Kungfu Xinglin is an authentic martial arts academy that teaches Shaolin Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Baji Quan.

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Xinglin Shi

Xingjun Shi

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Kaylum Sapseid

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Best kungfu experience"

I love everything here from the Master & Cindy to the peoples ive stayed with its been an incredible journey ill remember for alife time i have no interest in going home although sadly ill have to at some point. Not only is there such depth and passion to the teachings but the 1-2-1 experience is the by far the best ive come across the teaching style and communication is amazing and will work with you to get every angle and every move down perfectly. One of the things i love is that no lesson is ever the same always changing and adapting according to the students and to keep progessing. 5 Star is to little for this academy 10/10 for sure. I hope to return sometime in the near future.

Ralph Widmer

from Switzerland, May 2019

"Beautiful and amazing experience!"

Many, many thanks for having me! It's been an absolutely amazing experience and a beautiful stay with shifu, cindy, our group and the monks.

+ excellent food

+ great martial arts training

+ options for meditation

+ beautiful temple

+ lovely crew

+ reasonable price

notes: there is no google, whatsapp, instagram or facebook in china, so you might want to install express vpn. bring enough cash, the next atm is about 2 hours away. the ride from wuhan is rather expensive with a taxi, so ideally check what bus options there are.