7 Days Traditional Muay Thai Training Camp in Thailand

  • Gym Bangarang, Chiang-Mai Fang Road Mae Rim Chiang Mai, Thailand


Muay Thai Training in Thailand

Learn traditional Muay Thai training in a peaceful environment in the rice fields of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Gym Bangarang Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp is the only purpose-built facility in Chiang Mai that includes professional Muay Thai Ring, punching bags, on-site gym, football pitch, swimming pool, on-site private villas with king-sized beds, daily room cleaning and restaurant. The staff speak English, Thai and Cantonese.

Gym Bangarang Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp is considered a boutique training facility that offers more 1 on 1 training for their guests. All levels are welcome in a non-intimidating environment. We have a team of 6 trainers that still fight professionally. All have been carefully chosen and work well as a team. Tommy Chairat Pinasa recently won the Northern Thailand Championship belt. He has over 300 fights under his belt. In Chiang Mai he often fights above his weight as its difficult to find opponents to fight with him of the same weight. NEW Tomas Nowak has recently joined Gym Bangarang as a trainer. Heavyweight K1 Champion.


  • Training provided by professional fighters
  • Full access to gym facilities and equipment
  • 2 x sessions per day Muay Thai training from Monday to Saturday
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • Free bike rental for participants
  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 6 days with instruction
  • Thai, English
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Guests have the option of accommodation on-site or for the more budget conscious Gym Bangarang can arrange a room at a nearby hotel (1.5km from the gym). The on-site resort offers villa bungalows with a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and a balcony. Each bungalow is fitted with a flat-screen cable TV and electric kettle. They also come with a refrigerator and a seating area. Overlooking the rice fields in a peaceful setting you can enjoy the evenings on your balcony, come chill out at our bar or choose to walk or cycle a few minutes into Mae Rim.

Gym Bangarang was created to provide a unique training experience in Muay Thai and general fitness. Bangarang's qualified staff will provide genuine, lifetime, professional experience spanning three continents offering unmatched instruction, high-energy workouts, and enthusiastic reinforcement.

The training times are 10.30am and 3pm / two times per day. For those that want to increase their cardio fitness, the gym has a running track, 2 x football fields and free use of bicycles.

The gym has a running track, 2 x football fields, swimming pool and free use of bicycles. - The training breakdown Morning Run is optional but to improve cardio fitness it is recommended Skipping and warm-up Muay Thai specific drills Shadow Boxing and Technique Technique, Pad Work & Sparing Heavy Bag Work Finishing Session, Cool Down and Stretching Weights session (optional) -

Our level of service and accommodation sets us apart from many gyms. Our villas are 4 star standard and cleaned daily. Gym Bangarang is an excellent place to learn or improve your skills. All levels are catered for and everyone is welcomed with open arms regardless of gender or ability.

The training breakdown

  • Morning Run is optional but to improve cardio fitness it is recommended
  • Skipping and warm-up
  • Muay Thai specific drills
  • Shadow Boxing and Technique
  • Technique, Pad Work & Sparing
  • Heavy Bag Work
  • Finishing Session, Cool Down and Stretching
  • Weights session (optional)

Muay Thai

Muay Thai training offers a number of potential benefits for participants including improved cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility, and increased confidence and self-discipline. Gym Bangarang is an excellent place to learn or improve your skills. All levels are catered for and everyone is welcomed with open arms regardless of gender or ability.

  • Chris Smith

    Chris is an ex-marine Sergeant with a background in Martial Arts, cross-fit and weight training. He has over 10 years experience in teaching Muay Thai and MMA. He is originally from USA where he fought in both Muay Thai and MMA fights. He has a degree in physical fitness and nutrition, so he is the perfect person to complement anyone wanting to shed weight before a fight or for general weight loss.

  • Phil Burns

    Phil is a football and cardio fitness instructor who has a BSC degree in sports science from Loughborough University in the UK which includes physiotherapy, fitness instruction, and massage. He was a professional soccer player in the United Kingdom before moving to Thailand. Phil has a long and impressive background in sport, sports coaching and professional football, playing for Ipswich town, Reading, Portsmouth and Aldershot. A qualified PFA class 2 football coach, first aid trained, advanced diploma in goalkeeper coaching and a combined services player whilst serving in the British Army.

  • Tommy

    Tommy is the head fighter at Gym Bangarang, and is a native Thai. He is still an active fighter mainly in Chaing Mai, but he struggles to find opponents as he is a very accomplished fighter at his weight. He has also fought at large venues in Bangkok. Tommy is a professional fighter and has over 300 fights under his belt. He previously was fighting at Stadiums in Bangkok before returning to Chiang Mai and starting a family. Tommy has an impressive fight record.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, the capital of Northern Thailand, is the perfect host for your boot camp experience. The early morning mist mesmerizes, the crisp mountain air invigorates. Spread along the banks of the Ping River, Chiang Mai is a treasure house of jungle covered mountains, caves, waterfalls, hot springs, and a vibrant city offering local and international restaurants, night life, and shopping.

Chiang Mai is the hub of Northern Thailand and with a population of over 1 million in the metropolitan area, it is fifth-largest city in Thailand. It is surrounded by mountains and verdant countryside, situated on a plain at an elevation of 316 meters. Chiang Mai is a lot quieter than the capital and has a feeling of modernity about it. Many expats live in the Chiang Mai region and it is known by locals as the Rose of the North.

Chiang Mai is a cultural and historical city. Its historical center is the walled city, in which there are more than 30 temples dating back to the founding of the principality. Naga staircases, leonine and angelic guardians, gilded umbrellas and pagodas laced with precious metal filigree also abound. Modern-day Chiang Mai has expanded in all directions, but most prominently to the east. Here you will find Chang Klan Rd, the famous Night Bazaar, and where the bulk of Chiang Mais accommodation and night life is located.

Mae Rim

Kaewsa Resort is situated just outside of Chiang Mai in Mae Rim. Kaewsa Resort is 20 minutes away from the city and less than 5 kilometers from all the outdoor attractions such as MaeSa Elephant Camp, Tiger Kingdom, MaeSa Waterfall, botanical gardens, snake and monkey attractions, X-Center, bungee jump, go kart, paintball, shooting range, and many more.

Mae Rim is ideally situated between city and mountains, 15 kilometers from Chiang Mai, within minutes from national parks, and famous tourist attractions. Within easy reach from Kaewsa Resort, you will find the local market, 7-11, Tops and Tesco stores, pharmacies, food stalls, local restaurants, as well as fine dining and lots of coffee shops.


  • Mae Rim - 15 kilometers from Chiang Mai
  • Maesa Elephant Camp - 5 kilometers from Mae Rim
  • Gym
  • Health club
  • Massage
  • Balcony
  • Bar
  • Garden
  • Restaurant
  • Car rental
  • Laundry
  • Mountain bikes
  • Shop nearby
  • Wireless internet

The restaurant on-site 'Boxers' prepares healthy, nutritious meals. No matter what you want to achieve, proper diet is paramount to your success. Gym Bangarang offers meals throughout the day and early evening. A meal plan is available for 550 THB per day. The restaurant menu contains a wide selection of Thai and International food. Smoothies, snacks and protein shakes are also available.

  • 2 Muay Thai sessions per day from Monday to Saturday
  • 7 nights stay in a private bungalow
  • Free use of all facilities on-site
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • Electricity and water bills included

Driving directions from Mae Rim

Go to Mae Rim towards the elephant and tiger camps

Turn left at the traffic lights as if going to the tigers and elephants

Carry on straight through for 200 to 300 meters, the road will then bend to the left

In the middle of the bend there is a right hand turn with a big sign on it saying Muay Thai fight

Turn right and follow the direction signs

Driving directions from town

From town drive North through Mae Rim Route 107

Straight Past T-junction, red lights (left to Samoeng, continue straight to Mae Taeng)

From there stay in right lane, approx +/- 1.5 km until you see Idemitsu (car/bike/battery shop or similar) on your left and entrance to KaewSa Resort on your right. (There is a large billboard with Gym Bangarang, Kaewsa Resort, Boxers Cafe and Football Academy)

Turn right and you will see smaller signs to the gym

If you see Home Mart, 7/11, and OBT market on your left, it means you have passed the gym

For information about the booking conditions, please send Gym Bangarang Muay Thai Camp & Fitness Bootcamp an inquiry.
  • Review by Garn Sukkasi from Bangkok, Thailand

    "I am very happy to have Muay Thai training in Gym Bangarang. All the staffs here are friendly. The trainer is super, he help me a lot to improve my physical strength. He also has great knowledge about boxing and his teaching is fine, you will never get boring while training, and for me, i even looking forward to the next class. The training here are all mostly one on one, so you can ensure quality.The facility is decent. The gym is equipped with wide range of dumbbell, kettlebell, gym ball, and so on. The best thing here is the environment, here is so clean, everything are well kept. The surrounding is rice field, which make myself feel relax, plenty of fresh air. I stay in the gym accommodation, the bungalow is so huge with comfy bed, TV, AC, and small fridge to keep water cold.I recommend this gym especially for the person who would like to have first Muay Thai experience. I am sure you guys will fall in love with Muay Thai after you have a class here. I also recommend the training for those who want to sculpt your body, as my own experience practicing Muay Thai here for 2 weeks and get lost 3 kg. Super!!."

    BookMartialArts.com, edited

  • Review by Alex Sloan from Laguna Niguel, USA

    "I only trained with Bangarang for a week but I wish I could have stayed longer. Although I am a beginner and previously had no formal Muay Thai training, I found that the trainers were very accommodating and informative. Not only did I get a good workout each day but also I increased flexibility and gained some basic Muay Thai skills that I hope to bring back home.The facilities are top notch. Very clean and organized, there are sinks and showers very close to the training facilities to wash up just after workouts. The training floor was swept multiple times a daynot to mention the awesome view of the mountains and rice paddies right from where you train. I stayed at a villa on site and was very satisfied with my stay.It was very nice to have the training facilities right outside my door, especially for how short my stay was. Had I stayed longer, I would have taken the time to learn how to ride and rent a motorbike. Because the gym is a couple miles outside of the city of Chiang Mai, it can be difficult to get to certain touristy areas if that is what you are into.It was very nice to be in the smaller and quieter town of Mae Rim, but if I were staying longer, being able to transport myself in a timely matter would have been essential. Bicycles are available for those who, like me, did not have time to learn how to ride a motorbike. That being said, I had an awesome time training with Tommy for the week that I was there. I will certainly never forget and will surely miss training in paradise."

    BookMartialArts.com, edited

  • Review by Marina Verduga from the USA

    "Amazing experiences in Gym Bangarang, qualified trainers, beautiful location over looking rice fields and mountains, great food and drinks, this place feels like a community where you get support to achieve your fitness goals. My favorite activities? Muay Thai classes and the Cardio training (cycling, kettle bells, and croossfit). It is a great place, I highly recommend it!"

    Gym Bangarang Facebook Page, edited

  • Review by Tracy from Canada

    "We stopped by this facility for an introduction to Muay Thai. We weren't looking for a hard workout but just to understand the sport a little. What they did with us exceeded our expectations. Phil took the time with the three of us and individually and patiently taught us some moves. Then, he put us in the ring for 3 minutes for us to get a taste of what that's like. Phil was awesome at instructing us and adjusting what he did to suit each individual's ability. Such a friendly and encouraging person! The facility is in a picturesque location and we wish them success as they grow!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Austin from Thailand

    "Just finished up my first workout here. It's been a while since I've worked out legitimately, and I got whooped. The trainer I worked with was a British guy named Phil. He was awesome and supportive throughout, especially with my preference for a slow paced training and affinity for breaks. He still motivated me way more than I would have pushed myself, which is what I wanted. We did a bit of sparring in the ring after the cardio which was a lot of fun. If I had to say anything slightly negative, it's a bit out of town, but it only really took a while because of the road work. Easily worth the trip though. I'll definitely be going back soon."

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Abbi from UK

    "Awesome morning spent at Gym Bangarang in Mae Rim. Ant really knows how to keep you motivated. This place is perfect! Amazing surroundings with natural air conditioning, great trainers, and facilities. I'd definitely come back here. Best gym workout of my life!"

    Trip Advisor website, edited

  • Review by Claire from Dubai, the UAE

    "Hard core. Only the fittest survive."

    Gym Bangarang Facebook Page, edited

Chiang Mai , Thailand

Gym Bangarang is the largest purpose-built facility on the edge of the rice fields in Chiang Mai. Our programs include Muay Thai Training Camps, Fitness Bootcamps. We offer all inclusive packages

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