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Matt's Systema Academy offers a holistic solution for the mind, body, and spirit developing natural, healthy people, able to defend themselves and others.

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Tim Etherington

Systema with Matt Hill website

This was more than just techniques and new ways to batter an opponent! Here in Melksham, over the last four days, we have been introduced to breath and movement in the natural way that was our birthright, progressively learning to utilize our breathing and movement simultaneously. Something that as we get older, most of us lose and unconsciously develop stress in many parts of our bodies.

I met and trained with great people who had many ranges of ability and attitude and watched them over four days progress, evolve, and develop literally beyond belief. Matt is a leader of the quiet, encouraging, and durable kind; he gives instruction and advice in a way that encourages you to get it right. I am fortunate enough to have trained with some top martial artists and can recognize someone who is exceptional at what they do. Matt certainly is that with the added criteria that he teaches about life and living, surely the most important principle to take from any seminar.

I have spent a lot of time in my life looking for and trying to learn breathing skills; well, look no further. I will advise you to avoid the latest fad, health and breathing are here with Matt Hill! Be warned, you are going on a journey that will last for the rest of your life, you will enjoyably learn to breathe naturally, move easier, develop the skill to allow stress to fall from your body, and even enjoy going for a walk! You will be different!

Sasha Mitrofanov

Systema with Matt Hill website

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the amazing four-day experience I have had at your seminar. The course was so well organized, exercises clearly explained, and lots of personal feedback received. As a former university lecturer and psychologist, I cannot help but evaluate every instructor I train with on their teaching ability and I must say I was thoroughly impressed by how you managed to keep the course engaging and appropriately paced for participants with widely varied physical ability, age, and martial arts experience.

I feel like my Systema training has received a massive boost and I am inspired to implement Systema more and more into my everyday life. In the first day since coming back home, I have rolled on the grass in a local park, done some breath holds while shopping, and defended a queue of people from a drunken bully in Tesco in the kind of situation that I might have chickened out from before. I am looking forward to future courses with you, there is so much to learn and it is so much fun!

Daniel Heed

Systema with Matt Hill website

Lots of energy in a very relaxed manner.

Patric Noordstrom

Systema with Matt Hill website

Matt is a brilliant instructor and very inspiring to train with!

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