A traditional Muay Thai gym founded on passion, set in the ancient city of Phitsanulok, brings you the beautiful art of Muay Thai with a taste of Thai culture.

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Adam Mccaffrey

from United States, January 2020

"Amazing hosts, fantastic hospitality"

Jay and his wife are incredibly friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy, comfortable, well-fed and having a good experience.

The trips to local places such as the “pagoda mountain run” were a lot of fun, and the food they prepared for breakfast and dinner was fantastic.

Sarah Bell

from Hong Kong, January 2020

"Christmas at Camp - The best experience!"

From the very start you're welcomed like family by Kru.Jay, Poi and little Ari and the team of instructors. The (2) training sessions each day are challenging, fun and rewarding - a great mix of one on one sparring and pad work with different JP team members, all there ready to transform your technique and show you the way, and then cross fit & HIIT. Phitsanulok - which I had never heard of before this trip - is a perfect location to really experience local Thailand. Very few tourists, little to no Westerners. Kru.jay and Poi are passionate about showing you this beautiful region and sharing their culture - from praying with monks to river and temple runs, countryside visits to limestone caves and having a few beers by the river on rest day. Training days there's plenty of time between sessions to do as you please - whether it's getting a (needed) thai massage, shopping, yoga, heading to a huge, empty pool to hang out and tan, or visiting local craft beer bars and cafes. Kru.Jay and Poi serve up delicious food daily - you won't go wanting.

This was my first Muay Thai training camp experience, having only practised at home once a week for 6 months. After 10 days I am so much fitter and in shape.

I wholeheartedly recommend joining the JP Boxing family in Phitsanulok. Looking forward to heading back this Christmas and seeing the new gym Kru.Jay is building - can't wait to stay there! Thanks for everything!!

Sandy Lo

from Hong Kong, January 2020

"More than a Muay Thai "

It was good to be trained Muay Thai in JP boxing family, the instructors tried their best to encourage me to explore my limitation.

Apart from the Muay Thai training, Kru Jay and Kru Poi made their supreme efforts to make everyone feel like home at JP boxing. They took us to travel around to experience the real Thai culture, i.e. attended a new monk's ceremony, distributed food to the monks in a temple and in street, etc. It was a very unique experience for me.

Moreover, the mediation experience at the big temple during the New Year's Eve was awesome, the atmosphere was really peaceful and powerful. It was such a good way to say goodbye to 2019 and get some new energy to welcome 2020.

Here, especially thank you to Kru Poi, she always took good care about us, just like baby sitting some giant babies around. By the way, the food from Kru Jay and Kru Poi's parents were so yummy. Thank you so much JP boxing family.

Robert Buwalda

from Thailand, November 2019

Jay and his wife really believe that hospitality is key for a country to become a warm memory you can look back to. Ofcourse he is a business man, but he really helps you get around Phitsanulok to go see real Thai culture without all the tourists. I have seen the most beautiful places and he even took me to visit a big muay Thai fight. I can really recommend the combination of doing some working out / muay Thai and visiting nice places. From massages till visiting a swimming pool and meeting Kru Jay's friends, this camp has it all. You can discuss almost every wish with Kru Jay and he really helps you to fully understand and comprehend what it is like to life in a Thai culture. So if you want to get more fit, learn a new sport, or just heal from something this is the place where you want to be!

Rebecca Callan

from Great Britain, November 2019

"Perfect holiday "

Fantastic all round authentic Thai holiday experience.

Very welcoming family and gym made me feel part of the team straight away which I was sad to leave.

Perfect combination of Muay Thai and workouts from an expert trainers around the sight seeing and fabulous food.

With a flexible schedule to suit each persons goals or expectations of Thailand you couldn’t ask for more.

5* holiday that I will definitely be returning to 😁

Ross Dougan

from Thailand, October 2019

"The No.1 Muay Thai Camp in Thailand 100%"

JP Boxing Gym is Number 1 Muay Thai Gym in Thailand, with the best family & team in the world.

There are many tourist gyms but they don’t teach you all the best techniques, Muay Thai history, the passion or truth about Thailand & Muay Thai.

I have trained at many gyms in Phuket, and around Thailand, which all have many students which means its a large group class, very small amount of one on one time. But JP Boxing Gym is small classes, mostly one on one time, it is lower priced than the other gyms around Thailand, but much higher quality, and much better people.

I’ve been many times & will train with Kru Jay again in Phitsanulok within 3 months 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Also, the day trips JP Boxing Gym too are the best travel experiences you can have in Thailand, as it's the real Thailand, without tourists.

Alice Li

from China, October 2019

"Life Experience, highly recommend "

I have never done anything like this in my life, and this is my best experience ever. The JP family made me feel like home, they took such good care of me, tought me about Muay Thai and showed me around with culture, history and spirit. Every single one was so lovely and we had so much fun. The trainings are very professional and also you can always get one on one with the trainers, not big class with big group of people like Phuket or anywhere.

Brett Hussey

from Thailand, September 2019

"Muay Thai and so much more!"

From the moment I booked, Jay and his team were on hand with every question answerd and every assistance offered.

I was slightly sceptical as to what I was going to experience as initially I was seeking a true meditation/yoga retreat. As a bonus I got to practice real Muay Thai from a man who's passion for his calling and his culture is obvious.

I say his 'calling' because Muay Thai is not just his sport for Jay..he practices, teaches & lives it in its truest form. Its his life.

On arrival he was waiting to pick me up with his amazing wife Poy.

The first Q he asked me was-'what would you like to achieve whilst your here'?

My reply- 'Ide just like to try to do a bit of meditation, some yoga and work on my fitness a little'..he just smiled and said OK..and that was it!..the start of one of the most rewarding, spiritual and happiest weeks of my life..

Jay sensed I wasnt there as a Muay Thai student..I was there to heal myself and grow.

I wont go into everything in detail we experieced during my week in Phitsanulok, but to say I left truly refreshed both mentally and physically is fact.

Excursions to amazing temples, meditation and prayers with Buddhist monks in the hills, yoga sessions, massages, daily training in the fantastic gym and around the area with Jay and his wonderful team, fantastic healthy food & really great, clean hotel accomodation..all there, all awsome and all mixed in with plenty of fun, laughter and love.

Im so proud to call this man my brother.


Aaron Bond

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Better than I ever expected! "

What a fantastic week!

When I first booked this trip I wasnt too sure what to expect. I have never done any Muay Thai boxing, mediation or yoga in my life so I was a little nervous.

Day 1

When I arrived I met Frank & P at the airport and they where super friendly and welcoming. When we arrived at JP Boxing gym, I met Jay (the owner) his wonderful wife and there beautiful child. As I was a little tired from the trip I went straight to hotel to sleep for a few hours. The hotel was very nice and clean with very friendly staff.

Day 2

The next morning we went for a run and then some pad work by the river, Jay is very competent and professional coach and was aware that this was my first time boxing training and adjusted the workout accordingly.

After our workout we went to the local market to explore and had breakfast with the locals. After a a few hours down time we where back in the gym for the afternoon sessions again the coaches and locals were all very welcoming and friendly and offered very good tips with the training.

Day 3

consisted of some early morning one on one training with the Frank & P followed by a personal tour around the local temple ruins where I found celebrity status whilst chatting to a group of very lovely local school children who wanted to ask me lots of questions, which was really nice. A few hours down time and then back to pads and training for the afternoon followed by some amazing food to finish.


from Thailand, September 2019

"All round amazing experience!"

Had an amazing experience in Phitsanulok thanks to all the JP boxing family! Arrived at the train station and Kru Jay was waiting to bring me to my accommodation which was located right beside the boxing gym. The rooms were a good size and they were nice and clean! Free water in the room and there's a water fountain in the hotel and gym. Free coffee in the morning was great to have! Definitely needed before the early morning sessions! The trainings were great, I was afraid, what with being fairly unfit, that I wouldn't be able for a fitness camp like this but the trainers are all so friendly and adaptable to whatever ability you're at. It was an insane challenge but everyone was so encouraging and I never felt like it was too much. After spending some time in Bangkok it was really nice to come to Phitsanulok away from any main touristy areas and see a part of the real Thailand. Wat Yai is beautiful and there is so many nice coffee shops around to satisfy that post workout craving! Was so sad leaving and saying goodbye to all the friends I'd made! 10/10 experience and would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of coming to Thailand and wanting to get away from the usual touristy experience.

Andrew Brooke

from Thailand, September 2019

"Amazing Muay Thai Camp"

Going to JP Boxing is one of the best experiences of my life and i would recommend it to anyone. Everyhing from getting shown the great thai culture and food,to being at a thai birthday party its all things i will never forget. I look forward to returning to see my now thai family in the future and bringing my own family over with me to meet Kru.Jay and the team.


from Great Britain, August 2019

"Brilliant !"

My partner and I spent one week learning Muay Thai with Jay and his team. It was fun and educational we learnt some great moves! The week was brilliant and included excursions. Jay took us around Phitsanulok to explore, visiting temples and markets. We went to Sukhothai and Phetchabun for the day which was brilliant. We visited places we had never heard of, we would not have found by ourselves. The food was outstanding, we tried so many new things thanks to Jay and his wife. The gym is bright and welcoming. I recommended this VIP Package that Jay offers as it is well worth it!


from Thailand, August 2019

"My first time training Muay Thai"

I travel from Korea In order to learn Muay Thai ,I come to JP boxing Phitsanuloke .The teachers here are very focus and determinate .I have no foundation this is my first time, but Kru.Jay teachers slowly taught me how to understand MueythaI clearly .The Gym is clean ,accommodation is perfect and Thai food here is very tasty.

After training the teachers took me to PhItsanulok's tourist attraction after class.Learn Thai culture while studying Muethai.I'm very pleased.

Thank you very much.Thank you Kru.Jay JP Boxing Gym

I’m looking forward to comeback in soon for sure!!....

Kim Tae Hyung from Korea

为了享受泰国武术,我报名了jp boxing。这里的老师们很认真教练。我没有基础,可是老师们慢慢教我,我才明白mueythai。宿舍很干净,泰国菜很好吃。还有老师们下课后带我去phitsanulok的旅游景点。一边学muethai 一边学泰国文化。我非常满意。我希望下次再来。回国之后还会想念 jp boxing。谢谢 jp boxing。

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