Honour Muay Thai was started for the love of Muay Thai which shall carry on by giving the opportunity to fighters from around the world to enjoy this sport.

Training Camps (23)

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Videos (9)

Instructors (3)

Yodchai Noi

Loy Kao

Howard Stamper

Reviews (18)

Vytautas Tinteris

from Republic of Lithuania, February 2022

"best place to learn muay-thai!"

its been such an amazing experience, very good trainers and superb atmosphere. it felt like coming back to childhood and being in a summer camp with your childhood friends, just enjoying the moment and feeling good... everything was perfect - from professional trainers who are really dedicated and want you to get to know muay-thai - doesn't matter if you're beginner or advanced, everyone finds their place here and receives best training possible. Also the place is stunning - next to the jungle, in the suburbs of Ao Nang, surrounded by mountains, there is nothing better than to run in a stadium close by and see this magnificent landscape all around... also food - better than in any restaurant in Thailand! really good local food with the best chef - Goi!

I wish I'll be able to come back in future to continue learning muay-thai! it was my first experience with this sport and it really got me hooked :)


from United States, January 2022

"Do you want to be a fighter?"

Single best training experience of my life.

All the coaches are: experienced, knowledgeable, and amazing instructors. The program is simple, but, effective: fundamentals. Every day we trained twice a day, and every training we trained: pads, bag, and sparred. After every training we would eat delicious, authentic, Thai meals together (instructors and students) family style. Additionally, the students you train with become family as well, and, the adventures you have together are unforgettable.

My Recommendation: train, sleep, eat, and hang out at the gym. Live the life fully.

My Regret: only staying for 3 weeks. Spend as much time as you can here. It’s a special place, and it’s worth it.

Baptiste Magnin

from France, April 2020

"Expérience géniale! Amazing experience "

Amazing experience that I absolutely recommend. Stayed for a month, with a little experience in Thai boxing. A great time to get in shape, meet people from all over the World and enjoy Thai landscape and food.

Really good trainers and super mentality,

I'd love to come back

thank you all, and special mention to Howard!


Derek Murray

from Australia, February 2020

"Must do experience!!"

The training - My girlfriend and I were complete novices when it came to Muay Thai but all the trainers adapted to each individual’s abilities and trained us accordingly. The trainers are very patient with the beginners as well as being top quality for those with experience. The 2 training sessions per day are well structured. They start at 8am and 4pm so it gives you the opportunity to rest between them so you aren’t too tired.

The food - Howard’s wife Goi makes all your food which you get served after each training session. The food is awesome and there is always plenty for the days you are hungrier than usual. Everyone sits down together and it makes it feel like a big family.

The accommodation - the rooms are basic, as you’d expect, but the air con is lovely and cold.

Overall brilliant experience and we’d highly recommend it for anyone.

Kirsten Van Diggele

from Austria, February 2020

"What a wonderful experience!"

Honestly, this place exceeded my expectations. The price is extremely reasonable and the training is first class. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and experienced and are able to effectively correct/teach technique. The whole atmosphere is incredible. Everyone becomes a family and I looked forward to training every day. The food is incredible. 2 x meals a day was enough for me and Goi cooks incredible food and catered for my vegetarian diet. Howard was friendly and extremely funny so he's an awesome owner. Honestly, if I didn't have commitments back home, I would have extended my stay. Having said that, I am already planning on returning as soon as I can for a much longer period of time! The accommodation and facilities is very basic but I personally like that. I don't need much to be happy - as long as I had air conditioner, which I did! GO THERE!

Shamreek Bhal

from Singapore, January 2020

"It was just awesome "

There was nothing not to like.Everything was great!Instructors were very patient and it was a great workout.Home cook meal twice a day was very tasty!Thank you Howard,Goy and the rest of the team for making me feel at home!

Pär Sivertsson

from Norway, January 2020

I simply loved everything. Howard and Goi are incredibly friendly and helpful in every way. The trainers are very skilled with vast knowledge. I learned a lot and my only regret is that I could only stay 3 weeks.

Loved it and would love to come back!!

Michelle Wetherell

from Great Britain, November 2019

"1 week all inclusive Muay Thai - what an amazing experience!"

I am so pleased that myself and my partner Paul did the all inclusive week at Honour Muay Thai! My only wish is that we stayed longer! 1 week is not enough, 2 weeks or a month would have been amazing!

The whole experience was really incredible. Howard and the team made everyone feel welcome and it feels like a little community, which is great!

The instructors are all fantastic. They are incredible, so friendly, understanding, patient and funny! I was a beginner, having never done Muay Thai before and with average (at best) fitness. I felt I improved greatly due to the high standard of the the instructors! I cannot praise them enough!

Also want to mention the food it is awesome!

If you are looking through reviews and not sure to book! Just book honour Muay Thai you won’t regret it!

Michelle and Paul

Alexander Kelly

from Great Britain, October 2019

Cracking place. Quality trainers, who competed at a high level and who really know their stuff, and whose instruction is good regardless of whatever level you’re at. Howard who runs the place is helpful, accommodating and chilled out. Food cooked by Goy, his partner, was better than pretty much anything I had in a restaurant in town and there was plenty of it too. Having come with no Muay Thai experience I had a wonderful month here and learned a lot. It is excellent value for money and I would thoroughly recommend.

Mitu Sidhu

from Thailand, July 2019

I don't think there is anywhere else where you can get world-class training at such an affordable rate. I only had a vague idea of what Muay Thai was before I had joined and after 4 days I learned so much that I'll be able to take back with me. Everyone from the participants, the trainers, to Howard and Goy, made this an unforgettable experience. The people you meet are awesome and come from all parts of the world. I think this should be something that every traveler should consider while out in Thailand - it was truly amazing.


from Great Britain, March 2019

"Best thing I’ve done"

Definitely one of the best experiences of my life. As friendly as is possible, very caring, funny and knowledgeable trainers, Howard and Goy make you feel part of a family. The food is excellent you should definitely get that.

...if you are thinking of training Muay Thai this is top draw I can’t find a single thing to say bad about it.

Jinny Campbell

from Indonesia, January 2019

"Amazing Muay Thai experience! Solo female travelers welcomed"

Stayed for the 3 week all-inclusive program (training, private A/C room, food) and everything was perfect.

I started with zero muay thai experience and just wanted to get into shape. Howard and his incredible team patiently showed me the basics - I quickly felt fitter and stronger training 2 times a day and eating the healthy, delicious food prepared by Goy, Howard's hilarious Thai wife.

Training alongside professional fighters and legendary Thai trainers was such an awesome experience. Their level of commitment, physicality and expertise inspired and exhausted me. I really liked how the program allowed me to determine how much I wanted to push myself and never felt pressured to do anything that made me uncomfortable. For example, I didn't want to eff up my face, so I skipped sparring and did extra body conditioning and stretching instead with no issues.

I liked my private air-conditioned room and had plenty of space. The bed had an uncomfortable hard mattress, but it was remedied by buying a memory foam topper and being graciously loaned a giant teddy bear that I named Remi. I surprisingly wasn't bothered by the cold water (private) showers and was happy to have separate men's and women's toilets because let's face it, men's bathrooms can be gross. The entire facility was kept very clean and the floors were washed regularly. Big thanks to Howie and the entire HMT gang! Hope to see you all for my next visa run.

Felix Hansen

from Thailand, November 2018

"Excellent training in a familiarly environment "

I've never done muay Thai, just kickboxing back home. Howard and his team shown and explained me everything patiently. Very important for me was the fact, that they treat you like one of them - part of the family. That meant much for me and was the reason I felt very well there!

Can highly recommend this gym with the best Thai dishes and great trainers.

Michael Daniel

from Australia, October 2018

"Tailored intro"

My son and i were trained in a tailored fashion, as neither of us had any experience with Muay Thai. It was a sensible approach to maximise the benefit. Meals and accommodation were terrific! Great experience and thoroughly recommend Honour Muay Thai.

Adam Britnell

from Thailand, October 2018

"What a week!"

These guys were awesome. You don’t just train with them, you are invited to be part of their family. The itinerary is extreme but they adjust it to suit you. I was a complete novice, they could undoubtedly see it but I felt like they helped me make incredible progress and they really built me up. If Carlsberg made Muay Thai training camps...