Khongsittha Muay Thai (KST) is an authentic yet modern Muay Thai gym located in the heart of Bangkok. Known for being able to accommodate fighters of any skill level, KST is the best gym in Bangkok.

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One Week Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok

Available from March till September

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Matthew Deane Chanthavanij

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naomitanton United Kingdom

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A professional gym that is well equipped. Fantastic trainers and good standard accommodation. Friendly and fun and guaranteed to improve your Muay Thai skills.

markK3337NQ United States

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I have trained in self-defense in different styles for over 20 years. My Muay Thai is probably average at best. I have much more of a traditional western boxer/ Krav Maga style. I wanted to work on specific technique aspects and was less interested in just getting a work-out. This camp was highly recommended to me by the concierge at the Le Meridian hotel. The owner was extremely prompt (and wrote English very well) and helpful in arranging a private training session. The price was quite reasonable. They provided me exactly what I was looking for. My trainer was a former fighter with ~ 18 years of experience and extremely athletic. I didn't get an old fat trainer. He was 20 years my younger (sucks getting older). He allowed me to lead the session and we worked specifically on all aspects of Muay Thai that I was interested in. I got out of it exactly what I was looking for. In a short period of time I was able to pick up a number of neat little veteran tricks that I have never seen in the U.S. When I arrived I also watched a class of ~ 10 newer customers who were more beginners. They seemed quite capable to teaching from a very beginner, someone looking for a great workout to someone who was preparing for a real fight. I don't know what else anyone would be looking for. One a side note, you may want to pre-arrange travel back from the gym. I had quite a bit of trouble getting a taxi to my hotel in the city. Most taxi drivers didn't want to drive back into the city from their location. I think this is helpful to know upfront if you are staying at a downtown hotel. I would love to train for a more extended period of time on my next visit to Bangkok.

Erika L

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I took one private session and two group sessions at Khongsittha Muay Thai last week. I went there on my own and had a wonderful time.

I had been to 2 other open-air Muay thai gyms of similar setup in Bangkok and Khongsittha Muay Thai is certainly the best. The gym cultivates a warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Instead of asking me to do a hundred of sit up and push up (this was exactly my experience with one of the other Muay thai gym), the trainers at Khongsittha Muay Thai, even in the group sessions, are anxious to correct my mistakes, teach me the skills, improve my accuracy and strength, and bring me to a higher level. They make sure everyone in the group are being taking care of and adjust the training to meet your level.

Before I got to Khongsittha Muay Thai, I had some concerns over its location. It is a bit away from the centre of Bangkok (15 minutes taxi ride) but staying at Kiatthada House and Resort makes it perfect. It is no more than 2 minutes walk from Kiatthada Resort to Khongsittha Muay Thai. The staff Alex at the resort is super. He wears a smile and is always prepared to help. There are many small food stalls and cafes in the district and eating is not a problem.

It is hard for city people like me to have the luxury to put our hectic routine behind and focus on training for a sport that we like. Highly recommended everyone who wants to learn Mauy Thai to train at Khongsittha Muay Thai and stay at Kiatthada Resort. I will certainly return to train longer.

dasty2017 Canada

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The combination of Konsittaha and nak muay nation is perfect for a fight camp. Training and trainors are top notch. everyone super friendly.

Jago187 United Kingdom

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Amazing experience very friendly and helpful will quickly push you to reach your goals i will surely return and highly recommend.