International Kenpo Karate Academy

County Kildare, Ireland

Prof. Downey of International Kenpo Karate organizes the annual European Kenpo camps that aims to train & get together kenpoists from all over the world.

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  • Niall Downey Irelnand

    European Kenpo Camp Academy website

    Have been to the camp each year since 2008 and it just keeps getting better and better, not only do I get to train with world class instructors, I get to catch up with old friends I've met at the past camps I also get to make new friends each year and this year is going to be special for me as I'm taking my eldest son (who is 10 and has been asking to come with me for two years) with me to experience this wonderful weekend of Kenpo!!

  • Stephen LaBounty United Kingdom

    European Kenpo Camp Academy website

    This is a must "do" for anyone involved in Kenpo. The beauty is that you can bring your families as well, and take a few days to see the wonderful country of Ireland. It has become the premier camp to attend for those who wish to improve their skills, meet some of the greatest Kenpoists from all over the world and have lasting memories of their Martial journey;

  • Bob White United States

    European Kenpo Camp Academy website

    I have never been to a finer camp. Great kenpo, great people, and beautiful facility, great time.

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