Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts is a traditional Kung Fu school in China that offer optional classes that help students learn and feel the Chinese culture.

Reviews (5)

Harriet Mcgall

from Canada, August 2019

"Fitness in the mountains"

I liked the regular routine of the exercise, and the encouragement the fellow students gave.

Paul Charbit

from Ireland, June 2019

"An awesome experience"


Paula Kökeritz

from Sweden, August 2018

"1 month training"

Well managed school in terms of training. It really gives a good understanding of Kung Fu and how the training is set up to meet the long term training goals. The masters are skilled, dedicated and really good to talk to if you have questions. Few know English, but it works pretty well with the translator's help. I trained Taiji Chen and our Master Wang was very good.

Hubert Tran

from Canada, July 2018

"Great training! "

Master Gao always expected more from us. Made us work towards our potential! Loved it.

Marcel Horeman

from United States, February 2018

the training program was very good especialy for those who have no fighting experience i ,m convinced that this training program is the best for very young people who want to start a career in martial arts from the age of 3 to a maximum of 15 years old.very nice staff beutifull surrounding very nice local people nice fruits masters are right in the harts i respect them very much