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9 Days Krav Maga Training and Travel in Israel

Krav Maga Course and Holidays in Israel

The train and travel program is one of the most popular training events offered by IKMF. The popularity of this course is two-fold: it combines amazing training and an opportunity to sightsee through Israel. This course is open to all levels of Krav Maga, including no experience at all, and families are encouraged to attend. If you wish to combine the best Krav Maga training available with touring Israel, this is the program for you.

Meet the instructors

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  • Daily Krav Maga training addapted to all levels
  • Krav maga training led by an experienced instructor
  • Learning how to operate a vehicle against car jacking
  • Visit to Masada and the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv
  • Entrance fee to all touring sites
  • Transportation to all locations
  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast

Skill level

  • Beginner


8 days with instruction in English
Spoken languages: English
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You will be staying in three-star hotels, in double rooms. The hotel will provide breakfast daily. The base location is Tel Aviv and Cesaria, with accommodation in Cesaria at "Sea Center Cesaria".


Training program

The program is an introductory course aimed to provide a taste of the variety Krav Maga has to offer. Therefore, every day will concentrate on a different Krav Maga sub category:

  • Law enforcement training methods, developed by Israeli law enforcement units. Also, participants will experience Israeli firing techniques at a shooting range with certified tactical instructors.
  • VIP protection: Intensive training following Israeli governmental executive protection units methods, emphasizing on first circle defense system.
  • Military: Learning to function under intense strain while implementing Israeli commando self defense techniques, and much more.
  • Civilian: Training sessions with Avi Moyal, following techniques developed by Imi Lichtenfeld himself.
  • Customized Krav Maga: A taste of additional training methods adapted for unique working environments; i.e.: CQB, air marshals, close quarter battle situations.
  • Operational driving and car rage: Learning how to operate a vehicle against car jacking or attacks inside the vehicle based on techniques developed by master Avi Moyal for confidential factors of the Israeli government.


Three days will be dedicated to touring Israel, spiced by on the tour training. Locations may vary.

  • Masada and the Dead Sea: The lowest point on earth renowned for its medicinal qualities. Also optional will be a visit to Masada, where participants will learn the heroic story of Masada and climb up the mountain's snake trail or cable cart .
  • Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, the old city and the Western Wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Tel Aviv: Party in Tel Aviv, experience the city that never sleeps with its active night life, clubs, pubs, and beautiful beach strip.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the most effective self-defense system offered today. Krav Maga is easily learned and implemented quickly. This system is accessible to anyone interested in learning self-defense techniques in aim to protect themselves and their surroundings.

Krav Maga was founded and developed originally by Imi (Lichtenfeld) Sde-Or. Imi created Krav maga for military purposes, meant to improve combat abilities of Israeli IDF soldiers in the early 50s. Over the years, the Krav Maga system was further developed by Imi to provide self-defense solutions for the civilian sector as well.

Master Avi Moyal, IKMF chairman and head instructor, as well as Imi's direct student, continues on to develop Krav Maga along with other high ranking Israeli Krav Maga GIT members (Global Instructor Team). Nowadays, Krav Maga is providing self-defense solutions to a broader variety of sectors, among which are:

  • Civilian - offering and teaching self-defense qualifications to adults, women, children. Each carefully adapted to match the variable needs of every sub sector
  • Military - offering and teaching self-defense qualifications to soldiers aimed to widen their combat abilities as individual soldiers and as a part of a unit
  • Law enforcement - offering and teaching self-defense qualifications to police officers and governmental units
  • VIP - offering and teaching all professional levels of third side protection defenses (Krav Maga oriented)

IKMF, which stands for International Krav Maga Federation, is the most veteran Krav Maga organization remains forever loyal to the famous phrasing by Imi: "So that one may walk in peace".

It is IKMF's ongoing task to reach out to as many individuals in as many possible countries and provide them with self defense tools that will allow them to self defend effectively and eliminate danger so that everyone may walk in peace.

Krav Maga history

The art of Krav Maga was founded by Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde - Or). Imi was born in Bratislava to a renowned police officer and circus acrobat. As a child, Imi excelled in various sports such as wrestling and boxing and practiced several martial arts. When anti-Semite riots began to spread through his home town, Imi and his family were forced to immigrate to Israel (Palestine at the time).

In 1948, once Israel had declared its independence, IDF's (Israeli Defense Force) officials approached Imi and requested him to develop a system of self defense and fighting based upon his experience and his work with special forces units as the 'Hagana', 'Palmach', and 'Palyam'.

During his 20 years of service as chief instructor of hand-to-hand combat, Imi carefully refined the methods of Krav Maga, making it the official combative training for all military personnel, Israeli police, and security forces. Imi developed a doctrine enabling both fit and out-of-shape soldiers to practice it successfully. Rather than rigid movements and techniques requiring years of training, Krav Maga integrated instinctive and simple moves accessible to all.

In 1964, Imi retired from the IDF and continued teaching Krav Maga to civilians, as well as law enforcement units and military applications. The Krav Maga association was founded by Imi and several of his students in 1978, aiming to promote Krav Maga's unique techniques locally and throughout the world.


When the teaching of Krav Maga started to spread beyond the borders of Israel, arose a need to found an international organization. This happened mostly because the initial Krav Maga association existing at the time was divided and not functioning efficiently, due to dissension among the higher graded instructors.

Imi resulted in forming a new international Krav Maga federation with the support of his most loyal students and respected instructors, among which was IKMF's chairman nowadays, Avi Moyal. Once the IKMF was finally formed, all expert and master diplomas, grades and levels issued by it, were authorized by Imi, as well as the IKMF curriculum. Imi approved this new curriculum at the time of formation of the IKMF as well as subsequent changes made in 1997.

Since 1996, the IKMF expanded and is now the largest and most appreciated Krav Maga institution worldwide. The IKMF has branched out and is successfully active locally, in Israel as well as in Australia, North America, South and East Asia, the Far East, most EU countries, and ex-communist countries (such as Poland, Russia, and Hungary).

The general structure of the organization in each country is relatively similar: a director, responsible for the growth of both the Krav Maga system and the local IKMF organization in said country, and, of course, local instructors at different grades and levels assisting him.

The IKMF trains and educates all types of trainees, with or without Krav Maga (or other martial art) background, such as civilian students and instructors, military personnel and instructors, law-enforcement officers, and instructors, etc.

Included excursions

Three days will be dedicated to touring Israel to Masada, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.


Avi Moyal
Avi Moyal is IKMF's Chairman and head instructor. He has been teaching Krav Maga for the last 35 years. In 1985, he received his "Expert degree" and joined the IDF Marines. Avi completed his Officers training with excellence and served as a Platoon Commander in a Terror Demolition Unit. He acquired many combat hours and experience while commanding subordinates on special operations in Lebanon, including highly specialized missions behind enemy lines with various SWAT units.


During this training and tour, you will be visiting the Dead Sea region, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Your base location will be in Tel Aviv and Caesarea. In Caesarea, you will be accommodated at the lovely Caesarea Sea Center, where the sea is literally a one-minute walk from your room. The place is only a short drive from Ben-Gurion International Airport in the city of Rishon Le Zion, it enables trainees to come and train directly from the airport and be close to Tel Aviv's and Rishon Le Zion's nightlife.


You have breakfasts included in the price, but you will be responsible for your lunches and dinners. However, food in Israel is very good, relatively inexpensive and safe. For quick, filling meals, try Falafel (vegetarian), Schwarma, and the many fruit smoothies. Israel is the country of milk and honey.

What's included

  • 8 nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily Krav Maga training
  • Entrance fee to all touring sites
  • Experienced Krav Maga instructor
  • Transportation to all locations
  • Visits to Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv

What's not included

  • International travel
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Miscellaneous expenses

How to get there

Arrival by airplane

Please book your flights to arrive at Tel Aviv Airport (TLV) or Haifa Airport (HFA) and take the bus or train from there to Caesarea.

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