Lanta Gym

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Lanta Gym is owned and managed by William, a former world champion Muay Thai boxer. He and the other trainers create an excellent team with years of experience.

Testimonials 3

  • Kevin

    Facebook page

    Really good Camp with lots of Trainers to help the students at Lanta Muay Thai Camp, good for beginners new students and Advance fighters they have a stadium as well and you can get active fighting soon as you ready.

  • Justin

    Facebook page

    Really good camp I went nearly every day during my time in Lanta. There are many good trainers. I went to every class, in the beginner to start my training, then to a mixed group before going to the advanced.. And it was always a good workout. And I am sure that I will come again.

  • Catherine California

    Trip Advisor website

    Training at Lanta Gym was a highlight of my trip to Thailand. I didn't stay there, so I can't vouch for accommodations, but the gym and training was wonderful. The trainers work you hard and give you lots of individual instruction. I met other people there who were experienced fighters and also people who were first-timers, and it seemed like everyone was getting a lot out of the instruction regardless of skill level. All of the staff is very nice, helpful, and passionate about Muay Thai. I found the gym facilities and cafe very nice as well. I think this is a great value and I highly recommend it.

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