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Knocksout Muay Thai Gym

Knocksout is a popular Muay Thai gym located in Bangna District. The gym focuses mainly on giving the customers the highest quality of exercise.

Instructors 2

Kru Cha

Kru Cha is an experienced Muay Thai boxer who fought on various stadiums such as Lumpinee, Rajadamnern, Siam Omnoi, and Muay Thai CH7 and CH3. He had international experiences fighting Thai and international boxing challenges in China, Japan, Australia, and Russia. Politeness and strong dedications in coaching Muay Thai players are well-known qualities of Kru Cha’s teaching style.

Kru Kumpun

Kru Kumpun is a champion of Samui stadium who is currently propelling his professional boxer path with the stage name “Kumpun Knocksout Muay Thai Gym” aiming to gain bigger championship titles. He is an outgoing coach who usually entertains customers and trains them with earnest lesson plans.

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