Krav Maga India

New Delhi, India

Krav Maga India was set up to raise awareness about this combat system in a country like India, to enable Law Enforcement become more efficient and also to help Civilians protect themselves.

Testimonials 2

  • Kaustav Sehgal India

    Krav Maga India Facebook Page

    The best combat classes in town !!! Makes a warrior out of an ordinary person!

  • Ashok Kumar Singh India

    Krav Maga India Facebook Page

    It's amazing to find such courses have come to India. It is for girls and ladies which is now must in day to day life. Not to forget, it's most important for each and everyone whether he or she learns this so as to take care of himself and family beside others when so required. I thank Mr. Bikky Kapoor who brought this in India and spread the best thing for best cause for fearless life. I salute him and his team.

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