both staff and guests). All the ladies in the kitchen and on camp are lovely... always willing to teach you new Thai words :) The yoga teachers Benita and Natasha go out of their way to ensure that you're cared for in their sessions. What the Thai trainers can't explain in English they will demonstrate over and over again until you understand. Lucy the manager works insanely hard to see that everything runs smoothly in your stay, always with a smile that makes your day. Coming out here was

Louise Stout

from Thailand, August 2020

"An invigorating taste of Thailand!"

If you want to learn new skills, develop your strength and stamina, and meet some wonderful Thai people, this is the place for you. It was tough going, with 4 hours of training and an hour of yoga each day, but the instructors helped to keep it fun and motivating. The camp is well set up, with private rooms, an eating area and a well-resourced gym and yoga area. As well as activities on camp, there were excursions to local areas including a beautiful jungle hike, a steep buddha run and an inspirational meeting with a Buddhist monk. I highly recommend this retreat ;-)

Amy Bunnell

from Thailand, July 2020

"Fitness and relaxation in a stunning nature setting"

Noi and the team were extremely welcoming and went out of their way to ensure my stay was fantastic. Alongside the fitness training and yoga, also had the opportunity to visit the abundance of local attractions. Noi's cooking is not to be missed!

Judy Chen

from Taiwan, March 2020

"Fun yet intense "

The food was really good. The ladies are great I. The kitchen and June is of really great assistance. Willing to go the extra mile.

The positivity are the campers and the trainers , they do make it fun and are really experienced in training beginners

Cinda Kassinen

from Canada, March 2020

"28 day wellness package "

The staff, trainers, yoga instructors, all so helpful, kind, friendly and very knowledgeable.

The food is delicious and healthy.

The accommodations are clean and adequate.

The location is spectacular.

All the outings were amazing.

All the guests were like family.

This is an amazing place and I highly recommend it.

I am feeling stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve lost weight and inches and developed a love for Maui Thai and yoga.

Cambell Downie

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Will return"

Had a great time at the gym would love to return. All the members of staff and people who come to the camp are so welcoming- you will have a great time!

Daniel Lüthy

from Switzerland, February 2020

"21 days muay thai wellness package"

i really like the area outside from the camp, it’s quite and you can concentrate on you’re training. The trainers are really nice and give you the feeling that you are part of the family.

the food is amazing, you even have vegan food.

Janice Ouellette

from Canada, February 2020

"Wonderful Stay"

I arrived at Battle Conquer to get in shape, relax, get my sleep pattern back to normal and to hopefully lose some weight!! Battle Conquer did all of these things for it and it was fun!!! Both the yoga and muay thai instructors were fantastic, the outings were fun, food delicious...overall, a fabulous trip.

Rayna Mckellar

from New Zealand, February 2020

"Amazing time spent at Battle Conquer "

Everything from the food, accommodation, trainers, Muay Thai, Boxing, Yoga, Crossfit, Daily outings and most importantly the amazing new people I met that I can now call friends, farrrr exceeded my expectations. Such a challenging yet rejuvenating month I spent on camp at battle conquer gym !

I left feeling healthy, energetic and 5 Kilos lighter :)


from Germany, February 2020

"Awesome sports-retreat"

The hospitality of this camp is amazing. I felt part of this family from the monument I entered.

The exercises are challenging, but it is amazing to see what happens to your body in only two weeks.

Robert Hazewindus

from Netherlands, February 2020

"Unique systems that build results"

Combat Conqueror was my 2nd “all inclusive” get fit camp I visited and I was impressed by the unique systems they build to create results.

My goal was to reset myself and to get back into a healthy routine while trying to keep my company running from abroad during low season so good WIFI is a must. During my stay here I lost some bad habits and some kilos of fat and created some good habits. My energy is way higher, I am happier and I was able to run my company with the good WIFI. So, mission accomplished!

As for the accommodation on the camp, you will have a simple private lodge with a bathroom and a small desk. Although the airco and WIFI works very well and since I personally do not need so much, I was happy to be there.

Camp life is great, there are many likeminded people, although I felt that there where so many that I was not able to connect on a deeper level with someone since the many faces distracted me.

The food is good with also options for vegan or raw detox, I would really recommend the raw detox for a couple of days. It tests you and I noticed that I started to prefer vegan on multiple occasions.

The variation of activities is huge so you can always decide on something based on your energy like yoga, Muay Thai, pilates or visit a temple or other activity in the area.

Sam Smith

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Life changing experience ❤️"

I booked the muay Thai package for a month and loved every minute off it. I booked this as a retreat and It ticked every box for me, The muay Thai was a great experience and a great way off transforming your body. The trainer's were enfusiastic and so much fun. There is a gym also if you wanted to get fit in your own time. I was a fan of the yoga and the meditation great way to relax and reset your body and mind. The food was amazing big portions and all freshly picked from the camp or brought from the local market. I Recommend booking battle conquer, i can't wait to come back next year.

Samantha Mcgregor

from China, February 2020

"This was by far one of the most incredible experiences"

The support from instructors and management each step of the way. Regardless of age or experience i found that each person was treated individually. While i was there many people came and went so i was able to witness first hand how training was varied for new, intermediate and advanced athletes. Each person was supported and pushed in their own unique way depending on character etc. It is not easy to do this with such different personalities. But this team of professionals were able to do it incredibly well.

The food is FANTASTIC and always easily available and suitable for different diatry needs (vegan included). The nutrition is well suited to achieving the desired results while being very tasty and intresting. I will DEFINATLY miss the evening soup and the Thai home made sauces!

Accommodation (I stayed on camp AND hotel) is more than reasonable. Personally the camp is better just because you can roll out of bed and go train instead of waiting for shuttles. The shuttles are relativly often and ALWAYS punctual so hotel living is still great. Both offer clean and well serviced rooms as well as affordable and fast laundry services.

Daily routine is clearly communicated each day in the cafe and if there is any uncertainty we can always easily contact management for a swift and helpful response.

My own personal progress was more than what I had aimed for and I find myself leaving more energised and motivated than ever.

Alva Enoksson

from Thailand, February 2020

"So much more than a fitness retreat"

From my arrival onwards I was welcomed with open arms by Lucy and Mike, who introduced me very thoroughly about my options based on what aims I had in line with my stay (weightloss and increase my fitness). Even though weightloss is your aim noone forces you to follow a certain diet, however, it is easy to follow the raw diet for some Days in the beginning and with the options of cardio training twice a day (muaythai and other options) and daily yoga weightloss and a general feeling of weel-being is easily achieved already after some days. AND THE BEST ABOUT IT: it doesn't feel hard.

not just the incredibly nice and professional instructors make the exercising fun but also the other participants. During my stay the Group of maybe 40 ppl. consistet of a fun bunch of solo-travellers who were kind and nice from day 1 and I always found a partner in crime to kept me going, no matter if it was during the warm-up run or staying "alive" during the muay-thai "bag-drills".

Maybe so general side info:

the food was AMAZING!

I took part in some of the afternoon tours and activities and all of them were very nice.

I stayed not on campsite but in the hotel and cannot complain; pick-ups of the shuttle worked smoothly.

And a very subjective PLUS: I took the bus back to Bangkok at 00:40AM(!) and a tuktuk-driver brought me there in time! Thanks for that.

Thanks to Pau and Noi for being so welcoming!

Petra Jaspers-bedford

from New Zealand, February 2020

"Great retreat in rural Thailand"

Very well organised retreat in rural Thailand. I was there to lose weight and improve my fitness. I managed to lose 4kgs in 2 weeks and 10cm from my waist by eating well and attending the classes offered. I enjoyed the food (chicken, veggies, omelettes, soups) and it was easy to eat well. The accomodation was basic but everything you needed (hot water, aircon). I appreciated the variety in the schedule, some yoga, Aqua, cross fit, hiking as well as Muay Thai.

Zuber Nosimohomed

from Great Britain, February 2020

"Great place to live healthily and switch off"

Location was great, in rural Thailand. Everything was well thought out and catered for. Trainers were very good, adapting for all levels (I was a complete beginner). Got what I wanted out of it, to train, eat healthily and switch off from the world for some days


from Germany, February 2020

"Perfect active holiday"

Trainers were awesome, training was hard but always fun. Good combination of Muay Thai and other activities, lot of things you can choose from. Loved that there were people from all around world with different backgrounds and fitness levels, and also liked the location away from big cities. All practicalities worked perfectly including the transports, introductions etc. and staying at camp was very convenient.

Jules Bernaerts

from Netherlands, January 2020

Rural (no distractions), good vibe and energy, fun but good technical trainers (1-on-1 sessions possible), healthy food, great Thai / oil massages, Yoga,

Anastasia Popova

from Russia, January 2020

I loved the training and the crowd. Yo is an excellent trainer, and I can only rate him since I was doing western boxing, and the rest of the guys were muay thai. Yoga was great, too. And I've met a bunch of real cool people. Wasn't the purpose, but happy with the outcome anyway.


from Thailand, January 2020

"Interesting experience at rural Thailand "

Instructors and staff were very friendly and in good quality.

Excursion activities at rural Thailand were very new to me.

I found Muay Thai is very different from any of our martial arts and it was inspiring for me.


from Great Britain, January 2020


The atmosphere was really positive. Becky the yoga instructor was great. It was a marvellous kick start to the new year- thankyou.

Amanda Coyle

from Australia, January 2020


I loved this experience! I’ve never done anything like this before and felt right at home. I got wonderful instruction from Muay Thai to yoga. From beginners to advanced, this spot can be great for anyone.

Jeannette Angama

from France, January 2020

"I recommend this retreat"

Warm welcome from Charlotte and Axelle. Really did appreciate Becky, Alla and Sylvia’s classes. Nice staff, food was delicious


from Hong Kong, January 2020

"Great experience! "

When you are at Battle Conquer, you will feel welcomed and find yourself surrounded by like minded friendly people! They offer a variety of yoga, excursions during down time and intense Muay Thai sessions! The accommodations are very basic but it has everything you need. Cold showers if you stay on camp but it’s doable and quite refreshing after a hard workout!

The food was Ok - cooked fresh by the lovely ladies at the cafe on camp. Not much variety (chicken veggies and rice most meals) but still good!


from Germany, January 2020

"Nice environment, friendly people, busy day schedule "

Benevolent, courteous staff and instructors, nature . Professional classes and trainers. Good food .


from Germany, December 2019

"Great experience - exactly what I was looking for! "

The camp was an overall great experience. I got to meet amazing people in the middle of nowhere in very basic yet completely sufficient souroundings and infrastructure.

The training was very good and anyone taking it halfway serious made major improvements. The ratio of trainers to athletes was never more than 3 athletes to a coach in any given Muay Thai Session. It is very beginner friendly but also challenges experienced athletes and fighters. Some of the trainers are literally world class coaches and all of them provide different insights and techniques to make every session worth it.

I very highly recommend this camp for overall fitness and Muay Thai or Boxing. If your focus is on wellness or Yoga, this is maybe not the best choice, even though the Yoga teachers we had were great people and very capable teachers. I simply think the camps focus is not on these two things, but they are rather complimentary to the overall experience and do well in such a role.


from Australia, December 2019

"Best 2 weeks! "

I loved absolutely everything; you get exactly what you sign up for! I love the food, accommodation and especially how the trainers take you in as one of their own from day one!

They really make you work; no more excuses! They push you to be the best you can be, and I cannot thank them enough for this!

The timetable is very well organised and there is alternatives in place for any missed transport/meals or activities!


from Austria, December 2019

"Had an amazing time!"

I’ll be back! Enjoyed every minute:)

Camila Masetti

from France, December 2019

"Awesome mind and body retreat experience"

Training and trainers were great.

People are generally very nice in Thailand :)

Accomodations were clean.

I really liked getting to know the locals and having my routine : training/ eat/ massage/ city/ training/ eat/ hang/ sleep.

Everything is easy and you have the flexibility to change your schedule or go your own way.

Rural landscape was very nice.

We even had the opportunity to go see a muay thai competition at a fair.

I recommend. And will maybe go back again next year.


from Netherlands, December 2019

"Next time I'd stay longer"

The well put together weekly schedule. There was so much today and you could make it as challenging as you wanted and there was still room to chill in between the workouts/activities and explore on your own by bike/scooter. I also really liked the alternative workouts to take a little break from the muay thai sometimes. The camp is set up really well and everyone - both all the people working there & other trainees - is very welcoming and open!


from United Arab Emirates, December 2019

"Feel stronger than ever"

I'm talking physical and mental strength.

The 7-day wellness package engaged me into Muay Thai, yoga, guided meditation, hiking, temple visits and other fun fitness activities every single day - deliciously healthy Thai meals are a PLUS! I opted in for the 5-day raw detox and lost 3kg in a week.

As for accommodation, I reckon you choose the lodge versus hotel so you'll have easy access to the yoga shala and gym facilities. The camp's located deep into a vast farmland so prepare to be lovestruck by nature's finest every day. Rooms look exactly as the photos, and Wi-Fi's surprisingly fast.

My favourite part? The people (and lovely dogs). I'm talking about everyone in the camp... from the like-minded souls you'll meet, to the very hospitable on-site team and trainers!

Big shoutout to Lucy, Sarah, Charlotte, Fon (aka FUN), Khun Pau, Khun Noi and the WARMEST HUG to the awesome-est yoga teachers Paul and Katje. I'm in love with yoga, thanks to you. Y'all changed my life, you have no idea!

I definitely shall return ❤

Elle Heaton

from United States, December 2019

"Not as expected "

Not at all as expected. This place isn’t really set up for a raw vegan detox and yoga retreat. It’s 100% Muay Thai Boot camp which is fine, I just didn’t book that experience, I booked a raw vegan detox yoga retreat. I feel they need to do quite a bit more research into what a true raw vegan detox yoga retreat is before offering it because they are way off. I really didn’t enjoy my experience here simply because it wasn’t what I booked. They are set up very well for Muay Thai boot camp and people who eat a non-vegan cooked diet and I have nothing bad to say about that whatsoever. The staff is pretty helpful but it seems they are under staffed because they are really too busy to give much of their attention to any given issue.

Cecile Lacroute

from France, November 2019

"Amazing discovery !"

I had a very warm welcome at Battle Conquer n'y Charlotte and Lucy. The location in the countryside allows to discover inland..I came for yoga and I have discovered Muay Tai, a very intense and complete sport ! All the instructors have been very professional, friendly and interesting. A special.thanks to Katja and Paul for their good vibes .

The food is absolutely delicious !!

Great expérience !

Nicki Davis

from Great Britain, November 2019

I was at Battle Conquer for 2 weeks on the Wellness package and left feeling restored and rejuvenated.

The location is remote and beautiful, the people were friendly and welcoming, and the balance of training with rest & relaxation was perfect for me. Muay Thai and yoga sessions are excellent, and the trips to temples, lakes and into town for massages all added to a great all-round experience. The food was delicious and plentiful.

Thanks everyone at Battle Conquer for a wonderful time - wish I could have stayed for longer.

Olena Romanets

from Netherlands, November 2019

"Fantastic experience during the 12-days Wellness program"

I enjoyed everything about the camp. First of all, Muay Thai classes were really good, with fantastic instructors who make the classes suitable for all levels. The atmosphere during the classes is fun, cheerful and playful, while the workouts are challenging. I loved the way the instuctors interract with the students, very friendy, giving corrrections, challenging everyone and being very respectful. The one to one sessions were great as well, those are really good to improve the technique.

Yoga and meditation sessions were just amazing, thanks to professional instructors. It was really good to do those apart from the Muay Thai lessons, they bring the mind and body to the balance. They are fun even for a very unflexible person like me :D

I enjoyed visits to the temples and nature, those were super relaxing and interesting, it was good to leave the camp and explore the surroundings.

Also totally loved the food, very tasty and it was possible to have as much as desired, - really important to fuel your body after the workouts.

I enjoyed how the whole program is organized, - a lot of activities, alternative sessions, pick-ups from/to hotel and massage place in the city.

Marc Lüthi

from Switzerland, November 2019

"Great experience..."

Great stay with awesome people and delicious food;)

Samantha Lin

from Hong Kong, October 2019

"Definitely coming back for more :)"

Incredible experience to say the least.

From start to finish, all questions and requests were addressed just about immediately. Every staff on camp have high spirited attitude - infectious really :) Jokers!

Training was well organized - Option for double MT sessions in a day, yoga for restorative purposes & excursions if you're looking to just have a bit of fun!

Facilities are basic and rooms on camp on have cold water and can be a bit noisy if you're in the rooms by the gym. But guess what - THAT MEANS YOU WON'T MISS TRAINING!!!

I struggled with no eating extra plates as the food was delicious but to each's own! The raw diet did not have enough calories for me so I added on protein for my personal training goals.

100000000000% COMING BACK! Thanks Battle Conquer for my exceptional experience <3


from Great Britain, October 2019

"2 weeks wellness package "

The whole experience was a chance to get away from a busy lifestyle and kick start healthy living. Most people were in same boat travelling alone and everyone was really nice and welcoming.

The Muay Thai is really hard work but the trainers are great to show you what to do if you haven’t done it before. The trainers are all really fun and push you to do your best.

The yogis are also great for the wellness side of the package and the yoga classes were suitable for all levels. Paul and Katiya were amazing and really made everyone feel comfortable and included in the sessions.

Lucy who runs the camp was also great and there to help out with any queries. I would come back when I have the chance!

Gillian Wourms

from Canada, October 2019

"Beautiful New Home"

A comfortable, quiet, family run business that I was blessed to feel a part of ❤️ The yoga training was a very integral part of my personal wellness journey at Battle Conquer gym, and I appreciated learning many lessons from the yoga instructors. I found the Muay Thai training refreshingly challenging and the trainers are always willing to push you to your limit, while making you laugh and keeping you in an upbeat, motivated head space. You are able to be fully immersed in the Thai culture here as you get to know and be a part of the family here. There is a variety in the foods and you’ll be able to try many different authentic Thai cuisines throughout your stay. The ladies in the kitchen are flexible and will give you extra of the foods they know you like, and are so completely sweet. The people here in general are just so lovely and welcoming and kind. The location of camp is nestled in a very private quaint area, where there aren’t many other tourists around whatsoever. However, out at camp you will be surrounded by supportive like minded individuals attending the camp from all around the world. And if you’re travelling alone as I was- no problem because you’ll meet many wonderful people 😊.

Gregory Thompson

from Indonesia, October 2019

Love everything... my wife and came with no expectations. I didnt plan on doing miay thai boxing.... but loved it and did two a day for a week.. my wife loved the yoga and exursions.

Im planning on coming back for two months next year

John Stewart

from United States, October 2019

"Muy Thai training and see the sights! "

Loved being able to train super hard in the morning and then enjoying a cool outing planned by the gym in the afternoon! It made for a very fun and fulfilling trip experience!

Russell Sousa

from United States, October 2019

Battle Conquer was amazing. I had never been out of the country before but everyone at Battle conquer made me feel at home. You end up with another family with all of the people you meet.

The training was some of the best i've ever done. it is very technical and informative, but the trainers also make it fun. If weight loss is your goal this place is for you. While I was at Battle Conquer I lost 33lbs(15kg) over the 3 months i was there.

Thank you Lucy, Charlotte, Noi and all the trainers.

Aileen Warren

from Great Britain, October 2019

"My retreat sept 2019"

I liked the yoga classes ,the friendly staff,the hikes and the swimming pool the food was lovely if a little limited

Adam Szkopp

from Maldives, October 2019


Excellent stay, I booked 21 days wellness package.

Everything from the room, staff, cleaning, food, excursions and of course training was perfect,

I lost 8 kg and refresh my mind.

Thanks to the management and team for the perfect holiday

Osson Mccollum

from Hong Kong, September 2019

"Highly recommend! Fantastic location and activities !"

Everything was great. Location of the camp was superb away from city and out in nature.

Muy thai training was intense and enjoyable!

The yoga meditation was also fantastic !

A must visit !

Jeff G.

from Madagascar, September 2019

"Great place to get away from it all and train "

- gym always clean and not smelly

- trainers adapt to each level and personal goals

- great athmisphere / mindset in the gym

- amazing yoga teachers, which complement well muay thai

- Many activities to do if you want culture beside training

- it's as it looks on the picture, so no surprise

- friendly athmisphere for truely all levels

- awesome to be in the middle of the fields. Such a nice place to train

Kevin Dowling

from Great Britain, September 2019


The food, the family, the location, the Thai people, the training, the activities, the trainers. The visit changed my life and I was not prepared to meet such a lovely people. If you are looking to get away from things and work on yourself, I recommend this place.

Adam Garner

from Switzerland, September 2019

"Amazing experience - best holiday I've had in years. "

Amazing experience - best holiday I've had in years.

Battle Conquer gym is an incredible place to get away, detox, relax, train, lose weight, read books, visit local temples or simply sit and stare out peacefully over the paddy fields.

Such lovely staff, managers, trainers, owners, cooks etc. that you feel like you're home within hours of arriving.

I was terrified before coming that I would be the odd one out, having let myself get out of shape in the last year. I shouldn't have worried, as the gym and the different activities cater to all needs, tastes, abilities and ambitions.

While I'm not leaving a Muay Thai boxing champion, I am leaving fitter, healthier and happier than I have been in years.

Claire Bear

from United States, September 2019

"A break away from reality"

I had a warm welcome upon my arrival. The atmosphere on the camp is open and relaxed. Within a day I already felt at home and relaxed. The accommodation on the camp is great, with air conditioning and your own bathroom and a comfy bed. The food is amazing. So many different flavours and plenty of fresh fruit after a meal.

The training is intense but everyone can join in. There is always a alternative option if you need a bit of rest, for example yoga or a walk. You can also grab a bike for free .The muay thai training has a good balance of cardio, technique and strengthening exercises and has enough variation so that even if you train twice a day it doesn't get boring. Despite it being a group lesson you still have a lot of one on one attention during the technique and pad work.

Laura Smith

from Great Britain, September 2019

"21 wellness package "

I loved everything about the trip! The staff and trainers were fantastic. I loved doing the Muay Thai and the yoga! Everyone was so welcoming and kind. The accommodation is basic but fine and I loved that it had air conditioning! It was also cleaned every day and there was a laundry service. The food was fresh and authentic. My favourite thing was making fantastic friends and having lots of new experiences!

Sam Penny

from Indonesia, September 2019

"Very Impressed!"

I met a great group of down to earth people! No one is judgemental and everyone is just here to have fun, train hard and be as healthy as possible. After staying for 3 weeks I extended my stay for two more months!

The staff are all very helpful and the instructors are on point.

I couldn't have asked for a better place to get my mind, body and soul back on the right track!

Liam O'sullivan

from Singapore, August 2019

"Battle Conquer: Simply the Best!"

I went to battle conquer gym on the muay thai package for 2 weeks. Honestly, 2 weeks was not enough. That is why I will be returning soon for 1 month next time. I had such an unbelievable experience at Battle Conquer Gym. I don't have a single negative thing to say, except that the mosquitos after dark are savage!! Bring some good repellent.

I met people here that I will never forget. I learned more than I thought I possibly could in 2 weeks. The trainers are the perfect blend of supreme experience and knowledge, teaching skill and a constant desire to laugh and have fun with their students. They do not speak a lot of english, but it was honestly never a problem for me. I was always able to communicate with them and I will miss all of their great personalities. Special shout out to Luk, absolute legend!!!

Big thanks to Lucy for always being accommodating and easy to chat to. Another big thanks to all the staff, the kitchen ladies, yoga instructors, and all the great friends I have made for making my experience such a rewarding one.


from Netherlands, August 2019

"Get in better shape and still eat incredibly good dinner. "

Did yoga every morning and that’s what i enjoyed most at the camp. You’ll get more flexible guaranteed because of the combination of doing yoga, stretching in boxingclass and some thai massages.

Monica Smithen

from United States, August 2019

"I highly recommend!"

The staff and accommodations were great! The workouts are definitely going to kick your butt into shape. The food staff creates new daily healthy menus. Cleaning staff does a great job and laundry is easy breezy. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a weight loss camp or to improve your fighting skills.

Giuliana Blom

from Norway, August 2019

"Thanks for a wonderful experience! "

I ended up at this reatreat by accident, but I'm so glad I did! I only stayed for five days, but wish I could have stayed longer. Such a loving and easygoing atmosphere, lovely people, great teachers and the wonderful site manager Lucy. I find it unique that whether you're more in to boxing or yoga you may put together a shedule suitable for you. The temple visits, jungle hike, feeding the monkeys, etc., is also a great experience, it was nice to get out off the camp sometimes. You easily get your laundry done by leaving it outside your room in the morning and you get it back fresh and clean a few hours later. Gonna miss that when I come home😅And the thai massages included in the retreat! Omg, do I need to say more. Fantastic. You really get your money worth at this retreat and I felt welcome from the very second I entered the camp. Just what I needed at the time! I recommend this retreat beyond any doubt!


from Japan, August 2019

"Amazing place with great people, trainers, and healthy foods"

No matter your skill level, Battle Conquer Gym will accommodate you and get you into shape. The trainers were wonderful and there were so many that it felt as if one was receiving a 1-on-1 session each time.

Really feels like a community of people by the end of the program. Such a great group of people in a beautiful area. Food was delicious and healthily prepared. Can’t give this gym better reviews!!

Jesse Pijpers

from Netherlands, August 2019

"Lost 5kg/10cm waist in 10days!"

Great balance between explosive Muai Thai and mindful yoga!

Ann Marie Larkin

from Cambodia, August 2019

"Outstanding experience "

What can I say. I went to Battle conquer gym with set goals in my head and I achieved everyone of them. I was on the 56 day wellness package and I loved every minute of it. The daily classes met my every need . The toughest but most enjoyable for me was the budda run.

Lou lou and Kat were excellent yoga instructors .The cross fit really push us to our limits especially pushing the truck.

Game was my one on one instructor for the Muay Thai. He always made it a very enjoyable lessons but a beast master all the same.

As for Lucy. She absolutely met every one of my needs and was very professional through out my stay and her up beat attitude was definitely infectious.

One month later I'm still in a good fitness routine from the camp.

This camp give me the drive I needed and also got me into a better eating routine. Especially after the lovely ladies who cooked us fresh meals in the cafe every day.

Thanks for giving me the kick in the ass that I needed.

Donata Valanciute

from Norway, August 2019

"Just go!"

The location is in the middle of nowhere, perfect escape with as little distractions as possible. The schedule is made to satisfy all needs. My week was- 2hrs muay thai, breakfast, yoga, 2hrs of massage or a hike then dinner and sleep. Trainers bring amazing energy and push you just enough. Food very healthy, tasty and not spicy (with an option if you like spices). I was living at the hotel and it was perfect for me with water provided every day, conditioning (essential), warm water and 7/11 if felt like having some cheat foods :D Lucie, trainers, yoga teachers all of them know what they do, felt great to be in right hands. People! It takes certain type of mindset to choose this place and everybody that i met were just amazing in their own way. That alone is worth coming back!

Suzette Graham

from United Arab Emirates, August 2019

"21 Days of Growth"

I booked the 21 day wellness package on a whim, and I was not disappointed. Battle Conquer Gym is the perfect place to detox physically, mentally and emotionally. The staff is amazing I learned how to push myself in ways I never imagined, and when I felt like giving up someone was always encouraging me along the way. I also met some amazing people who I am now proud to call friends (both guests and staff). I can't wait to come back. If you are looking for a change of lifestyle, this is a great place to get you started.

Katie Yewdall

from Great Britain, August 2019

"3 Week Stay at Battle Conquer "

I had a incredible time at Battle conquer gym this July. As an unfit girl in my 20s I was slightly apprehensive of not being fit enough for this type of retreat however they are extremely inclusive to everyone. I was able to pick and choose between activities and was given alternative exercises if I needed and by the end of my three weeks I managed double mauy thai most days which was a fantastic improvement.

The facilities are what you expect of a room in the county side in Thailand. Simple but effective, air conditioned and cleaned daily. The gym and yoga facilities are open to anyone anytime for personal use and there a few nice hangout areas around camp.

Finally the staff are fantastic, the trainers (even with limited English) make you feel incredibly welcome and are really funny, the two current yogis (yogis have 3 month rotations) were fantastic, teaching a different type of yoga each day of the week and ensuring that they kept an eye on a novice like me. Management, even though I saw them less could not be more helpful and were only ever a message away to get something sorted.

Overall, I left with new knowledge of mauy Thai and yoga, a clearer head and a highly increased fitness level which is everything I wanted.

Daniel Pérez-gil

from United States, July 2019

"Muay Thai experience"

Best two weeks of my life. The trainers and people in the camp make you feel like home. I felt like all of them were part of my family. Every single training, whether it was muy Thai or yoga was amazing. The trips that you do everyday were beautiful and you really get immersed in the local culture. The food is delicious and so Healthy! Totally recommended! No doubt

Anastasia Kolonas

from Singapore, July 2019

The people running the camp: Noi's family, the trainers, the local and foreign staff were marvellous and genuinely kind people. They were attentive to all my needs. They were incredibly friendly and were very welcoming!

Isabel Giordano

from China, July 2019

The people. It doesn't matter where you go, the people you meet are what makes or break the experience of the retreat.

Everybody was super lovely!

Molly Mcmorrow

from Myanmar [Burma], July 2019

"Amazing retreat, perfect balance of fitness and wellness"

I had an amazing time at battle conquer. I wish I could have stayed longer. I was looking for a retreat with a balance of exersise training and yoga- battle conquer provided the perfect balance between the two. I particularly liked how you could tailor your experience to fit what you wanted to get from your stay. You could choose between doing more yoga/meditation/hiking or you could opt for intense fitness training.


from Japan, July 2019

"Great experience"

・All the yoga/Muay Thai instructors were so passionate and really good at motivating me all the time

・All the staff members welcomed me in a very friendly way

・Most guests were solo travelers and it was not hard to be friends of them as everyone was so nice and positive

・The food was so fresh and delicious

・WiFi access was good


from Denmark, July 2019

Game and the wellness instructors are not options above. They were very excellent.

Crystal Edn

from United States, July 2019

"Already Looking at Return Dates!"

Words can’t do Battle Conquer justice. I stayed at camp for 2 wks on the wellness package. I had no prior boxing training, I’m slightly overweight, and 40 is a week away. At BC you’re treated like family, there’s a ton to do, and the location is breathtaking. You’ll never be bored and the trainers are super patient & incredible teachers. Easily my best ever solo vacation. I can’t wait to return!

Edward Raj

from Singapore, July 2019

"2 weeks of exhilarating experience at Battle Conquer Gym"

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Battle Conquer Gym in providing me 2 weeks of excellent training to bring up my fitness to a new high. The Muay Thai sessions were great and the trainers were technically competent and very motivating. The Cross Fit Sessions and Buddha Runs also complimented the Muay Thai training well. Yoga Teachers, Silvia and Nicole were just amazing with their passion for yoga. The food was delicious and so healthy. Charlotte and Noi were so accommodating for any request made to them. Special thanks to Lucy to make 2 weeks at Battle Conquer Gym really happen. Everything just worked like clockwork !!

Abdulla Malik

from Kuwait, July 2019

"Great experince"

Every one is welling to assist and you could see the smile everywhere . Very high Level of skills and trainers are really professionals.

Paul Gannaway

from Indonesia, July 2019



Teena George

from Singapore, July 2019

"One of the most amazing vacations ever"

I spent my two weeks vacation in Battle Conquer Gym in Phetchabun. These two weeks has been one of the most amazing times I've ever had. I was a little sceptical about travelling solo, but Lucy took care of everything in the most hospitable way. The coaches were awesome and pushed us to learn the muay thai and yoga techniques the right way. The accommodation and food were excellent. I wanted to spend my vacation eating clean and doing intense workouts. Our yoga coach Sylvia was always approached and helped me with effective stretches for injuries. This was exactly that! Thank you! I am making another trip next year.

Amanda Wong

from United States, July 2019

"Sylvia & Nicole Yoga Instructors- Jenny & Amanda Round 2"

My friend Jenny & I met in Nicaragua for a Yoga & Surf Retreat, we decided to take a trip together to both Vietnam & Thailand. We decided to look for a similar retreat while we were away, and we are so glad we found Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym. We absolutely loved the authenticity of the retreat and being able to take local tours around and be able to take in the culture and enjoy local cuisine as well. The Muay Thai trainers were awesome as well as the tip that the owner Noi had helped me with for kicking. The massage place that they partner with is amazing, they do not know much English but they were so nice and well needed.

Loren Falgate

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Fantastic! "

Battle conquer gym is a fantastic place to relax, get fit and meet amazing people! The atmosphere is like no other and we were really sad to leave! The trainers are excellent and the programme of activities daily was great. Highly recommend, can’t wait to return!

Amanda Vella

from Malta, July 2019

"It was absolutely a unique experience"

I liked the energy of the instructors , I did more Muay Thai

But all the people that work here had very good energy and motivated people to become a better version of themselves

Jennifer Westerbeck

from Germany, July 2019

"Awesome Experience reaching a whole new level of Fitness"

I was already pretty fit when I came and mainly wanted to get my mind of things. This worked out well, as the schedule is busy when you do all the activities.

The Muay Thai Trainers are great, very motivating and pushing you to the next level of Fitness. They are patient, explain the techniques of the kicks and punches and are laughing a lot. It was great fun and the best exhaustion one could wish for. Special thanks to Bey and Ball, who believed in me and really pushed me to get better every day. Also special thanks to Yo and Jad who taught me patiently the techniques. And of course many thanks to Game and Noi who organised the Gym in a perfect manner and made us happy becoming stronger every day. Also all the other teachers are great!

Yoga Teachers I experienced two and I would like to express my special thanks to Silvia who is truly amazing in her teaching style <3

The chefs cooked up a storm for us each meal. The food was so delicious, fresh and healthy. Really awesome! If you (like me) do not want to loose or gain weight, you can easily eat both meals a day + seconds + the fresh fruit offered. Also they don't have any munchies on site, so if you have a sweet tooth, there is always blissful fruit available.

And of course there is the site manager Lucy and her assistant Charlotte - both are incredibly helpful, friendly and really nice. Thank you Ladies for making my stay easy, relaxed and enjoyable. Thanks for taking care of me and everybody!


from Australia, July 2019

"Positive reset for diet and fitness"

no judgements on performance

Mariah Low

from Singapore, July 2019

"One of my most memorable holidays to date"

Everything! The food, camp, people, just the whole experience of it is simply amazing!

Lucy and her team go out of their way to make sure that you feel welcome and at home. Lots of solo travellers in camp so you will never feel alone. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming.

The food is great - it's clean and delicious. I don't have any food allergies but I understand that the kitchen ladies are great at accommodating any food preferences.

The trainers are friendly and they will push you as much as they take care of you if you're not feeling great. I had so much fun doing the Muay Thai and crossfit sessions. Please do not worry if you cannot keep up, this is not a competition to see who is the fittest. They cater to every fitness level.

Rooms are basic but spacious and clean. I stayed in camp itself so that was great because of the convenience.

The overall camp's energy is positive, great and I will definitely be back for at least a 10 day programme next time! If you're reconsidering, don't. Take out your cards and book it!

Felicity Barber

from United Arab Emirates, July 2019

"Fantastic escape"

Super friendly people, perfect atmosphere

Binh Hang

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Amazing trip"

Everything was amazing, the trainer were helpful and patient which was important as I was a complete beginner. I applaud them as English was their second language and they always tried their best to teach you new techniques. You can tell they were passionate about the sport. Everyone in the camp was really friendly, from the staff to the people who stayed at the camp/hotel. It exceeded all my expectations. I would definitely come again in the future.


from Australia, June 2019


Very good trainer

Louisa Schrammek

from Germany, June 2019

"Awesome place who people who want to change ! 💪🏻"

I loved the vibe of this camp. I was with an amazing crew . I really liked the Muay Thai training . It was super hard but the trainers were great and Pushed us through very well .

The camp is located in a really nice area and you can do lots of activities there too, such as biking , going to town, running, temples etc. Or just chill . There is something for everyone .

The accommodation is simple but good and clean . The food is just more than nice ! Everything is cooked by lovely Thai ladies who have the nicest creations.

I had a good time , So all in all I really recommend the camp ! :)

Klementina Vigoda

from Great Britain, June 2019

"As expected"

I liked everything about the camp and the people who make you feel comfortable with everything

Mina Lazic

from Serbia, June 2019

"Amazing place to be healthy and get fit quickly"

The atmosphere is very lively and positive. The workouts are great and fun and it is really easy to become fit and healthy quickly.

Darren Tindall

from Australia, June 2019

"Total Transformation 😀"

The whole experience was excellent.I entered Battle Conquer at pretty well rock bottom I had not exercised in a long long time. I was over weight and totally unhealthy.I had never done yoga or meditation before.After 2 weeks and plenty of sweat I am confident to participate in any activitie now thanks to every person that is involved with Battle Conquer.

Also the food was totally fresh and healthy.

Thank you Darren 👍

Tim Henry

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Life changing team"

The training, the food and vibe. The trainers are knowledgeable and take time to teach technique even to someone like me who boxed for years. Also the yoga and core strength conditioning are excellent. Also sat down with a bhuddist monk that changed my life.

Alex Jackson

from Great Britain, June 2019

"excellent experience "

The trainers were awesome really made me feel welcome and loved training with them

Robert Cook

from Indonesia, June 2019

"Our Muay Thai challenge"

The training sessions and the trainers were awesome. The food was fresh, plenty and delicious. The grounds were great. Staff were lovely.

Christina Steiner

from Vietnam, May 2019

"Unforgetable experience"

I just fell in love with this place (the staff/people, food, muay thai, yoga...)

Kerryn Watson

from Australia, May 2019

"Loved it - would go again"

A really friendly well organised place to go. A break from the real world. That being said the wifi is excellent and you can still get work done if you need to.

James Rood

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Western boxing"

I had a great time at the camp the facility is well run (see Lucy) and the yoga and Thai boxing is first class.

Patricia Vicente

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Great program, highly recommend it"

I liked everything about this camp. The daily training sessions were well organised followed but a healthy nutritious breakfast. Then yoga, which I enjoyed very much. All trainers and staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating. Always smiling 😃 The trips were really fun. I loved the fact that a trainer or two were always with us, which made it feel like we were part of a big family. During my stay I had the chance to attend a fight night at a local site. The night was a special as one of the guys at camp was fighting. The whole camp went, was an awesome night! I truly enjoyed every second I was there and the whole program was just excellent, real fun. I met really nice and cool people. A great collection of memories 👍

Erin Simpson

from Great Britain, May 2019

Absolutely loved my 2 week stay here! Found this place after searching online for a while and looking through various other Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, and chose it because of its remote location. It completely exceeded my expectations! The camp programme is really well run, and you can dip in and out of activities doings much or as little as you want. All of the trainers are fab!! Having never done Muay Thai myself before I was a little apprehensive in wondering if I was going to be able to keep up etc, but the trainers take time to spend with each person 1:1 when they arrive which is really good. The training itself is quite tough to being with but you soon get into the swing of things. I particularly enjoyed the yoga classes (Lulu and Cat were brilliant- couldn't fault them!) and is great for when you're feeling a bit sore from Muay thai. Food here was lovely, the evening meals were varied and choice for vegans/veggies etc. Everyone here was lovely- it was a much needed break from life back home. Would definitely recommend here for anyone thinking of coming to Thailand. i was very sad to leave here and I will definitely be back in the future!! Thank you to everyone at Battle Conquer!

Julio Monzon

from United States, May 2019

This is the perfect spot to get fit, eat well, and set yourself up for healthy living in the future. Take it from me, it was my second year in a row here and if I don't come back again this year, you can bet that I will next year.

From the food, training, and options from wellness to high intensity workouts, it's perfect for the experienced muay thai fighter, to someone who's never done it wants to learn. The atmosphere here is very welcoming and you make some great connections with the other members too.


from United States, May 2019

I’ve spent the past three weeks at Battle Conquer Gym. Set in rural Thailand, it is absolutely an off the beaten track escape from the business of everyday life. The site Manager, Lucy, her assistant Charlotte, the Yoga instructors Cat and LuLu, Pau and all of the family here have been so heart warming and welcoming to me during my stay here. The community here truly becomes your family and home away from home, making friends and memories with people from all over the world. The workouts are intense and you will learn so much from the fun, friendly, and hilarious trainers, all ex or current Thai fighters. The outings to temples, hikes through national parks, and journeys into town for a Thai massage and a coffee from Sucre cafe keep the days new and interesting! I definitely recommend Battle Conquer to anyone of any age who is interested in getting fit and enjoying a healthy lifestyle off the beaten path.

Erika Pauliukeviciute

from Thailand, May 2019

"Experience at Battle Conquer Camp"

I really like the vibe here. It is a peaceful environment with a lot of wonderful and ready to train people. Also, the coaches are ready to torture and really push you to your limits. Food is great as well, quite big portions and you can always find something to eat or snack. Very flexible schedule and in general I really enjoy my time here.

Adriano Artini

from Australia, May 2019

"An Experience of a Lifetime "

Everything about Battle Conquer had exceeded my expectations.

The food is amazing, the Muay Thai trainers are fun, patient and challenge you.

The yoga and meditation sessions were a great way to centre yourself and relax.

There is no pressure to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing and everyone makes you feel like you’re welcome at Battle Conquer.

The place has such a great vibe to it and the only regret I have is not staying longer.

Will most definitely be coming back and couldn’t recommend going there enough.

Joe Bethell

from Great Britain, May 2019

"Fitness & Muay Thai package "

Came here to improve my Muay Thai, which was achieved within the first few sessions. Got to experience the Thai culture, learnt a lot, saw a lot, and met great people from all over.

Theo Mudiliyar

from South Africa, May 2019

"An outstanding experience"

Everything was amazing!!! From the staff to the food to the accomation as well as the tours and the training to the yoga. I would definitly be back. I would recomend this to anyone that wants to get away from the normal stressful life or gain fitness or lose weight or just want to have some fun.

Victor Hedlund

from Sweden, May 2019

"It is what you expect it to be "

The descriptions of Battle Conquer Gym as a jungle-fighting-camp really describes it very well. You live a 5 hour drive outside of Bangkok and the nearest town from the camp is about a 15 min car ride. The life at the camp is free from distractions of a modern city which makes focussing on training Muay Thai, doing yoga, going on the organized trips and enjoying all these activities with you fellow camp friends so much easier and fun.

In my opinion have they nevertheless kept the most important qualities of a modern city for the purposes of having a comfortable stay. For example do they have a solid WiFi, enough food to keep you energized and full even though you train 4 hours a day and a fully working air conditioning in each bedroom.

My stay lasted for 1 month and I am really satisfied. Everyone who works there, Lucy, the trainers, the trip organizers, the cooks, and the maintainers; everyone really treats everyone with respect and kindness. If you need help with something, maybe finding a buss ticket to Bangkok or just wanting an extra plate of food before or after food hours they will always help you with the longest extent or their ability.


from Ethiopia, May 2019

"great experience"

A good way to switch off and focus on just training. Location is good, quite far from temptations. Food is great - the kitchen ladies are the loveliest. The facilities are not luxurious, you should not expect anything fancy, it's a rural setting with all what that comes with (some insects, heat etc..) but that's part of the switch off. I do wish if the mattresses were better though. Any issues you have are swiftly dealt with, so just speak up. The people you will meet there are amazing too.

The training is very good - some of the trainers are not as helpful as others though (for an out of shape beginner at least), but you manage your way through it after a week or so. And the level of English is a bit frustrating when things are not going well. Some consistency/process would improve the experience a lot especially for beginners.

All in all, a very positive experience and I would come back - Mozafar

Christina Torbey

from Canada, May 2019

"Amazing stay!"

I had been looking to a fitness retreat, and this was all around the perfect fit. You can come with any and all experience and they will change up their way of teaching to suit you best. I had a lot of anxiety before coming as I have never fully solo travelled before but once I got on camp, the other campers are super friendly and you will soon find yourself comfortable. The accommodations are nice, I really recommend staying on camp if you have the choice. It’s much more convenient. Food was great, didn’t get too bored of anything. If the food doesn’t suit you, there is a huge grocery store that you can easily buy your own food. The training is hard but very doable, and I found myself getting stronger each week. Ended up losing 15lbs and 13inches in the month I was there. Everybody was incredibly friendly and I made some really amazing friends. Don’t hesitate to book, you will love it!

Sophia Ruiz

from Canada, May 2019

"Strengthening Body and Mind"

Wow! I had an excellent experience at Battle Conquer Gym! The trainers pushed you mentally and physically in all the right ways, truly surpassing any obstacles you may have imagined or imposed on yourself. The food was authentic and delicious and the portions are beyond generous! The location provides a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing you to immerse yourself in absolute relaxation!

Alexey Borisenko

from Thailand, May 2019

"Away from the hustle training camp"

The camp has everything you need onsite, so there's little need to go outside of it. Food is included and is served twice a day, and if you're hungry there's almost always leftovers to be had. The community is very positive and makes the gym - people from all backgrounds and ages sharing similar goals of just improving themselves. Training is hard, but at the end of the day rewarding.

James Langham

from Australia, April 2019

"Great Boxing instructors "

While at camp I focused on western boxing training and had 1on1 training sessions with both Yo and Beer. Both boxing champions who focused on different attributes of boxing.

Yo was great for technique and proper punching form.

Beer was great for combinations, footwork and defence.

All round great teachers to learn from.

I came away feeling I had learnt a lot in a short period of time.

Andres Lanz

from Cambodia, April 2019

"Awesome experience"

This is an awesome place! I only spent one week and it passed by way too quick. If you are looking for a Muay Thai experience away from touristy Thailand, this is the place to go. I’m a complete beginner in the sport but the Thai trainers really take care irrespective of your level and clearly love to teach their passion to even beginners like me. They make you work hard but also understand if you’re missing out a session as besides the Muay Thai, there’s been plenty of other stuff to do (hikes, yoga, meditation etc.) and the food is excellent home cooked Thai food. I stayed on the camp itself where accommodation is simple, but perfectly adequate. I can seriously recommend this place whatever level you are.

Andrin Padun

from United States, April 2019

"A once in a lifetime experience"

Everything. The training was hard but also a lot of fun, the trainers push you everyday and really want you to improve in every training session. The food is varied and the kitchen staff is very freindly and helpful. There are a lot of things to do so you are never bored but also have time to relax. It was a great experience for me outside of the comfort zone. I liked every second of it!! Big thanks to Lucy and the whole team, you are doing a fantastic job!!

Fareeha Shareef

from Maldives, April 2019

"Treat for the body and mind"

This camp was exactly what I needed. I wanted to get away for a while, gain some skills in boxing and generally get fitter. I signed up for the Muaythai package for 4 weeks.

Training: training classes were twice a day and 2hrs each - there was an alternative activity if you wanted to skip a session like crossfit or a hike - but I took the sessions. Each was a well planned session with a 30 min warm up. Some shadow boxing, 3 rounds with a trainer 3 rounds free style, core strengthing exercises and stretching at the beginning and end of each session. The first few days they separated the new participants and trained them separately on technique which really helps. Even if you are a beginner, or a pro these sessions are good because you can adjust it to your level with the trainers. Each trainer has his own style but they are all good and fun to work with. I also took one-on-one sessions with trainers which tend to be more focused and helped me with getting the technique and speed training that I really wanted.

Food: we were served a "westernized" version of Thai food- which basically means its wasnt as spicy as the usual Thai food but still delicious. Breakfast and dinner were included and you could eat as much as you wanted. Usually you would not need more food for the day but if you did there was always banana or some other fruit at the canteen. I would take a ride to city mid day and have a smoothie at a Cafe in town which was always a treat.

Anouk Le Fleche

from Australia, April 2019

"Ridiculous "

Meet new people from all over the world.


from Great Britain, April 2019

the whole experience was amazing!!! nice food, the people and the environment. the camp provides various activities....muay thai, hikes, yoga and meditation.....and many more:)

Isabelle Chu

from United States, April 2019

"Beyond my expectations!"

The food was delicious, fresh and nutritious. The portions were very generous. I did the 5-day detox (only fresh fruits and vegetables with some seeds) and felt energized. The rest of my stay I enjoyed the home cooked Thai food. The yoga sessions with Donna and Chelsea were amazing: we had different styles (yin yoga was restorative, vinyasa flow was more vigorous). The Muay Thai training was amazing. The 10 coaches are all very dedicated to their task and had different ways of teaching that were complementary. The 30-minute warm-ups made me strong and fit, the boxing part was a lot of fun. As a complete beginner, I could learn the basics, especially during the one on one with a Thai coach 3 rounds each session, which really helped a lot. I enjoyed my lodge on the camp very much: simple and comfortable, with AC. The camp has very good vibes with a diverse crowd, I met very interesting and inspiring people. It has been an excellent experience. Lucy and Charlotte were very helpful to make me enjoy it to the fullest.

Keri Newman

from United States, March 2019

"Excellent Training "

I loved the training. The instructors are great! Perfect for improving technique and fitness. They push you and encourage you, which makes the training really worthwhile and interesting. They go to great lengths to help you improve technique.

I met great people, trained hard, and really didn't expect to enjoy the whole 2 weeks as much as I did. Felt stronger, fitter and healthier when I left. All the instructors, yoga teachers and everyone there makes you feel really welcome, and I wish I could have stayed longer.

Stephen Sullivan

from United States, March 2019

"8 Week Stay on Muay Thai Package"

I have no real experience in boxing or muay thai but the trainers are very good at gauging your skill level and working within it. For those of you who are hoping to push yourself though they will certainly oblige. As a fellow camper said one day, we didn't come to be tickled! I recommend trying to work with as many trainers as you can in order to find who's style meshes best with your interests and ability. One on one sessions are affordable and a great way to boost your training.

I enjoyed the food. I cannot speak for the vegetarian or vegan offerings but the meat dishes were nice. There was a change in kitchen staff towards the end of my stay and the weekly menu seemed reduced a bit but I am sure in time that will work itself out.

Philip Wünschel

from Germany, March 2019

"Loved it"

The training was fun and rewarding, the food delicious.

What makes it really great though is the people you meet there.They were all super friendly and welcoming. Socializing with these people was the best thing ever and I made friends from all over the world whose company I cherished immensely.

So no regrets.

Jose Varela

from United States, March 2019

Really enjoyed it and sorry that I couldn’t stay longer. It was a great experience and also great to have plenty of options for activities. Also great food and best ever massages. Thanks again for having me in camp as that allowed m to make the most of my short stay. Will keep an eye on the site upgrades and will definitely consider coming back in the future. Cheers Jose! Big hug for all the team x

Jessica Weber

from Germany, March 2019

"Found peace and happiness while getting into great shape :)"

I stayed at battle conquer gym for 3 weeks and had the most amazing time. I found everything I was looking for: meaningful connections with people from all over the world, especially with the funny and caring thai trainers and staff at camp, pleasure and pain (the good kind) in muay thai training, a deepening of my yoga practice, tasty food and many possibilities to explore rural thailand. To sum it up: I found peace and happiness while getting into great shape :)

I am definitely coming back for longer next time. I guess the camp will change a bit by then (e.g. a yoga studio is currently being built), I just hope that the great family vibe will stay the same.

Fabrizio Romeo

from Italy, March 2019

"Good life "

Everyday is another day in Paradise: exercise, eat, rest, exercise, eat, sleep.

Sanne Heerink

from Netherlands, February 2019

"Just do it!"

- THE TRAINERS: they are awesome and experienced fighters, learned many new cool muay thai moves - had loads of fun training with hem

- THE STAFF: camp manager Lucy goes out of your way to make sure you feel at home, yoga teachers Donna and Chelsea are awesome

- THE PROGRAM: wellness package includes massages, yoga, cross fit, hikes, meditation, trips to temples and swimming in the jungle

- THE GUESTS: feels like family, mostly solo travellers, I made great friends of all ages and nationalities

- THE FOOD: Nid and her team are great cooks, many options: vegan, veggie or meat/fish, raw food or loads of proteins. Cooking classes available.

- THE LOCATION: rural Thailand, no distractions, besides beautiful temples, jungle, lakes and National Parks


from Indonesia, February 2019

"Had an amazing time"

I spent 10 days at Battle Conquer and was there on the wellness package. I had an absolutely amazing time – it was just perfect!

I am a solo traveller and from helping with my booking arrangement and answering to answering all my questions upfront, to the entire time I have been at the camp – the team was beyond helpful and caring and really went out of their way to give me and all other guests and amazing experience and make us feel comfortable.

I have never done Muay Thai before and started at the camp and totally fell in love. The coaches really pick everyone up where they are at and I have improved so much – I could watch myself getting better and better each session.

I also enjoyed some of the Yoga and Crossfit classes, the excursions, meditation and of course the amazing massages that are included in the package.

The food has been super delicious and they also really cater for all needs (I am vegan).

So overall I can only say I had an amazing time and have left so enriched with amazing new experiences and people in my heart.

Juraj Matek

from Germany, February 2019

"The best month of my life"

I loved my experience at Battle Conquer. Simple as that.

I loved the training, the food, the people and the camp life. But I have to say that you are the creator of your own experience. Camp gives you opportunities and you chose your path.

You can train two times a day if you want to, you can fill your spare time with the amazing people in camp (again if you want to) and you can set your own goals and pursue them in your own tempo. Everybody will support you on your journey. The trainers will push you if they see your determination, the staff is there for you if you have any questions or if anything is needed.

Why was my experience so good?I came to Battle Conquer to overcome some of my fears and combine that with doing what I love. I knew that I was in there right place as soon as I arrived. I was surrounded by like minded, commited people, loving and supporting. The trainers tested me and helped me to grow and evolve as a martial artist and boy it was tough at times! But it was worth it.

Getting up in the morning, training, having breakfast, enjoying the activities around camp, training again or joining a hike, having dinner and short after that going to bed.

That was a routine that was working wonders for my mind and my body. I could focus on myself and my thoughts, set up goals (short term and long term) and work towards achieving them.

I loved the magical atmosphere around camp, the intense training, the people around me and the staff.

Veronica Cederlund

from Sweden, February 2019

The best thing about my time at camp was for sure the incredible people I met, both staff and other "fellow fighters". I also enjoyed the luxury of getting everything served and being able to just focus on me and my training. That made it so much easier to achieve my goals 🙂

Charlotte Cain

from Isle of Man, February 2019

" A truley incredible month at battle conquer gym"

I feel so blessed for such an incredible diverse experience on camp.

From Muay Thai to western boxing. yoga, meditation. Hiking, cycling, running massages fun trips out. I feel blessed to be part of an absolutely incredible month. Watching myself progress over the month feels so amazing!

I feel the fittest and strongest Iv ever been and for this boost to my new healthy fit lifestyle. The staff here at battle conquer could not be any better than what they are. There incredible humans- all of them ❤️Thank you all so much for these memories that will be cherished forever ❤️ . Highly recommend this to ANYONE for a change... or a nourishing healthylifestyle. Kop khun Ka 🙏🏽 Thank you so much. Namaste. ❤️

Liouba Raytcheva

from United States, February 2019

"An incredible experience "

My stay at Battle Conquer Gym was an incredible experience, one I would repeat. The whole camp is like one big family with a great warm atmosphere. I did the one-week Wellness Package and it wasn’t enough. I would suggest going for at least two weeks. Right from the beginning when I sent through my inquiry I got an immediate response from Lucy who helped answer all of my questions. Once I arrived, I was greeted by Donna, who did my induction and made me feel welcome. The activities offered are all great. The day starts with Muay Thai taught by talented instructors who focus on making you better. A Big shout to Yo, who helped me improve my Muay Thai skills. The Muay Thai classes were followed by yoga classes taught by Donna and Chelsey, who both have such incredible personalities. The yoga classes were tailored to all experience levels, which allows everyone to participate. Donna and Chelsey also did all of the temple visits with meditation and afternoon hikes, making them fun and entertaining. The places you visit are all unique. My only suggestion would be to make the meditations longer to allow for a deeper connection. Lastly, the food is all prepared fresh and full of flavour. I would recommend this retreat to anyone looking for a unique experience.

Anna Buglak

from China, February 2019

"Great getaway from hectic city"

Yoga retreats are quite popular now, and me not being a yogi person, so I was looking for "light" version and possibility to have access to other activities, that is stay with Muay Thai Battle Conquer Gym seemed like the best choice for me. And turned our that was a bingo!

The family running the camp is super nice and make your stay there pleasant and home-like feel, good simple home food, all days full of different activities, so you will definitely choose what you like the most.

James Reed

from United States, February 2019

"Wonderful experience!!!"

From the moment I arrived at camp I had an amazing experience. Lucy really is an amazing site manager. When I arrived my room was clean and orderly, I received a full calendar of events for the week and a tour of the camp. The best thing is that there is something for everyone at this camp. There is yoga, Muay Thai, hiking, crossfit, cooking classes, meditating, massages, temple visits and so much more!

No matter your age or fitness level, the staff will work with you to help you achieve your goals. I really enjoyed my experience, and will return in the near future

Jay Hill

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Amazing experience in every way! "

What a awesome place, there isn’t much not to like!!

- Muay Thai Training was hard but super fun made so by the awesome team of trainers they have at the camp. Shout out to Yo, Luk, Lewis & Beer who took most of my 1 on 1 sessions

- Good choice of other activities such as yoga, hikes, CrossFit, Buddha run, temple visits, cooking classes, fight nights etc

- Location is fantastic. Away from the cities and tourist spots it’s an amazing place to immerse yourself in not just the training but also the authentic Thai Culture.

- Accomdation is simple and clean. The cleaning ladies are great and do you’re laundry for you for a small fee.

- Food is delicious! Very fresh and full of flavour.

- It’s like a family here. The people are awesome. From the owners, management, trainers and staff at the camp to all the other guest staying at the camp make you feel welcome.

Would definitely recommend to all, no matter your experience or fitness level.

Going to miss everyone and everything when I do eventually leave! What an experience this has been

Radoslav Cupra

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Absolutely amazing experience, thank you Battle Conquer Gym!"

I've came to learn a little bit of Muay Thai and to experience a rural Thailand.

Achieved all of that and more. The staff is great and hard working, making sure your stay is fault less. The food is absolutely amazing! It's what you need when training hard and it's so tasty!

Additional activities are very interesting too. Yoga classes are being coached by high skilled yoga teachers. The nature around and the people in the camp! All of that, makes this experience of a lifetime!


from India, February 2019

"Incredible "

The place, People and the training. Everything was wonderful especially the guesthouse was peaceful and clean. Loved the Wellness Coaches Donna and Chelsea as they were always there if I needed something. Thanks for a wonderful stay.

Shaydel Ramajan

from Great Britain, February 2019

"Amazing time at Battle and Conquer. "

Came here for two weeks with my Uncle in January 2019.

Cannot recommend this place enough, everything was amazing including the training , yoga and day excursions.

This is more than just a Muay Thai camp, it’s a place to escape and learn the real art of Muay Thai whilst eating well, sleeping well and getting to meet awesome people from all over the world.

Big thanks to all the Muay Thai trainers , the family on camp that keep this amazing place running behind the scenes, Donna and Chelsea the yoga instructors and above all else Lucy for her 24/7 support on camp.

We will see you all again in 2020.

From Big Shay 1995 & Mark

Marleen Antonisse

from Netherlands, January 2019

I have been on the muaythai camp for a week and it was definitely too short! What a great place! I liked the boxing workouts, the mix with yoga was great. Also lovely people at the camp and I felt really at home! The quiet area and the nice and clean food made it all together as one of my best weeks! I left the camp with a clear mind, sad to leave but I will come back some day! ❤️

Gary Richards

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Perfect 👌 "

To be honest the whole experience was great for me...location, atmosphere.... food! But more than anything it was the trainers that made my Experience at battle conquer just perfect!

Judita Slepankova

from Czechia, January 2019

"Amazing experience "

I loved everything about this camp🥇🥇🥇🥇People, location, staff, activities ,,, i would recommend to everyone. Its real !!! I would like to thank you all again , It was wonderful experience and wish you all the best 👊🙏🏻🥊🥊

Radhe Dasa

from Australia, January 2019

"Preparing for 2019!!!"

I was fortunate enough to bave accommodation at camp. This was practical to do Muay Thai everyday without having to travel back to the Hotel in the morning or afternoon. It also prevented any slacking off when it came to the training.

Even though the camp is situated in the country side its not completely isolated. Around 15 minutes drive away is town. Where you will find a few Cafés, restaurants, Thai massages and a Tescos. This gave me a nice escape and recovery after a long week of training.

The organised excursions and hikes were a special surprise I didn't expect. They were fun filled with amazing sceneries. It was also so great to be able to converse with other guests in a relaxed setting not involving Beer shouting "1 minute plank".

The most unexpected and fun benefit of Battle Conquer, was meeting so many different people from across the world. In my 1 month stay in the Thai countryside I made friends for life, had priceless laughs and unforgettable memories.

But in the end, it was the staff that took care of us and treated us like family that made the stay so peaceful and simple. This allowed me to just train and concentrate on my fitness goals.

Gemma Loyer

from Australia, January 2019

"Felt like home, to me. "

Staying out at Battle Conquer Gym was a once in a life time experience, that I intend to have again!

Booking this camp was a spur of the moment choice, I had not been to a camp like this before and thus did not know what to expect. My reason for booking this camp was to get me 'fight ready' for back home in western boxing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this camp attracted people of all skill levels, right from people whom has never punched or kicked before right through to experienced fights getting ready for a fight.

What made this camp super special is that you don't step into a gym, you step into a family and a community. Living in the middle of a rural Thailand - it brings the humbleness that most people based in a big city crave. It's exactly what I needed! Bliss.

From the training perspective, there are 2 x 2 hour sessions every day except for Sunday's and if you are bored of the gym, then there are many other options like hikes and crossfit! While at camp, I did a lot of one-on-one 's with Yo, a champion boxer. He was fantastic to work with! A real asset to the team - he taught with patience! Was good at highlighting what your strengthens were and even better at highlighting what needed to be worked on (which is why we are there!).

We at camp also had the opportunity to be apart of some special community events, we were really welcomed there! Pau, father of the camp watches out for all of you and really takes care of you!


from Great Britain, January 2019

The Gym as a facility is top quality, better than expected. The location in rural northern Thailand is perfect to suit what I wanted from the experience.

The frequent excursions lead by the native Thai staff were awesome and I'm delighted that this was my first experience of Thailand.

What's also awesome is definitely mixing with other people who are all there for the same reasons, the worst thing was having to say goodbye to people that you've just gone through the experience with.

I'm the fittest and most sober I've been since 2011 - It wouldn't have been possible without having a crack at this type of thing.

Mark Kybert

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Beautiful people"

A great community of like minded people

Zara Toppin

from Great Britain, January 2019

Battle Conquer Gym is a place where tough training comes with a friendly and warm edge. The camp is relaxed and simple, with all the training- both muay thai and yoga taught to a very high level. The trainers are amazing and push you really hard, but are humorous and playful at the same time. You really look forward to the delicious food that is served afterwards. The trips out to temples, monkeys, lakes and hikes were also excellent. You can choose how much you want to partake in all the activities- there is no pressure to be involved, though you'll want to. I got my fitness back up and had a reset at the beginning of the year, meeting lots of great people from around the world and hearing lots of different stories. I wish I could have stayed longer, thank you Battle Conquer.


from Canada, January 2019

"Great experience "

Sense of community, intense training and wide range of programs and activities catering to everyone’s needs and goals..


from Hong Kong, December 2018

"It's a good place overall"

It's not compulsory to attend any class to make me no pressure to exercise here. You can do whatever you want. People are nice and food was delicious.

Chris Pidgeon

from Great Britain, December 2018

How friendly all the trainers were and all the staff were. Made the hole experience easier. The food was amazing, normally back home i would not try anything like that but here it was so nice its made me want to try new foods. All the trainers were friendly and everyone got a good one on one time with them, may have pushed you alot but thats what you signed up for. The yoga was perfect im already looking for places to start when im back home.

Sarah burns

from Myanmar [Burma], December 2018

"Review: visit for 1 week December 2018 - full package"

We were picked up easily by the taxi from our hotel in Bangkok. When we arrived we were greated by warm and friendly staff who couldn't do anything more to help us. We were, weighed in etc, had everything explained to us and then we had our 1st meal which was freshly prepared by the cook and was delicious!

Over the week I took part in all sessions - the staff were encouraging and always gave you confidence boosts but also helped to improve technique, both in the boxing and the yoga. Everyone was super friendly and couldn't be more helpful and knowledgeable. The food was amazing, the setting beautiful, accommodation clean and the whole experience gets results on your body and mind!

Eric Baldonado

from United States, December 2018

"Tremendous Experience!"

I loved this place top to bottom. The staff and people that run the place are so inviting and welcoming. They made us feel very safe.

But more so the muay thai sessions were awesome. I significantly improved my fitness level here. I pushed myself harder than ever and the environment and coaching provided by the camp facilitated that. Your schedule is really up to you there are plenty of options. I was on the muay thai 2 times a day and then 2-3 hours of massages in town to keep myself going. But I also did some yoga, saw some amazing temples, spoke with a very open and engaging monk.

The fellow guests were also great, although that part may vary, the service and care that you receive from the faces that run the place will not. The food was great and enough variety, you will not go hungry even if you are picky like me!

There was significant and visible progress daily. The coaches/trainers are great and love to have fun. I found myself joking around with them often while getting the workout of my life!

I plan on coming back and just want to thank Noi and crew. This was exactly what I needed and a life changing experience.

Oh also I booked for 1 week and after about 3 days I wanted to stay longer. I booked another week, which was definitely the correct decision.

Jen Rolfe

from Great Britain, December 2018

"Amazing experience..."

I loved the community vibe, I felt at home right away. Benita was great and showed me around and explained everything so I knew what to expect.

The food was 10/10, soo good, all of the chefs are lovely too. The Muay Thai training was really fun, it can be intense or not too difficult depending on how hard you want to work. The trainers are all awesome and great personalities, they make sure you get time with them during each session, I learned a lot.

Highly recommend to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in something different to everyday life, get fit, lose weight, make friends or improve their practice. Thank you Battle Conquer for an epic start to my travels ❤️🥊 🙏🏻

Olivia Lim

from Singapore, December 2018

"Fantastic experience "

I really enjoyed the Muay Thai and yoga training daily. Instructors and staff were friendly and awesome, the community at the camp was fantastic and there were plenty of other activities to keep you occupied.

I'd recommend staying at the camp as it is much more convenient

Leanne Buzza

from Great Britain, December 2018

"A week too short!"

I enjoyed every minute! All instructors were amazing and so knowledgeable. Always had time for questions and were just so informative. I felt like Tash was just like one of my mates from back home with so much inspiring energy, and Pau was so kind and motivating.

The food was amazing. The Muay Thai training was perfect and they really worked hard to get my kicks right, even with the language barrier it was a fun experience and I got what I wanted from it. I will be back next year, with the potential to train for a fight 🤷🏼‍♀️ or maybe just a figure show depending how brave I am!

Kevin Bertschi

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Awsome place to stay"

I had a great time here for my 3 months stay!

Food was good, everyone is nice, the trainers are fun, there is always something to do or people to hang out with!

I recommend this camp to anyone who has some time off and wants to take a step back in the fast paced lives.

Andreea Raducan

from United States, December 2018

"A bubble filled with love, self-care, determination"

Loved the determination of the people to get fit and work hard for it.

Loved the Muay Thai training team, adding playfulness, and cheerful, life-loving vibes to the trainings

Loved the schedule, allowing to chose effortlessly which sessions and trips to attend, balancing out hardcore trainings with softer yoga or hikes

Loved the Thai’s team kindness and eagerness to share moments they love, by driving us to local festivals around box matches. I am grateful for the opportunity of experiencing the local culture.

Loved the hikes, the landscapes and the temple discoveries

Loved not having to choose the meal, but simply eating what was served, and finding it delicious every time

Loved the diversity of the people visiting the camp, of their stories and energies, all having different life stories to share

Loved the team’s readiness to help

Marketa Kracalikova

from Czechia, December 2018

"Best decision to come here"

My goal was loose weight and build core muscles because of running. I wasn’t able to run more then 1km.

All goals were reached and even more. I’m able to run more than 5km without walking and I lost 2 clothes size.

Whole camp is more than only muay thai gym, it is family. They care about you as of own child. I met many nice people and I found few new friends. I had great time there and I’m coming back next year. It was on of the best decisions what I did that I came here.

Accomodation: I stayed at hotel. I had big comfy room with own bathroom with hot shower. I enjoyed to stay there but I think that stay in camp can be better because of atmosphere whole time.

Food: I had raw food (detox) at begin. It helped me to start metabolism. I continued with raw vegetables, fruits and proteins instead of clasic thai food. Monica (chef) was great and it wasn’t issue for her. I tried clasic thai food too and it was delicious.

Training: Nothing is mandatory, you can choose what do you want to do or do nothing (relax). I usually did muay thai training 2 times per day and when I felt tired I did the hike. Hikes are not difficult and they are not longer than 4-5km in beautiful nature. Everybody can walk/run in own pace. Muay thai training is perfect because of lots of trainers. I’ve learnt so much and I enjoy it whole time (except burpees). I did yoga for first time in my life and I love it - especially Jing yoga. Tasha is great teacher and her voice is magical.

Felicity Hathaway

from Australia, November 2018

"Authentic Muay Thai camp"

What’s not to like, location is peacefully, training is hardcore!

Carey Sheehan

from France, November 2018

"Laugh while getting strong (power) "

I really enjoyed the time I spent at Battle Conquer Gym.

Everyone that works there from the trainers to the cleaning and kitchen staff are amazing.

I will never forget my time spent here, I loved every moment. I haven't laughed so hard while sweating and getting fit.

The thing about this place is that everyone comes to train here for their own reason, mine was to get a new interest while getting fit others could be different and that is the best part.

I would definitely recommend this package to anyone.

Laura Louwes

from Taiwan, November 2018


I came to Battle Conquer hoping to get back into my old workout routine and shape up after two months of binging my way through Asia’s cuisine. I was a bit afraid it would be too intense and therefore uncomfortable, but from the first day on I absolutely loved it. The boxing training is fun, addictive and yes, intense. But you feel amazing afterwards, and the food they serve tastes even better then. Besides boxing there’s so much more though! The yoga helped a lot with the soreness, and with every session I noticed improvement in my flexibility. The scenery is breathtaking (those sunsets!), the nearby town has everything you need; some coffee places, a huge supermarket, very much appreciated massages... the most amazing thing was the vibe on camp though, thanks to the staff, trainers and fellow happy campers. Such a versatile and awesome group of people, all with their own personal goals. Haven’t felt that good in ages :) I extended my stay on the spot and I’ll be back in a few months to stay for another month. Can’t wait!

Chanteé Santana

from Puerto Rico, November 2018

"Incredible camp "

This camp is an excellent way to disconnect, focus on health goals surrounded by people with the same mentality. The camp facilitates the interaction with others and your time alone if desired . The schedule gives the opportunity to choose what to do in your own pase. The location is amazing. The trainers are experts but you can feel confortable to train in any level.

Janie Townend

from United States, November 2018

"War & Peace & A Left to the Body"

There are very few opportunities to process existence in such an honest and unfiltered way, and at Battle Conquer your drive decides what you take away with you. I arrived with weight on my shoulders, on the back end of a very bulls$%t heavy year; the simplicity and beauty of the surroundings meant that it had to be faced as supposed to being sidelined in the comfort of fine dining and overpriced cocktails until your tripping up over your own escapism. The training was a perfect release and the lifestyle was a perfect processing tool. The experience (for me) was everything from intensely enjoyable to agonizingly difficult; from serene to disconsolate -as a lived life should be. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to develop mentally or physically, especially those willing to go a little tooth and claw with life.

Jonathan Wyse

from Ireland, November 2018

"Excellent Experience"

I spent a month here with the goal of losing weight and learning a bit of Muay Thai to boot.

There are two sessions each day. For each session, you have the option of Muay Thai or alternative (CrossFit, hike, etc.). So you can tailor your time here based on your own preferences.

The Muay Thai training and instruction is top notch, lots of individual attention from instructors who are all experts. They deal with a wide range of abilities from complete beginner to seasoned fighters, and all fitness levels. They're encouraging without being pushy.

There's plenty of downtime between training with options like yoga and excursions to visit temples. The camp is a nice size and it never felt crowded.

The accommodation was perfect, exactly as described on their website and I was very happy with everything. Ask to stay at the camp or the guest house if you can. The food was good and overall I was very happy with the results.

Michaela Filova

from Spain, November 2018

"i miss u so much ! "

It was my first time coming to the camp and i could not express myself better than saying it was just great ! Atmosphere, people, food , trainers , the whole organization , schedule , even tho i was traveling alone i never felt alone ! U r never bored always something to choose from to do , if u want to , completely up to u , it is a great choice to come to train , detox , relax , explore new places and the fooooood , oh gosh ! Don t think about it , just go and join great team at the camp !

Amy Taylor

from Australia, November 2018

"Life changing- a total reset in rural Thailand "

From the moment I arrived at this place I felt at home, it had a friendly and inclusive vibe, the training was hard but very enjoyable. Everyday felt challenging, this place is literally in the middle of no where, surrounded by nothing but scenic beauty. Here you will meet lots of like minded people, everybody is on a journey of self improvement and the relationships you build here will be ones you will keep for life. It was a total mental reset for me, I felt a million miles away from all the day to day distractions of home, and I finally had time to just concentrate on me and live for myself everyday, eat, sleep, train repeat. The trainers are friendly and make every session fun, the hikes are scenic, & beautiful, the camp caters for all fitness levels. Just turn up and have a crack. There’s no judgement here! The activities are fun! Monkey feeding is unreal, the temples are beautiful, every week there’s something new to see or do. If you need to take time out to concentrate on just you, & your health, this is a fantastic place to do it, you won’t regret it

Oz Nwachukwu

from Great Britain, November 2018

"A True Muay Thai Experience In Thailand "

Attend with an open mind, embrace it, and you will have a life changing experience that you will treasure forever. This is how I would describe Battle Conquer in one sentence. The training is tough. The trainers are experienced and will get the best out of you if you let them, so embrace that too! Nevertheless, Battle Conquer is also so much more than just training. Make sure you experience the beautiful Phetchabun surroundings, spend time with the amazing Thai people, and don't miss out an evening meditating with the monk.

Mitchell Rose

from United States, October 2018

the training and trainers were very loyal and motivational

Hendrik Vandermaesen

from Belgium, October 2018

"An unforgettable experience!"

- My highlight of the stay was winning my first ever muay Thai fight against someone from Thailand. I was guided through it all by trainer Lewis who did a great job accessing my overall fitness and skillset before letting me enter into a fight with a Thai. During the fight he was in my corner giving me tips that resulted ultimately in me winning the bout (Technical KO). Only good memories :)

- Food was De-lish!

- People were awesome!

- Training was good, hard, fun, etc!

Joennie Fafard

from Canada, January 2020

"Je me sens mieux dans mon corps/esprit"

Tout était au-delà de mes attentes. La nourriture est tellement savoureuse et on peux manger à n'importe quel moment de la journée et il accomode toutes les préférences alimentaires . Le personnel vous acceuil comme si vous fesiez parti de la famille. Ils sont très respectueux et à l'écoute de chacun de nos objectifs. L'horaire est très diversifié et cela donne la possibilité de bien balancer l'entraînement avec la détente et aussi de pouvoir s'entraîner beaucoup si on le désir sans jamais avoir l'impression de redondance. Les visites des temples que nous pouvons choisir d'aller ou pas à tous les jours est réellement ressourcante. C'est comme si le programme était fait sur mesure pour chacun de nous. J'ai vraiment pu décrcher psychologiquement et je me sens vraiment plus en forme et énergique. Je ne pensais jamais avoir autant de résultats autant intérieurement que visuellement en si peu de temps. Je suis simplement impressionné.

Anouk Nijman

from Netherlands, May 2019

"Super bijzondere ervaring!"

Het is echt even helemaal weg van alle hectiek van het dagelijks leven. Helemaal in de the middle of nowhere met totale focus op jezelf. Trainingen zijn zwaar maar geven ook super veel energie. Je kan werken aan je conditie en aan de techniek en je krijgt ook veel persoonlijke aandacht zodat. Daarnaast maak je als dat zou willen makkelijk contact met de andere gasten. Er heerst een ontspannen en vrije sfeer waar niemand veroordeeld wordt.

Paula Machado

from Brazil, May 2019

"Amazing experience"

Everything about this place is great: from yoga, to Muay Thai, to the food and the vibe and energy that the people have.

I booked because I wanted a yoga retreat and really was not very interested in Muay Thai but once I had my first lesson, I loved it! the trainers are so much fun! shout out to Game, my PT every week.

the trainers have fun doing what they do and you can tell. I believe this makes the sessions so much more fun even though they are very intense.

You also have other activities to choose from in case you don't feel like doing Muay Thai.

It's a perfect place to detox and disconnect from everything, although there's really good wifi in case you need to work.

Yoga was also really good. specially Cat's, I loved all my practices.

The food is really good and they have all the options: veggie, vegan, regular, etc. the ladies in the kitchen are adorable and always trying to help you with your needs.

Lucy is great too, always smiling and helping you with whatever need you have.

the energy in this place is amazing. we all had something in common, we were at the camp because we wanted to be better at something, take a break from our lives, detox, or simply lose weight or get fitter, so the energy was really nice, I met many nice people that I'm for sure, gonna keep in touch with.

I'm extremely thankful to everyone at the camp for this amazing experience.

Ninon Durand

from Canada, December 2018

"Points à améliorer "


La nourriture

Les gens

Les sites visités

L’effet de groupe est incroyable. Les gens s’entraident et se poussent au dépassement.

J’espere pouvoir y retourner un jour. Et c’est certain que je vais encourager les miens à vivre cette expérience.

Merci à l’equipe