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private lesson

  • Lamai Beach

private lesson

  • Lamai Beach


    • 1 day with instruction
    • Thai, English


    • Review by Darcey from United Kingdom

      "I came to Lamai WMC Koh Samui without a knowing of how or what Muay Thai was. I had only a bit of a back ground in boxing. It was an idea a friend threw at me (Nick). The skills and strengths I got from only a 6 week camp allowed me to have my first Muay Thai fight in a stadium. It is one of my greatest experience to date.I was able to face a scary situation fearlessly because of the skills and techniques the trainers taught me. I had never been fitter and never been happier. And that was only half of the joy Koh Samui gives you. Between training you have the most beautiful beaches to lay on with a coconut drink and wind down with cheap great healthy food on camp or really close.I also learnt about diet by eating the traditional Thai dishes and then noticing the differences to my body and energy levels. I made great friend, built enormous determination and became fit and healthy beyond my imagination while doing this on a beautiful island that will really tend to your every need. I have booked my next stay and will be back there in a week after traveling and surfing the world in some of the greatest places but no place has left a bigger impact than Samui. Cant wait to be back soon!"

      Lamai Muaythai Camp website, edited

    • Review by Vanessa from Australia

      "So I booked my trip at the last minute to Thailand, I needed a break and a fitness challenge, really just wanted to immerse myself in the sport more. I had been watching Fight Quest so I imagined me running through the jungle and kicking trees and punching coconuts and sleeping on the floor, but it was not quite like that. But Lamai camp did not disappoint me at all!I had the best time, I didnt need to worry that I would wake up late for training because I had the sound of bags being kicked and heard skipping ropes hitting the mats first thing in the morning and so I always made it to classes on time. The classes are well structured and suited to all levels, if a pro fighter who was at the camp tells you she learnt something new each classthen they are obviously doing things right I say !Classes ran for 2 hours you go at your pace but you cant slack off there is always a trainer watching you and giving you that extra nudge to keep you at it. I received a lot of 1 to 1 time even when classes were big, they picked up on small things that you may be doing incorrectly and even though there may be a language barrier at timesthe trainers are amazing and they will eventually correct your form.Training was hard at times especially when youre training twice a day but there was always a lot of laughs in class so it wasnt too bad. The gym on site is well equipped for those who really wanted more training time. The personal trainer on site Billy is knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and I found our chats very helpful. He set up this really fun Lamai circuit and I did complete it twice; it brings out the competitive side of you and others!Overall I highly recommend the camp I made lots of friends including the trainers who are a social bunch. Highly respect them! I have said that I plan to come back to the camp in six months but with 1 or 2 other kickboxing clubs I am associated with and we cant wait to be trained by them. You cant go wrong, tropical island, cheap holiday, great camp location, great club!"

      Lamai Muaythai website, edited

    • Review by Alan

      "I joined Lamai Muaythai camp WMC in December 2010. I was introduced to the camp by Ralph Beale who took me to fight in the IFMA world games Bangkok. He offered me a sponsorship to join the camp and I was happy to take it. I quickly got busy in the gym and started to fight straight away locally in Koh Samui stadiums. After that came opportunities to fight outside of Thailand, in countries like Australia and Iran.Whether training or fighting in Thailand or abroad I was happy to train alongside other athletes from different countries. Thats what I feel Lamai Muaythai is better than other camps in Thailand. Many fighters from around the world will travel to Lamai to train for competition. It provides the perfect atmosphere for good hard training.I have spent a total of 4 years in Thailand and trained at a number of gyms. Lamai WMC Muaythai is the best for me because Im a 70/75 kilo fighter and there are a lot of good people for me to train with. Other Thai camps can sometimes lack good sparing partners and this is a big part of our training.Also the onsite gym is great it has taught me to properly strengthen my body via good instruction by the trainers there. Since being at the camp I have really enjoyed getting involved with the IFMA events. Theres a great place to make friends in the Muay Thai community and to get solid Muay Thai experience as you can get to fight more than once on one show!"

      December 2010. Lamai Muaythai website, edited

    Koh Samui, Thailand

    Lamai Muaythai Camp on Koh Samui also known as WMC is the only sanctioned camp on Koh Samui in the beautiful Lamai area two minutes from the beach.

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