Indie Fight Club is a place to train, lose weight, and see Bali. The skilled professional staff will guide you through the fight club experience.

Reviews (8)

Lucas (cas) Van Zwieten

from Netherlands, September 2019


The training was really good!

I had a lot of fun with al the people there.

Fabien Plassard

from Switzerland, August 2019

"Great trainings with great staff"

I spent a week in the camp in the private room and I had everything I needed. It was a great experience and will come back as soon as I can to do more trainings.

All the staff were very nice and friendly. The trainers make you progress at your own pace. It is ideal for anyone who wants to progress in boxe and muay thai, from beginners to advanced fighters.


from Australia, May 2019

"Experience of a lifetime "

A home away from home. The family welcome you with kindness. The training was everything I’d hoped. The help and tuition I received has really set me up moving forward. I was really impressed with the gym, it was not lacking anything that was required for the variety of classes offered. People came locally to join the classes and the evening ones filled up. I only stayed two days but it’s on my to do list every few months for a week or more. The swimming pool was available 24/7 and topped off a good training session. Thank you to the family for making me feel really welcome.


from United States, March 2019

"Great time! "

The training by Julio, the hospitality of his family, it was all great and I would go again immediately :)

Lissette Melo

from Indonesia, November 2017

"Great training camp!"

I really enjoyed training with the national champions and instructors. Papi Evan and Mami Emah were such wonderful hosts.