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Traditional Kung Fu and MMA Training in China

Develop your skills in many Kung Fu styles at once, be it Wing Chun, Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Sanda, Qi Gong, Jeet Kune Do, and acrobatics! At Middle Kingdom Kung Fu & Wellness School, you are encouraged not to settle for your limits but to push through them and discover a new person on the other side. The longer you train, of course, the deeper your results will be. You'll be pushing your body to its limits and you'll discover that you have limitless potentials. If you are worried that you are disadvantaged in martial arts, do not worry! The training is for anyone of any age, and you will fit in just fine!


  • Daily morning and afternoon trainings
  • Daily evening Mandarin Chinese lessons
  • Daily morning Tai Chi and Qi Gong sessions
  • Trainings under the guidance of great martial arts masters
  • Customize your own training and learn different styles
  • Daily organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • 729 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


576 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Chinese (mandarin), English
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There are three amazing chalets. Each chalet has two bedrooms, a living area, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. Typically there will be two people in each room, meaning that in each chalet there are a maximum of four people. The chalets are away from the main building and afford a great amount of peace and quiet.

The centerpiece

The centerpiece is effectively two apartments connected together. Each of the apartments comes with three bedrooms and has a large living room, shower room, and a bathroom. There will typically be two people per room so each living area houses a maximum of 6 people.

Stand alone apartments

On either side of the centerpiece there are two apartments. Slightly larger than the chalets, they have three rooms each, a large living area, a bathroom, and a shower room. There will usually be two people in each room making a maximum of 6 people in each of the two apartments.

En suite rooms

There are 8 rooms with private bathrooms. These rooms are away from the main area, close to the front gate. These rooms afford the greatest level of privacy and peace and quiet. There will usually be two people to a room although private rooms may be available so please confirm in advance.


At the Middle Kingdom Traditional Kung Fu and Wellness School you'll have all the facilities you need to live a comfortable life while training. The campus itself has over 3 hectares of space for you to chill out in and is surrounded by mountains and rivers for you to explore in your free time.

The school has everything you need to train, in whichever martial arts youre learning. They aim to provide the students with the best possible facilities so that you can get the most out of your training.



06:00 - 06:45 Warm up / Strength conditioning training

06:45 - 07:45 Tai Chi / Qi Gong (Chi Kung)

08:00 - 08:45 Breakfast

09:00 - 10:00 Morning training session 1

10:00 - 10:10 Break

10:10 - 10:50 Morning training session 2

10:50 - 11:00 Break

11:00 - 11:40 Morning training session 3

12:00 - 13:45 Lunch

14:00 - 15:00 Afternoon training session 1

15:00 - 15:10 Break

15:10 - 15:50 Afternoon training session 2

15:50 - 16:00 Break

16:00 - 16:40 Afternoon training session 3

16:40 - 16:50 Break

16:50 - 17:30 Free practice

17:45 - 18:15 Dinner

18:30 - 19:30 Free training / Qi Gong (Chi Kung) / Chinese class

19:30 - 22:00 Free time

Middle Kingdom Kung Fu & Wellness School

If you dont just want to learn one style and would like to train in a number of different Kung Fu styles at the same time, Middle Kingdom will do their best to tailor your training. For example, if you are interested in learning Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Wing Chun, Middle Kingdom can arrange for you to train Tai Chi before breakfast and after dinner, Shaolin Kung Fu in the morning and Wing Chun in the afternoon! If you would like to learn a number of different styles, just let the school know what you would like to study on your application form and they will get right back to you to confirm the details of your custom training.

Dedicated training

  • Authentic Chinese Kung Fu
  • Become stronger and faster
  • Develop your skills quickly
  • Full on training
  • Highly skilled masters
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Increase your fitness
  • Large range of styles

Quality training facilities

  • All-weather training areas
  • Floor pads and crash mats for acrobatics
  • Full body sparring equipment
  • Gloves and wraps
  • Pads and focus mits
  • Training bags and heavy bags
  • Weapons for all styles
  • Weight room with modern equipment
  • Wing Chun training gear - wooden dummies, rings, knives, and poles

Property facilities

  • A range of different recreation facilities and activities
  • A small shop where you can buy food, toiletries, basic training gear, etc.
  • Classroom for Chinese, Calligraphy, and Kung Fu theory lessons
  • High speed internet
  • Large water pools with loads of fish
  • Laundry and clothes drying
  • Organic farm producing fruit, vegetables, herbs, and super foods, located on school grounds (they serve all of the food grown on the schools organic farm).
  • Relaxation room
  • Showers and washroom facilities with hot water
  • Taxi service to visit Taian, Jinan, or other locations
  • Western style toilets and bathrooms

The school facilities

Beautiful location: Middle Kingdom Kung Fu School is located close to Mt Tai, China's most famous and sacred mountain. It is in the countryside and is surrounded by hills, mountains, rivers, and vegetation. The air quality is good making it an ideal setting for martial arts.

Healthy food: The school understands that healthy food is all part of good Kung Fu training. There is an organic farm on the school grounds where staff grow fruit, vegetables, and herbs. The food is cooked with no MSG, little salt, and only a small amount of oil.

Organic farm: Its a fantastic way to relax and connect with the land.

Recreation facilities: When you're not training, there is a great variety of recreational activities and facilities for you to use. You can relax in the chill out room, play some pool, enjoy a game of table tennis, or take a trip to some of the local attractions, such as Mt. Tai.

Comfortable accommodation: The school has great accommodation options for students. All of the rooms are comfortable and have internet access. Hot shower facilities and western toilets are also provided.

Authentic masters: The masters are some of the best in China. They are authentic Kung Fu masters having honed their skills over their lifetimes. They have a large range of experience teaching students.

Martial Arts

Extreme martial arts / acrobatics

Not content with being restricted to the ground? Extreme martial arts is the ultimate acrobatic / Kung Fu experience for you. Instead of focusing purely on traditional Kung Fu, you'll be focusing on making everything you do look amazing with huge jumps, flips, twists, and spins, giving your Kung Fu air like never before.

Choreographed Kung Fu for movies

Are you interested in Kung Fu performance? Either for shows, to spice up dance routines or even to give your acting an edge? Extreme martial arts is for you. You'll be able to blow people away with stunning aerial moves! Learn how to fight on film and how to choreograph a fight scene to look awesome without hurting yourself. Learn about angles for shots, correct distance, how to fall, roll, and hit the floor without doing damage to your body.

Freedom in movement

When you can flip, spin, twist, and soar through the air, you'll find a freedom in your movement and you'll surge with confidence. Discover a new world off the ground and feel your body get lighter and obey to your every command. There is a process to everything and they won't ask you to run before you can even stand up. Progress in a safe and consistent way and you'll achieve your goals.

MMA and Sanda

Sanda only uses a few basic movements. Bruce Lee famously claimed that he would fear the man who had practiced one kick 10,000 times, rather than the man who had practiced 10,000 kicks just once. That perfectly applies to Sanda. You practice a few natural punches, kicks, and take downs to the point that they become natural and easy to use. The trick to real combat is not knowing the most techniques, but being able to execute a small number of movements, when faced with real, un-choreographed situations.

Body conditioning

Transform your body through awesome power, speed, explosiveness, and coordination training. You will have a daily conditioning regime that will have you fighting fit. You can learn all the skills you want but if your body isn't in the right shape, you just won't shape up when youre faced with the real thing. The school will make sure you're fully prepared to get in the ring or defend yourself.

Wrestling and sparring

One of the reasons Sanda is such an effective stand up martial art is that is places a lot of emphasis on take downs and take down defense, which makes it perfect to use in combination with ground arts such as BJJ or wrestling. It also makes Sanda a fantastic martial art to learn if you prefer stand up combat as you'll be well placed to defend yourself from getting taken to the floor. You have daily sparring work to ensure your skills are being put to the test. Sparring ranges from light, technique based work to optional full contact combat.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong has been part of Chinese culture and served as a major tool to stay healthy and cure disease for thousands of years. Through simple, yet effective exercises, you can unlock your bodys potential and learn to use the qi (energy) that is in you. Qi Gong is not difficult. In fact, it should be very easy. You will perform sitting, standing and moving Qi Gong. In no time at all, you will feel your qi and shortly afterwards, youll be able to harness it to great effect.

Benefits of Qi Gong

There are so many benefits to Qi Gong practice it would be impossible to simply make a list here. Through Qi Gong you can become stronger, healthier, calmer, and more in control of your life, and thats just the beginning. Qi Gong is so deep that using the exercises you learn with us, you can continue to discover new, amazing things long after you leave.

If you want to live a long life with good health stretching into later years, Qi Gong has been shown to help with just that. Qi Gongs health benefits have been known in China for thousands of years, with everyone from Shaolin monks to Taoist scholars to army generals swearing by their incredible effects.

You will soon find through practicing Qi Gong that the benefits go far beyond the physically tangible. Qi Gong can make you a more emotionally stable person, it can give you direction in life and it can leave you a happier and more confident person.

Qi Gong and Chinese martial arts

Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong are inseparable. Just about every Kung Fu style uses some form of Qi Gong. Qi Gong will strengthen your body, your bones and your tendons, leaving you rock hard and able do incredible things, such as breaking hard objects with your body, resisting heavy or sharp objects, and more.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu blends speed, power, flexibility, and total body coordination like very few other martial arts. By far the most famous and popular Chinese martial art in the world, Shaolin Kung Fu training will give you practical fighting skills, tricks to amaze your friends, and command over your whole body.

Train and fight like a Shaolin monk

Shaolin monks have been revered for their fighting ability for over millennia. The secret to their ability is simply the root of all Kung Fu: hard work over time to achieve awesome skill. The training is demanding. It will test your strength, your endurance and your mind, but you can and will achieve amazing things through Shaolin Kung Fu training.

Meaning in Kung Fu forms

Shaolin Kung Fu forms are a well-known and important part of training. It is through the forms that the traditions are passed down and your Shaolin skills take shape. You will learn forms, the meaning of the forms, their history and their applications in real world situations.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi was never meant to be a simple set of movements solely to give health benefits. While Tai Chi has incredible health benefits, it is also an incredible martial art, capable of transforming your body, mind, and also fighting capability. The Tai Chi instructor, Master Wang, teaches Hong Quan Chen Shi Tai Chi. This is a derivative of Chen Tai Chi.

Live a long, healthy, happy life with Tai Chi

After just a short time practicing Tai Chi, you will find yourself feeling healthier, stronger, and calmer than before. The longer you practice, the better you will feel. Get rid of stress, build a strong body, and most importantly, harness your internal energy to keep yourself from failing ill.

Develop your skills and build your body

Tai Chi doesn't just give you health benefits. You will learn and apply practical fighting skills. Tai Chi is a fighting art at its core. It is said to be internal because natural qi (energy) flow directs how you move your body. Rather than simply using your muscles to punch or kick, when you use Tai Chi, your defense and attack is an expression of how the qi moves in your body. You will develop awesome whole body strength with very little chance of injury. Tai Chi is low impact and all movements are controlled.

Wing Chun

Wing Chun is one of the most effective close combat systems in the world. It was developed to train people to be proficient soldiers in the shortest space of time available. The school has two great Wing Chun masters. Master Huang has learned three different lineages of Wing Chun. Master Wang has learned the Ip Man lineage.

Wing Chun techniques and practice

Most Kung Fu styles have a number of forms and seemingly unlimited numbers of techniques to master in order to become proficient in the art. Wing Chun on the other hand uses a small number of techniques that can be learned quickly and used in practical situations for self-defense.

Learn the forms, put them into practice and then use them in real situations and move into free sparring and combat. You can know all the theory in the world but unless you put it into practice with adrenaline pumping, it stays in your head. Wing Chun is an amazing close combat martial art and the school will train you to make sure you can use what you learn.

Internal power training

The Wing Chun community is divided on this, but traditional Wing Chun uses qi and "soft" power. Qi Gong is incorporated into Wing Chun training to build internal power. Wing Chun can and should be trained to develop awesome, non-telegraphed power. Wing Chun training offered by the school incorporates power training specifically designed to develop Wing Chun power.

Language courses & Course preparation

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese has more native speakers than any other language in the world making it an incredibly useful language to learn. The school offers optional language courses to all students.

Many people think that learning Chinese is extremely difficult; however, it is not as difficult as you might first think. Chinese grammar is quite simple. You don't need to conjugate verbs, you don't need to master verb tenses, you don't need to distinguish between singular and plural nouns and you don't need to worry about gender-specific nouns.

Free language classes in the evening

The Chinese language lessons form part of your daily training schedule and take part during the optional evening classes. These classes are free and available to all students.

Course preparation

You can arrive in absolutely any physical condition and train; however, you will definitely find it easier if you have started getting yourself in shape before you come. You can actually get yourself into shape really quickly. Low intensity and low impact exercise are recommended until you have built up stamina and then move into interval and high interval training. Try to workout an hour or so per day for about a month before you come and you will hit the ground running. You will undoubtedly get a little culture shock when you first get to China so learning a little bit about the country before you come is probably a good idea.


The school is located close to both Taian City and Jinan City in Shandong province. Its location is in the countryside near Mount Tai in Shandong Province. Mount Tai is China's most famous and sacred mountain. If you want to visit and climb the mountain on the weekends you can! The surrounding area is packed with mountains and rivers. If you're into the outdoors or simply like a bit of peace and quiet you should feel at home there!



  • Garden
  • Restaurants


  • Free WiFi
  • Laundry
  • Shop


Daily meals

The school provides 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner and includes a large range of different dishes. They vary the food served from day to day to keep it interesting! There is a vegetarian menu that is rich in nutrients and protein.

Organic farm

There is a small organic farm on the schools grounds on which it grows a variety of different vegetables, fruit and superfoods. Just a few of the foods that are grown include: apricots, peaches, walnuts, tomatoes, beans, peas, squash, gingko biloba, and mint.

Healthy cooking

The food does not use MSG. It is cooked with a tiny bit of oil and not much salt. The school will always be happy to try something new. So, if you have a suggestion for a dish you would like to eat you can just let the school know (or teach them how to cook it) and they will do their best to provide it!


Breakfast: Corn porridge (Chinese style), soy milk, scrambled eggs and bread/toast, seasonal fruit.

Lunch: Brown rice/white rice, sauted green beans and peanuts with garlic and soy sauce, seasonal vegetables cooked Chinese style, tofu, tomatoes and eggs, seasonal salad such as cucumber/lettuce and homemade sauce, flat baked Chinese bread.

Dinner: Brown rice/white rice, Chinese noodles, broccoli and garlic, fried pork and carrots, lightly battered Chinese style fried eggplant, sauted potatoes, fresh vegetable pancakes.

Things to do (optional)

Climb Mount Tai : Chinas holiest mountain, hit the amusement park, visit the local pools and saunas a great to relax on the weekends with other.

Hiking : the campus is surrounded by mountains

Organic gardening : The school is also a WWOOF site. If youre interested in learning about or participating in their organic farming project they welcome all students to start their own vegetable/fruit /herb garden.

Play football : The schools large training area can also be used as a football pitch outside of training hours!

Play table tennis, basketball, and pool

Visit Jinan : Jinan is the capital city of Shandong province and has a lot to offer. If you fancy a taste of home, you can find western restaurants and international shops selling some western food favorites.

Watch a movie : There is a recreation room with a huge TV, where you can watch movies!

What's included

  • 729 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Language courses offered
  • Training sessions daily, mandatory and optional

What's not included

  • Airfare tickets
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

You can fly directly into Jinan City via plane. The airport is called Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (TNA). If you are travelling from the south of China flying into Jinan City would be the quickest way to get here. Get in touch with the school and they will help you book tickets and make sure you get there easily and safe.

Arrival by train from Beijing

It is recommended that you catch the high speed train to either Jinan City or Taian City from Beijing South railway station. To travel to Jinan City, the train will take about 1 hour 40 minutes. To travel to Taian City, the train will take about 2 hours.

Arrival by train from Shanghai

It is recommended that you catch the high speed train to either Jinan City or Taian City from Shanghai Hongqiao Train Station. To travel to Jinan City, the fastest train will take about 3 hours 40 minutes. To travel to Taian City, the fastest train will take around 3 hours 30 minutes.

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