INdolomites Mountain & Yoga

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Natalie Lees England

INdolomites Mountain & Yoga

The organisation of the program was really good. The retreat was run really well and extra activities were suggested to maximize our experience in Italy. For example a trip to Capri and lots of walking. We enjoyed two yoga classes a day on a beautiful platform overlooking the sea! Such a peaceful amazing place to practice. The classes were really well taught (in both Italian and English) the flow was a good pace and I feel I learnt a lot about Hatha yoga. We always enjoyed meditation classes and chanting sessions which were really fun as I have never tried this before!

Paula is a great teacher! So friendly and welcoming making sure everyone was ok every step of the way (not just in the classes but during the entire retreat) She would push us further in poses if we needed it to enhance our classes which I really appreciated. Paula is a very skilled yoga instructor and you can see how much passion she has as you see her practice and teach! :)

I have traveled a lot and stayed in some beautiful places around the world and La Selva is definitely one of the most stunning places I have been fortunate enough to visit. The views are so beautiful, the food was AMAZING - all freshly made at La Selva by a very talented chef who is obviously very passionate about his food! The accommodation is rustic, clan and unique, fairly basic but that's all you need during this stay as you don't want to spend time in your room but out enjoying the views!! La Selvas grounds were beautiful and seemingly untouched adding to its charm! I would love to visit here again - I couldn't get enough of the views of the sea - just stunning. The owners were very friendly and welcoming :)

I loved the yoga classes. We practiced twice a day, once before breakfast at 7.30 am and again at 6 pm after a day out or a relax at La Selva. The classes were very well put together and very fun!! I really enjoyed the pace - not too slow and not too fast! I learnt a lot about Hatha yoga from an amazing teacher. Paula is clearly very passionate about yoga as she is very knowledgeable and skilled in her practice. The practices were invigorating and got your heart beating! I hope to practice yoga with Paula again in the future! :)

I can't recommend this retreat enough - I would go back in a heartbeat. I had never done a retreat before this and was a little bit nervous about being solo but most people were travelling alone so we were all in the same boat! Everyone got on really well and we all had a great time together. Meeting different people from different backgrounds all experiencing this amazing retreat together was so lovely. I highly recommend this retreat with Paula and also La Selva :)

Angela Pernal Canada

INdolomites Mountain & Yoga

It was a very well organised week, with the time table of our yoga classes and our meals. Everything was easy going and worked out well. having time throughout the day to explore was great and gave us a chance to relax as well.

Paul is such a great teacher! the lessons are a nice combination of strength and balance. Also great strength and breathing techniques. the place was very nice and always felt challenger but relaxed. every class was wonderfully.

If trying to decide to go a week of sound and flow yoga I highly recommend the simple get power full experience of yoga and meditation that you will achieve. I had the great opportunity of experience a spiritual and physically active week that involve music, breathing and yoga at every level. Great experience and truly a time to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Thank you!

Stefanie Klein Austria

INdolomites Mountain & Yoga

1) General organization of the week / program:

It was perfectly organized, the program was beautiful, I loved it so much the practices of yoga and also meditation! And above all the music of Massimo and his brother! Very beautiful!!!

2) La Selva (food, services, rooms, clean):

La Selva is a wonderful place! The food was very good (very important for me!;) And also the room was very pretty. All clean, perfect.

3) Flow Hatha / Vinyasa Flow / teacher:

I love Hatha Flow and Vinyasa Flow also !!!!!! The practice with you was really beautiful and I loved it !!! Especially the practice in the evening because I'm used to practice at this time;) You're amazing teacher and I envy all of which can have the practice with you regularly! What a pity that I do not live near Belluno ;-(

4) Comment to give to a person who wants to participate on in a Flow Yoga and Sound week:

I can only recommend to do this important experience in life - it was a great week of Flow Yoga with Paula Medina !!! Yoga is good for the body, good, you meet new people around the world - in short: holidays and yoga - for me it's a perfect combination!

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