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International Association of Boxing and Kickboxing New Stars provides boxing coaching for everyone.

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7 Days Boxing Training Camp in Kiev, Ukraine

Available in November & December

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Dmitry Zapolsky

Zapolsky Dmitry Petrovich is the president of the International Association of Boxing and Kickboxing "New Stars" and head coach. Master of sports in boxing, the promoter organized five professional fights, organized more than 150 amateur tournaments, prepared 10 champions in amateur boxing. He has more than 25 years experience in boxing and kickboxing, spent more than 150 duels for boxing career with 140 wins.

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Robert Hlep

from Belgium, October 2018

"Excellent camp for those who take boxing seriously"

So you think you can box? Think again, because Dmitry is going to show you a whole new world. He is a great coach and very professional. He is always on time and respects his obligations. Bear in mind that this camp is no joke. Forget about partying every evening in Kiev, this is for dedicated athletes. You have to be focused, persistent and mentally strong, because it does get tough. However, once you'll get home and back to your old gym you'll see, how much you've developed. Definitely worth every cent.

Denis Begzic

from United States, October 2018

"Great experience "

The boxing camp in itself was a very enjoyable experience. Had the opportunity to learn from a very credible coach. He helped me on my overall technique and general approach to training. It’s amazing how much improvement you can make under the right coach in a short amount of time. Definitely would do it again

Frantz Carpentier

from Greece, October 2018

"An instructive and rewarding experience!"

The camp was great! I have MMA wrestling background, low level in boxing that's why I wanted to improve my boxing skills. It was really far beyond my expectations!

The coach Dmitry is very patient, experienced and passionate about teaching, showing you the right movement and the good technique, learning step by step, basics first then more difficult level. The gym is nice, all equipment inside, friendly fighters.

The accommodation place was confortable about 5-10min by walk from the gym and everything arround, métro station, shops, restaurants etc. Kiev is a beautiful capital, also the plus is that the life cost is not expensive.

I definitely recommend this camp!

Yanis Soto

from France, August 2018

"Very nice ! "

Amazing camp for boxing. Dmitry is an excellent coach, very patient, lot of knowledge. He will make a preparation adapted to you. Moreover he is a generous and a very nice person, be sure he will take care of you.

If you want to improve your skill, or juste discovering boxing just try it.

Patrick Mahar

from Australia, August 2018

"Fantastic experience "

The training was technical, the trainer Dmitry was experienced, generous with knowledge and very patient.

Dennis Tran

from Netherlands, July 2018

"top notch high quality boxing"

IT was amazing how much I have learned here. Dmitry has such a good understanding of the sports in a physical and a mental way. He is very clear if you're doing something wrong and he will work hard with you to make it right. He was genuinely passionate about me doing it the right way.

Apart from that he has all kinds of comparisons and metaphors for every training situation for you to understand the reasoning behind the lessons.

Forget everything you know about boxing and come here and he will teach you every little detail from scratch

Ibrahim Onur Celik

from Turkey, June 2018

"A real boxing course "

You will have a real boxing course highly concentrated on techniques. It is very beneficial for those who want to bring their boxing to perfection. I personally got many useful information especially on how to consume less power and have more efficiency.

Zdravko Mrvic

from United States, April 2018

"2 Weeks of Boxing in Kiev"

When arriving to Kiev I was picked up by trainer Dmitry and one of his student's. The next day I was given a walking tour of the city, they showed me restaurants to eat, setting up my phone etc they went the extra mile to make sure I was well taken care of and accommodated. For the boxing, we trained twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Dmitry has a lifetime of boxing knowledge/experience, he is patient, attentive and passionate. Our sessions were filmed on my phone so I still go back to them to work on perfecting what I learned. Usually we worked in the morning 1 on 1 and in the evening I would work with his other students (putting the technique I learned in the morning to work). I was provided a sparring partner my weight and experience. My overall experience was very positive and I left Kiev with a new and much better understanding of boxing. I would confidently recommend this program to anyone at any level who is serious about boxing.

Bouamraoui Lhoussaine

from Great Britain, March 2018

accommodation and customized training adapted to my situation.

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