Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy

Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts is a traditional Kung Fu school in China that offer optional classes that help students learn and feel the Chinese culture.

  • Shandong, China
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91 days / 90 nights

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183 days / 182 nights

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1826 days / 1825 nights

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730 days / 729 nights

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999 days / 998 nights

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  • Review by Niclos English from Australia

    "I came here because I wanted to live somewhere I can train frequently and live nearby. China is the home of Kung Fu. I came to learn Kungfu forms and was very impressed by master Sun. He knows many forms and is an excellent Shifu. I also improved a lot in flexibility and endurance."

    "Master Sun was a great influence and help. The senior students were also very helpful: Megan, Eyal, Damier, Chris (Swidish), Daniel, Jamal, Adeline, Andreas, etc."

    "I really enjoyed my time here and like the way we trained. For me personally I came to learn form, improve flexibility, acrobatics, etc. So I would prefer more forms and stretching and less sanda."

    "This place is beautiful! Thank you all. I will miss everyone. Students, translators, masters. You are all great."

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  • Review by Andrey Boro dachel from UK

    "China is the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu so it is the best place to study the art. I also love the history and culture of China and really wanted to visit the country."

    "The greatest gain I received is mental strength. With this strength I have learned to motivate myself and to keep going even when things are bad."

    "The most and best help I received was from my master. He is an expert in the art and so knew what I needed to improve my skills. He also knows when to push you."

    "Everything was done according to a well planed timetable. Every day there was different types of training, optional classes like mandarin and massage, and we were feeling like very tasty variety of Chinese food. The masters are exerts in their job and knew exactly how to push us. They were also help by good English speaking translators."

    "The academy is situated in a natural park which has beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers. On weekends we traveled to a big clean Yantai city."


    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Tom Van Coeren from Netherland

    "I have always wanted to visit China. Furthermore, I have always loved martial arts, so I combined the two. I achieved Mental growth and peace in Kunyu mountain shaolin academy."

    "Everyone influenced me a lot, but by far the most is Gaoshifu and second, Bo, another student of masters Gao. My sparing against Bo was very inspirational for me. Life is simple, quiet and peaceful in the academy. Masters, translators and all other work staff work together every day for all the students. Together they make the experience worth it!"

    "Yantai city and Muping are fun, but you might get bored of it. The surroundings of the school are beautiful. People will never get bored of the mountains and lakes."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Arne Kukkonen

    "I chose China as a country to learn Kung fu because China is the birthplace of Shaolin. I was motivated by the principle of this art, for Kung fu is meant to cultivate the spirit and unlock the true power of human being."

    "My greatest gain from my studies is the understanding that 2 months as a training time is nothing but a potential for a good start in the art of Kung fu."

    "Training schedule in the school is very good and I also like them.Translators are doing a very good job everybody to make students understand the masters."

    "The surroundings of the school are very pure and good. It is good to have a city nearby so if somebody needs something to buy."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Keith Rios from UK

    "I would like to study kung fu in a traditional kung fu school in China since i was a kid. It took many years to do it. And I’m really glad that my dream became real."

    "My greatest gain was to learn from passionate masters and motivated students, and having a feeling of being in a big kung fu family."

    "Everybody influenced and motivated me. It was an incredible energy. The experience in the academy helped me to train my spirit. Mind and body again, living a pacific life in Kunyu mountains. The translators try to help every time they can. The masters haven great experience; they are very patient and push us to the limit, so we can achieve another level in our training. I’m grateful to have a chance to learn from them."

    "The location from the school it´s in an incredible place surrounding for the Mountains and wonderful lakes. Sometimes we went to the mountains and lakes to training. On weekend we can visit another cities like Yantai, where we can go to the beach, restaurants, bakeries, etc, but without exaggeration, because Monday begin the kung fu train again "

    "Thanks to everyone and special thanks to Sifu Gao. I send here this little present with a feedback together."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Samantha Jacqueline from Netherland

    "I came to this school because a friend of me went to this school a year ago and she told me about her amazing time she had here and the experience. I always wanted to train in a kung fu school in China so I decided that this was time to go! I am glad I did it and will never forget it."

    "I like the power training on Wednesday and the big mountain every once in the 2 months. I didn’t follow the optional classes because I wanted to train. It’s nice that you can choose what you wanted to learn in private class. And I really loved the privet classes with shifu Sun (to learn snake form). I am really glad that shifu Sun is my shifu. I learned a lot of him and I like the way how he coached us. I also liked it that the groups are mixed with men and women."

    "Shifu Sun and other students. I asked many students to help me with different forms and everybody was really kind and helpfulness."

    "I was really happy with my master, he was good! The translators were nice. I really loved the environment (the mountains and the lakes!), it’s beautiful.Thanks for every this 2 months, I enjoyed the time!"

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Rebekka Anderfuhren from Switzerland

    "I have always been interested in Martial Arts. Studying Kung Fu full time for about a year was a dream and it seemed impossible until I discovered this academy. This is an academy with highly trained Chinese Shifus for international students and it's not expensive, I can actually afford staying here for a while!"

    "In these 10 months of training I have learned a lot. Physically: I have learned the basics of Shaolin Kung Fu as well as Taiji, Qigong and Sanda. My coordination has greatly improved and so have my balance, flexibility and fitness. As a nice side effect I have also lost a lot of weight. "

    "More important to me is what I have learned mentally: I have become more disciplined and self confident. Where I used to see a problem, I now see a challenge that will make me stronger. Probably the most important thing I learned here was the little expression “not yet”. If you asked me 10 months ago whether I can do a kick up or not, I would have said: “No, never!” Three months later I answered the same question with “not yet” and today I can actually do it. And there are many other things where I thought: “I can never do it” and now I can. So today I don't say no anymore, I say “not yet”."

    "I consider myself very lucky to have been assigned to Shifu Gao’s group. He is not only a great martial artist but also a great teacher. He knows how to push his students so we get better and better. And he somehow manages to keep the spirit of the group up so we enjoy the training most of the time."

    "The people from my group are also really cool. In the beginning of my stay I had no idea what I was doing and the older students helped me a lot to fit in. That's how it works in this group and also in the whole school: the people here are supporting each other. I also find it impressive that there are generally no problems between people from very different backgrounds. Everybody is respected here as long as they are ready to work hard."

    "Life is simple in the academy in Kunyu Shan. Every week looks about the same, so you always know what you can expect and what you are expected to do. You don't have to remember a to-do list or any appointments, your only responsibility is to show up for training punctually and to behave appropriately. For me that was a relief. Back home there is always so much to remember. Here I only have to do one thing: training. This way I can really focus on training, there are hardly any distractions. This is probably also one of the reasons why the training in this academy is so effective."

    "I love living in this academy. Both the masters and translators are very kind people, always ready to help you. The masters are all very qualified. Some of the translators don't speak English perfectly, but they are always good enough to communicate."

    "The surroundings of the academy are beautiful. There are the mountains around the academy which look awesome no matter in which season you come here. The air is good and there is a very nice lake nearby where we can go to swim in summer."

    "In fact I love everything in this academy except the food. Turns out I don't like Chinese food a lot. But that was no problem, because in each season you can buy fruits from in the area – and the local farmers sell them surprisingly cheap."

    "If you read this feedback because you are thinking about coming to this academy, I have some hints that might be useful for you."

    "A) Before you come here please ask yourself one question: Do you want to train, work hard and learn something or do you want to have a nice holiday?"

    "If you are looking for a nice holiday, this is not the right place for you. You won't be happy here and you probably won't get along well with the people here. "

    "If you are ready to train hard, you will have an awesome time here. You will gain a lot and spend your time with great people. You will be happy that the rooms are simple and there are no distractions. You will see that training in summer as well as in winter makes you stronger."

    "B) Bring your own running shoes, but buy training shoes here. And of course: run in your running shoes, train in your training shoes. This might not make a big difference in other sports, but for Kung Fu running shoes are really not suitable. And on the other hand running in Kung Fu training shoes might hurt your ankles. It also helps a lot to start running regularly before you come here."

    "C) You can learn many different styles of Chinese Martial Arts in this academy. Optional classes: No matter in which group you train, you can always join optional classes in Tai Chi, Qigong, Xingi, Mandarin, massaging, acupuncture and Taoism."

    "D) In China everything connected to Google is blocked. That means you cannot use any Google-products. For example you cannot use Gmail, Google-Chrome, Google-maps, Google-translator, Facebook, Youtube and Dropbox – unless you have a VPN (for example “Express VPN”)"

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Belinda Mo from USA

    "I was looking for a place far away from home where I could train, and get more fit mentally and physically. I sought self improvement through discipline, peace and calmness. There are many things that I found have benefited me, but I think the greatest class is Qi Gong. It has brought a new element in my life, which is stillness. Many of the students have helped me out greatly, and have trained me outside of class. And of course, Master Sun has been an invaluable teacher."

    "Training has really helped me get into amazing physical shape. My cardio, strength and flexibility have all increased a lot. It feels very peaceful here; it is nice to be able to focus on you. The masters clearly put a lot into the training and the translators do quite a lot for the school."

    "I absolutely love the mountains!!! The nature here is super calming. I can’t help but breathing better and feeling happily when we go into nature."

    "Thank you for everything!!! Much love, I will miss this place so much! I hope that everyone here will do well for themselves."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Gabrile Errico from Italy

    "Passion for martial arts and the curiosity of study the possibilities that martial arts could offer me. The most motivating person was a colleague from work which was the one who first introduced me to the arts. I noticed his attitude, generosity but in he was different and I was impressed how smoothly, bravely he could handle every day’s problems; so he stole my world. I wanted to know more, after a while I decided to come to China, the birthplace of Kungfu."

    "The greatest achievement it’s probably the real ideation that I can’t stop working with myself and my emotions. I also gain in health. I used to have legs pain and pain and the training here for sure helped me, kind of fitted me. I won’t give up sports, for not sure."

    "Every one, everyone just have a piece of themselves to let me grow. I have to say, some people have bigger pieces and I am so great full.Training it’s awesome; you have enough time to rest of practice some more if you like."

    "I loved to have week-end off because normally I always used to work back home."

    "The working staff it’s always pretty helpful, and the masters unbelievably acknowledged, so there is always something new to learn."

    "The air around the academy is very nice,the mountains surrounding the scenario is amazing as well as the super nice monks living by the mountain, in the temple near the school. I won’t forget them."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Skafti Eliosson from Iceland

    "We spent one month in Kunyu mountain shaolin kung fu academy as China is the birthplace of Kungfu.An old dream motivated me,so I am there with my son. We trained Wing chun and also improved Better condition and flexibility.Ariel and fellow students also many help to us. Overall is very good experience in the academy. Good teachers and fellow students. Surroundings are beautiful and the mountains here are stunning. It is fine to visit Yantai city."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Kinga Family from Poland

    "Kunyu Mountain Shaolin kung fu Academy is providing fantastic training and if your are coming here to get stronger you will definitely leave satisfied."

    "Our family - me, my husband Mariusz and our 8 year old son Oskar came here for one month to practice traditional Shaolin kung fu. We enjoyed every hard day of training from 6am to 6pm. We loved the classes in natural surrounding when we were heading up the mountains to the temple. Waking up with Taiji was great. Power training and power stretching were super hard but rewarding."

    "Our Master's words power and faster will stay with us and hopefully we will be able to use them in everyday life to become stronger and quicker."

    "It was a lifetime experience! "

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Benjamins Puits from Belgium

    "I am really grateful to this amazing experience at Kunyu mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy. As a Belgium citizen, I always dream of joining such a nice setting."

    "I feel calmer and I know more about my body..I would start by praising Shifu Gao, whose rigorous training led to push my limits. I am proud of what was accomplished here, and I highly recommend the extra training, as your Kung fu is as serious as you are."

    "Only by training hard and respecting the values my master taught me could I find who I am. Life here in Kunyu mountain is good, translators nice and efficient.The Master helps me a lot. He improved my boxing skill and he was always there to answer my questions. The training was hard but it’s very important, don’t give up.I don’t know much about Yantai but the mountain is a very nice place and very quiet."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Daram Pandian from UK

    " I wanted to get out of a big city (London). I have always, from a young age been interested in China and its history and culture. Benefited discipline, routine and focus. Waking up at SAM every morning Having set hours for classes, meals and sleeping. Qigong – learning and improving my ability to find peace within, despite the noise and distractions of the outside world. My master was excellent – I learned a lot from him. The fellow students helped a lot also. Older students were always willing to help."

    "My experience at the academy was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Master was excellent – pushing me when I needed it and also explaining things very well. The translators were all very helpful and friendly and I engaged talking to them. Daily life here with all the fellow students was very enjoyable. Beautiful."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Loc from French

    "In 2011, at the end of my engineer studies, I decided to go in Kunyu mountain Shaolin kung fu school to learn more about Chinese martial arts. The three months I spent really open my mind and amplified my interest for it. I was studying Shaolin here, but also kept going to master Guo’s Qi Gong class every day. When I came back I kept practicing and did some research about Chinese internal styles, that where totally new to me."

    "After a few months working in big Company, I noticed that most of the time, powerful people take advantage of the others; especially kind people are often exploited if they don’t know how to answer to aggressive management. Lot of people lost the connexion to their own body and mind and let bad habits slowly but surely draining their energy and make them weak, make it very hard for people to overcome the difficulties. To me, martial art is one of the best ways to overcome the common demons that the westerner’s life is bringing and all the bad and unhealthy habits, so I started to plan to come back to train in China for a longer time."

    "I finally came back after two years to train with master Guo. By training and observing my master, I am now convinced that he is the perfect model as a martial artist, as a teacher, and as a man: he has as well high technical skills, a great patience and a clever way to teach, he is able to adapt to any people wanting to learn and help them to get the best of the training. Last but not least, master also show the best example of good morality and principles. He often insist on the fact that martial arts is not just about having good skills at combat or forms, but also to develop our inner strength, our willpower, good health habits, and a “Gentlemanly” attitude. He show by his example that kindness is not a weakness, and that a man can be very powerful and at the same time honest , calm, and still being respected. "

    "This spirit has also been spread to the group, which is like a big family. Older student take care of new students. Training here is not easy every day, sometimes you will have small injuries and pain, sometimes you will feel exhausted in your body or in your mind, but you always have someone to rely on: your kung fu brothers and sisters, the elder students, the translators, the masters. Even for the people that are a little bit shy or not comfortable in a group, as long as they take their training seriously they will feel part of this family, by working hard together people are building a strong link. When I started, I had a lot of trouble as well for the physical and technical part: my stamina was very bad and I had a lot of trouble remembering all the moves. But thanks to hard work and thanks to the older students, who always took time to show me things again and correct my mistakes, I did better and better. In November 2015 I had a little accident on my knee during a sparring. I remember all the people taking care of me, other students as well as the working staff, translators and masters. This experience, even if it start with an accident, was very heartwarming, I really feel like I have a home here. Thanks to all this support I was able to recover quite well. I also had a lot of support to help me coming back to training and to be more careful."

    "The surrounding contributes to a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere. It’s a pleasure to see the colors of the landscape change with the different seasons. The winter is cold and summer very warm. If you need a little bit change you can travel to the closest city, Muping, and get any supply useful for your daily life. You can also enjoy some good chinese food in the restaurants. For special occasion and if you really miss western food, you can also go to Yantai, which is a bigger city."

    "I am still training at Kunyu mountain and plan to stay for a longer time, so if have any questions about daily life or training here, feel free to contact me. I would be glad to answer you. "

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Philine Von Hirschheydt from Switzerland

    "I have always loved martial arts. Many years ago I heard of someone who had been to a kung fu school in China, and ever since then the idea has been in my mind."

    "I have made much progress in my time here, especially in form of flexibility, stamina and physical power. Qigong, Taichi and the spirit in the academy also had a very strong and positive influence on my physical, but also on my mental and spiritual wealth. "

    "I am very thankful to my Shifu, Master Sun, for his friendly, patient and encouraging guidance in all parts of the training here. Also the fellow students have influenced and helped me greatly during my time here, not just the concerning training but also many other aspects of life. "

    "The training here in Kunyu Mountain academy is hard, but rewarding. I loved the training here. There is also a lot of free time to take a walk, play games on the courtyard or watch movies with other students."

    "The surroundings are very beautiful and definitely worth exploring, if you have the opportunity. "

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Philine Von Hirschheydt from Switzerland

    "I have always loved martial arts. Many years ago I heard of someone who had been to a kung fu school in China, and ever since then the idea has been in my mind."

    "I have made much progress in my time here, especially in form of flexibility, stamina and physical power. Qigong, Taichi and the spirit in the academy also had a very strong and positive influence on my physical, but also on my mental and spiritual wealth. "

    "I am very thankful to my Shifu, Master Sun, for his friendly, patient and encouraging guidance in all parts of the training here. Also the fellow students have influenced and helped me greatly during my time here, not just the concerning training but also many other aspects of life. "

    "The training here in Kunyu Mountain academy is hard, but rewarding. I loved the training here. There is also a lot of free time to take a walk, play games on the courtyard or watch movies with other students."

    "The surroundings are very beautiful and definitely worth exploring, if you have the opportunity."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by Cerelia Lee Maskarinec from USA

    "I chose to study in China after doing several years of martial arts back home, including Shaolin, Bagua, Xingyi,Taiji, Kendo. I wanted to be able to study in a more intensive environment, and achieve my dream of going to China to learn. I was motivated by a desire to improved myself and gain a higher understanding of Chinese martial arts, as well as a dream to live abroad and to improve my mandarin after studying the language for a couple of years prior. "

    "I think my greatest gain has been a mental one, because of different beginning of training when I arrived. This was the first time I had traveled out of the United States for more than a couple of weeks, and there was definitely an adjustment period. Despite the training difficulties, I learned to work through discomfort in a way I had not had to before at home. I also began to try to overcome my chronic knee issues, and my pain tolerance has definitely increased."

    "I also felt that I gained a lot from optional classes, and from living here and experiencing a different culture from my own. Being able to go out to Muping and Yantai and interact with people was really a great opportunity, not to mention the international community here in the school."

    "I feel very lucky to have the privilege of studying with several shifus, especially Master Gao, who has been very influential to me. He always pushes students to do their best and to overcome their limitations, and I am fortunate to have experienced his teachings. The translators her are very helpful, and I am happy they were willing to answer all my questions and help with anything. The atmosphere of school changed my perspective as well, and I feel much more open to trying new things."

    "I arrived in the fall of 2015, and after a few difficult weeks I began to find a rhythm. Translators and friends at school were quick to help and to assist with anything, including forms and everyday things. The training remained very intensive, but I enjoyed it and learnt to move past mental blocks. The masters were all very friendly, but also not afraid to push their students. After nearly eight months, I can look back and remember a lot of different classes, events, performances, and good times with fellow students. I am grateful to have learned so much, and to have met so many amazing people."

    "The surroundings of the academy are very beautiful, and especially in Spring and Fall the view from the nearby temple is picturesque. The air quality is very good, especially compared to cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The mountains and lakes in the area provided for a great natural setting, and the farming community creates a very nice atmosphere. Muping and Yantai city make for fun excursion to see a bit more the area, and it is always interesting to see the daily life in different cities. The proximity to the ocean is also a nice feature, and it is difficult to feel isolated if you can travel around the ocean a bit."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by Samuel Dusatko from UK

    "I came to china to learn martial arts and to change my life style. It was always a dream for me to learn Chinese kung fu and I wanted to learn discipline and different ways of life."

    "I spent One year in Kunyu mountain shaolin martial arts academy and gained a lot of experience in the kung fu styles Wing Chun and Baji fist. But the most I gained and learned is about myself and about ways of life. That you have to work hard to make a difference for yourself and for the people you care about."

    "The most influence I had from my Master. He is really the most kind person and good teacher I have met so far. He is patient and passionate about his teaching. And he is dedicated to teach martial arts for all his life. To find someone like this and to be a student is and was a great honor. "

    "We trained 5 days a week and every day between 4.5 and 6 hours. It was a good routine to get a foundament of basics and a great way to gain fitness. The surroundings of the academy is a small village with a lot of mountains nearby. The people are very friendly and you get a welcoming atmosphere."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by Laura Jane Ellis Brown from UK

    "After 4 years of studying mantis kung fu, I decided to travel to China to study kung fu in a traditional setting,then,I came to traditional Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Kung fu academy."

    "From my time training here, I have greatly improved in basic training and have furthered my skills in mantis Kung fu. Aside from the Shaolin Kung fu, I have also learnt a great deal about myself and have many lifelong friends."

    "Life in the academy is amazing. The training is challenging and intense making it an incredibly worth while experience. The masters are professional, patient and well experienced people. The lessons I have learnt from them in regards to training, treatment of others and in everyday life, I will take with me as I continue forward in life."

    "The area surrounding the academy is truly majestic. I have gained from the locals, who diligently care for the land, a new appreciation for nature."

    "Overall my experience has been an awesome one and I would definitely recommend the school to anyone."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by David Robb from UK

    "Coming to China To learn kung fu was always a dream of mine. It makes sense to study kung fu in the country of its origins. "

    "I arrived in January 2016, it was pretty cold but the training keeps you warm. I studied wing chun under Master Guo and his disciple Ariel, the training was good and progressive, and the language barrier was not an issue as the translators were very good, plus Master Guo can speech enough English to make himself understood. "

    "The training was hard but enjoyable. The master’s disciples Loc and Ariel were very good, always willing to help and “go the extra mile” in order to teach. The classes are also helped by the monitors, long term students, all of which are approachable and knowledgeable, Eldad, Sam, Clement, Yean and Jeremy all made me feel very welcome and at home."

    "The academy is situated in the kunyu mountain national park, an area of absolute beauty, with the Taoist temple just 20 minutes’s walk from the academy. Yantai city is an hour and a half journey from the academy. The city is very modern by the contrast of kunyu area and you can find anything you could need there. The training here has been hard, physically and mentally. it is a steep learning curve, but if you put the effort in, you will gain physical health benefits, such as strength and endurance as well as your newly acquired martial arts skills and a boost to your confidence."

    "I would suggest coming here to anyone I know as it would be a beneficial experience to anyone both physically and mentally."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by John Chin from UK

    "I am John from UK and spent a whole year course at Kunyu mountain Shaolin kung fu academy.My greatest gain from my martial arts study was patience, calmness and resilience and seeing how the masters taught there students. "

    "I've wanted to come to China ever since I was a young boy and to experience my grandfathers culture since I am part Chinese myself, And have always wanted to study Tai Chi."

    "My Masters (Shifu Guo and Xu) influenced me the most while at kunyu academy with the continuing patience and persistence, dedication to teaching martial arts, but I loved all the masters at kunyu Shan . "

    "My training was 5 days a week up at 4-5 am doing strectching then Tai chi and chi gong,my whole training day was between 6-5 a day. I suffered with a lot of general stiffness and very painful and tight hip area and ankles, the masters were very understanding about this and indulged me."

    "The Surrounding area of the academy was beautiful and breathtaking the scenery to die for and Yantai was a lovely city. Thank you for the experience and great memories I shall never forget them."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by Florian De Smet from Belgium

    "I chose to come to China to study Kung-fu mostly to learn about the Chinese Culture, a new way of living, and mostly to learn about myself. And if I can, get in shape in the same time!"

    "I had absolutely no experience in martial art before, but the idea of training his body all day to improve his own way of thinking, his spirit and his mind was an idea who seduced me. First you need to train your body to understand it, and then you can start to understand your mind."

    "I also chose to come to China to train to be able to stay away of all the eastern ways, thoughts and everything that is in your way to be able to completely focus on your training. "

    "My greatest gain from my martial arts training is the way of thinking that my Shifu, Shifu Gao, taught me, taught all of us. He once said that even if everything seemed to be dark, there is always a small light in every moment. And we need to focus on that small, positive light instead of being drowned in the darkness around it. Because there is always something positive in everything, we just need to find it.I will never forget what he said, because it changed something huge in my mind and, even if it is sometimes really hard, I will always try to think and live that way. And I gained a lot physically and mentally after 6 months of training here. I can do some exercises I couldn't think about before."

    "During my stay and my training, everyone in the academy helped me and influenced me. In the training or in the daily life, everyone has something to teach to the others. Of course my Shifu, Shifu Gao, helped me and influenced me the most, by offering us an amazing training every day, by always pushing us forward and motivating us, by giving us good advice, by being an example for all of us, and much more.And I had the chance to train with the best group of the academy. People always eager to train, ready to motivate you even if you're feeling a little bit down, having an awesome kung-fu spirit. The training with all of these members was like a dream, and every day was a pleasure to meet and train with them."

    "I couldn't thank them all enough for what they offered me in every aspects of my life during my stay. Even though in the beginning the training is really hard (and so are the mattress), after two weeks we start getting used to it and we can finally enjoy our period in the academy. The training takes place all day, and we have the possibility to join the optional classes like Taiji, Qi Gong. And for those who are really motivated we still have so free time to train on our own. "

    "The translators are all really friendly and they don't hesitate to help us if we have a problem. They make the life in China a lot easier for us. Big thanks to all of them!And the masters are really friendly and experts in what they are doing. We have the amazing chance to train under amazing masters here and they don't hesitate to help you if you need or a friendly reminder for your form."

    "The surroundings are really nice if you like the mountains. You can see the mountains everywhere from the academy, and there are really nice places to take a walk during your free time."

    "There is not a lot to do around the academy but if you need something special, you can always go to the city.The air in Kunyu Mountain is really pure (much more than in the big cities), that's a real pleasure. Kunyu Mountain is a really nice place to learn Kung-Fu."

    "Thank you for everything, my period here was amazing, I learned a lot and I will never forget anyone and anything I got the chance to meet and learn here."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy Website, edited

  • Review by Andrew from USA

    "I stayed here for one year to study Chinese Kung Fu. The training is awesome! The variety in the weekly training schedule is excellent for keeping the training interesting from week to week. All the masters have been very helpful and they all seem to very interested in helping every student do well. I am completely impressed with their professionalism in martial arts and with the fact that they are not arrogant about their incredible skills. I am especially grateful to Master Guo for everything he has taught me. He is the main reason I chose to stay at Kunyu School. The translators have always been very friendly and very helpful. They frequently go out of their way to help students and have made studying here a very enjoyable experience. Generally the daily life in this academy is very pleasant. The view around us is wonderful and I appreciate the headmaster is always looking for ways to make the school better."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Isabelle from Canada

    "I went in China to the Kunyu Mountain Academy because I was looking for a one-of-a-kind personal development and an artistic way of practising sports. My experience at the Kunyu Mountain Academy has certainly helped me to develop an incredible personal discipline in many ways: physical, artistic, psychological, and mental. The warm welcome by the interpreters, the quality of the teaching, the masters’ wisdom and the student culture altogether made this journey way better than in my expectations. Every day made me discover my inner energy, which influences more martial arts than does the muscles development. There, I learnt the importance of linking my mental capabilities to my gesture while practising several styles: Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun, Baji and Bagua. Moreover, my most amazing discovery about martial arts was Baji, a style too little known in the world. I literally fell in love with this deep experience of great beauty and great power. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to participate in many performances and competitions to present this martial art. Really, it has been an honor to have the chance to participate in these activities that made my journey so unique and that helped me feel my master’s recognition towards my efforts. The masters have a huge respect for who we are and what we need, and they know how to interact with every one of us. Their sense of humor brightened my training. Thanks to them, after nine months of training, I feel really more balanced, in control of myself, in very good shape, more confident, happier, and more conscious about the energy that goes around, in me and between each one of us. Everything in the Academy helps us focus more than ever on our practice of martial arts so that we can find our own way and have support to do so. This is why my stay at the Academy became an important experience in my life. Training at the Kunyu Mountain is so revitalizing, so inspiring and so healthy for our soul. It is worth a long stay. I personally think that it is after three or four months that I was able to really feel the big difference brought by a daily strict training, and that I really understood the whole non-verbal education of the masters. Indeed, the masters of this academy are definitely role models that mark a life. They teach us simply with who they are, and not only with what they do. During the whole stay, we discover at which point the quality of martial arts depends on our inner life, and not only on our physical movements. By the way, I think it is essential to participate in the Tai Chi and Qigong classes before breakfast. In fact, everything brings us to take a fresh look on our life. I will never forget my journey at the Academy since it is now part of me and since the learning I acquired thanks to my masters will still continue to influence my decisions. Master Guo, who was my Tai Chi, Qigong, Wing Chun, Sanda, and Baji master during the last nine months, is certainly one of the most important people I have met until now. Sifu Liu, another Wing Chun master, also played a significant role with his strong presence while I was learning Wing Chun and Baji, and with his incredible wisdom, Master Xu, for my first Tai Chi form, and Master Yu, in Bagua, also has an important part of my recognition, just like Master Gao, Sifu Wang, and Master Chen, who are all kind and inspiring people.I would like to thank every one of them. Thank you also to the interpreters, who are like real mothers, and to the adorable staff members."

    Kunyu Mountain Shaolin Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Jason Andrew Lloyd from UK

    "I wanted an authentic experience in the country where Martial Arts originated,then,I was here and spent three month to train kung fu with master Sun.I now have a love of Martial Arts and I realize that it is not a skill you learn but practice and improve all of your life.My Master Sun with his skill patience understanding and great abilities as a teacher. The students in my group are particularly friendly and helpful. The training schedule is well structured and demanding. There is a good mix of different activities with time to practice alone and with others outside of the class time. The masters are all excellent with very high skill level. I feel lucky to have had access to such a broad range of disciplines to learn."

    "The translators are a great asset and always happy to help us in any way they can.Beautiful very special place. Mountains, temples, big city, life and the sea coast of Yantai Muping."

    Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Galitch Niels Coltrane from Switzerland

    "I have always loved martial arts, when I was little I used to watch a lot of Kung Fu movies. Just before I started high school I went to see a performance of the shaolin monks and that is when I decided that as soon as I finished high school I would go to China to do train in shaolin Kung Fu. I wanted to learn the martial arts in its context and also be able to experience a completely different lifestyle and culture. During my stay at kunyu mounain academy I learned shaolin Kung Fu and a lot of things.I gained a lot physically, before coming here I did not practice a lot of sports but after just a few month of training I was satisfied to see that my stamina and my strength got a lot better. Before coming here I did not practice Kung Fu and I did not have any experience in shaolin forms and basics, when I see what I can do now technically I am very happy. The training was very intense and difficult but I learned that I can always push myself harder and that is my greatest gain here, I learned not to give up and to believe in myself.The most important person during my stay here was of course my shifu (master). He is the one who taught me every thing I know in kungfu, he was always ready to listen if I had problems. Of course all the shifus have their own style and personality but every one of them has a lot of experience and their own method of training. Even though my master Gao was not much older, he had a lot of experience and passion.I am very proud and happy to have trained with him, he had a great personality and was very implied in the way his students trained. He made us work very hard and pushed us to our limit. During the months I spent here I met a lot of interesting people, I started training with strangers and left with a lot of very good friends. I could never had achieved so much if it wasn't for the people in my group who encouraged and helped me.I came to this academy to do one thing: learn Chinese Kung fu, and if your goal is the same as mine, the academy is perfect. The timetable may be a bit hard in the beginning (get up at 5:30 am if you want to do tai chi, 5 hours of training a day, bed time at 9:30pm) but once you get used to the daily life you will be able to enjoy your stay.The surroundings of the academy are very nice, the air is clear and the nature is beautiful. It is a good environment for training because there are not a lot of distractions nearby, for this you can go to Yantai. If you come here during summer you can go swimming in the little lake nearby, which is nice. If you come during winter, you will need bring some warm clothes.As I said earlier, all the masters present while I was staying here were very good, I recommend my master if you want to push your limits and become a sanda/Chinese kickboxing best ! The translators I met were all kind and helpful, I always thought they had done a wonderful job."

    Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Thanh from Switzerland

    "Ive never done martial arts before, so when there is a place to start Kungfu, it should be the country, where it originated."

    "The greatest gain during my 2 months stay is that my body got used to the kicks and punches, doing them or taking them and my mental strength/ willpower got better. Because I had to overcome pain and the fact that the training was hard."

    "When I first got here, I received help from everyone, the masters, the translators and especially from the students. They helped me to get used to the life at the academy and I actually made awesome friends here.The schedule is more or less set. In the morning you start with Taiji and Qigong classes, which were optional, but I was glad. I went into these classes. Theyre set at 6 oclock. Then you get breakfast at 7 am.Afterwards you continue with two blocks of training in the morning and two blocks in the afternoon. These were set out of Sanda, basics, acrobatics, forms, power training, power stretching and Qigong classes. You usually have free time in the evening for optional classes like mandarin or you can just spend time with other students practicing.I love the surroundings here with the mountains, temple, lake and the quiet area. It is a lovely place to train and there arent many distractions."

    October 2015. Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy website, edited

  • Review by Alessandra from Italy

    "To find a connection between yoga and Chinese kungfu,I joined kunyu mountain kung fu academy."

    "As soon as Ive never punched or kicked before, this experience worth a lot to me to discover a part of myself. Ive never met before. My master and my companions support me a lot.The training has been quite intense to me because Im not used to this kind of training but my master has been helping a lot in changing my attitude , being very king and patient. The translators are very pleasant people, very kind and nice,they are doing a great job!."

    August 2015. Kunyu Mountain Martial Arts Academy website, edited