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Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat is an internationally renowned organization for traditional Chinese Kung Fu and Zen practice dedicated to the promotion of Chinese culture through Kung Fu and Zen.

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Master Xingxi was born in 1980 in Hubei Province. In 1998, he became a disciple to the great Master Shi Dejian. He quickly stood out because of his intelligence and diligent approach to training, becoming shifu's most trusted student. From 1998 to the end of 2007, Xingxi studied traditional Shaolin Kung Fu under his master at San Huang Zhai monastery, a branch school of the Shaolin Temple. In 2008, he left the monastery and came down from the mountains, where he became engaged in a wide range of work and activities, such as an overseer at a mine and as a bodyguard for VIPs.

Paul Wang

Professor Paul Wang, as a chief master, is now teaching meditation, insight calligraphy, and mindfulness Tai Chi at the Live Zen Center of the China Culture Center. As an invited instructor, he also teaches traditional Chinese thought for international programs at Capital Normal University and the Institute of Education. He has taught international students for over 10 years. His study and practice includes the principal classics of Confucius and Laozi, and three types of Buddhism meditation systems - Southeast Asia Buddhism, Chinese Zen Buddhism, and Tibetan Buddhism.

Zhang Wei Feng

Zhang Wei Feng was born into a Martial Arts family and has been training in Kung Fu since he was 10 years old. He learned and trained in the Wudang Temple and Mountains for more than 10 years. After learning the Taoist style Kung Fu, he turned to the Shaolin Temple to learn Kung Fu under the Shaolin Wugulun lineage. He received many Gold Medals and achieved champion status in various competitions. He is now the Kung Fu Master for Wu Dang Tai Chi, San Huang Pao Chui and Xin Yi at Kung Fu Zen

Johnny Yang

Johnny Yang is a 9th Generation Chang Jia Quan Disciple. He started his Kung Fu Journey at age of 10. later he dedicated his practice in CJQ which is the National Cultural Heritage of China. Johnny Y has been systematically studying and researching the four system of CJQ, i.e. theories and practices, Middle Qi Health and Wellness , forms for fist & weaponry and traditional free combat techniques. During his university he has won over 30 gold medals in national and international competitions. His greatest dream is to restore martial science of Chang Jia Quan to it's former glory.

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Zeimes Paul German

Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat website

I am very thankful that I was a part of your retreat! It was really exactly that what I needed. I was not that interested in real fighting skills, but I was open to also learn a bit about kicks and self defense. And yes! I enjoyed even this part! I never thought I would be able to kick as high as my head or even further, so thank you! This was a big improvement in that short period of time.

Laurent Paiser French

Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat website

About a month ago I decided to leave France to come to China to study kung fu for 3 months. Those past weeks and since I arrived at the school were truly a deep and beautiful experience. I was greeted well and felt like I was part of the family since day 1.

I always felt very at ease and my mind became gradually even more peaceful and calm while my body improved. I got more flexibility, more explosive power and a way better coordination even tough I practiced kung fu for about 4 years already.

All of the other students were very friendly, interesting and open minded people, the only recommendation I could give is to bring a good book or something to share about your culture, it will make the experience even more interesting!

And if you’re serious about learning kung fu to reach a high level, then plan to study there many years.

Definitely one of the best life experience I ever had. Thanks a lot!

Robert Lendon United Kingdom

Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat website

I can’t think of any constructive criticism really, it has been a wonderful experience. I found the meditation and philosophy incredibly challenging at first which required a lot of efforts but inevitable in gaining understanding in these areas.

As I explained earlier I thought the relationship between all the areas of study and Kung Fu was very good and formed a valuable insight into internal focus. It was very special to feel like part of the family.Thank you for everything I learned and for the experience

Manuel Olivera Mexico

Kung Fu Zen Garden Retreat website

It was a great experience, the content was carefully planned and delivered in a good way. The balance between rest and activities is the optimum. food is amazing as well as the location and its surroundings. Although the time on this retreat is short to teach too much Kung Fu, as a Kung Fu practitioner I wished the Kung Fu practice was a little more about sparring and other group or couple exercise.

I really think this is a worth living experience and I am grateful to all masters and people at Kung Fu zen.Thank you.

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