KalariLAB is a treatment, teaching, and research center based in Thailand offering yoga retreat, martial and healing arts of Kalarippayat and Kalari Chikitsa.

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Adam Phillips

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Ben Makosch

KalariLAB Facebook page

I received at 7 day treatment from Adam for an old injury. He helped me understand the issue i was having more clearly and at the end of the treatment I had more movement. He is a very nice guy with extensive knowledge of the human body.

Daniel Simão

KalariLAB Facebook page

I had long term back pain. It was really bringing me down. I went to see Adam after a recomnendation and so glad I did. The intensive course of 6 treatnents fixed my back pain and it hasnt come back. I couldnt be more happy.

Zohar Carmi

KalariLAB Facebook page

I didnt know anything about the massage Adam does. I went there with a sports injury and found it very impressive how the physiological and ayurvedic knowledge was combined into one. I have felt things moving in my body and change in mind after the sessions. I definitely believe that if your karma allows then this treatment can fix many problems. Thank you Adam

Kyle Lametti

KalariLAB Facebook page

I received a 14 day treatment from Adam for injuries sustained in an old motorcycle accident. I really felt that the style of massage he uses lengthened my muscles and relieved some tightness that I had been dealing with for a long time.

Think Raj

KalariLAB Facebook page

Truly one of the most effective and opening classes i've been. adam has the connection to the students to explain the techniques and style in an easy undertstandable way * and i wish for the future our ways merging together again* all the best