High Altitude Wrestling Club

Iowa, United States

High Altitude Wrestling Club offer training sites and camps in Iowa, US.

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  • Jake Marlin United States

    High Altitude Wrestling website

    High Altitude Wrestling Club has helped to not only make me the wrestler I am today, but also the man I am today! The technique works at all levels, and it will help you excel in the sport. The coaching is great, and the workout partners are tough. I could not ask for a better club!

  • Chad Walker United States

    High Altitude Wrestling website

    What difference can a club wrestling coach make in the life of a young man? In my eyes, all of the difference in the world. Coach Chad Tunink of High Altitude Wrestling has been much more than a coach for my two sons (Robert and David) the past seven years. Chad has taught them to love and respect man’s oldest sport in a way I would have never thought possible. He has been there for them in moments of victory, and frustrating moments of defeat. He has advised them well in all matters from nutrition to motivation. I will never have the words needed to thank him for all he has done.

    I would encourage any parent of a young wrestler to give High Altitude a try. Chad’s coaching style is one geared toward teaching at a steady pace so a young wrestler can actually perfect the skill

    rather than simply brushing over several moves at once. Chad also believes the sport should be fun (and it should) rather than viewed as an unpleasant chore.

    There are many options available for training, but I can’t imagine any person devoting as much of himself to his wrestlers as Coach Tunink. Thank you again for all you have done and all that you are.

  • Brandon Jones United States

    High Altitude Wrestling website

    Coach Tunink’s High Altitude Wrestling Club has provided me with the technical skills, mental attitude, and a diverse range of workout partners that is essential to be successful at the highest level of High School Wrestling. The club has also given me opportunities to compete in national tournaments around the country. I highly recommend Coach Tunink’s training in order to become a champion and reach your goals!

  • Chad Ryan United States

    High Altitude Wrestling website

    High Altitude Wrestling Club taught and reiterated to me the fundamental skills all wrestlers should know to excel at every level. Chad Tunink is an extremely devoted coach to the sport who knows and continuously seeks knowledge of technique and match strategy.

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