Jaguar Escrima teaches Filipino Escrima (Arnis), Muay Thai, and Krav Maga. It is situated in Sabang Palawan, home of the world famous underground river. It is very close to the beach.

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2 Weeks Fun Escrima Training in the Philippines

Available from February till August
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Mike Garner

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Edward Sundby O'halloran

from Norway, September 2018

"Train as you fight!"

If you are looking for an instructor who will teach you realistic self defence skills and mindset, look no further.

Mike Garner is a real down to earth kind of guy with a lot of experiance with martial arts and a fantastic teacher. I am a slow learner and need things explained to me several times, but this was no problem as Mike is a really patient fellow who lets you learn at your own pace.

During your traning you will be tought techniques what will work in the real world aka streetcombat. I got the feeling that it was really important for Mike to only teach me techniques that are realistic, simple and effective in an self defence situation. Mike wil also talk about different real life situations where these techniques can be applied. The traningarea is right outside his house and is a simple setup, but don't let that fool you. The traningarea has a few excellent points in the way it is setup and is a reflection of Mikes mindset of how to train, I loved it!

As for the accomondation you share the house with Mike and his wife, which is great if you like to hang out with people around you. For my part I booked a cheap hotel at the beach as I like to have a lot of time by myself.

Sabang Beach is "in the jungle". Bring cash as there are no ATMs in the area. There will be bugs and geckoes in your room no matter where you live in the area, just get used to it.

Summary: Great, no bullshit, straight to the point kind of traning!

Testimonials (1)

Sascha Ehlert

"I made the right decision to choose "Jaguar Eskrima" in Sabang. If you are looking for an effective and realistic "FMA" training you are in the right place. The training is also suitable for beginners and "Mike Garner" a patient and competent "Instructor".

With his long experience in various martial arts systems, "Mike" has the experience of combat, but also the wisdom to avoid a fight.

The training exceeded my expectations and I can recommend it with a clear conscience.

Sabang itself is a fantastic place for beach lovers and there are accommodations at very reasonable prices.

Thanks for a great experience"