3 Days Weekend Specialized Karate Camp in England, UK

  • Lower Spring Street, Grimsby, NE Lincolnshire, England


Karate Weekend Camp in United Kingdom

Join Dave Kershaw sensei in his specialized weekend Karate camp. You can choose a specific area of Karate to train in, or design your own course including all aspects of Karate. Instructions will be from Dave himself, a 6-time British Kata champion. You will receive intensive top-level training in a setting where you can engage completely in Karate.


  • Training twice daily
  • Training with 6-time British champion
  • Chance to specialize in any aspect of Karate or all aspects
  • Use of dojo and practice mat between sessions
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included
  • 2 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • 2 days with instruction
  • English
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Accommodation will be provided in the Konjaku Shin dojo. You will need to bring a sleeping bag of your own.


Training is from 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00. Dojos are open for practice between sessions. A special schedule will be arranged with classes structured to best suit the cross sections of grades attending. Content can be specialized, i.e. a course purely in kata or kumite, or general training incorporating all aspects of karate.

The program is open to all clubs and their members, regardless of associations.


Self Defense

Karate is a martial art of self defense. The Japanese characters which form the word Karate mean "empty hands". Literally, this means that the Karate practitioner uses his unarmed body to aid him in a reliable system of self defense.

As a method of self-defense, Karate is probably as old as the human race. However, only in recent years has this method of empty-hand defense taken on a vast scientific approach in which body movement, timing, balance, and even psychology are studied and applied in formulating techniques that are effective against any would-be assailant.

Physical Discipline

Many people have fallen victim to an undisciplined, over indulgent, and stressful society. A look around clearly shows man's poor condition. Disregarding the need to balance our activities with proper exercise creates obesity, chronic back pain, weak and flabby muscles, poor posture, minimal flexibility, lack of endurance, tension, depression and emotional instability.

The superb co-ordination and stamina required in executing each Karate movement demands the utmost from your body. With training, you will learn to strengthen your body with proper exercises. In time, each part of your body will take a new dimension of conditioning and growth. Learning these skills will aid you in eliminating and preventing a variety of illnesses and other conditions that cause your body to deteriorate. Karate training brings about a great physical high which will overcome any temptation to indulge in drugs, alcohol, or junk food.

Mental Discipline

Self-defense does not in itself create a worthy art. Karate-Do involves mental training as well as physical training. It is hoped that the practitioner will open new doors of learning and understanding - that exercise will take greater meaning. After many hours of practice, the meaning of "Kara" or "empty" will change from the literal definition to a deeper, more aesthetic meaning - ridding the mind of negative thoughts and feelings thereby creating space for useful actions more worthy of cultivation.

Spiritual Discipline

As harmonious interaction of mind and body evolves, the practitioner will come to realise that we are mere links in the chain of life. Practising Karate only to prepare for an attack that may never come proves useless. Striving to strengthen one's mind and body only to achieve worldly happiness would also prove useless if death comes tomorrow. One must learn to expand his thoughts beyond the physical realm in to the spiritual sphere. Learn to forget yourself and to adapt to the pace of nature, and you will learn to accept the absolute truth. You must study this well.

Konjaku Shin

Konjaku Shin started out on its long, successful and continuing journey in 1978, when Dave Kershaw opened his first school at a photography club in Cleethorpes, then a second at Grimsby Town Supporters club. He went on to open schools at Grimsby, Cleethorpes, and Immingham sports centers. Over the years, Konjaku Shin grew to be the largest single group in SKIGB.

In 1993, Sensei Kershaw obtained the schools' own premises in Lower Springfield Street, Grimsby. A large, three-floor building, the top floor of which houses a superb 90ft by 40ft Japanese style dojo dedicated solely to Karate training, and offering classes at all levels six days a week. These range from beginners' classes, to intermediate, advanced, and Instructors training classes. There are special courses throughout the year with top international instructors.

Konjaku Shin literally means "Ancient and Modern Spirit." The spirit and technique of traditional Karate practiced in present day. Konjaku Shin has always taught traditional Shotokan Karatedo, and remains committed to keeping the old way alive. In keeping with the literal translation of its name, however, Konjaku Shin does keep up with modern technology, where it enhances the service it can offer to students and prospective members.

Konjaku Shin was one of the first Karate schools in the UK to have a presence online, with its own dedicated website. It is also one of the few karate schools to offer live viewing of its classes, anywhere in the world, via a Webcam in the dojo. As well as a viewing area in the dojo, parents can watch their children train via a live TV feed in the lounge.

Classes are available 6 days a week, with children able to start from the age of 4. Classes are split into age groups, with their own qualified instructors. Older children are able to train on both the children classes, and also on the later classes alongside their parents. There is no upper age limit.

The class will be held at Konjaku Shin dojo on Lower Spring Street in Grimsby.


Grimsby is a large town and seaport in North situated on the South Bank of the Humber Estuary, in England, close to where it reaches the North Sea. The fishing industry dramatically declined following the Cod Wars of the 1970s, and since then the town has battled with post-industrial decline. Since the 1990s the local council has encouraged food manufacturing, promoting the town as "Europe's food town." As one of the largest centers of population in Lincolnshire, the Grimsby-Cleethorpes conurbation acts as the cultural, shopping and industrial center for a large area of northern and eastern Lincolnshire.

Aside from the nightclubs in nearby Cleethorpes, the town center has undergone a renaissance in the last decade. A number of national pub chains have redeveloped or opened new outlets, including a specially-built complex at the Riverhead which is home to three (originally five) such operations. Prior to the late 1960s many public houses in the area were owned by the local brewer Hewitt Brothers and gave a distinctive local touch but following a takeover in 1969 by the brewer Bass-Charrington these have been re-badged (many times), closed or sold off.

Musical entertainment is found at the Grimsby Auditorium, built in 1995, on Cromwell Road in Yarborough near Grimsby Leisure Centre. The smaller Caxton Theater is on Cleethorpe Road (A180) in East Marsh near the docks. The Caxton Theatre provides entertainment by adults and youths in theater. A notable theater company in the area is the Class Act Theater Company run by local playwright David Wrightam.

North East Lincolnshire Council has installed a Wi-Fi network covering Victoria Street in central Grimsby. The service provides access to the Internet for the general public on a yearly subscription. Grimsby's former cinema on Freeman Street closed in 2004, with the Parkway cinema in nearby Cleethorpes serving the town. Plans to build a new cinema in the town have been periodically made since. The Whitgift Film Theatre based in John Whitgift Academy shows a program of limited release and arthouse films.

  • Shopping nearby
  • Air-conditioned public areas
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Restaurant nearby

Food is not included in the price, except for breakfasts and Saturday evening party. Students will need to take care of their other meals. There are plenty of other restaurants nearby for your choice. Hot food and refreshments will be available throughout the weekend.

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • Breakfasts and Saturday evening party
  • Training twice daily
  • Training with accomplished former British champion
  • Use of dojo for training between sessions
  • Lunches and dinners, except Saturday dinner
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Travel to dojo

Arrival by airplane

Konjaku Shin is located on Lower Spring Street in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. The nearest airport is Binbrook Airport (GSY). Please contact Konjaku for further information on how to get there.

For information about the booking conditions, please send Konjaku Shin an inquiry.


  • Review by George Coomber

    "Best place to go if you want to learn Karate and self defense. Konjaku Shin has fantastic instructors. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I would give Konjaku Shin more than 5 stars if I could. Highly recommend!"

    Konjaku Shin Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Paul Holewa

    "The best thing I've ever done for myself. All the instructors are friendly and very experienced. From day one I've felt very welcomed by everybody. Perfect for anybody wanting to learn martial arts."

    Konjaku Shin Facebook page, edited

  • Review by Mark Langdale

    "Great training, great friends with an absolutely fantastic instructor Dave Kershaw. I loved all my 31 years at this fantastic club OSS."

    Konjaku Shin Facebook page, edited

England, United Kingdom

The Konjaku Shin National School of Karate is based in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England, and is the region's premier Karate school, offering world class daily instructions.

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