The IKMF, a non-profit organization founded in 1995, is currently the largest Krav Maga organization worldwide with branches in over 55 countries.

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Igal Maidani

Arnaud Simons

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Lilly Davis

from Great Britain, September 2020


The whole experience was just brilliant! I particularly liked the part about the inner alarm and the use of common objects for self-defense. Also, the "real situation" at the end was really fun!


from Great Britain, September 2020

"My experience with the Stay Away seminar"

I attended the training with my daughter, and we both had a really good time. Neither of us had any experience with krav maga but it was not an issue at all. Overall, it is great training for building self-confidence and learning how to minimize the risk of ending up in a dangerous situation. I highly recommend it.


from Italy, September 2020

"A must-do seminar"

Thank you for these 3 days, it was really useful and fun at the same time :)

I like the way your training made us more aware of our surroundings, but not irrationally anxious. Also, the reading of some scenarios from the male/female perspective was quite insightful.

I was a bit surprised at first by some of the tactics, but they are clearly well-thought-out, and would actually be very effective I think if ever needed...

Until next time, Kida!