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Silent Warrior Training is part of Hari-Om big workshop of development and experimentation that offers strength, discipline, and determination.

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Marco Mandrino

Marco is the founder and director of Hari Om Yoga School. His official profession is being a farmer, but he is the author of books, articles, and more. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of Muay Thai and combat sports in general. He also nourishes a deep love for music. Marco has been teaching yoga for around twenty years, dealing almost exclusively with teacher training and retreats. His idea, which the school reflects, is to integrate diverse techniques from various disciplines and arts in order to live simply, in harmony with the present moment, and to the best of one’s potential.

Riccardo Imperiale

Riccardo has been interested in martial arts since he was a child. Despite his passion, he could not learn a martial art until he was 17, when finally, fascinated by its simplicity and its effectiveness, he began his career in Muay Thai. His career on competitive level starts quite early and after the first year, his trainer asked him to teach children and then beginner adults. In the middle of his second year training, he also got involved with yoga and after several changes, he decided to stop competing and teach Muay Thai at Hari Om Yoga School.

Emanuela Boriotti

Emanuela Boriotti is an Ayurvedic therapist specialized in sound massage. She is also an expert in nutrition. Emanuela practices many different sports that range from functional training to Muay Thai practice and surfing. She has practiced yoga for many years and she is tireless in mountain trekking. She brings an incredible passion in everything she does.

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Matteo Frignani

from Italy, March 2018

"My good and intense training weekend (a real 121) with Marc"

I really appreciated everything during my training at Cascina Bellaria (Sezzadio, Italy). Special thanks to Marco for his kindness and great support. He is a very experienced and skilled trainer. Location is also very nice in the middle of countryside. It is an experience to be repeated. See you next time.

Testimonials 3


Hari Om Yoga School website

I made it through this time... I am going to attend Yoga teacher training, taught by a pusher named Marco, who claims to be a farmer. I was convinced to practice “just Yoga", but I found myself playing Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Functional Training, Running, Painting, contemplative silence, and to attend live concerts with music from overseas groups, dining under the stars with a good beer. I am back with: 1) a piece of paper that enables me to teach Yoga at an advanced level (!) which I do not believe in as I firmly believe that we are all beginners; 2) the knowledge that the body is able to do everything, while the mind has to be convinced; 3) teachers who, without any presumption, will pass on the message by example. Conclusion: between a jump rope, a bath, a right-left hook, you also "learn" Yoga. You learn and play, just as children do. A sort of "get away from all, detoxify and put order in your closet" My Thanks to all. Beatrice


Hari Om Yoga School website

The Silent Warrior Camp is a unique experience. It is a trip where the yin is constantly accompanied by the yang. It is a both a personal journey - where you do your best and go beyond your possibilities - and one that proves we are all part of something bigger. The Silent Warrior Camp, is a special meditation where I “felt” others without using words of sights. I was “there” and they were “there”, too.


Hari Om Yoga School website

As for the Silent Warrior Training, I was fascinated by it during the course of the 300 hours and from that trial lesson I found that my body needs that discipline, that job, that new part of my yogi path. The setting is ideal: the climate, the food, the teachers. So I convinced one of my classmates, and we will be both part of this new Hari-Om path.

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