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4 Days Music, Martial Arts, Meditation & Yoga Festival in Italy

  • Cascina Bellaria, Località Boschi 47, Sezzadio, 15079, Alessandria, Italy

Entertaining Workshops, Music, and Yoga Festival Italy

Every year, the Bliss Beat Festival introduces something new. The festival changes and always feels more and more part of a great wave that sweeps inexorably every mental cage. They have their roots firmly in meditation and the great experimental laboratory that is the festival. This year's festival will embrace seemingly distant musical genres ranging from blues, alternative-pop, psychedelia, and landing heavily in stoner. Yoga workshops and some martial arts will also enrich this festival.


  • Music concerts
  • Yoga workshops
  • Martial arts workshops
  • Kirtan and meditation workshops
  • Creativity workshops
  • 3 nights' lodging
  • 4 days with instruction
  • English
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During this festival, you may choose to stay at Cascina Bellaria, camp in a camping area near the festival or stay at a hotel or B&B nearby.

Cascina Bellaria

The accommodation at Cascina Bellaria is at the discretion of the manager who will arrange the reservations, first in double / triple rooms and then shared rooms and the newly constructed bungalows outside.


You may opt to camp in a camping area near the festival area, where you will be able to rest after the intense day of seminaries, concerts and of other assets of the festival.

Hotel or B&B

If you prefer to stay at a hotel or B&B, send Hari-Om Yoga School an inquiry to know if there's still room at the festival site.

Music concert

The special guests for this music concert are as follows:

  • Ben Seretan: Ben Seretan plays the guitar, sings, and makes long music. Long, swirling clouds of tones meets with cascading waterfall plucks of electric guitar joined together by a honeyed singing voice and a deep appreciation of tenderness.
  • Cropcircle: Cropcircle will play a special set for a dark meditation with Mariano Fabbrolati on gongs as a very special guest. The Cropcircle project was born in 2004 from Cecco's idea of creating a somehow experimental kind of electronic music, in which to join his "ambient" influences with more refined and obscure sounds and atmospheres, in a certain way similar to Coil.
  • Orange Duo: The Orange Duo began in 2005 from the meeting of Manuel Tappa (Didjeridoo) and Gianluca Rosso (drums) who together play a unique electro-ethno sound. They play techno and drum / bass without electronic instruments, creating wild tribal rhythms with aboriginal influences: a fusion of sounds and beats land with an urban atmosphere - high energy content.
  • Philippo Franchini: Philippo Franchini is a musician and composer who is pioneering the introduction of Nada yoga - the yoga of the sounds- in western countries.
  • The Sonic Dawn: The Sonic Dawn has recently established a name for themselves in the psychedelic underground. Known for their energetic live performances and distinctive sound, The Sonic Dawn incorporates elements from the psychedelic music of the late 60s with their own atmospheric vibes.
  • Ufomammut: Ufomammut was formed in 1999 in Italy by Poia, Urlo, and Vita. They are recognized worldwide as the creators of a unique brand of psychedelic sludge. With epic torrents of sound, droning vocals, and a trance inducing miasma of textures, the band combines a monumental riffing attitude with the psychedelia of the more visionary Pink Floyd.
  • XIXA: XIXA are psychedelic and cumbia. But, most of all, XIXA are rock ‘n roll. Their music is rooted in a South American heritage, but is equally informed by their hometown of Tucson, Arizona’s vivid legendary music scene.

Yoga workshops

There are several yoga workshops you can join:

  • A Journey into Yin Yoga with Max Monti
  • AcroYoga with Francesco Semino and Valeria Maggiali: The teachers, Valeria Maggiali and Francesco Semino, will bring participants in learning basic and intermediate techniques to cultivate their personal ways of being in the moment and in balance with another, in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Acro Vinyasa with Nadia Feys: Acro Vinyasa takes yoga from earth to air. Uniting elements of Vinyasa, AcroYoga and inversion training, this practice cultivates trust and community in a powerful way. The core of Acro Vinyasa is focused on synchronizing breath in movement, building strength, and finding balance.
  • Alive Signs with Emanuela Genesio: You will learn the roots of some signs i.e. 'OM', 'CROSS' and 'TAO'.
  • An Ecstatic Yoga Session with Marco Mandrino and Ben Seretan: A flow of movements toward pleasure and joy and a free expression of vitality in which the body is moved by the sound of the silence of the mind.
  • Awareness in Our Personal Practice with Maurizio Galli: Awareness in our personal practice is a fundamental tool that guides us in listening to ourselves.
  • Backbending with Marco Divya Chaitanya
  • Bhakti Flow with Laura Albertelli: A gentle Vinyasa flow on the beat of Vaisnava chants.
  • Dhara Yoga with Emy Berti: Emy Berti alternates the experience of a concert with a gentle flow yoga sequence.
  • Dynamic Meditation and Asana Practice with Max Monti: A dynamic approach to meditation and asana practices.
  • Gazing into the Abyss of Happiness with Jun Lee: This Vinyasa flow class will combine alignment and breath with focus on rhythmic movement, blasphemously reverent yogic philosophy, clearing out, and burning up your inner garbage with pranayama, strengthening, and awakening your solar plexus and stumbling onto happiness.
  • Heart Rise and Shine with Veronica Tamburella and Giuliano Lucarini: A profound journey to rediscover the essence that supports and illuminates the gesture.
  • Lunar AcroYoga with Kadri Põlluveer: A moment to give and receive. The lunar part of AcroYoga is a mix of therapeutic flying and Thai massage.
  • Mavya Yoga with Devin Parenti and Ignazio Accardi: The Mavya yoga is the blend of yoga and Thai Boxing, with the typical warm up of Muay Thai, but without the full contact, the techniques are in pairs and sparring.
  • Power Core Flow with Piera Zanei: Connects the body to the mind and spirit through intense flow with a broader focus on the "core".
  • Pranayama with Diego Azzaroni: Simply sitting and breathing. Placed between the control of the body and mind, pranayama is the basic pivot to perceive the passage from material to spiritual.
  • Rediscover the Child in Yourself with Rossella Pluda: This workshop is a lesson based on play, to find a different way to do yoga, listening to the voice of your innermost child, taking away for an hour the adult's shell and to be carried away by emotion, and to get involved in playing.
  • Roots Rise and Shine with Veronica Tamburella and Giuliano Lucarini: An intense journey to discover and savor the quality of your roots and rediscover the force of the contact with your presence.
  • Sense Your Yoga with Mila Mantovani: The innocence of the senses is the key of the experience of the self. The perception of the reality you have is due to your culture and to your expectations: you perceive what you know.
  • Shiamanic Dive Meditation and Nidra Yoga with Iris Gioia Rajani: Spiritual dancing is a cross-cultural phenomenon, a power and authenticity test. Cultures from every continent on this planet have embraced unique dance forms based on animals and elements of nature in their environment.
  • Solar AcroYoga Workshop: Find your mountain with Kadri Põlluveer: Whether your feet are firmly rooted on the ground or on something slightly less stable you shall stand (or maybe lie sideways or be upside down) in a perfect Tadasana.
  • Strength and Balance: with Rosalba Piarulli: An energizing sequence of yoga flow in which you will experience different ways to develop proprioception and "dristhi" vision and internal and external requests for all positions of balance and strength.
  • Suryanamaskar with Diego Azzaroni: The sunrise evokes in the spirit the rebirth of his own conscience: no one remains impassible, it arises above the horizon after the dark.
  • The 3A of Anusara Yoga with Silvia Broussard: 3A stands for attitude, alignment, and action which means exploring and living the Anusara´s universal principal. Starting from the pure intention from the heart, you set the foundation of the practice with devotion, opening the mind, and recalling own nature.
  • The Five Koshas - A Holistic Yogic Journey with Shree Sundari: Join Shree Sundari for a workshop of exploration through the five koshas.
  • The Warrior Spirit with Max Romano: Win or loss, victory or defeat, prepare yourself to battle. Self possessed, resolute, without any thought of results, open to success or failure are the equanimity yoga can give.
  • There's no Flying without Roots with Federica Saguatti: In the fluidity of dynamic practice, you bring awareness to the supports on the ground, in order to free the body and the breath harmonizing your energies.
  • Union and Transformation: Dance of the Heart with Giorgia Bombieri: An integral approach including asana, pranayama, relaxation, mantra, and meditation bringing benefits to the physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
  • Water: The Fluidity Unhindered with Marco Fasanotti: The essence of the movement without limits and boundaries in daily practice where the body turns into free energy to create more energy.
  • Yin Yoga: the Strength of Suppleness with Elisa Fantini: During the workshop, you will slip into meditation in asanas, travelling within yourselves and observing as silent witnesses of the story and emotions told by your bodies.
  • Yoga Nidra Mantra Sound with Anita Boscaglia: The art of profound relaxation and journey to the centre of being let yourself go with trust, let you be guided, on the wings of consciousness, in the perfect balance of the subtle line between sleep and waking.
  • YogaIn: A Practice of Tantric Inspiration with Diego Azzaroni: Following the tradition of Tantric yoga, perceived as a way free of purely dogmatic restrictions, and welcoming every note felt positive in the various traditions and styles in which modern yoga has developed. Diego offers a practice where a solid physics, yantra and mantra, mudra, pranayama, and bandha stimulate the development of the "subtle self-perception".
  • Your core, Your Fire, Your Motivation with Rosalba Piarulli: A sequence to move in Vinyasa flow starting from your core, the center of the body and bandhas.

Meditation and kirtan workshops

  • Free Voice with Patrizia Novellino: The sounds you make with your voice meet your body and can heal tensions, emotional block, and fears.
  • Gong Bath with Mariano Fabbrolati: The gong is one of the oldest instruments created by man. More than 4000 years ago shamans used its great power of transformation.
  • Gongs in the Dark with Cropcircle and Mariano Fabbrolati: Workshop dedicated to the discovery of the dark side of our soul, through a meditation with the dark ambient sounds of Cropcircle and the gongs of Mariano Fabbrolati in the back ground.
  • Human Love with Anita Racca: "Human Love" is poetry in music, on 432Hz sound suggestions and vocals in 11 unreleased songs along with some interpretations of songs by well-known artists as Giuni Russo, Battisti, Vinicius de Moraes, and others.
  • Kirtan Concert with Vrindas: Mantra enthralling to share the transcendental vibration up to the ecstatic dance.
  • Mantra Circle with Massimo Kyo Di Nocera: The music has always accompanied the life of the human being, has marked the time, and told the places, emotions and achievements. Sing together and be open to others and to the deepest part of yourselves.
  • Sound Enchantment with Emy Berti: The magic of voice, handpan and tabla. A rich improvisation ensemble weaved by East touching West, blending rhythmic, evocative, and astral music.

Martial arts workshop

  • Capoeira with Massimo Rigato: You will enter into the heart of Capoeira Angola exploring the history, techniques, and culture.
  • Dynamic Muay Thai with Fabio Ferrari: Muay Thai is a tool to know your self to meet yourself and others (sometimes a little bumping).
  • From Combat Sports to Self Defense with Daniele Bolelli: Even though there are obvious connections between these fields, self defense and combat sports specialize in different aspects.
  • Karate at Short Distance with Antonio Affatati and Federica Menenti: Karate, a martial art, is an evolving discipline.
  • Leglocks with Daniele Bolelli: In this seminar, you'll explore the most successful leg locks.
  • Mixed Martial Arts with Fabio Ferrari: This workshop is a chance to discover the roots of the discipline known as mixed martial arts (MMA). Denigrated by many as a "brutal fight", but truly it is an integrated blend of every martial arts and their components. But MMA is something more.
  • Muay Thai with Luca Cuccu: The seminar will analyze some of the main techniques and training methodologies of one of the most effective martial art in the world: the Muay Thai.
  • Tai Chi with Marco Fasanotti: Tai chi is a sequence of dynamic movements combining grace and rigidity and speed and slowness in a natural balance which reflects the principles of the Tao philosophy of Yin and Yang, based on "Yijing" (The Book of Changes).

Creativity workshops

  • Being a Couple with Riccardo Bucciarelli: How to harmonize the encounter between the masculine and the feminine.
  • Laughter Yoga Energy with Davide Giansoldati: Laughter Yoga is a revolutionary idea - simple and profound. It is a routine exercise sweeping the world and is a complete well-being workout.
  • Repercussions with Giuliano Lucarini: It's a laboratory for a rhythmic use of the body. Repercussions is a workshop that provides a collective experience of the musicality of the body.
  • Spontaneity, a Difficult Art with Malcom Bilotta: Psycho-body work through the spontaneous movement in the experience of the group to enter into a deep relationship with yourself and the other through the totality of sensory perceptions.
  • Writing Yoga with Davide Giansoldati: Yoga teaches you to move the body to the rhythm of the breath and to be led by this guide present and silent.

This festival will take place at Cascina Bellaria. Cascina Bellaria is a classic country house in Piedmont, dating back to the mid-1800s. Cascina Bellaria is located on the rolling hills in the countryside between the historic town of Alessandria and the town known for their natural hot springs, Acqui Terme.

Far from the town and the main roads, the house is surrounded by a quiet and relaxed atmosphere that follows the rhythm of nature. It is surrounded by 8 hectares of land, green forests, and a pond owned by the farm. In front of the house, there is a natural pool that is perfectly integrated into the landscape.

During the festival, you can find BlissVeg Food Crèperia Itinerante, Vegeterian Soul, and The Bio Bliss Bar who will serve you a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan food.

  • Enjoy DJ sets and the happy hour spot
  • Have massages
  • Play in the kids area (yoga for kids)
  • Visit the visual arts gallery
  • 3 nights' accommodation
  • All concerts
  • All workshops and seminars
  • Yoga and meditation exercises

Driving directions from Genoa

  • Genova Milano - exit Alessandra Sud, follow tangenziale (ring road), direction Acqui Terme, exit Sezzadio.
  • When you enter the town, follow Rivalta Bormida, Mantovana, Abazia di Santa Giustaina
  • As soon as you exit the town, after Abazia di Santa Giustina, turn left following direction Mantovana, Boschi.
  • After the first two uphills, when the road becomes flat, turn right at the second street on the right where there are two white boards with indication Cascina Bellaria.
  • Cascina Bellaria is the white building on the left.

Driving directions from Milan

  • Torino, highway exit Alessandria Est.
  • Follow Alessandria till the entrance of the town where there is a big roundabout.
  • Follow Acqui Terme and take tangenziale. Exit Sezzadio.
  • When you enter the town, follow Rivalta Bormida, mantovana, Abazia di Santa Giustaina.
  • As soon as you exit the town, after Abazia di Santa Giustina, turn left following direction Mantovana, Boschi.
  • After the first two uphills, when the road becomes flat, turn right at the second street on the right where there are two white boards with indication Cascina Bellaria.
  • Cascina Bellaria is the white building on the left.

Driving directions from Brescia

  • Brescia Piacena Torino - Highway exit Alessandria Est.
  • Follow Alessandria till the entrance of the town where there is a big roundabout
  • Follow Acqui Terme and take tangenziale. Exit Sezzadio.
  • When you enter the town, follow Rivalta Bormida, Mantovana, Abazia di Santa Giustaina
  • As soon as you exit the town, after Abazia di Santa Giustina, turn left following direction Mantovana, Boschi.
  • After the first two uphills, when the road becomes flat, turn right at the second street on the right where there are two white boards with indication Cascina Bellaria.
  • Cascina Bellaria is the white building on the left.

Driving directions from Turin

  • Torino Piacenza - Highway exit Alessandria Est.
  • Follow Alessandria till the entrance of the town where there is a big roundabout, follow Acqui Terme and take the tangenziale. Exit Sezzadio.
  • When you enter the town, follow Rivalta Bormida, Mantovana, Abazia di Santa Giustaina
  • As soon as you exit the town, after Abazia di Santa Giustina, turn left following direction Mantovana, Boschi.
  • After the first two uphills, when the road becomes flat, turn right at the second street on the right where there are two white boards with indication Cascina Bellaria.
  • Cascina Bellaria is the white building on the left.

Arrival by airplane

The closest airport is Milan-Malpensa Airport (MXP).

Arrival by shuttle

There is a free shuttle service from Sezzadio to Cascina Bellaria available. A 48 hour notice should be made to book this service.

Arrival by train

The closest railway station is Alessandria. To get to Sezzadio from the station, take the bus.

Verified reviews

  • J
    Review by Jennifer Osman from Egypt

    Hari om was a life changing experience ,I throughly enjoyed

    CONS Cons: I would of enjoyed more adjustment and alignment classes because they were very good at these classes and it's something I'm very interested in

    PROS Pros: The location of the training was amazing , the serenity and the food were amazing . The daily practice classes were a great variety of teachers and techniques which I learned a lot from.the classes helped build a lot of strength and build up a good daily practice I took back with me. I was pushed out of my comfort zone and that was great. The teachers had their own experiences and opinions which I respected a lot and it was shown through the lectures their knowledge . They believe that your own daily practice is very important in being a teacher which i believe into . All their teachers were really amazing in their own way. They make sure meditation and pranayama is an hour or more each day which also wasverygoodas itbecame a part of my practice even stronger and I really appreciated that .

    2017-Jul-29 07:41:44

  • A
    Review by Anonymous

    lack of yogic attitude and poor quality of teaching

    CONS Cons: Avoid this place if you want to learn about in-depth yoga. It was disappoining on many layers. 1. Poor quality of teaching, The attitude of the founder towards obtaining knowledge (anatomy, alignment, studying) was discouragaing. He mentioned that he doesn't believe in studying anatomy and self- practise was the only valuable means of learning. He seems to be more interested in functional training and martial arts then yoga. The course included 2 obligatory Mai Thai classes with boxing gloves and shin guards - for me it was a totally out of place experience for a yoga teacher training. The teacher we were assigned seemed very unprepared for most of the classes, was lacking structure when teaching. Sometimes after his lecture I was left with a question - what was this class about? During some classes he was reading a manual saying "bla, bla, bla" 2. Permission to drink alcohol and smoke The founder of the place drank beer every evening and therefore most other teachers did the same. There was a big concert every Saturday with many outside guests - drinking and smoking. 3. Combining 200 hrs with 300 hrs courses The course combined 200 hrs students with those who wanted to deepen their quialifications by obtaining further 300 hrs - that was my case. We took all the classes together, even practice teaching. That was a waste of time as it was mostly a repetition of what I already knew from my first 200 hrs TTC.

    PROS Pros: The location, the food, the students, practical classes, some teachers' knowledge. Unfortunately they didn't speak great English so they were mostly assigned to the Italian group of students. The English group missed out on it.

    2017-Jul-14 16:54:22

  • J
    Review by Anonymous

    Welcome to the bubble

    CONS Cons: Secluded so far away from town ... hike just to get off the mountain.. Rice and vegetables, every single day for lunch and dinner.. every single day.. Yoga training, similar to military bootcamp.. no actual training, more so just as much intensity as you can take..

    PROS Pros: Nature sounds and sights were peaceful..

    2017-Jun-18 01:26:45

  • Review by Carlee from British Columbia, Canada
    10 out of 10

    "Recently I attended Hari-Om's 200 hours YTT held at Samasati Nature Retreat in Costa Rica. I'm not sure that any review I provide will do this experience justice. It was incredible, life-changing, challenging and amazing. It was so much more than I had hoped for!I felt that the curriculum was very well rounded, and presented in a very non-biased, non-dogmatic, open minded manner. Learning everything about yoga would take a lifetime, but the 200 hours covered a great deal, and introduced us to the main topics in the world of yoga. I think it's kind of a case of 'the more you know, the less you know'. My horizons were broadened, and it created a hunger for more knowledge. Max and Jun were the perfect team as teachers, both bringing something very special to each class. I went to the training hoping to come out of it as a yoga teacher. I left as a better human being who can teach yoga! The location for this training could not be better. Samasati is a very special place. The staff are wonderful, the food was delicious (especially breakfast!) and the view was breathtaking. I looked into many YTT's before choosing Hari-Om, and feel so very grateful for the choice I made. I look forward to doing my 300 hours YTT with Hari-Om in the future. All I can really say is thank you, my life is forever changed for the better after this experience!"

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited

  • Review by Courtney from United States
    10 out of 10

    "I had an amazing time at the Hari-Om yoga teacher training in March 2015. Upon going into the training I knew I was entering a transformative path and that I would have great new views upon exiting the program. Of course, so much more happened within the three week span. In a program like this you learn so much about yourself and about life. It's an opportunity to try new things and get to know yourself better. Then along with it you meet amazing, new, perhaps life-long friends, and new ways to share the beauty of this world with every one around you. I thought that the training was excellent, all the teachers are amazing and have their own experience to bring to the program. It is an intense 200-hour course, in the jungle, so remember that when you sign-up. For me the seclusion was exactly what I wanted and needed, and I don't think I've ever felt so blissed out. I will for sure remember my 200-hour YTT experience with Hari-Om at the Samasati Nature Retreat in Costa Rica for the rest of my life."

    BookYogaRetreats website, edited


  • Review by Mila

    "Hari -Om yoga teacher training has been a success! The teaching skills of teachers during these two years has allowed me to better understand some aspects of my studies and gave good suggestions for personal discover. The philosophy and purpose of this experiential training made me understand what kind of approach I want to give to my teaching. A special thanks to Marco Mandrino that with its peculiarities has been able to be a super teacher urging everyone to the tenacity, determination and courage with a pinch of irony and collective joy. As a researcher and experimenter I can say it was the beginning of a nice trip that will continue because irresistible!"

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Mauro

    "The choice to start a yoga teacher training with Hari-Om was one of the best I've ever done. The open and non-dogmatic approach, the interconnection with other disciplines and with martial arts is what enriches you more and allows to evolve. It leaves you a lot and continuous inputs so that you can continue to deepen your personal research. The path is transformative and as the training progresses ideas are clearer and you feel more “rich”. The teachers I have met and known transmit this approach and you discover they are true masters as well as friends. The classmates are special people, they accept you without judgment as you express your true nature freely. The mental and physical effort is important, but all the love and dedication are just a small part of what you have back. You will never lose it."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Trisha

    "The Hari-Om yoga teacher training lived up to my expectations. The teachers are very competent, always available and ready to teach with a smile. Not just a school, but rather a way of life. Namastè."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Jamie

    "I thoroughly enjoyed Hari Om Yoga School at Samasati. I thought that Max and June were the perfect balance of instructors to teach us yoga teachers in training. Jun's sensitivity and knowledge about anatomy mixed with Max's life experience, intense practice, and spirituality was just what I was looking for in a yoga school."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Emanuela

    "The course was a beautiful personal journey. Very nice relationship that has been created with the teachers. After only a few hours, it seems we have known each other for a very long time. Although the practice is pretty tough, it never ends with at least a good laugh. Perhaps to defuse the effort but all the wonderful teachers have been able to bring out the best in each of us. All our materials and theoretical have been taught in a nice and effective way. Obviously, given the short time available, each topic was introduced and we were given all the tools to be able to deepen the study individually. Now the first part has been accomplished, it is to us to continue our studies at home and continue the daily practice, the only way to really bring yoga within us."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Arianna

    "It is not really the classic dogmatic and serious yoga school. Hari-Om is something very different and strong that deals with professionalism, experience and wisdom the issues of Yoga, without taking itself too seriously! It is exactly what I was looking for as it brought me inside Yoga deeply, emotionally, energetically."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Penelope

    "A fantastic experience that takes you out of your comfort zone to start an unforgettable experience. The course encompasses yoga to 360 degrees without losing anything, and adding some extras. The teacher training retreat is a totally unique experience, hard but unique."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Ted

    "I'm very glad I took this important path with Hari - Om; It is exactly what I expected, maybe even better. Apart the pure technical matters and style, what struck me most was the feeling to be part of a family, the humility, and extraordinary capacity of each teacher to share a small part of one's own path. No dogma, only the desire to grow and enrich each other. Absolutely special."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Mark

    "I am very open to learning new things and this course did not disappointed me. I would recommend this course for anyone wishing to grow and become a better person."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Marjo M, Costa Rica
    10 out of 10

    "I had the privilege of staying in Samasati on October 19th to 22nd. I was looking for a place to disconnect, re-energize and do yoga. My experience was everything and more! I am pretty demanding when it comes to yoga classes, being a teacher myself and conscious of my personal needs, and Stephanies classes where everything I wanted and more! She can deliver a journey of self-exploration and self-realization with each class she gives, even its not always pretty what a student finds in her personal exploration through yoga. Yoga in its best is transformative, and thank god there is a teacher like Stephanie who dedicates her live to transform peoples lives. She allows her genuine self to be present every time she teaches. Her classes are alwats challenging, whether they are more active, Vinyasa yoga or passive, Yin yoga. When student is open the magic of yoga happens."

    TripAdvisor website, edited

  • Review by Katrina Hache

    "I have been practicing mainly at home since the YTT trying to develop and grow more on what I learned while at Samasati. Today was one of the times that I decided to go to a class at my regular studio. The teacher hadn't seen me since I came back. After class she put her hand on my shoulder and said how she noticed that my practice has changed so much since the last time she taught me. That I'm much more forgiving of myself. Its one thing to feel a change within yourself, but when someone on the outside notices something like that, its hard to explain, but it just feels incredible. I just wanted to share this experience because of all of you (at the teacher training) that I was able to let go of a lot that was holding me back from being truly happy with myself. Thank you all for being supportive, understanding, and loving."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Zach Cuaresma

    "I was reflecting on the past three weeks about our yoga teacher training and I cannot begin to express how full my heart is right now! I am beyond grateful for this whole experience. Some incredible people there. I love my 12 new sisters. I learned a lot about myself and about the practice of yoga and I only want to continue to study. This is the start of something wonderful!"

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Carolyn Stevens

    "I had the most extraordinary journey. From the yoga teaching, to the animals in the rainforest and the delicious vegetarian foood. It has forced me to consider the choices I was making prior to my YTT. It is a life changing positive experience that will deepen your own practice and point you in the right direction if someday you would like to teach. All the instructors were fantastic! Very knowledgeable and very approachable. If you have the opportunity I would suggest this to anyone even if you don't want to teach there are some great tools to help your own practice! I loved it! I would not change a thing."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Calin N.

    "With all the multiple challenges I faced throughout the training compared to other students (new to vegetarian diet, suddenly no wine allowed for me after work, haha, strict discipline, exhausting practice)I left with the overall feeling of clearly meeting my objective and of a work very well done.I was impressed by the vast experience, in depth knowledge of yoga and teaching skills of the instructors, I liked the special approach to teaching by using an invigorating blend of hard work, attention to detail and recurrent episodes of fun and jokes to make everything feel lighter, more human, to make students love yoga more than they used to do and for me it worked and I think that is the secret and the big science.I left the training feeling a better yogi, and aside from the insights received re the asanas technicalities and many other details and knowledge required of a yoga teacher and which surely will still require continuos study, self work and effort to improve and consolidate, I left feeling more in touch with the inner realms, with myself, perhaps a better person, with a better will, more clearly defined personal priorities and certainly better equipped to live a more yoga type of life, to be able to take care of myself, body, soul, spirit and emotion. And why not, who knows, perhaps one day, in my turn, to also be able to help others start to love or get closer to yoga, get closer to themselves."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Angelika Scott

    "For me, the teacher training with Hari-Om exceeded my expectations. Since I taught yoga before Yoga Alliance spread its wings in the yoga world, I was a bit skeptical about 'new age yoga', the 200-hour thing, the 500-hour thing, knowing that studying yoga is a never ending endeavor and one does not become a teacher just like that. I have been trained in a three year apprentice ship, with hundreds of hours, still ongoing seminars every year, where meditation and union with the Divine is the goal. I found your training to be not only enjoyable and beneficial, but loved the fact that there was always the referral to meditation as the real thing, as well as providing a good introduction to yoga philosophy. It was rich, interesting, and stimulating. I feel a renewed enthusiasm for my teaching and the desire to expand and grow, which I had lost."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Sally Knopp

    "What a wonderful experience, with wonderful people! The 500-hour program was extremely personally challenging, both physically and mentally but I knew that it was where I was meant to be. In the end, I'm so glad that I was there. You can't help but grow body, mind, and spirit."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Marcella

    "Yoga and more! I left my island to go to learn how to be a "good" yoga teacher, and yes, I took home a certificate. I can be a yoga teacher now. For what concerns being a "good" teacher, my path has just started. I can definitely count on myself as much as I know I can count on all of those who taught me in these 21 days what is yoga not only through the practice. So I thank myself as I want to learn more and more, but I want to thank those who with the sweat of the practice made us overcome our fears.Thank you to those who nurtured our souls during the lessons and lectures even during the ones after lunch when digestion puts you in the rest mode. Thank you to those who with love (great ingredient) cooked for us amazing food nurturing our bodies. Thank you to those who took care of our common spaces every day with a smile. Thank you to those who stated this "journey" with me, my companions for sharing me a part of them. I believe I can really say that you made me experience yoga in my life. Thank you from the deepest of my heart."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Raffaella

    "I came with an open heart but hazy intention. I found a teacher and a staff who could respectfully observe my soul and consolidate my intention. So it grew and finally became part of me. Hari Om is a great school that can show you the way without imposing its. I'll see you soon guys to keep walking on this path."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

  • Review by Sara

    "A part of my heart is still there, where the time stopped for 21 days. It wasn't only a teacher training course, it was more than that. A big family, new faces, moments of happiness, and sometimes a tear. It will be with me forever and when I close my eyes I will be there again with you all."

    Hari-Om Yoga School website, edited

Sezzadio, Italy

Hari-Om Yoga School offers Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training both in Italy and Costa Rica, and organizes several yoga workshops and yoga retreats.

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