Gym Bangarang Muay Thai Camp & Fitness Bootcamp

Gym Bangarang Muay Thai and Fitness Resort is located in peaceful surrounding in Chiang Mai Thailand. We offer all inclusive packages for all levels and ages.

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Instructors (9)

Samantha Vogee


From a small farmland village in Isaan growing sugarcane and rice, Tommy developed a lifelong passion for Muay Thai at 12 years old. Tommy has over 300 fights under his belt. He is an Isaan Champion and Chiang Mai Champion. Tommy is well known throughout Chiang Mai for his “flying knee” technique. His signature Wai Khru dance he performs before each fight is in gratitude and respect to his trainer and mentor “Uncle”. While it is still difficult to bet against Tommy (the bookies know better!) because of his excellent technique and stellar record, he enjoys sharing with others his love for Muay


Champ began training at only 8 years old in his hometown of Kan Janaburi, which was no surprise since his dad was a well known fighter. Champ is a proud member of the Thai Airforce, has completed over 300 fights and was previously awarded “Strongman Fighter” and “Good Fighter” in Anthong province. Champ used his fight winnings to pay for his education and most recently, to purchase a washing machine for his beloved mum. He still fights professionally to this day, is a certified Muay Thai trainer at Gym Bangarang.


Most know “Uncle” as Tommy’s mentor and trainer. But you may not know that Uncle used to work as a carpenter and started off as a streetfighter in Ratchaburi province. He trained champion channel 7 fighter Ong Chai Lung and Ban Sing and started one of Thailand’s only Women’s Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai. After over one hundred fights and an eye injury, Uncle retired from professional fighting. We celebrate Uncle's birthday every year on Thailand’s Father’s Day since he doesn’t know his birthdate and he is well respected at Gym Bangarang.

Boat Bangarang

As our head fitness program trainer, Boat holds a degree from Kasetsart University’s in physical education. Boat also played professional football for Chiang Mai and at the university. Boat motivates guest to keep going when the feel like 'giving up'. He looks after our guests on our fitness and weightloss programs.

Ton Bangarang

At only 27 years old, Ton has 20 years of Muay Thai experience. He began his professional career as a temple fighter doing Muay Thai displays. Ton holds a bachelor degree in physical education and works with fitness & weightloss and Muay Thai guests at every skill level. His ability to teach with patience is one of the things our guest love about Ton. When not practicing Muay Thai, Ton enjoys playing football, tennis and basketball. He has been a referee at the prestigious Chiang Mai University Football Festival.

Nicky Bangarang


Elf is a great addition to our team. She welcome's guest with a smile and guide you through the check-in process, menu options, gym tour and your villa


Mata is a great addition to our team. He is very patient and great at explaining technique in English.

Reviews (14)

Samantha Ege

from Singapore, July 2018

"8 day stay at Bangarang Gym"

I had a great stay. I had no expectations prior to going, but I had read numerous fantastic reviews. I arrived in the evening and was very grateful for the pick-up service, as well as the delicious meal that awaited when I arrived. I signed up for the Muay Thai Boxing rather than the boot camp. The training sessions were really hard work, but the team of instructors were fantastic. They clearly take their work seriously, but they also know how to have fun and make the sessions enjoyable despite how strenuous it all is. I felt very encouraged by the team, and would strongly recommend Bangarang to everyone. My goals were centred on learning a new form of martial arts, they weren't really weight or health-related. But I found there were people drawn to the gym for various reasons, and whatever our goals were, Bangarang helped us achieve them.

Linda Ang

from Singapore, May 2018

"Refreshing retreat experience"

I love the natural setting the resort/ gym was in, with all manners of wildlife and amazingly fresh air. I also really appreciate the well-planned training programme, dedication and patience of the trainers. Would definitely return, if only just to visit the trainers.

Alex Cowell

from Malaysia, March 2018

"8 day Experience "

The instructors were very hands on and helpful, and the staff were very nice and always welcoming, An overall happy and fun enviourment, would definintly stay longer next time, highly recommend!


from Canada, February 2018

"One awesome week"

The trainers were great at pushing us beyond our comfort zone. One on one with Thailand’s greatest fighters. They encouraged while making it fun.


from Thailand, January 2018

"Great place, great team"

Very clean and modern accommodation. Very good instructor team. Helpfull everyday staff.

Very good week there

Vanessa Gierse

from Germany, November 2017

"Great training/beautiful accomodation & surrounding"

I really liked the family -like atmosphere. Nothing distracts you and you can concentrate on a train and relax circle.

Jb Aloy

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Great times in Chiang Mai!"

You can trust all the positive reviews. The training + the family feel are real. I had a wonderful time and wish I'd stayed a bit longer.

Annely Guethoff

from Germany, May 2018

"Apart from the training, not worth it"

The training was overall very good. Service wise: Jina was great and actually made up for Nicky‘s shortcomings and rudeness. She is solution oriented and goes way and beyond. Arayah(?) is a fantastic massage therapist who manged my pain and tiredness from getting no almost no sleep and being in pain, the training soreness.

Stephanie Arcia

from United States, May 2018

"High expectations but unsatisfied with gym. Overall ok. "

I liked the workout/ gym experience for the most part. I really enjoyed the circuit training, pad work, and sparing sessions. I wish I was able to spar more. I had to take a lot of initiative myself, I feel like the trainers did not push or motivate us enough, as nice as they were. ALSO....SHOUTOUT to JINA who is the the sweetest, most friendly and most helpful staff member. She gave me very good info on where to go get certain things, and how to travel to and from the city when wanting to go to Chiang Mai. She even took me to the pharmacy, when I need medicine. She gets a A+++ in my book. I wish the rest of the staff was as kind and helpful as she was.

Mina Kurosu

from Paraguay, March 2018

"Focus, change habits and get results"

Can focus on working out.

Daily massage is awsome.

Laundry done.

Food served timely.

Professional/ attentive staff .

Eva Wong

from Malaysia, December 2017

"I will be back again!!"

Muay Thai isn’t easy to learn but I love the way they taught us. Many guidance given to make sure every of us master the skills. Love the way they conducted the classes and the hospitality they’ve shown to make us feel like we’re home. Though the training periods were huffing and puffing but you can find out that your endurance does improve a lot after the camp. Love the environment of practice where you can jog around peacefully before the training started in the morning. Got to know many from other countries and was unwilling to leave on the last day.

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