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13 Days Krav Maga & Anti Terorrism Training in Israel

Krav Maga & Anti-Terrorism Courses

Israeli Krav International invites you to join its Krav Maga program, located in the heart of Israeli culture. Learn how to defend and protect yourself and other people. You will be trained to disarm, strike, grapple, and find ways out from any complex situation you can think of. Visiting and touring Israel will help you understand the nature of Krav Maga, the art that was born and developed there. You will also experience the real Israel, as you will find guards and soldiers everywhere you go and face security on daily basis. A must-try experience!

Meet the instructors

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  • All levels are welcome
  • Diploma for anti-terrorism class
  • Diploma upon the completion of training
  • Daily intensive training in seven hour sessions
  • Tours in Jerusalem, Mount Herzl, Yad Va Shem, Masada
  • Tour and train certificate after completion of the program
  • Full padding, full impact, indoors, outdoors training
  • Learn all aspects of Krav Maga training
  • 12 nights accommodation

Skill level

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate


12 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: Hebrew, English
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Rooms are available, private, or with a roommate. Israel Krav International can make these arrangements for you. You are free to choose wherever you want to stay. Most of the students choose to rent in Maaleh Adumim and stay within a walking distance from the training center.


Krav Maga training in Israel

When you come to Israel to train Krav Maga, you will combine the theory and the practice. You will see the people and hear their stories. You will be stopped at checkpoints, malls and supermarkets, checked, and questioned. This is how everyone survives.

The classes include fitness, sparring, grappling, gun and knife disarms and dealing with suicide attackers. The disarmed do not take place in a "sterile" environment but are acted out in real time against aggressive determined opponents. Of course full protective gear are used.

Typical workout

The instructors will start with the Muay Thai's low kick, the front kick drilling with both the rear leg and front leg, the side kick and the knee kick. Afterwards, they will add in some striking drills; basic punching and blocking. They integrate the use of the elbow strike in these drills.

Next, the instructors will do drills that combine blocking, punching, kicking and take-downs. You will continue with ground compliance techniques as well as rapid destruction techniques. One learns when to use each based on a force continuum model.

IKI instructors train to defend against knife threats and attacks. They also train with improvised weapons such as jackets, belts and key chains.

Sample topics

You will begin with hand grabs, shirt grabs, chokes, and abductions. Afterwards, you will move on to knife threats, then knife attacks. The instructors will teach you to deal with every sort of possible angle, close range and from a bit of distance. You will also cover gun threats from every possible direction and angle.

Later on you will move on to hand to hand combat; proper fighting stance (not the same as Karate or boxing or Taekwondo), how to block, how to strike using hands, knees, elbows, and legs. You also cover defense in confined spaces, in a car, or an elevator.

You will deal with situations when you are pushed against the wall, attacked with a knife, stick or gun. IKI might sometimes cover anti rape, hostage situations, school yard conflicts, and VIP protection.

Counter Terrorism

You will learn the basics, grabs and holds. You will then move on to gun and knife defense, rifles, in and around a car, hostage situations, airline and so forth. A world-class anti terrorism training is also offered. Even before the live firing part, Israeli Krav International instructors train the participants in the mentality and approach of Israeli Counter Terrorism thinking. By the time they reach this specialized training their minds and bodies are ready for it.

Touring in Israel

The tour of the old city will cover thousands of years of history including the latest finds, digs, and research. You will feel what it was like to live in Jerusalem in Temple times and deal with the Romans. You will walk the path where the Hebrews and non-Hebrews walked to get to the Temple, step on the same stones, see the gates from which they entered to offer sacrifices. You will see the ritual baths where they emerged to purify themselves before entering the Holy Temple, Beth HaMiqdash, and you will see original stones from the destroyed temple.

You can visit Ir David (The city of David), which is where the Hebrews lived before the old city was built. The security guards in this area are excellent, they were trained by myself and other well know Krav Maga instructors.

You will understand the pain the Jewish people suffered at having lost the most magnificent building of its time, being sent into slavery and exile, and waiting 2,000 years. And 2,000 years later, descendants of these exiled people will return to Israel and resume the ancient fight.

Walking the streets of the old city you will understand the development of the Krav Maga techniques, as you will see the narrow streets and stairways. Sadly, many attacks have been taken place here and from these cases that they developed new techniques and approaches. Jerusalem Krav Maga emerges from these streets.

There is much to see in Jerusalem and it is up to you to determine what you want to see; you will certainly see ancient Hebrew historical sites but you can also see historical sights of importance to Christians, such as churches and places where it is said Jesus was.

You can also visit the sites in or near Maaleh Adumim. Maaleh Adumim is a modern town in the hills of the Judean desert. The name comes from a town that existed in Biblical times. When you return home you will have more of a feel, understanding, and appreciation of Krav Maga than any local instructors.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga training is all about the real world. When people train in martial arts such as Jujitsu or Israeli Krav Maga they sometimes wonder, 'but what about the real world'? 'Would this training really help me on the street?' 'What about Krav Maga reality training.

For over two years, IKI has the privilege of training elite security guards of Jerusalem in hand to hand Krav Maga, gun disarms and knife defenses. It was a tough job with lousy pay. That experience would not be traded for anything.

These guys fought for a living, not in the ring but on the meanest streets of Jerusalem. Their opponents were not boxers or wrestlers but knife wielding assassins, drunken thugs, and suicide bombers.

These guys had to face the real deal. They had to have the right attitude. Just to be accepted as a guard one had to have served in a combat unit in the Israel Defense Forces, many of them also had served in the Russian army.

So these guys (women were not accepted for this job) were in the military for a long time and had faced death before. Most had seen friends die in combat or as the result of suicide attacks.

They had to take this Krav Maga stuff seriously. They came to IKI at the Krav Maga center in Jerusalem, either right before their eight hour shift or right after. So either they were dead tired from being up all night or they were on their way to some of the worst neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

This was not your health club type of workout. This was Jerusalem Krav Maga. They knew whatever we did had better work, and under the worst conditions possible. The qualities they needed to develop included; technique, awareness, the ability to profile (Krav Maga profiling), discipline and aggressiveness, and the ability to Improvise, adapt,and survive.

They also had to learn to deal with pain. The service they worked for required IKI to submit a grade for each guard after every workout. A failing grade in Krav Maga meant they would be suspended without pay.

Not only were their lives on the line every day, but their jobs were at stake as well! They were to be graded in three categories; technique, discipline, and aggressiveness.

These are the three criteria that make up a good Krav Maga practitioner on the street. The same is true for Police Training Technique is obviously important. Discipline pertains to following rules and regulations so the job will be done effectively and by strict guidelines. Aggressiveness is vitally important.


Moshe Katz
(Martial Arts)
During the course of his 29 years in martial arts Moshe has trained with some of the greatest instructors around the world. He is certified by Wingate, Israel's national Martial Arts certification board, and by Itay Gil, his instructor and friend of many years. He spent several years working for the Israeli Board of Education as a Krav Maga instructor and contributor. He spent two years training the Jerusalem Elite security guards. In 2010 he was inducted into the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame as instructor of the year.


Israeli Krav International is located about 7 kilometers east of Jerusalem, on the way to the Dead Sea, and is surrounded by the beautiful hills of the Judean desert.

Things to do (optional)

Meet local residents and hear about the history of Maaleh Adumim

History and Jewish Tradition from Moshe, includes video presentations (optional)

Visit synagogues during prayer, including a Yemenite Jewish service (optional)

Option for spending Shabbat in Maaleh Adumim

Visit historical and religious sites in Israel and enjoy local life, including enjoying guided tours in Jerusalem, Mount Herzl, Yad Va Shem, Masada, shopping at the bazaars, enjoying local music, and tasting local foods.

Learn some Hebrew and some Jewish history and gain a firsthand understanding of the Middle Eastern conflicts.

Walk the streets of the Old City you, so will understand the development of the Krav Maga techniques, as you will have more of a feel, understanding, and appreciation of Krav Maga than any local instructors.

What's included

  • 12 nights accommodation
  • Daily 7-hour training
  • The use of facilities during training
  • Tour and train certificate upon completion of the program
  • Tours in Jerusalem

What's not included

  • Airfare tickets
  • Meals
  • Travel insurance

How to get there

Arrival by bus

You can take the 174 Egged bus line. The bus stops a short distance from the training center on Mitzpe Nevo Way.

Cancellation Policy

  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
  • The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival.
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