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Inner Smile Nurture offers yoga classes, retreats, and holistic massage rooted in the five elements, in Alpujarra, Spain.

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Sofia Araujo

Inner Smile Nurture website

Maya attended several trainings with Swara Yoga School and assisted in one of the trainings. She is a super dedicated practitioner and teacher of yoga. I have watched throughout the years Maya developing herself as a teacher and healer using yoga, holistic medicine and nature rituals in a way that is authentic, compassionate and brings her own students into deep connection with themselves. She feels into people and guides them gently into a place of self compassion and awareness. Anyone can practice yoga with Maya because her approach is individual and personalized to everyone's needs. She has a wealth of knowledge in relation to yoga, bodywork and energy healing techniques and she is very generous how she shares them with her students. In the past she also organised some events for Swara Yoga School and was very organised, active and welcoming to all the participants. She is a beautiful spirit that shares her passion for conscious movement and lifestyle with people, raising their experience of themselves. She is an eternal student, which in my view, is the key element to be a skillful teacher and share this practice with integrity.


Inner Smile Nurture website

Maya offers intuitive and compassionate yoga teaching.

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