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7 Day Boxing Training Camp in Kiev

Jul | Aug | Sep | Oct | Nov | Dec, 2021

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Dmitry Zapolsky

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Seb Frieszo

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Am amazing, unique experience with a purpose"

I want to start by expressing my gratitude to Dmitry especially and everyone at Puncher boxing gym for making me feel so welcome in a foreign place. The gym facilities which are only a 10 minute walk from the accommodation, are spotless clean and the atmosphere is full of positive, eager to learn energy. Within a few minutes of shadowboxing, Dmitry could immediately see I had troubles with my footwork and movement while creating combinations so this become the main focus of the camp. The camp was highly technical and there were times were I felt pressured not understanding, but with Dmitry's vast, in depth knowledge and superb eye for detail, he was able to constantly give me constructive criticism on how to improve. I definitely feel my boxing ability has been heightened thanks to Dmitry. On a side note, the food at the hotel was not only tasty, but filling and very cheap. There is a language barrier but in my opinion this makes the experience even more interesting. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their boxing and simultaneously wanting an unforgettable experience. Thank you again Dmitry and Puncher boxing.

Yvonne Birker

from Switzerland, November 2019

"Making my dream come true"

When I started thinking about boxing training in Kiew, I wasn't sure if this was possible for me as a Girl & alone & on my level… As soon as I arrived, Dimitry picked me up at the Airport and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable & save. He took a lot of time to show me the modern & nice equiped Boxing-Gym, the Area (my daily-walk to the Gym) and even showed me 2 Hotels, to pick the one, I felt more @home. He cared about knowing I was fine, and I could Whatsup him anytime, if there was a matter. For training, we worked in the morning & evening one to one. Dimitry can see exactly your weakness and has many exercices to improve. He payed special attention to my coordination, balance, flexibility and to get me less cramped. Then we worked very basic and technical. For me it was sometimes difficult & hard, because I am not used to split all the moves so detailed into pieces. But it was the right thing and I think I learned a lot, that now @home I try out in easy Sparrings. I already noticed that his techniques of defence are very useful for me. So Dimitry takes a lot of time and patience to work with you! His english is very good and he knows many ways to make you understand the correlation in movements. You work concentrated but there is also space for a joke. This Camp was much better than I ever expected. Kiew is a stunning City with friendly people, great places & good food. I recommend this to everybody who is serious about boxing and I would <3 to be back!


from United Kingdom, September 2019

"excellent camp for improving skills and techniques!"

The time in Kiev was a great experience in my preparation for next fight. One week full of fresh challenges, much technical contents and hard work.

We adopt completely new methods for my agility in classes.

The coach explained the physiques and the anatomic in boxing directly with tasks.

The program of Dmitry reflects the broad

spectrum of scientific approaches in sport medicine especially in boxing.

Because of improved coordination and new technical knowledge i reached a higher level in my personal skills in boxing.

Dmitry is a very kindful person and fits the training methods to the experiences of the different students. I often remember the words of my coach in my classes in Germany. He was a very good mentor with an wide range of knowledge in sports. I recommend this boxing classes everyone who wants to get more knowledge in boxing and get a new level for them own development.


from Spain, September 2019

"Privilege to train in a country that has high level boxers. "

I found Dmitry to be a great teacher who was willing to work at my pace, yet push me forward when necessary.

I was taught a useful skill set and fighting strategy. Also, some drills and exercises were taught to improve balance and overall mechanics of transferring weight for punches, movement and slips (something that I couldn’t do before the camp).

Great experience!

Joachim Börger

from Germany, June 2019

"Great first Boxing experience for me as a total beginner"

Dimitri trained me starting from 0 with huge patience. He has a great competency not only for Boxing but also everything else involved in healthy lifestyle and sport due to his university background. The goals to teach me some basic steps of Boxing here totally fulfilled, I could get a good feeling of this sport and am highly motivated to continue it - and even add one more trip to Kiev, if everything works out smooth.

Every day, the trainer asked my for any troubles in my body, how I like the training progress, and whether we shall continue with his intended tasks or change something. I personally found the expectations very high for me and thus asked several times for a slow-down, which we managed quite well. So, I feel that the training content was a good compromise for both of us.

The hotel was in walking distance to the club, which is super convenient due to 2 trainings a day in the morning and evening. Still, only 10 min. walk to the subway and another 10 min ride into Kiev center are great for an easy visit to the city, which is simply gorgeous. I cannot describe the beauty of the city of Kiev, the friendliness of people and the Yammie Ukrainian food in words. Altogether it summer up to a wonderful week for me.

Anthony Verbist

from Belgium, May 2019

"Kiev, the city that breaths boxing. Dmitry the lungs"

Besides the boxing I liked that Dmitry does everything to make you feel welcome and truly at home. Not only was he my trainer during my 8-day stayover but also a good guide, translator and excellent host. Trainings were very technical for me so he reduced the input to make sure that what I had to learn was almost perfect if not, perfect! He showed alot of patience with me if things were not going right. I learned many things and I have still many things to learn so I'm definitely coming back! The club is very professional as for the coaches their knowledge of boxing. Even tho Dmitry is in he's 50's I'm sure he would win alot of fights if he would enter competition :D

Essin Khan

from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Boxing lessons in Kiev "

Dmitry was a excellent coach, he is a perfectionist and makes sure you get it right, he organises sparring and makes sure to break it down so you can learn what he teaches. He tailors the workouts to work on your weaknesses ( I’m a southpaul so he made sure I moved to the right and taught me how to use fakes)

I booked 10 lessons, I did one in the morning (technique work) and sparring in the evening.

Kilian Moertl

from Austria, February 2019

"One of the best experiences I ever did.!"

I spent 5 days in Kiew and it was definitely worth every cent. No matter on witch level you are in boxing, it will improve your skills dramatically. Dmitry is a well experienced trainer and his attention to detail is amazing. After the first lesson, he will outwork your weaknesses in your fighting style. We did a lot of footwork, coordination, balance and worked on creating power without wasting energy. He will work with you until you get it right, then it gets always more advanced. Dmitry also recorded videos to show me my mistakes, which definitely helped me a lot. The camp is extremely technical and it will get hard for sure. I had to concentrate a lot during the lessons to make it right. We trained twice a day and during the day i went to the centre of Kiew to check some stuffs. Once I was together in the city with Dmitry and he showed me interesting places and explained me about the past. Evenings were mostly easy and after dinner i was tired, so forget about party every night in Kiew.

The food was tasty and cheap, very good for people who are doing sports because you will always find meat, vegetables, salads, rice/potatoes on the menu. The centre of the city is very beautiful with lots of interesting architecture. If you go, learn a few words Ukrainian, because not so many people spoke English, but if you try people will understand you and know what you want. So if you think about it, just go there and get coached, it will definitely pay off. I had a great time.

Yasuhito Nakajima

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"Excellent city, great technical camp"

About the city: 10/10

When I first thought about going on this boxing camp, I was a bit weary as Ukraine does not have the image of being the safest place to travel. However those fears were quickly washed away and by the end of the camp I came to truly love the city. The city is beautiful with many historic monuments, parks and great shops, restaurants. At least for me, I did not feel in danger at all and the people who I encountered were all very friendly.

About the Food: 10/10

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food in Kiev. From the European nations I visited I would rate the quality of food in Ukraine to be one of the best. (100 times better than London for sure in terms of value for money!)

About the Gym: 10/10

The gym is in a very convenient location, near the hotel and near many restaurants and a major shopping mall. It is clean and has numerous equipment to work with.

About the Training: 9/10

The trainer Dmitry is a very diligent and sincere guy. He is always on time and genuinely wants you to improve. This is not a typical boxing bootcamp with focus on fitness, you must be warned that the training is very technical and there are difficult times but it will definitely help you improve your boxing.


from United Kingdom, December 2018

"Excellent camp"

The training was very good. Dmitry the trainer was extremely patient and had a huge range of exercises and techniques to iron out weaknesses.

Daniel Carter

from Sweden, November 2018

"An amazing experience "

Dmitry is a great instructor and a very fun guy to train with. His attention to detail and boxing knowledge is incredible, and he is always finding new metaphors and ways to bring the science behind what you're trying to achieve to life. The course is incredibly technical, which is exactly what I wanted, and over the 6 days, I really saw great improvements and fluency in my boxing. If you go for the 4* hotel option you're in for a decent hotel, the staff there were super helpful and always going out their way to help. It was a hugely enjoyable experience, made all the more by Dmitry's friendly and fun attitude to the week.

Robert Hlep

from Belgium, October 2018

"Excellent camp for those who take boxing seriously"

So you think you can box? Think again, because Dmitry is going to show you a whole new world. He is a great coach and very professional. He is always on time and respects his obligations. Bear in mind that this camp is no joke. Forget about partying every evening in Kiev, this is for dedicated athletes. You have to be focused, persistent and mentally strong, because it does get tough. However, once you'll get home and back to your old gym you'll see, how much you've developed. Definitely worth every cent.

Denis Begzic

from United States, October 2018

"Great experience "

The boxing camp in itself was a very enjoyable experience. Had the opportunity to learn from a very credible coach. He helped me on my overall technique and general approach to training. It’s amazing how much improvement you can make under the right coach in a short amount of time. Definitely would do it again

Frantz Carpentier

from Greece, October 2018

"An instructive and rewarding experience!"

The camp was great! I have MMA wrestling background, low level in boxing that's why I wanted to improve my boxing skills. It was really far beyond my expectations!

The coach Dmitry is very patient, experienced and passionate about teaching, showing you the right movement and the good technique, learning step by step, basics first then more difficult level. The gym is nice, all equipment inside, friendly fighters.

The accommodation place was confortable about 5-10min by walk from the gym and everything arround, métro station, shops, restaurants etc. Kiev is a beautiful capital, also the plus is that the life cost is not expensive.

I definitely recommend this camp!

Yanis Soto

from France, August 2018

"Very nice ! "

Amazing camp for boxing. Dmitry is an excellent coach, very patient, lot of knowledge. He will make a preparation adapted to you. Moreover he is a generous and a very nice person, be sure he will take care of you.

If you want to improve your skill, or juste discovering boxing just try it.

Patrick Mahar

from Australia, August 2018

"Fantastic experience "

The training was technical, the trainer Dmitry was experienced, generous with knowledge and very patient.