Long Tou Shan Tai Chi School is known for offering some of Asia's most ancient and complementary practices.

Reviews (8)

Anne Fletcher

from Australia, January 2020

"Australian mother and daughter"

The area where the school is, the wonderful food, facilities and welcoming family .

The tuition was thoughtful and well suited to our needs

Makinna Miller

from United States of America, October 2019

"Great for the price!"

The accommodations were absolutely amazing, and the views were incredible. I really enjoyed the food and the classes. The teacher I had was knowledgable and patient which was greatly appreciated.

Lucy Ho

from Singapore, August 2019

"Very detail explanation and ensure students understsnd the c"

Lianne Salmon

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Perfect retreat"

Everything. The people, the location, the food, the tai chi, the bedroom, just everything! I’d come back without hesitation and would thoroughly recommend it.

Marta Matos

from Kenya, October 2018

"Great accomodation, food and teachers"

The school is located some kilometres away from Yangshuo, in the middle of the mountains. The room we stayed in was very spacious, comfortable, and had an incredible view. The food was excellent and abundant every meal. The tai chi and qigong classes every day (except Sunday) were very good, and teachers May and Datsu (not sure how it's written) are great! Everyone was very nice, and it was great meeting the other guests.

Luis Cal

from Uruguay, July 2018

"Excellent "

The place is located far from the city, that is a big plus. The tai chi master is young (for some reason I was expecting him to be old) but it’s a great teacher, he not only teaches you the movements, but he always gives the reason behind the specific movement and uses nature analogies to explain tai chi concepts. Definetley 1 week was not enough, it was enough to have a very quick introduction to tai chi, but if you can, stay longer.

Dessolin Laurence

from Thailand, June 2018

Dazhou is an incredible teacher.i recommande him .he makes Things Easy understanding .he sees every point that néed to be corected so you learn a lot with making sûre you havé the rigth technique .

Anita Badenhorst

from South Africa, May 2018

"An awesome Tai Chi/Qi Gong experience "

The setting was beautiful. What a tranquil, quiet place to feed the soul. The people, generous, kind, humble and inspiring. Sooo much better than expected. Body, mind felt rested after only a few days of being there