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Life Atlas creates holistic and adventurous programs in forms of training, retreats, and events reaching deep and wide and reconnect you with yourself.

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Sascha Wagener

Sascha has been training in martial arts from his childhood and started to travel to Asia to deepen his knowledge. He trained in various places, in monasteries and temples and widened his perspective with many different health methods. He went on a two-year exploration project around the globe searching for lost wisdom and traditional techniques. From this broad and deep source, he creates training programs and concepts for private and business applications all around the world. In his hometown Dortmund in Germany, he founded the martial arts, health, and Asia center "Mein Tempel" (my temple).


Conny has been into martial arts since childhood and started to cross-train and expand her knowledge into different styles. She also has a professional background in psychology. She is a founding member of the Missing Link martial arts community. Her training led her to places like India and China which further widened her perspective on martial arts and physical training. She offers not only a deeply rooted Karate training, which focuses on the understanding and application of Kata, the traditional forms, but also holistic physical training approaches and psychological background knowledge.


Joana started with oriental dance and became an experienced teacher and dancer. She is also a fitness enthusiast, yoga practitioner, and generally, movement addicted. After kung fu training in China, she started to practice Qi Gong. She uses it on a daily basis to bring balance into her demanding days. She builds a close relationship with her students and combines her physical training with a pinch of hippie love. She is an environmental scientist and specialized on the effects of plastic. She will share her expertise in how to avoid plastic and how to create plastic-free products.


Camilla is the organizer behind the camp and creates the flow of the whole experience. She used to work for five-star hotels all around the world before she was drawn to new challenges and adventures. Since then, she has completed an education as a Thai yoga massage therapist in one of the most prestigious training centers in Bangkok and has broadened this knowledge with a Shiatsu education. She is a Qi Gong instructor and enthusiast for a tasty and healthy plant-based nutrition. She loves to collect recipes from local chefs from around the world like Bali and Vietnam.

Dana Parker

A life long studier of dance in all forms, Dana has trained in Polestar Pilates, various martial arts, yoga, meditation, modern dance/ballet and a variety of energy healing modalities. She is considered one of Australia’s foremost Argentine Tango dance specialists (Tango Butterfly). More recently, Dana’s curiosities have led to studies in Ancestral Movement (re)patterning, Neurology, releasing trauma in the body, Regression and Hypnosis Therapy and reclaiming intuitive knowledge.

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Dominik Hipp

from Netherlands, September 2017

"Excellent camp"

A health mixture of internal and external martial arts

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